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  1. Born Dec 15 1917 Ozias had a decent childhood, loved by his parents despite his family being poor. He got teased a lot when he was younger for the size of his ears. Because of this he often wears his hair long. Ozias has a habit of lashing out at those that teased him, he got into a lot of fights in his child and teens years. He was the fuze to a bomb ready to explode. Even from a young age he was volatile. He enlists in the army in 1941 after the bombing of pearl harbor believing he'll be more useful overseas. He serves for 2 years and is captured and taken by the Nazi's as a prisoner of war. He is taken to a consentration camp where he spends 2 years. As the last remaing member of his troop, his will to live never faltered. Despite the poor state of his body from mistreatment. His veins are full of rage, anger. It boiled underneath his skin. It's at this point wrath comes to him, promising him revenge against those that wronged him, tortured him. In exchange for a simple yes. A yes to being his vessel, a yes to power. He agrees, not ready to die. Wrath goes on a rampage and kills everyone but one person in the camp. (Which I'll explain in a moment). Oz wakes up again to total carnage a small asian woman his only companion. He later learns that she is indeed a witch who was kept at the camp same as him, with a rage inside of her that matched his own.
  4. But the story behind her is she's taken from her village because she's accused of being a witch. She eventually finds herself in the same camp as Oz. She's the only of survivor of Wraths rampage when he destroys it.
  5. Come to find out she is actually Wraths former host, the one carrying him until he could get to his true host Ozias. She's there when he wakes up as Oz again, petting his hair joy. She sticks to him despite the language barrier. They are connected on a soul level and he's very soft with her because he genuinely cares about her. That comes from her being with him for so long, despite the fact that he's a dick to everyone. She's his little dragon. Eventhough she's actually a big dragon lol.
  6. She becomes his familiar, she's bound to his blood and can be summoned at will. Mortals can't see her, and the other sins can sense her but they can't actually see her unless they catch a glimpse of her in a mirror. Because of her being Wraths former host, she can host others sins and she does so for Pride as Oz's command.
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