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Aug 2nd, 2020
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  1. You are Solaris, a silver dragon living in the kingdom of Larion. You are relatively small for a dragon - only slightly larger than the average human - but your strength and mastery of magics are a thing to be feared. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've been looking for. You have come here because a messenger was sent to your den demanding an audience with an anonymous contact. You look around and see nothing, and then suddenly something moves out of the shadows!
  2. A dark figure leaps out and grabs you. It is a human rogue, but a very muscular one.
  4. > You roar and shake him off by flapping your wings.
  5. You roar, flapping your wings and shaking him off. He falls to the ground, losing his grip on you. You feel around him and try to find your weapon, but you can't find it.
  7. > You pin him under one of your forelegs.
  8. You use one of your claws to hold the human's arms pinned to his side. You take one of your claw and dig it into his neck, nearly tearing it out. He starts screaming in pain, but soon silence takes him.
  9. You stand up and sniff the air, hearing the sounds of many other humans. They must be somewhere nearby.
  10. Suddenly, a shot rings out and hits you in the neck. You stumble backwards, and then another shot hits you in the chest.
  11. You fall to the ground and start coughing up blood.
  13. > You cast a barrier spell to repel the shots, then cast a regeneration spell on yourself.
  14. You cast a barrier spell to protect yourself from the incoming shots, and begin to regenerate your damaged body parts. You succeed in healing your wounds, but something feels wrong. The regenerative magic isn't working right. You don't know why, since you've used it many times on yourself before.
  15. Another shot hits you, and another, and another.
  16. Your barrier disappears, and you are hit by a hail of bullets.
  18. > You spit fire on your attackers.
  19. You unleash a gout of fire, engulfing the soldiers in flames as they scream in pain and die. You roar in triumph and bloodlust, but feel different energy being drained out of you. You don't know what is happening, but it hurts.
  20. You collapse to the ground, your body seemingly transforming in an out of a torpor and dazedness. You try to roar out your pain, but your mouth doesn't seem to work. You writhe in pain, not knowing what is going on with your body. At the last second, you realize you've been drugged.
  21. You black out.
  22. You awake in a cell. You appear to be naked, and there is a metal collar around your neck. There is an empty food tray next to you, and you feel exhausted.
  24. > You tear off the collar and smash through the bars of your cell.
  25. You roar, smashing your claws and forearms through the cell bars. You smash your clawed hand through the head of one of the guards and tear out his neck, before tossing the corpse aside. You roar, an act so foul even you are shocked by it. You smash your claws into the next cell over, smashing through the sturdy metal and leaving a gory mess, before slamming your claws into the next one.
  26. With one quick move, you pull the two remaining guards out of their cells. You slam their heads together with a crack, before grabbing the first guard and flinging him against the other one. You grab the second guard, who is still attempting to comprehend what is going on, and break his neck. You growl, watching the remaining guards scramble to get their weapons and kill you with bullets.
  28. > You throw an ice spell at the guards before they can reach their weapons.
  29. You fire a jet of ice at the guards, catching two in the chest and knocking them to the floor, where they slowly get back up and draw their weapons.
  31. > You breathe a gout of flame on the guards.
  32. You spit a jet of flames at the guards, engulfing them in a fiery blaze. You roar with satisfaction as they scream in pain and writhe in the fire, and you eagerly watch them die in the fire.
  34. > You cautiously and quietly make your way out of the dungeon, and find out where your captives have taken you.
  35. You stumble out of the dungeon, walking as carefully as you can down the halls. You're still not sure where you are, but you think you're in the castle, somewhere. As you walk, you find yourself bumping into the occasional guard, who look at you in confusion. They're probably wondering why you're wandering the halls naked. You continue down the hall, until you find yourself in a grand foyer, filled with people walking about and talking.
  37. > You are a dragon, and don't care that you are naked. You walk into the foyer and let out a mighty bellow.
