Maybe (Live) Maybe (Live) - Miley Cyrus | | 3HCwBNvCX9bW

Oct 4th, 2022
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  1. Lời bài hát Maybe (Live)  Maybe (Live)  - Miley Cyrus  | | 3HCwBNvCX9bW Lyrics up by [Verse 1]
  2. Maybe
  3. Oh, if I could pray and to try, dear
  4. Then you might come back home to me
  5. Home to me
  6. Maybe, oh
  7. If I could ever hold your little hand
  8. Woah, then you might try to understand
  9. Ooh, yeah
  11. [Chorus]
  12. Ooh, maybe
  13. Oh, maybe, maybe, maybe
  15. [Verse 2]
  16. Maybe, maybe
  17. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe
  18. Dear, I might have done something wrong and, honey
  19. Honey, I'd be glad to admit it
  20. You come on home to me
  21. Won't you come back home to me?
  22. Oh, honey
  24. [Chorus]
  25. Oh, maybe
  26. Oh, maybe, maybe, maybе
  28. [Verse 3]
  29. Well, I know that it just doesn't evеr seem to matter, baby
  30. And, oh, honey
  31. When I get out, you know what I'm tryna do
  32. Can't you just see that I'm still left here?
  33. And I'm holding on and I, oh, I need you
  34. Oh, so please, please, please, oh
  35. Oh, won't you reconsider? Baby, now come back home
  36. I said, come back home
  37. I said, come back, honey, come back
  38. Ooh, come back home to me, yeah
  40. [Guitar Solo]
  42. [Verse 4]
  43. Maybe, dear
  44. Oh, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, baby, let me help you
  45. Oh, let me help you
  46. But you gotta show me how
  47. Yeah, can you show me how?
  48. Oh, honey
  50. [Chorus]
  51. Oh, maybe
  52. Oh, maybe, maybe, maybe
  53. Ooh, maybe, maybe, maybe
  54. Ooh, maybe, maybe, maybe
  56. [Spoken Outro]
  57. Thank you
  58. Thank you
  59. I mentioned before I wanted to, uh
  60. Let you know how grateful I am for the loyalty from all of you that has provided me
  61. This type of longevity and not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for each and everyone of you
  62. And this next song, I dedicate to everybody that's in this arena tonight that's been here for me since the beginning
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