Omutsuko-chan's sixth sense.

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  1.                                                         [Based on Mieruko-chan]
  2.                                 [Looks like a small part of this story got retconned by the mangaka, oh well]
  4.         Another sleepless night.
  5. Do these ghouls ever stop? Behind the curtain of darkness, a deformed spirit runs its long fingernails against the wall, wailing a violent grunt. Of course, Miko tried her best to ignore it, as she did with other demonic ghosts that harassed her. In her mind, this was perhaps the best way to deal with her newfound supernatural sense, until she could find a consistent and foolproof way of dealing with the paranormal entities.
  6. Bibles, crucifixes, pure salt, candles, pentagrams; nothing helped. Magical wards would crumble in their presence, rosaries would pop explosively, her only way of exorcising the evil would usually happen by pure luck, but most of the times they'd lose their interest - fading or floating away.
  8. She plugged her ears with her headphones, a small tear dripping out of her tired eyes onto the bright screen of her phone. Miko's search tugged her through many deranged ritualistic sites, offering athames and daggers, cloaks with runic engravings and many other eyebrow-raising accessories. It seemed hopeless, she'd contacted every major demonologist in both Japan and America, posing as a journalist investigating occultism. Their replies were dismissive at best, hostile at worst. Perhaps it was her wording; she's been rather antsy these days thanks to the night stalkers.
  9. The advertisements on these sites were no help, downright strange at times. As she was scrolling through the listings; the sleepy raven-haired girl noticed an eye-catching ad;
  11.         "Scared?
  12.         Lonely?
  13.         Haunted?
  14.     Our selection of mystical items
  15.     are sure to rid of any evil possessing
  16.     you and your family!"
  18. For only 1500 yen, the sender would discreetly send you a box of mystical items that not only dispelled ghosts - but also exorcised them in a close radius. Miko was about to brush this offer off; another snake oil salesman selling his garbage - there's no way that -
  19. A rotting, grey arm grabbed her foot, wrapping its long fingers around the smaller girl's ankle; at which point she filled all of her personal information to the page, accepting the mysterious offer.
  21. The package arrived the next evening, the raven-haired girl cautiously sneaking it into her room with a small grin on her face. Any sane person wouldn't purchase a mystery box from a shady website made in 2003 - but as Miko's sanity crumbled from the constant horror, she made impulse reactions.  All she knew is that these were desperate times and that the reliques in this box are perhaps her last hope. In her mind, strong warding against the spirits would come shaped like a ring, or some bracelet, necklace, jewellery. She even remembers hearing about a saint's finger used as a powerful exorcism tool, but nothing as bizarre as her mystery box's contents.
  23. Two dozen diapers, a few multicoloured pacifiers bundled together, a rattle and a weathered note.
  24. Miko raised the box, looking around for a return address with a stoic face. Her heart sank, and disappointment ran through her head as she dug through the diapers, hoping to find anything that even resembles a charm. Was the package misplaced? Did the mailman make a mistake? Miko imagined a mother in her neighbourhood opening a box, expecting a supply crate for her toddler only to find occult paraphernalia - probably cursed - crawling out of the box.
  25. But no, the note cleared some of her confusion; the contents are, in fact, a strong ward against evil and corrupt spirits - allegedly - these diapers are enchanted and are considered as a symbol of innocence, together with the pacifiers and rattles. They also offer a 30% discount on a second purchase, neat. However, there were some rather specific rules to follow; once a diaper's secured around your waist - it'll create a strong protection ward against evil, however, when removed; it creates a sort of 'energy vacuum', causing every ghost nearby to be alerted to your presence. The note suggests to only remove the diaper in a safe environment after it's been... thoroughly used.
  26. Miko was just about to cry, reading all of the trash some sicko wrote and sent, he's probably sitting in his mother's basement, counting the money he's collected with his snake oil scam. Maybe finding the bastard and properly teaching him a lesson out to -
  28. Lightning flashed behind her, her room turning white as she noticed her shadow on the floor. Miko blinked before another bolt struck the apartments across the street. Next to her shadow stood another figure - what looked like a head with a countless armament of tentacles and spikes twisting and twitching around. Without hesitation, Miko stripped down to her panties, unfolding one of the childish diapers under her. Crinkling filled the room combined with her soft sobs as she fluffed out the thick pampers, as the monster outside tapped on the glass - almost excitedly. Folding her panties and tucking them next to her, Miko anxiously sat her bare bottom on the inviting padding, tugging the front flap over her groin and the back flap over her butt - then pulling the sides together. Many thoughts ran through her head as she awkwardly stuck the first few tapes on her diaper - what would her family say? They're already distant enough as is, only popping up late at night after work and early in the morning - her younger brother would endlessly mock her, and her friends...
