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  1. <b><size=40><align="center"><u>Fallout SCP</u></align></size=40></b>
  3. <size=15>This server has it's own custom made gamemodes! Join the discord to see a list of all the gamemodes. Admins will run these gamemodes as they please.
  5. <size=15>Discord: <link=""><u><b><i></i></b></u></link> (Clickable)</size=15>
  6. <size=15>Patreon: <link=""><u><b><i></i></b></u></link> (Clickable)</size=15>
  8. <size=20><b>Rules:</b></size=20>
  9. 1. Do not suicide to avoid playing as a class
  10. 2. No excessive mic spam - music is allowed as long as it's not ear rape or overly annoying
  11. 3. No unwarranted or excessive team killing
  12. 4. Do not intentionally stall the round
  13. 5. Do not camp the nuke room, the nuke starts automatically after 20 minutes
  14. 6. No advertising
  15. 7. Staff members are permitted to kick/ban players for general harassment if it gets too bad, even if you're not breaking a specific rule.
  17. Report any issues to a server operator in the community discord.
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