  38. You roar, letting out a mighty roar of the fire within you. The flames lick the inside of your mouth and ooze out of your mouth, down your throat and along your jaws. You roar, smoke trailing from your mouth. You growl, standing up on your hind legs to show off your dazzling silver scales to the crowd.
  39. Your roar has awoken the king. He walks out of a nearby room, starring at you in shock.
  40. "AGH!" he screams. You flap your wings and take flight, hurrying along the foyer as you dive straight for the king.
  42. > You pin the king to the ground and demand to know why he tried to capture you.
  43. You fly towards the king, claw raised. Your roar is deafening as you fly straight through the air towards him, your claws raised and ready to strike. You fly straight through the air, head turning to stare at him as he stares at you in shock. You knock him back onto his ass with a quick strike, and then snarl at him.
  44. "Why the fuck did you send those men to try to capture me?" you roar.
  45. "I-I didn't! I swear! I only wanted to talk to you!"
  47. > You tell him that having his guards shoot at you is a poor way to start a conversation.
  48. "You should know better than that, fool," you snarl, staring at him with your glowing red eyes.
  49. You stare at him for a second, before twisting your head to look behind you. You can hear the sounds of panic in the halls. Must be the guards. You turn back to the king.
  50. "Your men tried to kill me, in my own home! And you let them!"
  51. The king looks up at you, his fear clearly visible on his face.
  52. "I didn't! I swear! I wanted to hire you! I want you to kill my son!"
  53. You stare at him, still ready to strike.
  55. > You ask him why you should even consider working for him.
  56. "I don't work for anyone. I serve my people, or I don't exist at all. You want me to kill your son?"
  57. "Yes!" the king yells, looking away. "I don't want him to turn into a vicious beast that'll destroy this kingdom!"
  58. "I see," you say. "So, he's very valuable to you. Why not just have the military kill him?"
  59. The king looks at you, before letting out a bark of hysterical laughter.
  60. "The military?! They've tried! They've tried multiple times, but nothing has worked! Nothing!"
  62. > You ask if his son is some sort of mage.
  63. "No! No, he's not a mage! He's... just a brat, and something about him changed after that damned wizard left! I don't know!
  65. > You ask how the military was unable to kill a mere brat, if the brat was not in possession of some sort of power.
  66. "He's been training since he was a little kid! He's learned how to fight without any magic tricks! He's ruthless! He's smarter than everyone! He'll crush us, and crush us hard! He needs to die!"
  67. "Well, I suppose he's pretty terrible," you admit. "So, do you want me to kill him?"
  68. "Yes! Yes, please!
  70. > You ask the king what's in it for you.
  71. "Oh... right. I heard about your contract. You'll get a large amount of money, free reign over the kingdom, a mansion up in the clouds, whatever you want..."
  72. "Wait, really?" you say. "You have a lot to learn, kid. I don't give that sort of freedom for free. There's always a price."
  73. "Oh? What is it? Spit it out!"
  74. "You want me to kill your son, don't you?"
  75. "Yes, I want you to kill him.
  77. > You ask the king where you can find his son.
  78. "I want you to kill him at the archeological dig site, the one just outside the capital. They hold fights there all the time, and he loves to fight."
  79. You stare at the king for a second.
  81. > You let the king up and turn to leave, leering at the other people in the foyer as you pass.
  82. The king lets out a sigh, as if he were embarrassed for you.
  84. > You leave the castle and fly south, looking for the archeological dig site.
  85. You arrive at the archeological dig site, and spot a young man in a knight's armor holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.
  87. > You ask the young man if he is the king's son.
  88. "Huh? Oh, yes. I am the king's son."
  89. You nod your head.
  90. "I'm here to kill you," you say simply.
  91. "What?! But I'm a good fighter!"
  92. "I don't care. I'm here to kill you."
  93. The man lets out a shout of surprise, dropping his sword and shield and raising his hands. A few seconds later, he let's out a sigh, and his shoulders drop.