  29. With the final tape secured, a faint purple light flashed on the front of her diaper, in the shape of a triquetra - before the sound of sizzling flesh muffled by the rain caught her attention. Miko couldn't bring herself to look outside, the sound of branches snapping and a horrendous wail echoed through the night as the giant monster seemingly collapsed; it's melted body draining into the gutters. For the first time in what seemed forever, peace and quiet ruled in her room - no ghosts 'n' stuff, just the relaxing tapping of rain. The raven-haired girl blinked a few times, looking down at the white padding hugging her waist - perhaps reading that note again isn't such a horrible idea?
  30. Sliding her pyjamas back over the fluffy diaper, Miko laid back with her headphones in her ears, one hand holding the note and the other peacefully cupping her bulging front, sliding her index finger over the smooth fabric and watching it spring back up after poking it. The note explained that the radius of the ward increases proportionally - to how long the diaper's worn. Miko sighed; the creators recommend gels and cream, powders and oils to protect against chaffing and rashes - as if Miko would actually use them for anything more than warding. The included pacifiers and rattle act as a boost for the diaper, increasing its radius and power - but alone their strength was inadequate enough to repel spirits for anything longer than 10 minutes; enough time to...
  31. Well, Miko's had enough; she rolled her eyes and folded the note, stuffing it back into its box.
  33. Speaking of, she noticed a small tension pinching her bladder. With a sigh, Miko dragged her tired self into the bathroom, waddling as each step let out an audible crinkle from her butt. Funnily enough, some time ago Miko had an unusual encounter - She sat down to pee when a muffled moan escaped from the inside of the toilet bowl. 'The most uncomfortable pee of my life' Miko said to herself, but just how long will that title hold? The raven-haired girl stepped in, locking herself in the bathroom just in case some corporeal intruder decides to visit late at night. She glanced down at her bulging waist before slipping out of her comfortable pyjamas - a cold breeze running between her thighs. Shuffling towards the toilet, Miko slid her fingernail under the sticky tape holding her pamper in place - before it suddenly flashed red. She stopped dead in her tracks, gulping, her diaper's tapes flashing red as she pried them off - "It's safe to pee!" she mutters to herself - and after a lengthy struggle, the diaper drops down to her feet. Miko sighed with relief, a small smile forming on her face, no embarrassment tonight. Just imagine, waking your parents in the middle of the night - "Mom, dad? I need a change..." - Miko shaking her head as that scene played out uncomfortably in her head, standing in the doorway with her pyjamas on the floor and her sogging magical diaper in full view.
  35. Unfortunately for her, not even after taking two steps, a sudden growl bubbled out from her sink - a small misshapen hand armed with long fingernails shooting out, grabbing at the air. Her heart sank, with teary eyes she leaned down, pulling the diaper back up to her waist and adjusting the tapes until they flashed purple. The demon withered - and with it Miko's chances of using the toilet tonight. She'd hold it overnight, hopefully - with the light of day most of the home intruder spirits would disappear; letting her tinkle in peace.
  38. Although she enjoyed her first full nights of sleep in weeks, Miko had unfortunately overslept - woken up by her intrusive, bothersome brother. He only slipped in to check on our protagonist, his suspicions around Miko's secret boyfriend dismissed once again, somewhat disappointingly.
  40. The usual morning routine of drowsily getting up and about, showering, breakfast and so was replaced by hurriedly packing everything into a bento box and wasting half a can of deodorant in the bathroom, all while nervously pulling the waistband of her pyjama pants to inspect for any nighttime mishaps every ten seconds. Nothing - her magical diaper's as white and poofy as ever, the wetness indicator still it's usual magenta colour. That's a relief, Miko's already had an unfortunate bedwetting experience on the first night of getting her powers - a creepy toddler-like ghoul crawled under her sheets and tried to cuddle before Miko stone-faced ignored its cries. Well, tried to ignore it, until it started poking lewdly  - but luckily the small creature dispersed after an unfortunate leak happened.
