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x265.exe --log-level full --help

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  1. x265 [info]: HEVC encoder version 1.4+151-5ee693e4b5fa
  2. x265 [info]: build info [Windows][GCC 4.6.3][64 bit] 8bpp
  4. Syntax: x265 [options] infile [-o] outfile
  5.     infile can be YUV or Y4M
  6.     outfile is raw HEVC bitstream
  8. Executable Options:
  9. -h/--help                        Show this help text and exit
  10. -V/--version                     Show version info and exit
  12. Output Options:
  13. -o/--output <filename>           Bitstream output file name
  14.    --log-level <string>          Logging level: none error warning info debug full. Default info
  15.    --no-progress                 Disable CLI progress reports
  16.    --[no-]cu-stats               Enable logging stats about distribution of cu across all modes. Default disabled
  17.    --csv <filename>              Comma separated log file, log level >= 3 frame log, else one line per run
  19. Input Options:
  20.    --input <filename>            Raw YUV or Y4M input file name. `-` for stdin
  21.    --y4m                         Force parsing of input stream as YUV4MPEG2 regardless of file extension
  22.    --fps <float|rational>        Source frame rate (float or num/denom), auto-detected if Y4M
  23.    --input-res WxH               Source picture size [w x h], auto-detected if Y4M
  24.    --input-depth <integer>       Bit-depth of input file. Default 8
  25.    --input-csp <string>          Source color space: i420, i444 or i422, auto-detected if Y4M. Default: i420
  26. -f/--frames <integer>            Maximum number of frames to encode. Default all
  27.    --seek <integer>              First frame to encode
  28.    --[no-]interlace <bff|tff>    Indicate input pictures are interlace fields in temporal order. Default progressive
  29.    --dither                      Enable dither if downscaling to 8 bit pixels. Default disabled
  31. Quality reporting metrics:
  32.    --[no-]ssim                   Enable reporting SSIM metric scores. Default disabled
  33.    --[no-]psnr                   Enable reporting PSNR metric scores. Default disabled
  35. Profile, Level, Tier:
  36.    --profile <string>            Enforce an encode profile: main, main10, mainstillpicture
  37.    --level-idc <integer|float>   Force a minumum required decoder level (as '5.0' or '50')
  38.    --[no-]high-tier              If a decoder level is specified, this modifier selects High tier of that level
  40. Threading, performance:
  41.    --threads <integer>           Number of threads for thread pool (0: detect CPU core count, default)
  42. -F/--frame-threads <integer>     Number of concurrently encoded frames. 0: auto-determined by core count
  43.    --[no-]wpp                    Enable Wavefront Parallel Processing. Default enabled
  44.    --[no-]pmode                  Parallel mode analysis. Default disabled
  45.    --[no-]pme                    Parallel motion estimation. Default disabled
  46.    --[no-]asm <bool|int|string>  Override CPU detection. Default: auto
  48. Presets:
  49. -p/--preset <string>             Trade off performance for compression efficiency. Default medium
  50.                                  ultrafast, superfast, veryfast, faster, fast, medium, slow, slower, veryslow, or placebo
  51. -t/--tune <string>               Tune the settings for a particular type of source or situation:
  52.                                  psnr, ssim, grain, zerolatency, fastdecode or cbr
  54. Quad-Tree size and depth:
  55. -s/--ctu <64|32|16>              Maximum CU size (WxH). Default 64
  56.    --tu-intra-depth <integer>    Max TU recursive depth for intra CUs. Default 1
  57.    --tu-inter-depth <integer>    Max TU recursive depth for inter CUs. Default 1
  59. Analysis:
  60.    --rd <0..6>                   Level of RD in mode decision 0:least....6:full RDO. Default 3
  61.    --psy-rd <0..2.0>             Strength of psycho-visual rate distortion optimization, 0 to disable. Default 0.0
  62.    --psy-rdoq <0..50.0>          Strength of psycho-visual optimization in quantization, 0 to disable. Default 0.0
  63.    --[no-]early-skip             Enable early SKIP detection. Default disabled
  64.    --[no-]fast-cbf               Enable early outs based on whether residual is coded. Default disabled
  65.    --[no-]tskip-fast             Enable fast intra transform skipping. Default disabled
  66.    --nr <integer>                An integer value in range of 100 to 1000, which denotes strength of noise reduction. Default disabled
  68. Coding tools:
  69. -w/--[no-]weightp                Enable weighted prediction in P slices. Default enabled
  70.    --[no-]weightb                Enable weighted prediction in B slices. Default disabled
  71.    --[no-]cu-lossless            Consider lossless mode in CU RDO decisions. Default disabled
