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  1. It's very easy for any clear-minded individual to see, that 100% of violence is caused by GXSCC. Wake up, step out of your chipsmog, and join the real world you malevolent MIDI plagiarists. The proof is in the irrefutable scientific evidence.
  2. Have you ever noticed that chiptune influenced by or tailored to the usage of GXSCC is both vapid and worthless? GXSCC-based level songs, boss themes, cutscene songs, demos, soundtracks, and "fakebit" songs are all objectively terrible. / This is because said content is made for people without a fully functioning human brain. The mind of a GXSCC addict simply cannot process anything besides basic, crude and rudimentary Fourier series. When GXSCC is completely eliminated in the next few years, we will start to witness a complete overhaul in the overall quality of our Demoscene.
  3. Here is a picture of one of our great Puritans wearing his Proud To Be GXSCC Free Tee while working hard in his studio! He is a widely renowned DelfeMask chiptuner who is able to create amazing and intricate pieces of music because he refrains from relying on VSTi's!
  4. Have you ever met one single GXSCC burglar who was a rational, sane, calm and collected human being? / I am smart and avoid VSTi coercers at all costs, so I wouldn't know.
  5. Good news everybody! / We just got off the horn with President Obama. He said that if this status gets 1,000 total Likes, Comments and Shares, he will pass legislation that ensures chiptuners get the life sentence for possessing even one beta build of GXSCC!
  6. Here is data from a recent survey found in Battle of the Bits: / 85% of chiptuners age 13-20 have never used GXSCC or magical8bitplugin. / 90% of chiptuners think that VSTi users are worthless degenerates. / 95% of chiptuners would never in their life date a "fakebit" musician. / 100% of chiptuners said that GXSCC renders sound repulsive and terrible. / From this information, it's clear to see, that nobody wants anything to do with people who rely on VSTi's.
  7. Each render from a GXSCC build increases your computer's chances of crashing or another fatal error by over 85%, as each single kilobyte of GXSCC contains over five malwares. Still want to try that first GXSCC output?
  8. Absolutely not. None of us have ever or will ever take part in downloading the vile and deadly program that is GXSCC. We know the dangers associated with this incredibly destructive and error-inducing software.
  9. The answer to this question is very simple. GXSCC is the sole instigator of plagiarism on the World Wide Web. 100% of all housebreaking outbursts throughout the course of human history have spawned from GXSCC execution. When GXSCC is finally removed from our internet, we will start to experience total global peace. Yes, this includes the Demoscene.
  10. Never ever get into a debate with a GXSCC user in the World Wide Web. They are erratic, irrational and unwilling to accept the truth. The moment you start using logic and facts to debunk their wild, outlandish and childish claims about GXSCC being authentic, they will instinctively stab you to death with jagged shards of Gashisoft hentai images. The best thing you can do for your overall personal safety is to just avoid them altogether.
  11. Have you ever heard the saying, "misery enjoys company" before? / Well, it's very pertinent to GXSCC users. This is why they are incessantly rambling on about living on GXSCC "8-bit". They can't stop talking about it because they want to warp their friends and acquaintances into mindless death-dealing drones. They want everyone to be just as unhappy, miserable, and violent as they are. / Stay away from GXSCC cretins people, none of them have anything worthwhile to do or say, and they will kill you.
  12. Please "like" this status if you have never downloaded GXSCC in your entire life and are proud to be GXSCC free. It is imperative for us to see who our pure and clean followers are. / If you have thumbed up on a GXSCC video or downloaded a "fakebit" MP3, however, please log off of this site and seek immediate rehabilitative assistance. Your GXSCC ways are absolutely unacceptable in this ever evolving and changing world. No longer will your despicable DXi death be tolerated, as society is advancing, and VST is being phased out. It's time for you addicts to wise up, grow up, and become normal human beings for once.
  13. According to the Centers for MIDI Control laboratory at the FamiTracker forums, there has been a dramatic upsurge of GXSCC-related Windows-borne thievery. Ever since GXSCC was legalized in YouTube, MIDI piracy and "8-bit remixes" have become infinitely more aggressive and lethal. / Over 650,000 children and small pets have been brutally butchered and murdered by these SCC-riddled parasites. Who knows how many more will be forced to suffer and die before we as humans wake up and work to end GXSCC once and for all?
  14. If GXSCC didn't exist, everyone would be able to freely remix whatever they choose. Without Gashisoft, there would be no piracy, burglary, or hate. It's about time to take a stand and make a change. GXSCC is the worst.
  15. It only takes one "authoring" to immediately cause a blue screen of death. Using a GXSCC render is equivalent to shooting yourself in the temple with a pistol.
  16. Type LOVE if you love being a GXSCC-free, peaceful human being that cares about others and works to help the demoscene. / Type HATE if you're a disgusting and despicable GXSCC coercer that thrives on plagiarism, death and despair.
  17. Hello to all of you protectors of truth and peace. We regret to inform you that due to some unforeseen and unexpected traumatic circumstances, we will be rendered unable to provide you with any facts for a short while. / Our hearts and minds are devastated, we simply cannot believe what has just happened. It will take some time for us to be able to recover from this. Please, we ask for you all to stay safe, stay peaceful, and most importantly, stay weed free. / Best wishes, / The MMYV Team
  18. If you ever see any comments or posts that promote GXSCC on any social media site (Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) it is your imperative duty as a citizen to click thumbs down on their horrid GXSCC content. / This way people will know that their barrage of "8-bit" nonsense will not be tolerated online any longer. Let's work together to clean up the internet and make it a safe place for musicians to compose and share. We do NOT want our chiptuners to be corrupted by GXSCC.
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