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  1. My Little Pony
  2. Friendship is Sexy
  5. PART 1
  8. “We really don’t have time for this,” Twilight Sparkle hissed under her breath. “Make up an excuse Spike, tell them… you have a stomach ache!”
  10. The baby dragon rolled his eyes. “Twilight,” he sighed, “can’t you just enjoy yourself for one afternoon? You’re supposed to be making new friends.”
  12. Twilight Sparkle and Spike had come to Sweet Apple Acres to oversee preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration Banquet. Instead, they had met Applejack, a spunky tomboy of a pony who had immediately gone about introducing them to the entire Apple family before inviting them to a brunch that had turned into a banquet in its own right.
  14. “There’ll be plenty of time to make friends AFTER we save Equestria from Nightmare Moon,” Twilight responded testily. Rising up from her plate of apple pie, she trotted over to where Applejack was just finishing her own meal. “Listen Applejack, the meal was wonderful, but Spike and I reeeeeally have to be going now.”
  16. Applejack looked up from under her large hat and shot a large grin back at her. “Well shucks Miss Twilight, we can’t let y’all leave just yet, the fun’s just gettin’ started!”
  18. Twilight shuffled her hooves uncomfortably, wondering how to extract herself from this situation, when she suddenly realized that the members of the Apple family had all finished their desserts and were now beginning to get a little too playful with each other. Twilight gasped in embarrassment as she saw that Apple Fritter and Red Gala were entwined with each other on the ground with their noses stuck between each other’s hind legs. The young mares were completely oblivious to everything around them as they licked each other lovingly.
  20. “Umm… now it’s REALLY time for us to go,” Twilight said nervously, but Applejack just laughed and gave her a smack on her violet rump. “Nonsense, little lady! It’s time we showed y’all just what kinda fun we have here at Sweet Apple Acres!”
  22. Twilight stiffened as Applejack circled around behind her and forwardly pushed her multicolored tail away with her nose, exposing the pony’s rear to her tongue. “Oh my gosh!” Twilight exclaimed sharply as she felt Applejack’s tongue slither up the length of her sensitive slit. She jumped away skittishly and attempted to cover herself with her tail.
  24. “Don’t worry sugar, c’mon and have some fun with us!” Applejack called after Twilight as Red Delicious and Golden Delicious walked up and began nuzzling her. She giggled as the two brothers licked at her neck. “Ah was gonna give Twilight first pick, darlin’s, but I guess we need tah show her what she’s missin’!”
  25. Suddenly, USMC Private Chuck White, a fucking human, came in and shot everypony with his M4 Carbine. He then shot himself.
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