  42. Her skirt, after some major adjustments to its length, hid her padding perfectly; but the bulk between her legs made her waddling even more noticeable; especially when she dashed through her school corridors. Crinkling followed her, although only audible to her - Miko's panic caused her to bump into one too many classmates before stumbling into class, just barely a minute after the professor's entered - on the fifth class. Through her eyes, everybody's glaring at her - they know, they must know! She's obviously flashed it somewhere in that confusion; now they're all smugly laughing at -
  43. No, no, everybody's just tired and sleepy, barely holding their heads up except for the stacked Hana, who cheerfully waved and beckoned for her friend to sit behind her. Miko sighed, she's expected her tense attitude to wither away with the monsters that stalked her, but the new wardrobe wrapped around her butt caused as much anxiousness as the very things it exorcised. Perhaps it's the uncomfortable amount of pee that's brewing in her bladder that's to blame, she hasn't gotten a proper chance to tinkle this morning - even that happens.
  45. <"Miko~chan! You're so~oo~oo late - I got worried, check your phone, dummy!"> Hana whispered, pouting. Right, Miko forgot to warn the other girl; they'd usually go together by bus every morning, judging by Hana's clothes she must've waited in the rain for some time.
  46. Twenty-three messages, thirteen missed calls, six missed Face-Time requests. Sometimes Hana's overbearing attachment choked Miko's private life, but without her, Miko would've lost her mind long ago. Their friendship helped mask the raven-haired girl's most stressful moments, even if Hana often attracted unwanted paranormal attention thanks to her incredible life aura.
  47. <"You keep staring at me so intently... is there something on your mind..?"> Hana said flirtatiously, a warm smile forming on her blushing face. Why yes, Hana, I'm currently wearing a poofy kid diaper under my knee-high skirt; I haven't peed since yesterday - and I can see ghosts!
  48. <"No, no, nothing important.">
  49. The professor clears his throat, beginning his lecture about - fluid dynamics. Of course, why not? Miko crosses her legs, squeezing her thighs together tight; the diaper's bulk crinkling under her. 'FLUID PRESSURE IN A PIPE OR CONTAINER' written in chalk across the board makes things infinitely harder, she scans the room noticing all of her classmates passed out as the professor continues in a monotone, bored voice, pulling her attention. Miko drags her focus away from the professor talking about dams and water flow, her eyes darting across the room to snap onto - absolutely anything else. Oh? Hana's breasts? She hasn't noticed, staring at her phone - perfect. How did she get so... chunky? Miko's mind wondered into uncomfortable places - imaging uncomfortable situations. But, if anything, she's one of the few people Miko would entrust her secrets to. "I'm so happy Miko~tan's told me her little diaper secret! Aww, you're even wetting yourself, let's go get you changed!" Nevermind. Those words rang through her head, causing her to shake and shiver. Those words... they rang suspiciously long.
  51. A sudden yelp turns everybody's attention towards the back of the class - towards the psychic girl. The professor pauses his lecture, raising a brow before Miko plays it like she's seen a spider - wailing that it was crawling on her black boot. Everybody collectively shrugs, except for Hana who's stare lingers a few seconds longer. Something's off with her friend - and she's determined to figure out what.
  52. Miko's screaming continued in her head, a warmth spreading from the front of her diaper, seeping onto the middle and slightly to the back. A million or so muffled weeps escaped her mouth, she's left the supplies back home and misplaced the pacifiers and rattle, no reserve panties in her backpack as well. Perfect! Amazing! Miko slides her thumb between her skirt's waistband, witnessing the catastrophe unfolding under in her diaper - her magenta tapes fading into a bright yellow and the wetness indicator turning sickly green. Perfect! Amazing! Her head starts spinning, even if this is an actual (somewhat) medical emergency, she's skipped too many classes in a row, her parent's raised hell last time Miko had -
  53. <"M-Miko-chan..!? W-What are you looking at?"> Hana whispers, face redder than a tomato. Oh, right, she's blanked out while looking at her wet diaper, great, perfect, amazing.
  54. <"Ah... the... spider..."> Miko hasn't felt herself blush this intensely since childhood,  letting the waistband snap back into place as she waves things off with her hand. There's no denying it now, Miko needs to leave before things get too heated, she's obviously not ready to reintegrate into this normal society with her shameful pamper wearing. There's only one more lecture after this, so it's worth sitting through this annoying class with this equally annoying soggy diaper to get a decent attendance score. Her amber eyes dart through the classroom again, stopping at any suspicious classmate that might've caught a glimpse of her lewd act - nobody suspicious, not even the ghost girl staring through... the...