  94. "Fine. I can see you have no intention of talking. Well, let's get this over with. Come on! Let's get this duel underway!
  96. > You bare your fangs and rear up on your hind legs, swiping with the claws on your forelimbs.
  97. The knight quickly draws his sword and raises it above his head, and you barely manage to knock it away. He swings again, and you manage to block with your forearms.
  99. > You roar to stagger him, then swipe again with your claws.
  100. He attempts to block, but you manage to knock the sword out of his hand. You step on it with one foot and rear up, flinging him to the ground with all your weight.
  102. > You slam your tail down on his chest.
  103. You slam your tail down on his chest, crushing it. You snarl, raising your head to strike...
  104. The knight grabs your neck with both hands, pulling you down.
  106. > You crush his skull in your jaws.
  107. You swing your head around and smash it into his face, breaking his nose. He screams in pain, blood pouring down his face. He grabs your neck, but you shake him off. You slam your head into his chest repeatedly, cracking it and breaking several ribs. He tries to grab your neck again, but you shake him off once more.
  109. > You slash him open with your dragon claws.
  110. You swing your claws, slashing through his leather armor. You slash again and again, opening up a gash in his stomach and carving through his stomach. You slam your claws into his face, carving off chunks of his nose and carving his face to shreds. He screams, but manages to grab your neck. You shake him off once more, though he grabs your tail. You try to shake him off, but he grabs your tail as well and pulls you down.
  111. As you try to get free, his grip tightens around your neck.
  112. You gasp, your head dipping down...
  114. > You breathe fire on him.
  115. You breathe fire, engulfing him in flames. He screams in pain, and you pull your head away so he can't grab it again. He begins to flail about desperately, and you knock him to the ground. You snarl, ready to end his pitiful life.
  116. But he gets up. He attempts to stand, but you knock him back down with a swift claw swipe to the chest. He screams, but once again he manages to stand. You rear up and slam your claws down, tearing through his armor and slashing through his stomach. You slash again, tearing through his side and drawing blood. He screams, falling back. You roar, and pounce on him. You begin to slash at his face and eyes, carving them out and blinding him. You begin to laugh, a chilling laugh. You stand up, preparing to end his life once and for all.
  117. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning shatters the sky and jars your eardrums. You howl in pain, collapsing onto your side. You groan, not bothering to get up. The knight has his sword in hand once more, and he stands behind you, waiting for your final moment.
  118. "Fuck... this was a fair fight..."
  120. > You cast your own lightning spell on him.
  121. You raise your hand, directing the lightning to his sword. He attempts to block, but the jolt is too strong and the sword is knocked out of his hands, leaving him open for a killing blow.
  123. > You cast an ice spell, impaling him on a massive icicle.
  124. You snap your fingers, sending an icy spear through the knight's side. He screams as the ice shards burrow into his flesh.
  125. "You're going to die here, dragon. Tonight, you'll feed my men their fill of flesh. Then, I'll take your head and hang it high for all to see!"
  126. He pulls out the spear and picks up his sword. He turns to his men, who eagerly charge forward with swords drawn.
  127. You snarl, struggling to get up. You manage to stand, but you feel weak.
  129. > You fly into the air and fire a massive ball of arcane energy to wipe out your enemy's allies, then ram your opponent into the ground.
  130. You raise your hands up, preparing to fire a bolt of energy. You watch as the soldiers charge forward. Then, you release the bolt of energy, blowing a massive hole in the ranks of soldiers. They scream as they fall to the ground, flames igniting their armor and wooden shields.
  131. Your opponent screams in rage as he charges forward, slamming into you with the full force of a knight. He knocks you to the ground, screaming as he swings his sword down.
  133. > You deflect the blow with your claws and sink your fangs into his throat.
