Umineko episode 2 notes

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  1. - start at an aquarium for whatever reason
  2. - is that a flashback?
  3. - Is George going to be the main narrator of episode 2?
  4. - was Beatrice in the opening cast roll of episode 1?
  5. - if we say that magic exists, then George and Shannon's relationship being at this spot now is the result of George's wish
  6. - it is a flashback. It's the one where George plead Shannon to not use sama anymore
  7. - Shannon broke the mirror at the island shrine
  8. - not sure if still a flashback
  9. - main narration might be from Shannon this time
  10. - "That man explained everything in the world with love." this aludes to christianity
  11. - someone might say that the modern era started way later than this man was born, but we still count our years from the birth of Christ.
  12. - Shannon broke the mirror because she was living the same day over and over again, after all, she herself said that when the mirror isn't broken, the same peaceful days continue. This was just taken a bit more literally than she'd wished
  13. - is Beatrice supposed to be the reason for Natsuhi's headaches? XD
  14. - Kanon's and Jessica's "relationship", that was briefly mentioned in episode 1, was set in motion by Shannon
  15. - Kanon is a total buzzkill when it comes to romance
  16. - Parenthesis record: 3
  17. - Parenthesis record: 4
  18. - Parenthesis record: 5
  19. - Parenthesis record: 6
  20. - I'll put that here in case I forget when posting, the music is really good, and the string pieces really give that western, rich and nostalgic vibe that I before only got when I was playing a Professor Layton game.
  21. - oh hey, I guess that's where Tsurupettan is from ^^;
  22. - Also question: Was the Silver Forest version only put in here for the steam version or was that in the original I wonder?
  23. - Okay, from the text I can gather that this most likely was already the case in the original
  24. - no wonder that the Touhou topic is on Rokkenjima and not on Kazamatsuri...
  25. - Beatrice didn't really want to help Shannon
  26. - Beatrice's magic still is on the imaginative side, end goals can be explained without magic.
  27. - Beatrice takes delight in romantic drama
  28. - If we assume that things similar to this happened in the last permutation, then this was the reason why Beatrice killed Shannon
  29. - Furthermore, Shannon was gullible towards Beatrice and didn't assume that she'd soon be killed.
  30. - what does the latin chanting say?
  31. - Maria interprets her mother hitting her as her mother being possessed by an evil witch
  32. - While Beatrice was targeting her words at Battler when a new game was started, she was also targeting her words at the player
  33. - Beatrice's win condition is for Battler to admit that witches exist.
  34. - However, Battler's win condition isn't necessarily the opposite...
  35. - Maria actually knows the origin of Halloween, I'm impressed
  36. - actually, if Maria knows of the witch's game, her plea for people finding the truth might be an invitation to that game. Just throwing that out there
  37. - this time Rosa has the first letter
  38. - Maria though has a different letter. One not seen before? Called "Invitation to the Golden Land" by the witch
  39. - Beatrice also always wears the family crest. Does it show that she's still property of Kinzo? Or is she the origin of the crest?
  40. - Beatrice saying she's famous for what she does is a callback for the first Tea Party for non-humans
  41. - Golden Land seems to be a synonym for a form of life after death, or perhaps even the buddhistic approach of nirvana
  42. - which also explained why Maria was happy in the first game: she didn't have any regrets regarding her life
  43. - huh, Beatrice actually didn't kick Kanon when he kissed her feet
  44. - I still wonder: does Battler remember the first game?
  45. - Yes, Battler definitely is aware of this happening before
  46. - Trying to explain the supposed magic is always going to be fruitless: To win Battler would have to make something be impossible to be done with magic. Trying to explain the magic is just defense; whereas having something happen that is impossible to be magic would be offense. As the magic in this story has rules, this should be possible
  47. - Interesting that Beatrice showed Maria a circle to repel magic
  48. - Rosa might have met Beatrice as a child herself
  49. - I wonder if a human actually can become a nonhuman
  50. - Might Rosa actually get retribution and become a good mother throughout these games?
  51. - Kumasawa often is in an observing role...
  52. - "keep resistance in an endlessly repeating cycle of death and rebirth": Decidedly said with only Beatrice's sprite, so maybe more directed to the player
  53. - Maria seems to be one of the more important game pieces for Beatrice, if we go with the chess comparisons, maybe akin to the Queen
  54. - This time Shannon accepted the ring right away
  55. - Shannon's answer is showing that you can reach the Golden Land not only by shutting your feelings away, as she has no regrets anymore.
