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  1. # 5/24/19 EDITED SCRIPT
  3. label eccitabileroute:
  4. stop music fadeout 1.0
  5. scene bg blackscreen with dissolve
  7. play music "music/who still goes to school.ogg"
  8. scene bg university with fade
  10. $ quick_menu = True
  12. you "Her most defining feature. You just can't get it out of your head."
  13. you "Yes. Her smile. That's exactly what it is. Her radiant smile."
  14. you "The other potential lovers have never gazed at your eyes. They never did witness you."
  15. you "But her? She has. Several times, you recall. She would always return a happy glance back at you, and wiggle her fingers a bit too."
  16. you "Ok, well the finger wiggling thing was kind of weird, but hey! Can't complain. You're an odd fellow yourself!"
  17. you "Oh, here she comes! Just act natural."
  19. show eccitabile normal with moveinleft
  21. III "Hiya!"
  22. III "Say, you look kinda cute."
  23. III "Wanna go on a date, my new boyfriend?"
  25. you "..."
  26. you "Wow."
  28. $ quick_menu = False
  29. play music "music/oh.ogg"
  30. scene bg goodendfake with Fade(0.5, 1.0, 0.2)
  31. $ renpy.pause()
  32. III "Hey! I'm not done yet!"
  34. play music "music/who still goes to school.ogg"
  35. scene bg university
  36. show eccitabile normal
  37. $ quick_menu = True
  39. III "We haven't even gone on our date yet!"
  40. III "Do you really expect it to end THAT quick?"
  41. III "Come oooon. Where are we going?"
  43. III "Paris?"
  44. III "Come on. Amaze me."
  45. III "Girls like me enjoy only the HIGHEST CLASS of dates!"
  46. III "Which will it be?"
  48. you "Looks like she only loves you for your money. Though you lack the funds to go on such luxurious trips!"
  49. you "You have to do something! This predicament shall not be unsolved!"
  51. $ choice = 0
  53. menu:
  54.   "We're going to Paris!":
  55.     $ choice = 1
  56.   "How about just a restaurant?":
  57.     jump choicenomatter
  58.     $ choice = 2
  59.     jump choicenomatter
  62. label choicenomatter:
  63. youtalk "I know where to go!"
  65. III "Huh? You do?"
  66. if choice == 1:
  67.   III "Let me guess, you were gonna take me to Paris like I said?"
  68. if choice == 2:
  69.   III "Ha, you weren't thinking of taking me to some shitty restaurant now were you?"
  71. III "Tsk tsk. So predictable! You should expect much higher from your new mistress!"
  72. III "Don't worry. I have the idea for the PERFECT date."
  73. III "How good are you at socializing? At social events? With social people? That's what I want to know!"
  74. III "You're gonna show me how good you are. Now, come on!!!"
  76. scene bg cluboutside
  78. youtalk "Hey, don't you think we're kind of going too fast?"
  79. youtalk "I don't even know your name!"
  80. III "SILENCE!"
  81. III "No, actually. That is a very good point. My name is Eccitabile. It suits me very well."
  82. III "Your name is some Italian word too, right?"
  83. youtalk "Yes! My name is... uhh..."
  84. III "You look kind of confused."
  85. you "You completely forgot your name. Nothing is coming to you. You didn't even think that your loss of memory would affect such a pivotal moment like this!"
  86. you "Before you completely humiliate yourself, you quickly make up a name that sounds right."
  87. youtalk "My name is Finzione."
  88. III "Finzione? Heard it before."
  89. youtalk "Huh?"
  90. III "I heard that name before. I don't know where. But I know of it."
  91. III "Maybe that's why we are together."
  92. III "Hey, it's almost our 30 minute anniversary!!!"
  93. III "Did you get me anything?"
  94. youtalk "I mean, uh..."
  95. you "You were desperate for love, but maybe not this desperate."
  96. you "But hope is not lost. You MUST be able to do something."
  97. you "Come on, think... think!"
  99. $ present = 0
  101. menu:
  102.   "Check your pockets for a possible present.":
  103.     $ present = 1
  104.     jump choicematter
  106.   "Say you don't have a present.":
  107.     $ present = 0
  108.     jump choicematter
  110. label choicematter:
  111. if present == 0:
  112.   youtalk "Well... I don't have a present."
