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  1. Fall Damage: Oh and by the way
  2. Fall Damage: Neither trolling nor using /colorme in /friendly is illegal
  3. Fall Damage: Read the damn rules.
  4. stephanie <3: i kicked and muted someone today but before i did i asked fishy if it was ok
  5. stephanie <3: i showed him screenshots
  6. stephanie <3: i said "this guy is trolling, i kicked him, did i do anything wrong"
  7. stephanie <3: he said no
  8. Fall Damage: That doesn't mean that trolling is against the rules.  It means that that situation was worthy of a kick.
  9. stephanie <3: he was trolling
  10. stephanie <3: thats all he was doing
  11. Fall Damage: Well then I need to have a chat with AI, because trolling is not against the roles
  12. Fall Damage: rules*
  13. stephanie <3: he was saying binds after every kill and death and being generaly anoying
  14. Fall Damage: That isn't against the rules.  We've actually had to talk to Mods about NOT kicking people for being trolls.
  15. stephanie <3: also why is trolling not against the rules???
  17. stephanie <3: whoa chill tf out
  19. Fall Damage: I was against you becoming a Mod from the start, and everything - EVERY LITTLE THING - you've done has only strengthened that feeling.
  20. stephanie <3: chill with the caps lock christ
  21. Fall Damage: One more instance of this fuckery and I'm going to AI.
  22. Fall Damage: Do NOT abuse your fucking permissions.  You have a job to do, and you are supposed to do it.
  23. Fall Damage: Nothing more.
  24. stephanie <3: thats rich coming from someone who was abusing just as hard if not harder than i was yesterday
  25. stephanie <3: and this isnt "abuse" its me making a small mistake
  26. Fall Damage: I admit I overstepped yesterday, but you have been continually overstepping your boundaries since even before you became a mod.
  27. Fall Damage: You know those guys you vehemently said were hackers?  They were plat snipers.
  28. stephanie <3: the two arent mutually exclusive
  29. stephanie <3: rofl
  30. stephanie <3: if they really were i want their steam ids
  31. Fall Damage: They weren't cheating is what I meant to say.
  32. stephanie <3: ill have miggy look into it
  33. stephanie <3: miggy, someone who literally helps develop anticheat. miggy, someone who makes videos of how to spot a cheater. miggy, my STEEL TEAM LEADER
  34. stephanie <3: who fucking TAUGHT ME how to spot noober cheating cunts
  35. Fall Damage: I saw the way you were acting that day, and you would have banned them without a second look.
  36. Fall Damage: And when you became a Mod, what's the first thing you did?  Abused the fuck out of your stuff.
  37. Fall Damage: Ok maybe not that hard, but still.
  38. stephanie <3: fishy explicity told me to be careful with bannings and to a) record a demo and b) ask him to look at it, if he could
  39. stephanie <3: if theyre cheating nonblatently
  40. stephanie <3: or even semi blatently
  41. Fall Damage: But now it's just been escalating.  You keep blowing people up and grabbing people and killing them and doing all of this stuff that Mods aren't even supposed to THINK ABOUT DOINGA.
  42. Fall Damage: doing*
  43. Fall Damage: I understand that I shouldn't have used /evilrocket, but you have shown exactly zero acknowledgement of what you've done wrong.
  44. stephanie <3: if i didnt know what i was doing wrong i wouldve kept doing it
  45. stephanie <3: so im stopping
  46. Fall Damage: But you've kept doing it and kept doing it, so I don't think even by your own logic you understand.
  47. stephanie <3: thanks for the psychoanalysis
  48. stephanie <3: even though, yet again, youve been doing the same things that i have done
  49. Fall Damage: And I accept that I shouldn't have done it.  In truth, I felt like since you were doing it and you have the ear of the "all-powerful Fishy" then clearly it was ok.
  50. Fall Damage: But this is going too far.
  51. Fall Damage: I'm not going to report you right now, but any more and I'm going to AI.
  52. Fall Damage: End of discussion.
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