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  1. Should the client or the server take more security precautions?
  2. Both though the server is more important as the server can access data for all users
  3. What's the difference between local storage and session storage?
  4. session is temporary to that that specific tabs memory. It goes away on refresh. Local storage can persist
  5. What problem does a JWT expiry time solve?
  6. Always being logged in from a device
  7. Is a refresh endpoint protected or public?
  8. protected
  9. What would happen if a refreshed JWT was requested with a JWT that had already expired?
  10. rejected
  11. What does it mean to queue a callback?
  12. settimeout
  13. What does the clearTimeout function do and what argument do you pass into it?
  14. cancels a settimeout
  15. For which of the following events should a refresh request be queued after?
  16. A successful user registration request
  17. A successful login request
  18. A page load
  19. A successful API request to a protected endpoint for posting a comment
  20. A successful refresh request
  21. A push state navigation event
  22. A user logs out -no
  23. What is OIDC?-industry standard protocol for authentication
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