  134. You roll under his sword, ramming your claws into his throat. You sink your teeth into his neck, tearing out a chunk of meat and muscle. He screams in pain, swinging his sword down. The sword slices through your forearms, but you feel no pain. Blood trickles down from your forearms as you deflect the sword blow with your claws, then slam your claws into his face. You grab his helmet and wrench it off, revealing a young man. His eyes are wide with terror, but the blood flowing from his face and nose makes him seem utterly demonic. You grab your opponent's neck, snapping it with a crack. His body convulses one last time, and he collapses on top of you.
  135. You turn your head to the side, hearing the sounds of battle.
  137. > You cast a regeneration spell on yourself, then fire another massive bolt of magic at the enemy soldiers to make them scatter.
  138. You quickly raise your hands, directing a bolt of pure energy at the soldiers. The bolt explodes through them, sending them flying to the ground.
  140. > You pick up the prince's corpse and fly back to the castle.
  141. You pick up the young man's corpse and begin flying towards the castle.
  142. Suddenly, you hear a scream from behind you. You turn your head to see another dragon, roaring and flying at you.
  144. > You ask who he is.
  145. "I am no man!" she screams, flying at you.
  146. You feel her claws slam into your side, as you drop the corpse. She slams into you, knocking you onto your back.
  148. > You growl and ask her what she wants.
  149. She stares at you for a moment, snarling.
  150. "I want what all predators want... flesh, blood, and babies." she hisses.
  152. > You tell her that you just left plenty of flesh and blood for her to have at the battlefield behind her, though you'd be happy to provide her with babies if she so desired.
  153. She raises her head up, sniffing the air.
  154. "What are you? You're not one of the native beasts. You're some strange breed, I can smell it. And you're not a dragon. No one can survive that bite. You're something new... and I don't like you."
  155. You stand up, growling.
  156. "
  158. > You tell her that you are a Silver Dragon, and are imbued with the ability to cast magic.
  159. She stares at you, snarling.
  160. "I've heard of you. You're the king of the dragons. You're more lies, a tall tale to scare children."
  161. You spread your wings, standing up.
  163. > You tell her you have no desire to harm her, but you will if you are forced to.
  164. "I have no desire to harm you," you say. "But if I must, I will."
  165. She stares at you, shaking her head slowly from side to side.
  166. "You wouldn't. You're a king? HA! A dragon? Laughable. Even I can break you with one hand."
  167. She moves forward, as you fling a ball of fire at her face. She bats it away, snarling.
  168. "
  169. ... How?" she asks, as the fire goes out.
  170. "What?" you ask.
  171. "How can I trust you?"
  172. "You can't. But you must."
  174. > You tell her the human king asked you to kill his son, and you simply complied to shut him up. You explain you have no quarrel with her.
  175. "You don't?" she asks.
  176. "No," you reply. "You are not my enemy."
  177. "But the human king is?"
  178. "He is not."
  179. "You lie."
  180. "No, I do not."
  181. "You are a dragon. You would kill your master for a good meal."
  182. "That's absurd."
  183. She stares at you, snarling.
  184. "
  185. ... You will die," she says simply. "I could kill you right now. I could tear you apart. I could devour your soul and be done with you."
  187. > You tell her things won't go the way she thinks they will if she tries to attack. You remind her that you are the Silver Dragon King.
  188. "You think you are?" she asks, staring at you.
  189. She flies forward, staring at you. She stares into your eyes for a long moment, as you do not move.
  191. > You grin at the dragoness and remark that she has pretty eyes...but a foolish temper that does not befit one so beautiful.
  192. "I could blast you off the face of the planet," she growls. "You don't think I could do it? You think your magic is more powerful than mine?"
  193. "Yes," you reply, as she backs away.
  195. > You tell the dragoness that you think she would make a nice mate.
  196. She snarls at you, and begins hovering forward.
  197. "You want to fuck me?" she asks.
  199. > You tell her you are in need of a Queen.
  200. "A queen?" she asks. "What do you mean?"
  201. You stand up, smiling.
  202. "A female... to bear my children."