  72.    --[no-]signhide               Hide sign bit of one coeff per TU (rdo). Default enabled
  73.    --[no-]tskip                  Enable intra 4x4 transform skipping. Default disabled
  75. Temporal / motion search options:
  76.    --me <string>                 Motion search method dia hex umh star full. Default 1
  77. -m/--subme <integer>             Amount of subpel refinement to perform (0:least .. 7:most). Default 2
  78.    --merange <integer>           Motion search range. Default 57
  79.    --max-merge <1..5>            Maximum number of merge candidates. Default 2
  80.    --[no-]rect                   Enable rectangular motion partitions Nx2N and 2NxN. Default disabled
  81.    --[no-]amp                    Enable asymmetric motion partitions, requires --rect. Default disabled
  82.    --[no-]temporal-mvp           Enable temporal MV predictors. Default enabled
  84. Spatial / intra options:
  85.    --[no-]strong-intra-smoothing Enable strong intra smoothing for 32x32 blocks. Default enabled
  86.    --[no-]constrained-intra      Constrained intra prediction (use only intra coded reference pixels) Default disabled
  87.    --[no-]b-intra                Enable intra in B frames in veryslow presets. Default disabled
  88.    --[no-]fast-intra             Enable faster search method for angular intra predictions. Default disabled
  89.    --rdpenalty <0..2>            penalty for 32x32 intra TU in non-I slices. 0:disabled 1:RD-penalty 2:maximum. Default 0
  91. Slice decision options:
  92.    --[no-]open-gop               Enable open-GOP, allows I slices to be non-IDR. Default enabled
  93. -I/--keyint <integer>            Max IDR period in frames. -1 for infinite-gop. Default 250
  94. -i/--min-keyint <integer>        Scenecuts closer together than this are coded as I, not IDR. Default: auto
  95.    --no-scenecut                 Disable adaptive I-frame decision
  96.    --scenecut <integer>          How aggressively to insert extra I-frames. Default 40
  97.    --rc-lookahead <integer>      Number of frames for frame-type lookahead (determines encoder latency) Default 20
  98.    --bframes <integer>           Maximum number of consecutive b-frames (now it only enables B GOP structure) Default 4
  99.    --bframe-bias <integer>       Bias towards B frame decisions. Default 0
  100.    --b-adapt <0..2>              0 - none, 1 - fast, 2 - full (trellis) adaptive B frame scheduling. Default 2
  101.    --[no-]b-pyramid              Use B-frames as references. Default enabled
  102.    --ref <integer>               max number of L0 references to be allowed (1 .. 16) Default 3
  103.    --qpfile <string>             Force frametypes and QPs for some or all frames
  104.                                  Format of each line: framenumber frametype QP
  105.                                  QP is optional (none lets x265 choose). Frametypes: I,i,P,B,b.
  106.                                  QPs are restricted by qpmin/qpmax.
  108. Rate control, Adaptive Quantization:
  109.    --bitrate <integer>           Target bitrate (kbps) for ABR (implied). Default 0
  110. -q/--qp <integer>                QP for P slices in CQP mode (implied). --ipratio and --pbration determine other slice QPs
  111.    --crf <float>                 Quality-based VBR (0-51). Default 28.0
  112.    --[no-]lossless               Enable lossless: bypass transform, quant and loop filters globally. Default disabled
  113.    --crf-max <float>             With CRF+VBV, limit RF to this value. Default 0.000000
  114.                                  May cause VBV underflows!
  115.    --crf-min <float>             With CRF+VBV, limit RF to this value. Default 0.000000
  116.                                  this specifies a minimum rate factor value for encode!
  117.    --vbv-maxrate <integer>       Max local bitrate (kbit/s). Default 0
  118.    --vbv-bufsize <integer>       Set size of the VBV buffer (kbit). Default 0
  119.    --vbv-init <float>            Initial VBV buffer occupancy (fraction of bufsize or in kbits). Default 0.90
  120.    --pass                        Multi pass rate control.
  121.                                    - 1 : First pass, creates stats file
  122.                                    - 2 : Last pass, does not overwrite stats file
  123.                                    - 3 : Nth pass, overwrites stats file
  124.    --stats                       Filename for stats file in multipass pass rate control. Default x265_2pass.log
  125.    --[no-]slow-firstpass         Enable a slow first pass in a multipass rate control mode. Default disabled
  126.    --analysis-mode <string|int>  save - Dump analysis info into file, load - Load analysis buffers from the file. Default 0
  127.    --analysis-file <filename>    Specify file name used for either dumping or reading analysis data.
