Random Brony-related copypasta

Nov 24th, 2012
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  1. >Hasbro finally announces a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic movie to be released in theaters.
  2. >Bronies around the world scream in delight
  3. >Meanwhile, in middle class suburbia, a little girl begs her mother to take her to see the movie
  4. >Her mother takes her the day the film opens and gets an early spot in the theater.
  5. >To her surprise, the other people crowding in are not children and their parents, but dozens of enormous, rotund men with long hair, acne and neck beards.
  6. >One such man walks down the aisle they are sitting in, his massive ass rubbing up against the mother and her daughter
  7. >Disgusted, the mother gets up and tries to take her daughter to another theater.
  8. >She is horrified to find that other neckbeards are sitting all around her, and she can't get them to move.
  9. >She and her daughter are encased in a prison of lard
  10. >The movie starts
  11. >Sobbing, the mother and daughter remain seated, hoping to whether the storm until the movie is over
  12. >When an instrumental of the theme song starts up, all the bronies sing it very loudly, scaring the girl to tears
  13. >When the man sitting next to her raises his flabby arms to clap and cheer, she is assaulted with a noxious cloud of body odor
  14. >The film continues, and there is a brief scene where Fluttershy's butt is front and center
  15. >Suddenly, everyone in the theater goes deathly quiet, and for once the girl can hear what the ponies are saying.
  16. >Not for long
  17. >Everyone pulls down their XXL gym shorts down and begins fapping furiously to the scene which has already passed.
  18. >The mother grabs her daughter and holds her close, praying for it to end
  19. >Suddenly, audible ejaculations everywhere as semen is sprayed into the air in fountains, showering the girl in brony juice
  20. >No easy task to clear the ground
  21. >plant our tiny seeds
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