  203. She stares at you for a long moment.
  204. "You want to breed with me?" she asks, her voice a low growl. "Is that what you're saying?"
  205. "I'd be happy to have your children in the royal bloodline," you reply. "We're the only two left."
  206. "There's more of us," she says.
  207. "I want you. You're beautiful. You're intelligent. You're powerful. I want you."
  208. "I want to know why you want me," she asks.
  209. "I... I like you. I find you very attractive. I find your form... fascinating. I find your mind... powerful. I find your... erotics... interesting. I find your company pleasing."
  210. She stares at you, staring into your eyes. You look into her eyes, smiling.
  212. > You ask for the dragoness' name.
  213. "I don't tell my name to just anyone," she replies.
  214. "Then who do you tell it to?" you ask.
  215. "My mother, my sisters, my allies," she replies. "And you?"
  216. "My enemies," you say.
  217. She raises an eyebrow, grinning.
  218. "So, do you want to fuck?" she asks.
  219. You nod eagerly.
  220. "Yes," you reply.
  221. She growls, before flaring her nostrils.
  222. "Then let's get on with it," she says.
  223. You smile eagerly, nodding.
  224. "Yes."
  225. "I want to know your name," you say again.
  226. "Cecilia," she replies.
  227. "Cecilia," you reply. "I'll try to remember it."
  228. You move forward, wrapping your hands around her body. She's slightly smaller than you, but her body is lithe and strong. You move your hands up her back and around to the front, grasping her forearms.
  229. "So, are you going to fuck me?" she asks.
  230. "Yes," you reply.
  231. "I want to know what you're like," she replies.
  232. "What do you want to know?"
  233. "Everything. What do you prefer? How do you... Oh, you can't handle it? How do you like it? I want to know everything."
  234. "I'm a good king. I have good judgment. I'm kind to my subjects. I like fine food and drink, but I can survive on very little. I'm very strong. I'm able to cast powerful magic. I'm able to fly. I'm... immortal, for the time being. I have a long life ahead of me."
  235. "You're a nice king," she replies.
  237. > You gently push the dragoness to the ground and admire her beautiful body.
  238. "You're beautiful," you say, kneeling down.
  239. You gently push her to the ground, looking up at her. Her horns, her talons, her wings, her body... everything about her is magnificent. You move forward, planting a kiss on her snout. She pushes you away, growling.
  240. "Do that again," she says.
  241. You smile, before pressing your lips against hers. She kisses you back, wrapping her tongue around yours. After a moment, she pulls away, grinning.
  242. "I think I'll take that as a compliment," she says.
  243. "I can't really complain," you reply. "Come on, I'm going to pleasure you."
  244. You push her down, lifting her legs up in the air. You hold her legs, looking at her private parts. They're very scaly, but very pink and veined. You admire them for a moment, then decide that you know just where to touch.
  245. You place your hand against her folds, pressing down and rubbing her special place. She hisses, snarling.
  246. "Do that again," she says.
  247. You grin and touch her there again, and she hisses.
  248. "Do it harder," she says.
  249. You grin and start touching her more roughly, pressing your clawed fingers against her there and sliding your hand up and down. She hisses, closing her eyes. She runs one of her talons along your cheek, gently.
  250. "I want to taste you," she says.
  251. You nod eagerly, letting her lift your bottom half up and place you in her mouth. She kisses you with her scaly, rough lips, before sucking on your member. She moves her head back and forth, alternating between gently licking and sucking on you. You're already close to an intense pleasure, and she takes your member all the way into her mouth. You grit your teeth and you push your member as far back into her throat as you can. You feel as she gags slightly, but she manages to take you all the way down. She stops for a moment, before taking you all the way down once more.
  252. You push your member as far back into her throat as it'll go. She doesn't stop sucking until you release a thick load of hot semen, filling her mouth with your essence. She keeps sucking until she has drained every last drop from you, before lifting her head up.