  128.    --aq-mode <integer>           Mode for Adaptive Quantization - 0:none 1:uniform AQ 2:auto variance. Default 2
  129.    --aq-strength <float>         Reduces blocking and blurring in flat and textured areas (0 to 3.0). Default 1.00
  130.    --[no-]cutree                 Enable cutree for Adaptive Quantization. Default enabled
  131.    --ipratio <float>             QP factor between I and P. Default 1.40
  132.    --pbratio <float>             QP factor between P and B. Default 1.30
  133.    --qcomp <float>               Weight given to predicted complexity. Default 0.60
  134.    --cbqpoffs <integer>          Chroma Cb QP Offset. Default 0
  135.    --crqpoffs <integer>          Chroma Cr QP Offset. Default 0
  136.    --scaling-list <string>       Specify a file containing HM style quant scaling lists or 'default' or 'off'. Default: off
  137.    --lambda-file <string>        Specify a file containing replacement values for the lambda tables
  138.                                  MAX_MAX_QP+1 floats for lambda table, then again for lambda2 table
  139.                                  Blank lines and lines starting with hash(#) are ignored
  140.                                  Comma is considered to be white-space
  142. Loop filters (deblock and SAO):
  143.    --[no-]deblock                Enable Deblocking Loop Filter, optionally specify tC:Beta offsets Default enabled
  144.    --[no-]sao                    Enable Sample Adaptive Offset. Default enabled
  145.    --[no-]sao-non-deblock        Use non-deblocked pixels, else right/bottom boundary areas skipped. Default disabled
  147. VUI options:
  148.    --sar <width:height|int>      Sample Aspect Ratio, the ratio of width to height of an individual pixel.
  149.                                  Choose from 0=undef, 1=1:1("square"), 2=12:11, 3=10:11, 4=16:11,
  150.                                  5=40:33, 6=24:11, 7=20:11, 8=32:11, 9=80:33, 10=18:11, 11=15:11,
  151.                                  12=64:33, 13=160:99, 14=4:3, 15=3:2, 16=2:1 or custom ratio of <int:int>. Default 0
  152.    --crop-rect <string>          Add 'left,top,right,bottom' to the bitstream-level cropping rectangle
  153.    --overscan <string>           Specify whether it is appropriate for decoder to show cropped region: undef, show or crop. Default undef
  154.    --videoformat <string>        Specify video format from undef, component, pal, ntsc, secam, mac. Default undef
  155.    --range <string>              Specify black level and range of luma and chroma signals as full or limited Default limited
  156.    --colorprim <string>          Specify color primaries from undef, bt709, bt470m, bt470bg, smpte170m,
  157.                                  smpte240m, film, bt2020. Default undef
  158.    --transfer <string>           Specify transfer characteristics from undef, bt709, bt470m, bt470bg, smpte170m,
  159.                                  smpte240m, linear, log100, log316, iec61966-2-4, bt1361e, iec61966-2-1,
  160.                                  bt2020-10, bt2020-12. Default undef
  161.    --colormatrix <string>        Specify color matrix setting from undef, bt709, fcc, bt470bg, smpte170m,
  162.                                  smpte240m, GBR, YCgCo, bt2020nc, bt2020c. Default undef
  163.    --chromaloc <integer>         Specify chroma sample location (0 to 5). Default of 0
  165. Bitstream options:
  166.    --[no-]info                   Emit SEI identifying encoder and parameters. Default enabled
  167.    --[no-]aud                    Emit access unit delimiters at the start of each access unit. Default disabled
  168.    --[no-]hrd                    Enable HRD parameters signaling. Default disabled
  169.    --[no-]repeat-headers         Emit SPS and PPS headers at each keyframe. Default disabled
  170.    --hash <integer>              Decoded Picture Hash SEI 0: disabled, 1: MD5, 2: CRC, 3: Checksum. Default 0
  172. Reconstructed video options (debugging):
  173. -r/--recon <filename>            Reconstructed raw image YUV or Y4M output file name
  174.    --recon-depth <integer>       Bit-depth of reconstructed raw image file. Defaults to input bit depth, or 8 if Y4M
  177. Complete documentation may be found at http://x265.readthedocs.org/en/default/cli.html
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