G2A Many GEOs


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  3. -No jumping or crouching can be used by player, so don't map for it
  4. -FLTSLUD1 liquid flood is generally expected to be damaging
  5. -false walls can be used (wall that looks solid but can be walked through), ideally used sparingly
  6. -Generally Use SW2OFF for your exit switch texture
  7. -Wings of Wrath (flying item): Make sure if you let a player fly to an area they would not be able to escape without flying, provide at least a teleport exit in case their wings wear off while in that area. Another wings of wrath could be included in the area as well.
  8. -Plenty of 16, 24 and 32 wide pillars
  9. -Heretic mappers not afraid to work on diagonals, usually on snap 8, pillars often 22.3 wide (shown as 23 while dragging vertex)
  10. -not afraid to have dark areas, sometimes as low as 96 brightness
  12. Buildings
  13. -buildings generally constructed in snap 16 and 8, with diagonal corridors with stairs often snap 8.
  14. -doors generally 64 wide, either 8 or 16 thick, with 8 or 16 wide strip either side.
  15. -small door building: 8 thick, with 8 thick strip either side
  16. -larger indoor building: 16 thick, with 24 thick strip either side
  17. -buildings generally with 24 or 16 thick walls. 24 to accomodate 8 thickness door with a strip of 8 thickness each side
  18. -interior rooms generally 88 - 128 high
  19. -Building floors generally 8 higher than ground level and FLOOR10 texture
  20. -corridors generally 64 wide, sometimes as tight as 48
  21. -Exterior small windows: lower section generally 32 above ground level (4 scrolls with mousewheel), window sector generally 32 high
  23. Buildings usually with multiple vertical levels, sometimes as simple as a stairway around the outside of a central room, giving the impression of height and multiple levels, sometimes much more complex.
  25. Reference map to check out: E1M5 - great buildings
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