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  1. You just sent an email to "John Young", but you got the wrong one.
  3. My name is John Young, but I'm not the John Young you tried to email.  
  5. I'm a web developer in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.  My email address is  Gmail ignores punctuation in email addresses, so if you sent your email to "johnyoung", or any other permutation, I will have received it instead.
  7. I get mail for many other John Youngs all the time:
  9. * John Young, a model in California.
  10. * John Young, a breast surgeon in New England.
  11. * John Young, an Australian sailboat racer.
  12. * John Young, a famous naturalist and videographer.
  13. * John Young, a technician at America's largest nuclear power plant.
  14. * John Young, a helicopter mechanic in Hawaii with top-secret clearance.
  16. It's seems to be axiomatic that all John Youngs live glamorous lives full of adventure and danger. And John Young depends on his email to stay adventurous!
  18. So I'm sending you this letter to let you know that your mail was mis-directed, and YOUR John Young did not receive the message. THIS John Young did, and I'm the wrong one.
  20. Once you do connect with your John Young, please give them my best, and tell him that I extend my hand in eponymous solidarity.
  22. Cordial regards,
  23. John (West Chester, PA) Young
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