Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Part 3)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. “Anyway, and that’s how I got to where I am now,” you finish explaining to Octavia, her mouth agape, “I know it must seem odd to find me listening to your music, especially after you told me I told you I would never bother with your stuff.”
  3. “Vinyl... that’s not why I’m shocked,” she said in a dignified voice, “I’m shocked because the same happened to me.”
  5. Octavia told you everything. She too was a former human male who had transformed and found herself in Ponyville.
  7. “So ‘Tavi,” you inquire jokingly.
  9. “Please do not call me that, as soon as I can I am going to change back. How can I play cello anyway, let alone with hooves? I do not want to live this life out, this isn’t me. Call me by my former name, Ralph.”
  11. “Okay, ‘Ralph’,” you say, “I would tell you to do the same for me, but I don’t really remember my real name.” You feel the words sting you. You had only been a pony for what, three, four hours? You already seemed to be ready to throw in everything and live your, or rather, Vinyl Scratch’s life.
  13. “Oct- Ralph? Do you know of anyo- uh, anypony else that has been changed, or why?” you ask.
  15. “No, not at all,” she responds.
  17. “Well I did meet one pony, named Lyra,” you say, “she told me where we can get information on how to live for the time being.”
  19. “Where is that?” Ralph/Octavia asked.
  21. “The Library. We are going to meet a miss Twilight Sparkle.”
  23. ***
  25. You trotted about Ponyville, looking around for a tree. Well, there were plenty of those, but you were looking for one in particular. Eventually, it caught your eye. You would have missed it if you weren’t looking closely. The building was built so naturally in the tree, it almost melded with the other structures of the town. It also didn’t help that the sun was beating down on you. You found the odd sunglasses again, but had no way of putting them on. You saw some other unicorns struggling with magic, so you assume eventually you’d be able to levitate them on your face. Well, not your face, but Vinyl’s. You keep telling yourself you aren’t Vinyl, but every time you look in the mirror you are told otherwise.
  27. You walked into the library, underneath a bronze sign that read “Golden Oaks Library”. You reached out a hoof to knock on the door, but before you had the chance, it opened itself. Creepy. You begin to make your way inside but bump into something that makes a loud “oof!”. You look down and see a small lizard thing standing in front of you.
  29. “Oops, sorry uh...”
  31. “Spines,” the lizard thing says. The creature is of incredibly short and stubby stature, with a pale green belly and dull purple scales. It had green spikes on the to of it’s head, and lime-colored fin-like things for ears. The eyes were also a strong green, with lizard-like slits for pupils. It’s tail was pointed on the end, almost like a dinosaur. It is also the only thing you have seen so far without hooves. Judging by it’s voice and figure, it was clearly female.
  33. “I’m here to see Twilight Sparkle,” you say.
  35. “Okay, uh, follow me,” Spines says, leading you inside. The first thing you notice are books. They look scattered all over the place, but not in a way that gave the impression the place is normally this messy. Through the paper junkyard, you see the same lavender unicorn thing from earlier. Her mane is a mess, and it looks like she has been up for a week. Strange, she seemed fine earlier today. Her horn was glowing purple, levitating books in front of her eyes. Eventually the line of books separated into multiple piles, contributing to the messy room.
  37. “Uh, hi Twilight,” you say. She turns around to look at you. “Do you have books on pony culture, pony anatomy, pony manners, pony history, etcetera?” you continue.
  39. Not saying a word, she levitates several books over to you and drops them in front of your hooves.
  41. “Twilight’s really busy right now, I’ll help you,” Spines says. She grabs a saddlebag and throws it over your back. You don’t know if you are supposed to use magic or what, but you lift a flap on the saddlebag with your muzzle, then use your mouth to pick up books one by one, then drop them in the saddlebags. It is humiliating, not having hands to do this. Thank god you were covered in fur, your human face would probably be beat red from embarrassment.
  43. You thank Twilight, then leave. Was she a strange pony or what? Shrugging the feeling, you begin walking back to Vinyl’s home. As you were walking, you saw ponies of all shapes and sizes. Judging by what was going on between their legs, you guess the ponies with squarish muzzles are male. Wait, why were you staring at stallion junk? You may be in this “Vinyl Scratch’s” body, but you were not her. One pony caught your attention. He had red fur and a sandy orange mane and tail. You could see his muscles under his fur. Clearly, he was a bit of a workhorse. You can just imagine those muscles against your elegant mare body and... No! You are a dude, and a human! Horsecock is repulsive!