  253. "You tasted good," she says, licking her lips.
  255. > You roll her over, lift her tail, and mount her from behind.
  256. You push her to her knees, lifting her tail up as you push your engorged, thickly veined member into her. She hisses, wrapping her tail around you and pulling your member tightly against her body. She pushes her hips back against you, rubbing her body against yours. You can feel your member pushing against the scales on its way into her, but you push forward anyway. You want this as much as she does.
  257. You push your body forward as you push into her. Her body relaxes slightly, giving you more room to push inside of her. She hisses, wrapping her tail around you and pulling it back. You grab it with your hand, holding her tightly against you as you start to thrust into her. She hisses as your member slides into her, and you find yourself in perfect unison. Your breathing becomes heavy, as she breathes heavily.
  258. The dragon rams her hips back against you, and you can feel your member push into her womb. She's so wet for you, and your dragon instinct takes over. You push your member as deep into her as you can, and you feel your body shudder.
  259. You release a thick, white liquid into her, filling her womb with your load. She releases a thick, clear liquid, releasing a mix of her squirt and your load. Her innards pulsate heavily against your member, and you hold her tightly against you as you both fall into a pleasurable numbness.
  260. You keep your member tightly pressed inside of her, your bodies still joined together as you drain your bodies of every last drop of the sexual energy that they hold. After what seems like an eternity, the dragon pulls her head back slowly. You feel your member slip out of her with a pop, and the two of you lay there, panting heavily as your bodies recover.
  262. > You gently lick the sapphire colored dragoness' neck.
  263. You gently lick the dragoness' neck, drawing a line of fire across her body. She hisses, and you lift your head up in surprise.
  264. "I've had enough of playing today," she says. "Come closer to me."
  265. You move closer to her, raising an eyebrow.
  266. "Now... kiss me," she says.
  267. You lean in, closing your eyes, and gently pressing your lips against hers. She gently wraps her hands around the back of your head, pulling you closer to her. Your lips move against each other, and after a moment you feel the gentle lick that you had felt earlier on her throat.
  268. You draw back slowly, watching her face. Her face is flushed and sweaty, and she's panting heavily. She opens her eyes, and you stare into the lavender eyes.
  269. "You... you want to fuck me again?" she asks.
  270. "If that's what you want, yes," you say.
  271. "Well, we can certainly do that..." she says.
  272. Cecilia moves forward, and gently presses her lips against yours. Your hands move to the back of her head, holding her in place as your kiss her with all the passion you have inside of you. She moves her hands down to your ass, holding you tightly against her.
  273. Your hands move to her lavender mane, holding her in place as you kiss her deeply. You run your tongue along her lips, and she opens her mouth, running her tongue along yours.
  274. You push your member against her leg, the one on the outside of your embrace. She doesn't seem to notice, or if she does she doesn't care. You push your member against her hip, and you can feel the wetness of her sex.
  275. You slowly pull your head back, breaking the kiss. You stare into her eyes, and you both seem to feel the desire that you have for each other.
  276. "Take me... I want you inside of me," she whispers.
  277. You nod, and slide your hands down her back. You gently grab her ass cheeks, lifting her into you as you thrust your member into her.
  279. > You thrust your draconic member into her dripping sex.
  280. You slide your member into her dripping sex, and you both moan at the pleasurable sensation. You begin to thrust in and out of her, the two of you experiencing a blissful pleasure that you have never felt before.
  281. Her walls are slick and tight, and you can tell just by how much she's struggling not to scream that she's never been fucked like this before.
  282. "Ah... fuck..." she moans.
  283. The sound of your member sliding in and out of her sends vibrations through your body, and you both moan at the pure pleasure of it. You push yourself deeper into her, loving the way she screams your name.
  284. You pull your member out of her and push it back in, and she does too, the act being repeated again and again.
  285. "Don't stop... don't stop..." she whimpers, her voice filled with lust.
  286. "Oh, baby, I'll fuck you until your legs can't take it," you say.
