Castlevania FEF vampire stuff

Sep 15th, 2018
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  1. Faction war between vampires and humans
  3. Battle implements time of day elements. Some maps will have a set number of turns to escape/defend, before a coming dawn. Untimed battles will Operate on a 6 turn rotation. 2 turns night, 2 turns day, 1 turn twilight to break it up
  5. Vampire specifics: Vampires must be converted from humans. Vampires age at roughly 1/10 the rate of a human, and must consume human blood to survive, at a rate of roughly one pint per week. A vampire can live up to 6 weeks without feeding, but after two weeks will be lost to bloodlust at the sight or scent of blood. After 4 weeks, they will fall to bloodlust even without the presence of blood. While subject to bloodlust, a vampire will attack any being, human or vampire, that they might think to drain of blood. Only human blood will sate their hunger enough to return their sanity. Vampires are at their most powerful at night, but are still as strong as any man in the day. Vampires are susceptible to certain holy weapons. To turn a human, a vampire must feed their blood to the subject, roughly one pint. The transformation from human to vampire takes place over six hours. Vampires are similar to humans in most respects, but have certain indicators that reveal their nature. A vampire's irises are a bloody red, and their skin is pale. Their hair can be any color, though it tends to grow darker as a vampire ages. Lastly, vampires have pronounced canine teeth, which they use to drain blood.
  7. Human specifics: No real difference
  9. Vampires gain a skill- Vampire: The unit with this skill gains +2 DAM and +2 AS during Night phases. This unit is Undead.
  11. Vampire Culture: Vampires were created 700 years ago by a powerful Magician seeking to extend his life by infusing his being with dark magic. While originally, the magician turned only close associates, in time those who were turned chose to turn others, and some even sought to turn themselves by force on discovering the method. This knowledge is suppressed outside of vampire society now, though can be found in older texts that escaped the first vampiric crusade. The Vampiric Crusade was a small scale war fought by the vampires of that time to destroy those who knew the truth of their creation. Vampire society of the current day is highly aristocratic. While there are no laws against the creation of new vampires, the creation of a new vampire is rare. Within their home nation, vampires are of a station above humans, though humans are generally treated no worse than servants within human society apart from the consumption of their blood. Some humans serve to receive money, or protection, though a scant few pledge their service and blood in exchange for the opportunity to become vampires themselves. Such people are the most common of newly born vampires.
  13. While vampires are of fewer number than humans, they are routinely many decades, sometimes centuries older than their human counterparts. Consequently, those few vampires that practice martial disciplines are terrifying on the field of battle. Humans are forced to use swarm tactics to fight them in the light of the day, and few soldiers are brave enough to fight through the night if they have any other option. Despite this, few vampires commit themselves to the sword, as they can be slain as easily as a human, despite some rumor to the contrary. Vampires employ human mercenaries often, though not all troupes of mercenaries will employ themselves in this manner. Vampire mercenaries exist as well, though of course in much fewer number. Their prices are exorbitant, though their skills are generally worth the expense for those capable of payment.
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