  45. You couldn’t tell if it was fear or lust building inside you, giving you an empty feeling. You tried to push stallions out of your mind, but every time you saw one, that feeling kept getting stronger. Soon, it became evident the feeling wasn’t fear, but instead lust as you felt your lions quiver. Between your flanks, you could feel heat radiate from them. It began to feel like you were sweating. You began running back home, and soon you realize you aren’t sweating at all, but instead orgasming out of a horse’s vagina for the first time in your life. You feel like crying, but you don’t want to make a scene. Fortunately, before it gets too bad, you find yourself inside the house.
  47. “Hey Vinyl, did you get the books?” Ralph asked. She then sniffed at the air. “What’s that smell?” she asked. Oh shit! You never realized your sense of smell was incredibly improved as well! What if one of those stallions took a liking to you? You didn’t even want to think about that.
  49. “Yeah ‘Tavi, I got them,” you say as you kick off the saddlebag.
  51. “What the hell Vinyl? I told you not to call me by that name!”
  53. You apologize and quickly canter up to your room. You lay on your back on the bed. Your tail is flicking back and forth rapidly, betraying your feelings. Wonderful. Like flexing a muscle, you manage to twitch it out of the way, fully revealing your crotch. It was pink and enflamed. Clear fluid was leaking from it. It indeed did have a distinct smell. You promised yourself you would only do this once.
  55. You reached a hoof down and ran it over the folds. It felt like tickling your nuts almost, except you didn’t need to be as careful considering your genitals were now inside you for the most part. Your hooves couldn’t accurately feel your pussy, so all you could feel was the receiving end of the pleasure. Your tail flicked violently as you began to climax. Then, in a spasm, to extended your hind legs as more fluid drooled it’s way into your vagina. You kept going, and eventually achieved three orgasms in a row. Holy shit it felt good.
  57. You realized what you just did and quickly pulled your forelegs away from your pussy. You stared in horror at the mess you made of your tail. Curling up, you cried yourself to sleep.
  59. You were in a hayloft. You looked down and saw a human body. Your body. Overcome with joy, you checked and double checked to ensure not a single thing was out of place. You were completely naked, but you didn’t care. You were you again.
  61. Suddenly, the ladder to the loft began to shake, and a sexy, completely nude woman climbed the ladder. She laid down next to you, allowing you to feel her. From her epic boobs to her tight pussy, she was smokin’. The two of you went at it, passionately and with incredible lust. You looked at her and almost screamed. The two of you switched places. You were the chick now, being fucked. You screwed your eyes shut, dreading the sight. When you gathered the courage to open them again, you were a pony once more, and you were being fucked by the big red stallion.
  63. You gasped as you threw yourself awake, the dream still fresh in your mind. Maybe a little reading could get your mind off of being fucked by stallions? You get out of bed and walk carefully down the stairs. Ralph/Octavia was asleep in her room. You crept down the stairs, slowly placing your hooves down to avoid the annoying clip clop sound you still hadn’t gotten used to.
  65. Once you got downstairs, you approached the pile of books. Octavia seemed to have arranged them on the coffee table. You trot over and pick up the first one in your mouth, titled The Pony Body. Using the edge of your hoof, you opened to the first page.
  67. The pony body is an incredible machine. From the front of the muzzle to the tip of the tail, there is no useless part of a pony’s body.
  69. You couldn’t get your mind off of sex, but continued to read. You read for hours, but one particular passage caught your eye.
  71. Around the time of finding their cutie marks, mares will often find times when they are filled with incredible lust. Mares will find it very difficult to think of things other than reproduction, and it will generally interfere with any other activities presented to them. This buildup of lust is called “the heat”, and it is a mare’s way of telling her she needs to reproduce. Being in the heat does pass eventually, but it is very difficult mentally for mares to wait it out. The healthiest course of action for any mare is to act upon instinct, and follow her sex life.
  73. Your jaw drops in shock. This is what was happening. You were going into the heat.
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