  287. You thrust into her roughly, and you can feel her tightening around your member. She lets out a scream, and you feel her release as she trembles deep inside.
  288. You keep thrusting, enjoying the tightness, and eventually you can feel yourself getting close. You pull out of her part way and then plunge deeply, and as you start to release you stare into her lavender eyes.
  289. "Come for me, lover," she whispers.
  290. You stare into her eyes as you release deep within her, and the pleasure you feel is unlike anything you've ever experienced. She kisses you, before you both collapse on the ground, spent of energy.
  291. "I can't move," you groan.
  292. "Me either," she says.
  293. You both lay on the ground, staring at each other.
  294. "Well," she says, after a few minutes. "That was... interesting."
  295. "Yeah, it was.
  297. > You tell the dragoness that you want her to be your queen from now on.
  298. You look into her lavender eyes, and see that they have changed back to their normal color.
  299. "I think... I think I'd like that," she says.
  300. "Of course you would," you smile.
  301. "So, what do we do about Markov?"
  302. "I'll deal with him.
  303. "Do you promise?"
  304. You nod your head eagerly.
  305. "I promise," you say.
  306. The dragoness nods, before turning around and flying back to her den.
  308. > You pick up the prince's body and return to King Markov.
  309. You walk outside, and pick up the prince's limp body. You hold him in your arms as you carry him back to King Markov.
  311. > You enter the foyer, drop the prince's body, and tell the king the job is done.
  312. You enter the foyer, and drop the prince's body onto the ground. You turn around, before the king appears.
  313. "Ah, there you are. I was just about to come looking for you. I take it the job is done?"
  314. You nod.
  315. "He's dead," you say.
  316. "Good, excellent.
  318. > You demand your payment from him.
  319. "I want my payment," you say.
  320. "Of course," he says, pulling out a small bag of coins.
  321. You grab it, as you begin to walk away.
  322. "Thank you. I'll be sure to put in a good word for you," the king says.
  323. You nod as you leave the palace, heading back home.
  325. > You take to the skies, and smell around for Cecilia's scent.
  326. You take to the skies, flying around for a few minutes. Soon, you find the scent, flying towards it.
  327. You fly towards it, when you hear a scream.
  328. "Got her!"
  329. You turn around, to see a large group of men armed with spears and swords. They surround Cecilia, who is backed into a corner.
  330. "No, please!" she screams.
  332. > You let out a mighty bellow.
  333. You roar, shaking your entire body and causing your lungs to burn. The sound echoes throughout the mountains, and the men pause.
  334. "What was that?" one of them says.
  335. "It sounded like a dragon," another says.
  336. "We're in the middle of fucking nowhere, and a dragon just screamed," the first one says.
  338. > You swoop down and grab one of the men surrounding your mate, then drop them from up high.
  339. You drop from the sky, grabbing a spear man and throwing him to the ground as hard as you can. The man screams in pain, before you release him from your mouth.
  340. "Kill it! Kill the dragon!" the men cry, rushing forward.
  341. You release another man from your mouth, watching as he gets impaled by a spear. You turn around, flinging a chain at the men. They become entangled in the chain, allowing you to soar over their heads and drop, beheading the men with one swift movement.
  342. "Cecilia!" you roar, looking for your mate.
  343. You spot her, watching as a man slashes at her with a sword. You roar, running forward and biting the man's arm off. He screams, falling to the ground.
  344. "Cecilia!" you roar again, looking for your mate.
  345. You find her, lying on the ground. Another man stands above her, preparing to slit her throat.
  346. "Not today, bitch."
  347. You roar, charging forward and tackling the man. You bite his throat, pumping his blood into the air. The other men stop to watch him die, before you spit out the blood, breathing fire at the crowd. They run away, screaming, and you walk after them. You find Cecilia, lying on the ground.
  348. "Cecilia!" you say, dropping to your knees.