  56. - Beatrice's lose condition: The gold gets found
  57. - If Rosa is informed of something at the chapel, it is reasonable to expect that the three older siblings are part of the first six this time, maybe Natsuhi as well
  58. - And it is very reasonable that the other two are Kyrie and Hideyoshi
  59. - which means that the second twilight might be any pair of Shannon and George, Kanon and Jessica or Shannon and Kanon
  60. - This time we don't need to figure out who done it, just how a human could have done it
  61. - So we have one adult versus six adults
  62. - while unlikely, it is possible that she just killed them upfront
  63. - she would most likely start with Eva  or Kyrie in that case
  64. - and it would be the situation of one armed vs then 5 unarmed, assuming she'd start with a surprise attack
  65. - even then, poisoning is still a possibility; while it causes inconsistent death times, it could be reasoned to be fast enough to then arrange the rest
  66. - one poison that could very well be there is the neurotoxin found in blowfish
  67. - since everyone was already there before, this already all but proves that there was either a second key to the chapel or that Maria's letter was swapped after the deed
  68. - Message from the dead: "Welcome, Maria. Happy Halloween. Didn't I tell you? Stomachs are packed full of candy. Everyone has a stomach filled with sweet dreams. Why would there be anything filthy inside someone's stomach? This is why we want to be as sweet and innocent as candy. And so, I give you the land of dreams. Happy Halloween."
  69. - 6:43 AM... interesting time
  70. - whose sprite is that in the background behind the butterflies? Looking at the profiles, no one is shown wearing white gloves...
  71. - ah of course, it's something inhuman! Should have known that that's a goat!
  72. - seriously though, this is still explainable with a costume, furthermore, I don't trust the narrator
  73. - Good job breaking it, Jessica. Your proclamation of Kanon being human qualifies you two to be the sacrifice for the second twilight. Also, I wonder if this qualifies as a Xanatos gambit from Beatrice...
  74. - Oh we actually get sprites for the seven deadly sins, nice
  75. - also, there's a certain irony of Asmodeus of Lust having twintails
  76. - I wonder if with all the dunce and idiot calling Ryu really wants to paint the stereotypical tsundere, an archetype a lot of otaku are lusting after
  77. - This one might not even be a closed room mystery; the wounds itself are very much possiblle without any magic
  78. - all the seamingly obvious magic right now is the result of the omnicient narrator being Beatrice
  79. - Now back to 6:50 AM
  80. - "they can wonder whether 6 * 9 = 42" nice Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference
  81. - this time Battler apparently investigated, sadly, he didn't find any hints
  82. - oh by the way, from my two approaches, two keys is shot down, so Maria's letter was swapped later it is.
  83. - "Regardless of whether they were alive or dead, the six definitely entered through the door" So far doesn't blow my theory of the Key being in Maria's possession at a later point in time
  84. - "Only one key to the chapel exists" Still doesn't break my theory
  85. - "It is impossible to unlock the lock to the chapel with any thing but the chapel's key" read above statement
  86. - "When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit" read above statement again
  87. - "The six definitely entered through 'this front door'" wake me up when my theory get's disproved
  88. -...and Battler comes to the same conclusion as me
  89. - "This morning, Rosa definitely took an envelope out of Maria's handbag... and from that obtained the genuine key to the chapel" Beatrice is evading the question. The letter still could have been swapped under this premise
  90. - "The key to the chapel truly was the object inside the envelope I gave Maria" just means we have to extend our theory a bit, and assume that the envelope was taken from Maria while she slept, opened to open the chapel, and then the key was returned to a new envelope, which was then inserted back in Maria's handbag
  91. - "The envelope I handed over to Maria and the one Rosa opened are the same thing" counter move: Since you have the head's ring, you can re-seal the letter
  92. - Now at 7:30 AM
  93. - this story really loves its boomstick
  94. - So at the start of Jessica's closed room...
  95. - one key from Jessica herself, found inside the room at a place it can't be put to from outside when the room is closed
  96. - one master key for each servant
  97. - as a reader we know that Kanon's dead as well (or do we?)
  98. - so it is reasonable to assume that Kanon's key was used.
  99. - let's see what the red text is going to say
  100. - "The only master keys are the ones held by the servants, one key each" Kanon's is the most likely to be used right now
  101. - if Beatrice is the culprit, is she a witch because she didn't have a master key?
  102. - if she killed Kanon as well, maybe even first, disregarding the magic show earlier entirely, then she could have used his key
  103. -actually, the door wasn't necessarily locked before
  104. - Jessica was crying and defenseless regardless, so Beatrice could have killed in a sneaky way
  105. - hmm, proving that Kanon isn't the culprit
  106. - is this only going for motive?
  107. - Damn I forgot. Jessica took Kanon's master key
  108. - the master key is still on Jessica
  109. - if that's the case, we are back to square one for the locked door mystery though.
