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Industrialcraft comes with exploits that can cause severe pr

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  1. Lets do the basics first.
  3. Industrialcraft is based around a unit of energy know as "energy units" Energy units in Industrialcraft can be used to power machines. Among them make powered tools, even lasers that when shot inflicts flames on whatever it hits. These things are made with combinations of common materials and energy units.
  5. It also comes with a machine known as a Mass Fabricator. Which is a zero maintenance machine that creates uu-matter which can be turned into large amounts of diamonds. This machine is made using rubber, coal, copper, tin, iron, lapis lazuli, redstone, glowstone, and diamond and requires no maintenance, just energy units
  7. In technic is a block called a "Geothermal Generator Mk. II" as long as it is supplied with lava, it will create energy units. Any player that builds 205 of these can have a mass fabricator working at full speed, with some more you can power the pumps that feed lava into them and the recyclers turning stuff into scrap to make the mass fabricator even faster.
  9. With all these together, you can make 5 diamonds every 3 minutes, as long as you have a supply of lava. In the nether is near infinite supply of lava.
  11. So once you get this setup in the nether it creates uu-matter which you can use to build more Mass Fabricators. As you build more you get a steady supply of uu-matter that can be turned into uranium which can be used to get even more energy to self-power mass fabricators. Once you get enough the uu-matter can be used to create pretty much anything you want
  13. This is a self-sufficient infinite matter and energy machine that just sits and creates whatever the owner wants in any quantity the owner wants just by standing around. Be it uranium for power or nukes or diamonds for weapons and armor and considering how cheap they are to build and the fact that the more you have the faster you can build even more just by duplicating the materials. The end result is that any player that builds enough of these can essentially get all the stuff in the game they want for free in infinite amounts without any work.
  15. Even without the mass fabricator the "Mining Laser" is a laser beam created using 12 copper, 24 tin, 12 iron, 17 redstone and 2 diamonds and then energy units. When fire the mining laser catches all creatures and players on fire. Does massive damage to them and creates a crater depending on what size it's set to. These can be fired with no cooldown and the energy to power them can be mass produces with ease thanks to the mass fabricator and the mining laser has no durability and can be shot very quickly, causing enormous devastation in a few seconds.
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