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  1. (12:15:43 PM) David House: Getting ready for the upcoming protest
  2. (12:16:07 PM) David House: I think the turnout on this protest could define how much energy goes into supporting manning in coming weeks
  3. (12:16:25 PM) David House: Reddit has had two frontpage posts about Manning in recent days, one asking what they could do to help
  4. (12:16:45 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: What are the pitches going to be in the protest?
  5. (12:16:54 PM) David House: open government
  6. (12:17:14 PM) David House: that's the political side
  7. (12:17:28 PM) David House: give manning adequate conditions
  8. (12:17:33 PM) David House: that's the human side
  9. (12:17:49 PM) David House: but i am not main organizer on this
  10. (12:18:16 PM) David House: anyway, i am surprised anon et al has not gotten really on board yet, but i suppose it makes sense
  11. (12:18:19 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: How about getting more voices to Manning?
  12. (12:18:38 PM) David House: i have been trying
  13. (12:18:50 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: You haven't been vocal about it in the least.
  14. (12:18:57 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: In fact, you haven't said a single word about it.
  15. (12:18:59 PM) David House: because i have been unsuccessful.
  16. (12:19:06 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Then try harder. Speak up.
  17. (12:19:13 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Or is that not an option, somehow?
  18. (12:19:14 PM) David House: and because i have 50 othher things i can do that will make a difference
  19. (12:19:20 PM) David House: Coombs holds the keys
  20. (12:19:26 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: I thought Manning did.
  21. (12:19:30 PM) David House: Not much I can do regardless of what Manning wants
  22. (12:19:34 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: You said it yourself - Danny Clark got you on the list.
  23. (12:19:39 PM) David House: Yes
  24. (12:19:41 PM) David House: After calling coombs
  25. (12:19:44 PM) David House: Period.
  26. (12:19:55 PM) David House: I've said this over and over, all I can do is say it again:
  27. (12:20:05 PM) David House: journos and new people have to go through coombs, not other visitors.
  28. (12:20:07 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: I am not convinced and I think you should, out of responsibility, be vocal, at least, about the possibility of getting more people.
  29. (12:20:21 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Get Greenwald as an individual.
  30. (12:20:24 PM) David House: I agree it is important, and I have been working to get kucinich in there
  31. (12:20:25 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Wasn't that the plan?
  32. (12:20:36 PM) David House: There are things here you do not see
  33. (12:20:41 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Exactly
  34. (12:20:48 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: There are many things that everyone sees only through you
  35. (12:20:49 PM) David House: Manning
  36. (12:20:52 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: And that is unjustified and not enough
  37. (12:20:55 PM) David House: s mother and father visited last weekends
  38. (12:21:10 PM) David House: And another unnamed invidivual has visited him in late january
  39. (12:21:16 PM) David House: I am not the only one.
  40. (12:21:21 PM) David House: Just the only one willing to speak up.
  41. (12:21:28 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: I'm sure Greenwald is.
  42. (12:21:28 PM) David House: Journalists are usually vetoed by coombs
  43. (12:21:46 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Greenwald can visit as person.
  44. (12:21:53 PM) David House: So you are not saying "anyone", you are saying "let this particular journalist in"
  45. (12:21:58 PM) David House: And I do not have that power.
  46. (12:22:16 PM) David House: You can talk to me about this all you want, but it is pointless -- I have zero control over his visitors.
  48. (12:22:21 PM) David House: :/
  49. (12:22:34 PM) David House: Otherwise, can we talk about the protest?
  50. (12:22:37 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: You have influence.
  51. (12:22:41 PM) David House: That is something we actually can help on
  52. (12:22:54 PM) David House: I have expended my influence with Coombs when I launched the advocacy fund
  53. (12:22:59 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: I do not think you are sincere about getting him more visitors - you talk of action and yet have no supported the idea once in public.
  54. (12:23:02 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Support the idea in public.
  55. (12:23:04 PM) David House: I have not talked to him in two months
  56. (12:23:16 PM) Nadim Kobeissi:!/kaepora/status/44257071734075392
  57. (12:23:18 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: RT this
  58. (12:23:24 PM) David House: He has more visitors.... You want me to support GG in particular?
  59. (12:23:56 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Yes
  60. (12:24:01 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: GG or Hamsher
  61. (12:24:08 PM) David House: Why not myself?
  62. (12:24:18 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Because you're already there?
  63. (12:24:26 PM) David House: Yes
  64. (12:24:57 PM) David House: Why should I expend my time lobbying for GG to visit when Coombs and him have direct contact already
  65. (12:25:01 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Yes - my whole point is to get more sources, more voices, and more experience visiting him
  66. (12:25:05 PM) David House: You do not understand
  67. (12:25:07 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Because a single source is unjustified
  68. (12:25:09 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: No, you don't
  69. (12:25:12 PM) David House: Then tell Coombs.
  70. (12:25:17 PM) David House: And GG.