  349. You grab her hand, squeezing it.
  351. > You cast a healing spell on your dragoness mate.
  352. You raise your hands, beginning to chant as purple energy begins to gather in your palms. You concentrate, before casting the spell outwards on Cecilia's wounds.
  353. The wound on her chest reforms, and she winces in pain. You focus again, and the wound closes up, before her entire body begins to heal. You watch as her scars fade, her body regenerating.
  354. She opens her eyes, looking at you. She smiles weakly, and squeezes your hand.
  355. "I'm back," she says.
  357. > You kiss her.
  358. You lean in, kissing her. She kisses you back, wrapping her arms around you and holding you tightly.
  359. After a moment, you break the kiss, looking down at her.
  360. "I love you," you say.
  361. "And I love you," she replies.
  362. You smile, holding her hand as you stand up.
  364. > You fly back to your den with your new mate.
  365. You and your new mate fly back to your den, holding each other tightly. You rest there, and the next day you take off with your mate once more.
  366. You soar through the skies, as you always seem to do, enjoying the freedom of the open sky.
  367. A few days later, you reach the edge of your territory. You fly over a mountainous area, with caves deep in the rock. A good place for your offspring to be conceived and for you to raise them.
  368. You land in a hidden valley, hidden away in the mountains. You glide down to earth, touching down in a tree. You wait patiently, staring out at the mountains, for Cecilia to alight. After a few minutes, she lands beside you, looking at the mountains.
  369. "Do you think they'll be happy?" you ask.
  370. "Our offspring?"
  371. "Yeah."
  372. Cecilia nods.
  373. "I think so. I mean, if they're unhappy, they won't be able to thrive, will they? So I think they'll be safe enough."
  374. "Good point."
  375. You look at your mate, smiling at her. She stares back, smiling warmly, before leaning in to kiss you. The kiss continues for several minutes, before you break it, turning and heading towards the den. You stare at her as she stares back, your eyes loving for all they're brief. She walks past you, heading towards the den.
  376. "I'm going to lay down," she says.
  377. "Alright," you reply, turning and walking towards the den.
  379. > You follow your mate into your den and curl up next to the beautiful dragoness.
  380. You walk into the den, and lie down next to your beloved. You stare into her deep lavender eyes, seeing love there. You reach out your talon, touching her face.
  381. "Cecilia," you say, "I feel something for you I've never felt before."
  382. "I know," she replies, touching your hand to her cheek, "I feel the same way."
  383. "Are you sure? About everything?"
  384. She looks at you, her eyes filling with tears.
  385. "I'm terrified," she says, "but I'm sure."
  386. You stare at her, and nod slowly.
  387. "Well," you reply, "it's not just the pair of us now."
  388. Cecilia smiles, and kisses you one last time.
  389. "Goodnight, my love," she says, "I'll see you in the morning. Sweet dreams."
  390. "Goodnight, love," you reply, "and sweet dreams to you as well. I'll see you in the morning. I love you."
  391. "I love you too."
  392. With a final kiss, the two of you lay down next to each other and close your eyes.
  393. You sleep deeply, dreamlessly.
  394. In the morning, you wake up next to your beloved, lying in the soft grass. You look at her for a moment, taking in the view. She's so beautiful.
  395. "Cecilia," you whisper, leaning over to kiss her cheek, "my love, my queen, my life. My everything."
  396. You turn and look at her properly, taking in the sight of her. Her sapphire-blue scales shimmer in the sunlight, her lavender eyes bright and clear. Her mane, which used to be tied up in that stupid braid, flows down her back. She's a royal beauty.
  397. "Cecilia," you say again, this time leaning in to press your lips against hers, "my everything."
  398. You stare into her bright lavender eyes for a moment, before smiling. You lean over, and kiss her again.
  399. "Cecilia," you say one last time, "my everything."
  400. With those last words, you stare out over your new home together, thinking of the shining future ahead for both you and your new queen.
  401. THE END
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