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OnePeace TexturePack Install

KatTheCrafter Jan 3rd, 2018 (edited) 64 Never
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  1. Several users have asked for instructions on how to install the OnePeace Texture Pack.
  2. It's easy to do - and here's how:
  4. 1) From your Minecraft client, click [Esc] to get to the Game Menu.
  5. 2) Choose "Options" and then "Resource Packs.."
  6. 3) Click the [Open Resource Pack Folder] button
  7. 4) Remove ALL "OnePeace_Texturepack" files you see there.
  8.    • Leave the Resource Pack Folder open. You'll need it in Step 9 •
  9. 6) Download our OnePeace Custom Resource Pack:
  10.     http://mc.onepeace.net/OnePeace_Texturepack.zip
  11. 7) Open your Download location.
  12.     (Use "Show in Folder" in your web browser.)
  13. 8) Locate the OnePeace_Texturepack.zip file.
  14.     (If it has a number after it, use the most recent!)
  15. 9) Copy or drag the new "Texturepack" file into the Resource Pack folder.
  16. 10) In your Minecraft Client, close the "Select Resource Packs" window.
  17. 11) Click the [Open Resource Pack Folder] button again, to see the new item.
  18. 12) Hover over and click the triangle on the OnePeace_Texturepack, to move it from the "Available" side to the "Selected" side.
  19. 13) Click "Done" and return to your game. Wait a few moments for the resource pack to load.
  21. Your logins will now be MUCH faster!! Enjoy!!
  22. Jan 3rd 2018 - KatTheCrafter
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