std.cfg for ZC 2.55

Nov 25th, 2016
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  1. //Settings
  3. const int STD_FORCE_OLD_DISTANCE = 0;   //If enabled, Distance() will use Sqrt() instead of SafeSqrt().
  4.                     //! If you use this, disable the quest rule 'Log Script Errors to Allegro.log
  5.                     //! before distributing your quest!
  7. const int STD_DISTANCE_USE_SAFESQRT = 0;    //If enebaled, Distance will use SafeSqrt(). Otherwise, it will return a factor,
  9. const int STD_EMULATE_EMGINE_COLLISION = 0; // If enabled, Collision hitboxs will more precisely emulate the
  10.                         // internal collision. This differs to how scripted collision
  11.                         // has always worked.
  14. const int STD_CENTERXY_USES_HITBOXES = 0; // If enabled, CenterX() and CenterY() will use object hitboxes
  15.                       // and offsets by default, rather than sprite sizes when calculating
  16.                       // the centre of objects.
  19. const int STD_NEVER_USE_SAFESQRT = 0; //Enable to force any calls to SafeSqrt() to use Sqrt() instead.
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