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  1. MandaToday at 8:21 PM
  2. ugh timewalkers.....
  3. I could actually use that to level my dudes up
  4. since they're in BC range
  5. DubsToday at 8:21 PM
  6. Ugh I may go run some
  7. MandaToday at 8:22 PM
  8. I might too.....
  9. also ox's weather may be poop
  10. we're under a tornado watch
  11. no storm yet
  12. but there must be a storm system nearby or something
  13. ammayToday at 8:25 PM
  14. booooo
  15. if you guys are gonna run some
  16. lmk
  17. i can... heal.....
  18. some
  19. MandaToday at 8:26 PM
  20. well dubs said lad which is a void elf
  21. and I'm thinking of my nightborne warlock
  22. so
  23. pretty sure we're doing them separate lol
  24. DubsToday at 8:27 PM
  25. Yeah once I kick myself off the sims too
  26. ammayToday at 8:27 PM
  27. LMAO
  28. well
  29. MandaToday at 8:27 PM
  30. I have to make myself boot up wow to do them
  31. ammayToday at 8:27 PM
  32. i can heal yours
  33. MandaToday at 8:27 PM
  34. and that's effort
  35. ammayToday at 8:27 PM
  36. fam
  37. if u want
  38. MandaToday at 8:28 PM
  39. but I can also do things between queues
  40. ammayToday at 8:28 PM
  41. o
  42. ok
  43. i just want, yk
  44. like
  45. actual feedback from people i trust on when i'm learning new classes/specs, but okay
  46. i shall play mass effect
  47. MandaToday at 8:28 PM
  48. I can't tell, my dude
  49. I really... can't
  50. all i go by is the meters
  51. ammayToday at 8:28 PM
  52. you can tell if i'm doing something WRONG though, like, seriously wrong
  53. MandaToday at 8:29 PM
  54. but I don't really know what abilities are being used all that much
  55. ammayToday at 8:29 PM
  56. which is what i'm concerned about
  57. MandaToday at 8:29 PM
  58. that's hard to tell in a dungeon tho :(
  59. that's more something I'd see in a raid or m+
  60. where the stakes are higher
  61. ammayToday at 8:29 PM
  62. i also want company so if i fuck up i don't have random strangers angry at me
  63. but this isn't a new topic of conversation, so it's fine
  64. MandaToday at 8:29 PM
  66. ammayToday at 8:29 PM
  67. i'm going to play mass effect
  68. MandaToday at 8:30 PM
  69. I almost cried when we were in comp and the randoms were talking
  70. ammayToday at 8:30 PM
  71. yeah
  72. i know that feeling
  73. MandaToday at 8:30 PM
  74. but tobben talks a lot
  75. ammayToday at 8:30 PM
  76. i've leveled up two healers and a tank without anyone queuing with me for that support, it's fine, i get it
  77. i don't need my hand held but i'd sure love it if i had friends i could fall back onto when i'm feeling shitty about mistakes i've made in dungeons learning new shit
  78. DubsToday at 8:32 PM
  79. I mean, that’s how I learned. I dirty healed dungeons and even raids on the shittiest healing spec of the expansion
  80. I made a lot of people
  81. really
  82. really
  83. REALLY unhappy
  84. MandaToday at 8:33 PM
  85. I still remember when I got booted from a heroic aggramar fight where everyone was bad and they assuumed I was shit because I was a shaman healing
  86. ammayToday at 8:33 PM
  87. yeah but it fucking sucks when you're an anxious mess who's anxiety hinges upon the opinion of people you haven't even met and won't ever run into again, it sucks, it's shitty, it makes me feel like shit and awful
  88. DubsToday at 8:33 PM
  89. but like, you've got the addon, you've got the resources, and you've made it this far?
  90. MandaToday at 8:33 PM
  91. and everyone insta died so then I couldn't heal anything
  92. DubsToday at 8:33 PM
  93. Fam, you already know how to heal
  94. ammayToday at 8:33 PM
  95. i know
  96. but god forbid
  97. i actually want to do it with friends
  98. when everyone's already talking here about how healing makes them anxious
  99. "why aren't you queuing alone, i felt terrible and awful when i got booted from a group when they didn't think I was healing properly!"
  100. gee, guys, i wonder why i want to go with friends
  101. MandaToday at 8:34 PM
  102. my bad experiences were mostly with raiding or m+......
  103. the leveling dungeons felt weirdly easy
  104. DubsToday at 8:34 PM
  105. See, this is where I can tell you both are newer hopeful things
  106. MandaToday at 8:34 PM
  107. I'm not sure about BC
  108. DubsToday at 8:34 PM
  109. I promise
  110. there's a point
  111. where even n raids
  112. if people die
  113. you're just
  114. "Well that's a fucking personal problem"
  115. MandaToday at 8:35 PM
  116. mostly I'm just not feeling terribly social
  117. ammayToday at 8:35 PM
  118. i'm new to healing and not that confident -- i just want people to reassure me that i'm on the track of doing something right, and i want that to be my friends
  119. dude it's not just right now
  120. it's me, asking you guys to level up god knows how many times until i just stopped asking b/c i knew what the answer was going to be
  121. i shouldn't have even suggested it this time, whatever, forget it
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