  113.   III "Huh?! You DON'T?"
  114.   III "How could I be so disappointed of my WONDERFUL BOYFRIEND!"
  115.   III "AKA: I am VERY disappointed in you. But hopefully you can prove your worth to me in the club."
  116.   III "Words cannot describe my deep ANGUISH you just put me through!"
  117.   III "Hehehe... anguish."
  118.   III "Sounds like something Scrittore would say!"
  120.   III "NOW. Follow me. Pretty please?"
  122. if present == 1:
  123.   you "You dig into the pockets of your non-existent clothes. There has to be something that can qualify as a present in here!"
  124.   scene bg pocketcontents
  125.   you "Let's see... a receipt, some coins..."
  126.   you "No real present material here. Seems like you are screwed."
  128.   scene bg cluboutside
  130.   III "Hey! Do you not have a present prepared for me?"
  131.   III "Because THAT is just..."
  132.   III "FINE!!!!!!!!!"
  133.   III "No, it is! I'm okay with with it."
  134.   III "Why did I even get so excited over our 30 minute anniversary? Who CARES."
  135.   III "Seriously! I'm being genuine right now. Not trying to sound sarcastic."
  136.   III "I am sorr...-"
  137.   III "..."
  138.   III "...y that you think you can do this to me. I am HOPING you will have a present next time. That's what I was gonna say."
  139.   III "Now chop chop, the club is not far at all."
  141. # back on track now
  143. scene bg cluboutsideclose
  145. III "Alright, Mr. Bouncer. A deal is a deal, right."
  147. bouncer "IS THAT SPRING ?!!?!?? FOR ME??!?!?!? YEEEEEEHAW"
  149. III "We're free to go in."
  150. III "You've been to the club before, right?"
  151. you "You choke a bit. Have you been to one before? Can't recall with this whole memory thing before."
  152. you "But, your mind asserts the fact that you have! Yes, you have been to the club before. This same exact club, actually. You are sure of it. But when?"
  153. III "I'm gonna guess no if you're just gonna stand there."
  154. youtalk "No, no! I've been to one before."
  155. youtalk "Plenty of times!"
  156. you "That last part was probably not true, but you think it will allow you to get closer to Eccitabile. She already clearly wants to be very close to you, anyways though."
  157. III "We shouldn't be wasting time! Why are we standing here when we can get in on the fun!"
  158. III "Okay, follow me."
  160. scene bg clubinside
  162. you "You enter through the entrance like a bullet zipping out of a gun, and your feet finally grace the floors of the club."
  163. you "Across from you, people are dancing, talking, dancing, talking a bit more, and dancing."
  164. you "Diversity, am I right?"
  165. III "You don't mind if I leave for a sec, right? I gotta meet up with my girlfriends!"
  166. youtalk "But we just got here?"
  167. III "Okay here I go!!! I'm leaving now!!!"
  169. you "Well, looks like she is off somewhere. You can't just stand in the middle of this exciting social environment, though. You have to do something, right?"
  170. you "Hey, that's right! A SOCIAL environment! Maybe you can make some new friends along the way! That would be fantastic."
  171. you "...but at the same time, your gut says something is wrong."
  172. you "You don't know what, but something feels... kind of off."
  173. you "You actually had this feeling from the very beginning, when you decided to search for your ETERNAL SOULMATE."
  174. you "But it wasn't as strong as it was now."
  175. you "You now think it is the feeling of being watched."
  176. you "But that doesn't make sense. This club is full of people. Naturally, someone is going to be looking at you."
  177. you "You turn your head, however, because you know it is somehow different."
  178. you "You can go against the feeling in your gut. You can if you want to."
  179. you "What to do, what to do..."
  181. menu:
  182.   "Socialize with someone familiar.":
  183.     jump socializeroute
  184.   "Try to find Eccitabile.":
  185.     jump findroute
  187. label socializeroute:
  188. you "Your mind is made up. You will search for a new friend, instead of checking on Eccitabile."
  189. you "Through the sea of people, the dancing crowds, the talking crowds... and the dancing and talking crowds, you find someone you might of seen before."
  192. label findroute:
  193. you "You know what is right, you will try to find her."
  194. you "You just met her, and you already feel like you have a unique connection to her. Why is that?"
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