  71. (12:25:18 PM) David House: And Hamsher.
  72. (12:25:22 PM) David House: I have zero control.
  73. (12:25:23 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: And you.
  74. (12:25:26 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: You have influence.
  75. (12:25:27 PM) David House: I am not a single source.
  76. (12:25:31 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: You are refusing to even vouch for the idea.
  77. (12:25:40 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Do you disagree with it?
  78. (12:25:44 PM) David House: No, I am saying it is pointless for me to say anything.
  79. (12:25:47 PM) David House: I'm done here.
  80. (12:25:57 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: OK...
  81. (12:26:10 PM) David House: I had 10 minutes to brief you on the protest and talk strategy, but we have expended that talking about something I cannot control.
  82. (12:26:25 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: But which you can support and refuse to even support
  83. (12:26:27 PM) David House: I encourage you to call COombs on the number I gave you
  84. (12:26:29 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Even in good faith
  85. (12:26:32 PM) David House: I do support it
  86. (12:26:34 PM) David House: All the time
  87. (12:26:37 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Then support it publicly
  88. (12:26:42 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: You haven't done so even once
  89. (12:27:04 PM) David House: but Cannot do so publicly because of reasons that you do not understand because of the very precarious politiical relationships between Coombs and
  90. everyone else right now.
  91. (12:27:09 PM) David House: Everything I say must go through PR.
  92. (12:27:21 PM) David House: Roger?
  93. (12:27:31 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: I'm not convinced.
  95. (12:27:52 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: That is, at best, a cloudy argument with zero concreteness.
  96. (12:28:02 PM) David House: You don't have to be... call Coombs, do what you want, but this is not something I can help with right now.
  97. (12:28:17 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: OK, thanks D, I'll keep that in mind.
  98. (12:28:18 PM) David House: Please call Coombs and GG yourself.
  99. (12:28:35 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Sure. I'll say you refused to help.
  100. (12:28:38 PM) David House: Here, listen.
  101. (12:29:08 PM) David House: I'll post a tweet saying that it would be good for manning to speak for himself
  102. (12:29:40 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: And for more voices to be able to speak for him if he can't achieve that.
  103. (12:30:43 PM) David House: Question
  104. (12:30:58 PM) David House: How do you know that GG or others have not already seen him?
  105. (12:31:30 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: ?!
  106. (12:31:33 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: What sort of question is that?!
  107. (12:31:51 PM) David House: Or more importantly, that they cannot visit because they do not want to be seen as colluding with Manning... they want to be an independent press v
  108. oice?
  109. (12:32:04 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Colluding with Manning?
  110. (12:32:31 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: GG has been accused of being a WL volunteer and targeted by HBGary, has supported WL endlessly, has vouched for Manning continuously, and you're
  111.  suggesting that visiting him implies collusion?
  112. (12:32:31 PM) David House: The kind you should be asking instead of badgering me, a single visitor, over something I cannot control...
  113. (12:32:39 PM) David House: Yes.
  114. (12:32:43 PM) David House: Or maybe he thinks so.
  115. (12:32:53 PM) David House: You are really yelling into the wrong wind here, N.
  116. (12:32:57 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Your arguments are either far-fetched our cloudy and it seems like you're reaching out so hard for him instead of doing the simple and obviously
  117.  just
  118. (12:33:03 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: *for them
  119. (12:33:08 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: (12:29:08 PM) David House: I'll post a tweet saying that it would be good for manning to speak for himself
  120. (12:29:40 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: And for more voices to be able to speak for him if he can't achieve that.
  121. (12:33:37 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: I am asking you to vouch an idea
  122. (12:33:41 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: To support an idea
  123. (12:33:50 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: You can't do that, can you?
  124. (12:33:52 PM) David House: And I do not know your motivations
  125. (12:33:54 PM) David House: Which is alarming.
  126. (12:34:07 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: For my motivations, check my Twitter feed:
  127. (12:34:15 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: They're out there in public, although it's sad that you missed them
  128. (12:34:16 PM) David House: And we have a bad history, ie, you tend to shoot off in weird directions that end up harming the case
  129. (12:34:21 PM) David House: And check mine,
  130. (12:34:28 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Okay wait
  131. (12:34:31 PM) David House: and my interviews on the matter, and the amount of time I invest.
  132. (12:34:37 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: My asking for more people to visit harms the case? :)
  133. (12:34:43 PM) David House: Negative
  134. (12:34:43 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Is that your argument?
  135. (12:34:50 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Okay, D, please
  136. (12:34:51 PM) David House: You are twisting my words.
  137. (12:34:55 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: Let's return to the main point
  138. (12:34:57 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: (12:29:08 PM) David House: I'll post a tweet saying that it would be good for manning to speak for himself
  139. (12:29:40 PM) Nadim Kobeissi: And for more voices to be able to speak for him if he can't achieve that.
  140. (12:34:58 PM) David House: This conversation is over.
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