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  1. Registering your nickname:
  2. 1) Type /msg nickserv help register
  4. 2) If no messages show up in your chat, try clicking on the "status" "Synirc" "" or similar tab in your client. If nothing shows up, skip to step 4.
  6. 3) Follow the instructions NickServ gives you.
  8. 4) If you can find no instructions, type: /msg nickserv register <password> <your-email>
  9. and replace "<password>" and "<your-email>" with a password and your email address.
  11. 5) Check your Email Address for a message from SynIRC, and follow the instructions in that email.
  13. 6) You're done! Now your nickname is registered! Now when you join the IRC you need to type /msg nickserv identify <password>
  14. This is pretty much like "logging in."
  18. 1) (RECOMMENDED) Set "Kill" Protection. This is so anyone who tries to use your nickname automatically gets their name changed to "Guest" unless they identify within 30 seconds. To set this, type: /msg nickserv set kill on
  20. 2) If you use more than one nickname, you probably want to link them all to your main nickname, to do this change your nick to your alternate nickname (/nick <nickhere>) and type /msg nickserv group <mainnick> <password>
  21. This pretty much makes that nick have the same permissions and such as your primary nickname.
  23. 3) Set a "vhost." This is completely for fun. Pretty much what it does, is change your default hostmask. For me would be: Rizyq! "<Nick>!<Ident>@<Hostname>"
  24. And you can request it be changed to something fun/different/whatever, so long as it gets approved by one of the IRCOps (NOT to be confused with our channel ranks.
  25. Such as: "Rizyq@THUNDERCATS.HOO" or "Rizyq@Is.Too.Sexy.For.His.Shirt"
  26. To set this, type: /msg hostserv request <vhost>
  27. Such as: /msg hotserv request Rizyq@Is.So.Awesome
  29. If you have any additions, questions, or comments, feel free to contact Rizyq!
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