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  1. Hello all i thought i would do a paste bin since i really couldn't be bothered to tweet or do a single Facebook post to get your attention and i doubt anybody might read this but here it is.Some of you have probably wondered where I've been,what I've been doing,and etcetera.
  2. So before i start giving answers i thought i'd tell my history on Xbox Live. Way back in 2006 on Christmas i got an Xbox 360 finally after having been asking for one.I was happy and excited i got Sonic 06(terrible game)and dead rising.I played dead rising up until m brother came home with a game in 2008.It was Left 4 Dead 1 and i loved the crap out of it.I loved it so much i decided to face my fears and play online(I'm actually still anti social to most people nowadays).Well i did and through this i meet Jerry and Will.Both were Really good at the game so i added them and quickly became close friends(at least i felt that way).We played many games and i eventually met Rich and Wayne and through this we had a regular team.Eventually Left 4 Dead got a sequel in 2009 Left 4 Dead 2.To no surprise we loved it and id until late 2009 where i met Some people through Jerry(I decided during this time to seek back ups for Left 4 Dead games since Wayne had his grandson to look over).Through Jerry i met Tyree,Reezy,Kaywone and Levonte and we started playing Gears of War 3(Played campaign with Will)Jerry was obsessed with Gears of War 3 all he really did in 2010.Eventually i got tired of Gears Of War 3 and left to play Minecraft and Skyrim. During this time Tyree,Reezy and Levonte had a falling out.I started to worry at this time and thought that i need to try to hang out with Will,Wayne and Rich more since it's been awhile.Eventually i learned from Jerry what had happened with Tyree,Levonte,and Reezy. It was then i unfairly blamed Levonte for the whole thing and took Tyree's side.(I suspect Jerry or Kaywone told Levonte this)
  3. It was then a few days later that while playing Minecraft i one day got invited to a party chat and Kaywone asked me what i said(Trying to avoid confrontation i lied and said i didn't say anything about Levonte).In about 15 minutes i got invited to another party and it Was Levonte. I was scared and didn't join but i invited Jerry to a private chat to ask him what i should do.He instead invited me to a party chat.I idiotically joined it was a trap(Main reason why i think it was Jerry who set me up).That day was the first time i screamed and cried on microphone(How embarrassing).Levonte kept talking and i felt like i was backed into a corner.After that Reezy,Kaywone,and Levonte deleted me as a friend.I cried all night.Since drama was high i took a similar break.4-6 months(short break) but during this time i was extremely depressed.
  6.  Eventually getting tired of waiting to see if they would re add me i tried to play games with Wayne,Will and Rich.They were all busy except for Rich.So i started hanging out with him and he said he met some god tier Left 4 Dead 2 players.I at first brushed it off but eventually gave into curiosity(i to this day hold myself as one of the best campaign Expert realism solo players).I met a clan of Left 4 Dead Players.It consisted of Nick,Rich,Willis,Epikrocklobster,Emmy,chereshocker,and Kreshia. I eventually through Nick's Convincing decided to join the clan(It was a Left 4 Dead 2 versus/scavenge clan).Even knowing i was awful at competitive i still did the tryout with
  7. the team leader Epikrocklobster and i did 'alright'.A few days later i get to talk to some of the clan.I met Willis,Kreshia and chereshocker(A few days later i met Emmy).One day we played against Nore(Epik used to be friend turned enemy)team.We lost badly.I then started to question why Epik ranked the worst players higher and good players lower.I then a few days later decide to see if i could cause a big deal about it and talked to Nick and he agreed change needed to happen.I then stupidly thought at the time Willis was dragging the team down and should kick him out of the clan(Sorry Willis i feel bad that i thought that).Epik insisted his ranks were fine i strongly disagreed and Me,Rich,Nick,kreshia,and Willis left the clan.I then assembled a better clan with no ranks or bullshit.Eventually Emmy learned to much about my plan to become clan leader and knew the stuff i said about Willis.I decided to do damage control to tell avoid Epick from wanting to join my clan,avoid hurting Willis feelings,and losing friends.I in the end Convinced Nick,Willis,and Kreshia that Emmy was lying and crazy(I used past interactions to show "proof" she was just seeking attention(i feel bad looking back)).They believed me and Emmy eventually told Epik and to my surprise he wasn't mad as long as we could still all hang out for fun and i agreed.At ths Time Will and Jerry started to get back on but Wayne unfortunately lost his subscription and after two years i deleted him;(.
  9. One day I started talking to Tyree after he randomly apologized.After a while catching up with Tyree Levonte joins the party and apologizes to both me and Tyree and we accept the apology.(Halfway done with the story lmao)Things in my eyes started to look great again and through Levonte i re met Kaywone and a new friend Demarcus. Now fast forward to 2011 Dark Souls had come out and of course i bought it and started playing.(Will also bought it so we talked about it frequently until i beat it)After beating   Dark souls i noticed Jerry started
  10. to play Minecraft so we played it up till about into early 2012(About the time my house i considered unlivable germy filth and due to this my Ocd worsened).Eventually that feeling of me ignoring friends came back so i first decided to repair the damaged friendship of me and Levonte. It wasn't long until Tyree would cause drama and this time i sided with Levonte and to this day never heard from Tyree again.After the drama incident not much later until i got into an argument over a gold membership card with Epik. The result ended with us deleting each other.I then started hanging out with Nick,Kreshia,chereshocker,and Willis and playing Minecraft together.
