Jun 12th, 2019
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  2. "Delicious morsel! Let me get my bib…!"
  3. -He's actually supposed to be referencing Terra, how she's cute and "just his type", which makes him blush. I would try and keep things consistent with his character in FFXIII-2 and World of FF. Also, the GBA version adds a sly reference to lewd tentacle stuff, so I want that to stay. Suggestion:
  4. "Oh, that one's a cute little morsel! I'd love to get my tentacles around her…*blush*"
  6. "Preemptive attack"
  7. -Minor nitpick, but I'd keep this consistent with other FF games:
  8. "Preemptive strike!"
  10. "Banon: Aye yai yai…
  11. Edgar: That kind of attitude is deadly! He won’t even listen!"
  12. -Banon's line here is a little bit off for his character, and Edgar's line here doesn't make much sense. The GBA version fixes both of these, and adds a bit of detail to Edgar's character:
  13. "Banon: My goodness...
  14. Edgar: And that, my friends, is why I can't stand men. It's like they don't even have ears!"
  16. "Near-death status can result in special hidden skills. See what happens if you select command “Attack”…"
  17. -This doesn't explain the mechanic as well as it should. There's also a missing detail that the GBA version adds back in:
  18. "Desperate times can bring out strength you never knew you had! Critically-wounded characters may occasionally perform powerful, hidden techniques when you select "Attack"…"
  20. "“Reraise”
  21. Automatically brought back from the dead even if status is affected."
  22. -This is worded very badly, and the GBA version fixes it. It's also important to note that in Japanese, it doesn't reference death. Characters, when they fall in battle, don't actually "die". To quote The Princess Bride, they're only MOSTLY dead (or just knocked out). If they were actually dead, then death would have no meaning since Phoenix Downs would solve everyone's problems. Suggestion:
  23. "“Reraise”
  24. Automatically revived when KO'd."
  26. "“Morph”
  27. Increases Attack and Magic power. Duration increases with battles fought."
  28. -Duration increases with AP gained, not battles fought. You can't not gain AP after a battle so it's not wrong, but it'd be nice to have a bit more clarity:
  29. "“Morph”
  30. Increases Attack and Magic power. Duration increases with AP gained."
  34. "Locke: Hey! Call me a treasure hunter, or I’ll rip your lungs out!"
  35. -Very much a Woolseyism, but it's so...violent, and out-of-character for Locke. It's up to you whether you want to keep this line, but I think it can be reworded to keep the anger but tone down the violence. Incidentally, I think this suggestion works very well given the context:
  36. "Locke: Hey! Call me a treasure hunter, or I'll…I'll…!"
  38. "These are a little tight, but the price was right."
  39. -A great line, but the GBA version is a bit snappier:
  40. "They're a little tight, but the price was right!"
  42. "These are a little too big, but they’ll do."
  43. -The GBA line is another cute rhyme like the last line. Woolsey would be proud:
  44. "They're a bit too large, but he didn't charge!"
  46. "Avoid the armored soldiers! They have no sense of humor!"
  47. -Censored from the original. (Sidenote: you could probably find a way to combine these two, but I can't think of a way that works.) Suggestion:
  48. "Avoid the armored soldiers! They'll kill you where you stand!"
  50. "My grandfather once was a servant for the richest man in town. Only merchants may pass through."
  51. -This reads like two completely unrelated statements. It also doesn't sound right coming from a little boy. The GBA version is better:
  52. "My grandpa used to be a servant for the richest family in town. But he said I'm only supposed to let merchants through here now."
  54. "Product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow…"
  55. -Celes isn't a product of genetic engineering. The Japanese says nothing about this. I like the line about her having a spirit as pure as snow, but I also like the Japanese/GBA lines about nobody knowing her as a woman, and not a general. I thought about it, and I've come up with a compromise with the GBA version. Suggestion:
  56. "A Magitek Knight forged by the Empire and tempered in battle. Her guise hides a woman with a spirit as pure as snow…"
  58. "Celes: Tunnel Armor!! I’ll draw its magic attack. It won’t hurt us."
  59. -These are exact instructions on what to do in the fight, and they get repeated a few times over the course of the game. The Japanese/GBA versions don't baby the player like this, and they're not as repetitive:
  60. "Celes: Tunnel Armor!! If that thing hits us with its magic…they'll be scrubbing two big scorch marks off the wall!"
  64. "Aged Man: Lawnmower repairman, eh? Couldn’t provide worse service! Grass’s 25 feet high out back!"
  65. -Mistranslated measurements. "Fifty feet high" sounds snappier anyway:
  66. "Aged Man: Lawnmower repairman, eh? Couldn’t provide worse service! Grass’s fifty feet high out back!"
  68. "Met.Suplex"
  69. "RisingPhnx"
  70. -I know you tried to incorporate the Japanese "Meteor Strike" into this but still keep "Suplex", but I think it's a lost cause. There's a reason Woolsey shortened things the way he did, because there's no way to see the full name if you abbreviate any of these. If you've never played this game before, how would you ever know that the "Met." stands for Meteor? I recommend changing these back into their Woolsey originals, unless you can find a way to expand the text limitations (plus I just think "Fire Dance" sounds cooler and it's more fitting):
  71. "Suplex"
  72. "Fire Dance"
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