  55. Her head instantly darts towards the window, breaking eye contact with the thing standing in the doorway. Outside, an even scarier spectator watches silently in the distance; a lumbering, towering monster stands in the courtyard, holding itself up with a countless amount of spider-like hairy legs. Tentacles and other appendages twist and curve from its body, brushing the people outside - almost as if it's licking them hungrily. Many of its eyes lock with Miko's, causing the small girl to snap away, holding her mouth as a horrible nautiousness drowns her. Two ghosts so close aren't uncommon, but Miko's had enough head-spinning for today - she hums towards Hana, faking anaemia again.
  57. <"Uwaah, shouldn't you get that checked..?"> Hana pleads, carrying the smaller girl's backpack.
  58. <"Probably..."> Miko mutters, smiling. Now she really regrets not putting on baby powder, her groin chafing with each step - the diaper's warmth is gone, replaced by a cold and uncomfortable, awkward grinding feeling of the damp fabric. It's starting to smell as well, the stagnant urine leaving a very unpleasant stink - hopefully not strong enough for Hana to notice.
  59. <"A~ah, your home is so close to the school, why do you always ask me to tag along?"> Hana cries while Miko laughs with a smug smile, wrapping her arm around Hana's shoulder.
  61. Now alone in the comfort of her room, Miko strips down - folding her skirt and uniform and tucking them away, after all, she won't be needing them for a little while. Her mother's notified, her father's replied with a simple O.K; and everything's in order. Miko's already scouted the house, her brother's still away in school - with those things lurking about. Maybe she should sneak a diaper on him while he's sleeping or something, just in case... Anyhow, Miko slips into the bathroom almost nude, carrying the box of magical supplies and a box of mundane supplies, some baby powder and some oils, just following the note's suggestion. Her bathroom mirror reflects an embarrassing version of herself - in her pink, frilly bra, exposed flat stomach; wet, puffy diaper and long slender legs. To add to this contrast of hot and sexy versus cute and childlike, Miko tips the scale by begrudgingly wrapping her tongue around a cherry red pacifier included in the set, watching it flash magenta. That's what the rest of the note reads, the pacifiers are a secondary shield to help guard you when you're vulnerable - when you're changing out of your soiled pampers. Ah, it tastes like strawberry as well, apparently.  The smell of pee reminds her that she's spacing out again; so the small girl begins the tedious process of changing - starting by ripping the tapes. A horrible noise quickly bursts and fades with each pull, the sound of the sticky tapes peeling from the sodden plastic. Her next step is perhaps the trickiest, Miko finally undresses fully and steps into the shower - pacifier still tucked in her mouth; hoping that a warm bath would help soothe her aches and clear her mind. Lying down in a  pink bubble bath - magenta pacifier flashing in her mouth -  with a pair of magenta diapers waiting to be worn; had somebody walked in on her now... But hey, at least it feels great to indulge yourself in something cute once in a while - especially after all the eldritch horrors she's faced today. Unfortunately, after ten minutes or so, the pacifier blinked red, warning her that time's almost up. Sigh, she begrudgingly drags herself out of the warm water, wrapping her long black hair into a damp ponytail.
  63. Now for the fun part - after drying and patting herself down with a towel, Miko unfolds a diaper onto an unfolded rag serving as a makeshift changing station, quickly Googling; "Proper diaper changing for adults" tutorials. Many, many results flooded in, but the first result is always the best, most relevant. WikiHow, of course, at least they extensively explain the whole procedure, even being so gracious enough to provide an "overcoming awkwardness (with pictures!)" tutorial.  Steps one through three, done; preparing the mat, preparing the supplies, calming the baby... Erm, yes, my baby's eighteen years above the threshold, is that fine?
  64. Step four: applying ointments against rashes - Miko scoops up a dollop of baby cream, smearing her front, groin, butt; everything's covered in a thin layer - just in case.
