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  1. The religion actually teaches that everybody is equally sinful. Kinda like how I hate everybody equally. It's largely hypocritical and really bugs the crap out of me. My family and I fight about that detail quite a lot, actually.
  2. And I'm not talking about views being right or wrong either way -- but asking them to [i]further[/i] modify the Bible seems a little out of line, don't you think? "They've gone and changed their religious code." -> "They should change it more." That much is also a little hypocritical ( understandable, but still. ) Then, if the church just adopted the world's stance on things, then there really wouldn't be a point in having a church to begin with. Theoretically, we should be ( extremely humble ) role-models. ie: The good we do for others who can do nothing for us should make them question why we did it, and thusly lead them into the church as well. Personally, I can understand that, as an outsider who's experienced that-- it's really an interesting perspective change when you help people just because. One quote that has always stuck with me is this:
  3. [quote]When you become nothing, he becomes everything.[/quote]
  4. Time and time again, I've re-discovered many meanings to this, and each time feels amazing.
  6. -- This is getting a little rambly, and I'm not really sure where I was going with this. Sorry. X)
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