  11. I hosted story playthroughs on separate occasions.(Willis started to not get on due to heavy workload and his girlfriend)
  13. Soon after Chereshocker deleted me(To this day i have no clue why)and i met Two bar and Jeff Through Nick playing Left 4 Dead 2.So i started hanging out with Jeff and for a time got along great(Meanwhile I get into with Kreshia and delete each other)So naturally i talk about Kreshia in a negative way.I then Started Playing payday 2 and Nick had started dating this girl at school and after meeting her i got a really really bad first impression.(So bad i was worried she was just using him)So then one day i invite Jeff to hang out while playing Gta V.He joins and he starts acting weird.So we get to talking and i tell him what i thought about Nicks girlfriend.He goes silent for like 2 minutes then starts talking and says he'll be right back.I then invite Nick to a chat and he joins and i told him "Jeff was acting strange"and then talk for only like 2 minutes and he says hell be right back to.(At this time i knew something was going on)I decide to see who is in Nick's Party.Sure enough Jeff was in the party with Nick,Two bar and Kreshia. I was upset they ditched me or so i thought but then Nick invites me so i join because at the time i had Kreshia muted so i thought"ok what could she possibly do".I join everyone's quite.I start casually talking to Nick and then out nowhere i hear "Kick him echo" through Nicks mic and it was Kreshia. I said in anger "you better not kick me" I un mute Kreshia in a fit of rage and they all start calling me names. Kreshia then says kick him please and in my disbelief they all said i don't care if you want i guess.Then i got kicked from the party.I couldn't understand what i did to deserve that and i started crying and rejoined the party in a fit of anger and yelled"WHO FUCKING DID IT" Jeff answers some dudes name and proceeds to shit talk me accidentally revealing he set me up by telling nick what i said fueling Kreisha's argument.(It was at this moment i stopped crying and realized Jeff is my enemy and I leave the chat.)Everyone deleted me Nick,Two bar,and Jeff after i left.
  14. I decided i had only one way and one chance to fix everything.I decided i had to apologize to Kreshia but a normal apology wouldn't do.So i whipped up some tears and sent an apology to Kreshia. I was lucky she forgave me but Nick needed 'time' i had no interest in re adding two bar.A week later i apologized to Nick and told him exactly what i said and Nick also forgave me. I convinced them that Jeff is a traitor and ruined our friendship.They didn't delete him but thy didn't trust him either.
  16. I then decided to take a break from that group of friends and instead started to hang out with Will.We played Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 Zombies.Doing so i met two of Wills close friends.(We also talk about Dark Souls 2 until i beat it.) Then i catch back up with Nick and i meet David through Minecraft. Then me,David,Nick,and Kreshia start playing Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3 and Street Fighter for a while.
  17. Then i convince Nick that he should try to get into the Dragon Ball series and tell Nick and David to get Dragon Ball Raging blast 1 and 2.They got them and we played for a long while. Then me and David started playing Gta V and Payday 2 and met guy name Bailey.We Played Payday 2 until we got most of the achievements.Then (Seriously almost done)I started playing Battlefield 4 and Gta V with Levonte,Kaywone,and Demarcus. Then Levonte became busy and hardly got on so i started hanging out with David watching YouTube videos and playing Umvc3. Then i started to hang out with Rich on Terraria for a while and then out of nowhere everyone was extremely busy.So i just started watching Youtube and playing Resident Evil 4,Resident Evil Code Veronica,Resident Evil Remake and Dark Souls 2 all alone for months.Eventually i became convinced i should get an Xbox one and i did.I played it mostly for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1. and i got to talk to Rich a bit as well as Will.Jerry Went to College,Will got a job,Rich had to work,Willis was still living with his girlfriend and had heavy workload,Kreshia got a ps4 and David got one to for street Fighter 5.So me and Nick were all that's left. Nick one day told me he and some other friends deleted Jeff. It made me happy.I then finally realized i should get a gaming PC and Nick,David and Will thought they should too. We added each other on Steam and everywhere else.I then sought ways to get money to buy a clean house and a gaming PC.
  18. Unfortunately me and Jerry got into a disagreement because he joined an S.J.W cult called B.L.M.(If for some stupid reason you disagree with me just delete me now).And Nick deleted me off Steam because apparently i'm only good for talking to on Facebook so i just deleted him everywhere possible.
  20. So now you know the story here's what i'm doing now: Getting S.S.I.,taking pre diabetes medicine and exercising and dealing with a lawsuit i filled.                                                                Thanks for reading my story              Sincerely Brooks Osborne
  21.                                                                 Ps: If you don't plan to ever hang out again delete me now thanks.
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