  110. - because this means one of the other servants must have locked the door
  111. - "there are absolutely no types of hidden doors. This door is the only way in or out. The only way to lock this door is with Jessica's single key or the master keys, only one of which is held by each servant. The window is locked from the inside" Right now, I have no idea besides suspecting one of the other servants...
  112. - "Kanon was killed in this room" So she got rid of the corpse through the window
  113. - not locked by a master key...
  114. - theory: room was locked from the inside with Jessica's key, then the culprit left the room through the window with Kanon's corpse. While the window can only be locked from the inside, it might still be possible to close the window from outside. We don't know if the window is actually locked. Also, while second window is high, it's not lethal to jump from such  a height, and there might even be any climbing shenanigans to another window
  115. - "When locked, it does not permit any form of entry" note that it only says entry, not exit.
  116. - "No trick could have the effect of locking the door from the outside without using a key" I'm saying that the door was locked from the inside, so doesn't matter
  117. - Gohda can make even canned food seem like a festive meal
  118. - Wolves and Sheep puzzle, skip, I know this one
  119. - not going to list the next batch of red text because it's a repitition of the ones above
  120. - huh, Kanon is saying Rosa did it...
  121. - but Kanon's not Kanon. We are back to a fantastical story told by Beatrice.
  122. - More additional text: "However, this alone isn't enough. The finishing touches are yet to come"
  123. - third closed room: Two keys inside the whole time, three outside, it seems none could have been used...
  124. - "Servant room keys are kept in the key box in the center of the servant room, all of them" so only a master key could have been used
  125. - "Entry and exit are impossible except for the single door and the single window" so I could still use the window strategy, this time once again with the culprit waiting until the rest leaves, as that wasn't denied
  126. - "And those were both locked. The door and the window do not permit any kind of entry or exit when they are locked. It is impossible to unlock the door with a servant room key or the master key." this means the window theory might not work for this one... well, let's hear some more
  127. - Battler goes for a hidden whatever, just not a door. One might as well apply it to Jessica's room.
  128. - "No one exists in this room except your group. 'Your group' refers to Battler, George, Maria, Rosa, Genji, Gohda, and Shannon." Hidden whatever is destroyed that way. Or one of the servants did it. Which right now would only leave Gohda
  129. - In both second and third room: "No one was hiding" Window still works for second. third is a bit more difficult I think. wait a sec, window doesn't work
  130. - "No method exists by which the door can be locked from the outside without using a key. Regarding the window, no method exists by which it could somehow be locked from the outside"
  131. - I'm going to skip the insults, thank you very much
  132. - well, again, just for solving the closed rooms, it is easily done by blaming Gohda
  133. - I wonder, does this count as an invalid game because the twilights were performed in the wrong order?
  134. - also, the third twilight is missing
  135. - You really still care about the police after 13 have died, Rosa?
  136. - so... Battler gave up that quickly?
  137. - Also, seeing the banquet then, that might be the reason Maria wanted to know the truth the first time through
  138. - because it seems even she understood that the Golden Land is not something to be sought after
  139. - also I guess Rosa got a bit of retribution in this episode
  140. - everything should be quite easy to explain if we make Gohda the culprit, we then get the rest by making Beatrice (human, mind you) and either Maria, Rosa or Battler accomplices.
  141. - was wondering how it'd continue after Battler gave up; is Rosa going to challenge the witch this time?
  142. - Beatrice trying to get Rosa in a state of hopeless gluttony
  143. - actually no, this would be a description of revenge in a way
  144. - don't tell me Battler has some fight left in him
  145. - I can't believe Battler is making that joke (Maria being ten years early to say someone should eat her up)
  146. - then again, it's very Battler-like
  147. - Beatrice accusing Bern of not being a bystander: I found that too ridiculous to even write down, but Kumasawa was very much portrayed as an observer in this game... I wonder...
  148. - or is this just referencing the help she gave to me?
  149. - I didn't write this down before, so I should now
  150. - Beatrice is the Endless witch, through endless trial and error she eventually gets the result she wants
  151. - Bernkastel is the witch of Miracles, the miracle she's probably going to perform is me winning the game
  152. - Lambdadelta is the witch of Certainty, I don't know how this'll impact the game yet
  153. - and a final tsundere joke. classy
  154. - oh come on, I'm not that pitiful...
  155. - this is getting ridiculous. So I'm getting more and more allies?
  156. - super firepower type? light, wide-range barrage type? You've been playing too many shmups (most likely Touhou), Ryukishi
  157. - oh, reading Battler's second page, it seems that at least part of that is written by most likely Bernkastel. So that's how she was helping
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