  65. Step five: applying the baby powder. Or was it this step four? Whatever; the author doesn't know, so it's not relevant what goes first. With a handful of Talcum, she rubs the white powder into the padding, covering her front with what's left over. Then, it was the simple task of parking herself over the diaper, then following the 'recommended' taping procedure - ok, fine, they're the experts right? Miko slowly slides into the diaper caked with powder, causing some of it to seep over and some to puff into the air - then pulling the front flap over; she secures firstly one tape on the left, one on the right then repeat twice - that's something to add to the note. First; Miko clears her browser history - then sits in stunned silence, surprised by her own life choices that's lead her to this situation - sitting nude on the bathroom floor with a magical diaper and pacifier, with Talcum powder swirling in the air. Who would've guessed that you can still be in a bad mood with a pacifier stuck in your mouth, with a frown big enough that no paci could mask it? Of course, Miko was a grown woman, she plucked the paci out of her mouth and wiped it off against the back of her diaper, stuffing it back into its box; its job is done for the time being. She didn't need any of these accessories, Miko could easily return back to her previous life of constant poker face - ignoring every horror that came her way and then crying herself to sleep that night. Yes, it was that simple.
  66. But, nevertheless, Miko's decided; she'd spend the rest of the week wearing the magical garment, there's no real harm in just a few days worth; especially since she's going to be moping around her house. Wrapping a simple black bra around her small chest, Miko's determined to research a little bit more about diapers and incontinence in general, hoping to figure out why she had leaked earlier this morning - praying that it was just a fluke in her system. Her bathroom schedule's been crazy ever since her sixth sense awoken - it was only a matter of time before something serious happened; perhaps it was a good thing she wore diapers today?
  68. Her struggle only just now began, as she stepped out of the bathroom and turned left towards her room - Miko locked eyes with her younger brother, staring back, stunned. He blinked a few times, watching his sister hastily step back into the bathroom - collapsing onto her padded butt.
  69. <"Kyosuke?! What the hell - "> Her muffled screams rang through the apartment.
  70. <"I-I heard you got ill, I skipped class to check on you..."> The black-haired young teen knocked softly on the door - to no avail. He's sweet, although a bit creepy.
  71. <"I'm fine! Go back to school - if mom and dad - ">
  72. <"What's up with the diapers, sis?"> Crass - yes, he's uncomfortably crass. But, boys will be boys, every fifteen-year-old is awkward at best. Miko's silence was horrible, her head was spinning with nausea. How does she even respond to a question like that..?
  73. <"I-Is your secret boyfriend making you wear those?! That bastard, I'll - !"> Suddenly the younger boy struck something in the other room, followed by a quiet whimper.
  74. <"H-Hey! I told you already, I don't have a b-boyfriend... I'm just, going through some - some girl stuff."> Girl stuff?
  75. <"Girl stuff..?">
  76. <"Y-Yes, it happens.">
  77. There was a pause - before the boy's footsteps walk away from the door, seemingly going back to the living room. Miko sighed, once, twice, thrice; breathe in, breathe out - her heart almost bursting out of her chest. Her earlier thought rang through her head again; "Is it even worth it?"
  79. Miko snuck out the door, shuffling into her room as Kyosuke only caught a slight glimpse of her sister's diapered bottom - she shut the door behind her, breathing heavily. That walk wasn't even five meters, but yet she's almost winded - what's there to be embarrassed about now? Her brother knows, he'll tattle to her parents - they'll scold her, pull her out of high school, transfer her to some diaper-therapy-rehab camp or something; Miko's life is already ruined. Might as well just -
  80. <"Um, you forgot your stuff in the... bathroom."> Kyosuke's mutters behind the door, stopping her inner ramblings.
  81. <"A-Ah, yeah, let me just - "> Miko quickly covers herself with a shirt and hastily pulling one of her sweatsuits over her diaper, hiding it well. Outside in the hallway, Kyosuke stood carrying her two boxes, looking nervously at his sister with a blush.
  82. <"Did you..?"> Miko glances down at the opened boxes.
  83. <"Seriously, what's up with that? Why are you wearing diapers - and these pacifiers? What the hell is wrong with that punk boyfriend of yours?"> Kyosuke continues, watching his sister's frown turn into a small smile.
  84. <"It's just, girl stuff, you're too young to understand - and you don't have the right gear to understand."> At least he shows genuine concern of his sister's wellbeing, at times she even ponders if telling him about her sixth sense is the right course - but then again, would he offer to throw down with the ghosts?
  86. <"Hey - What's it like to pee yourself?">
  87. <"...You really need a filter, you'll get slapped one day.">
  88. <"I mean, next time; pick up your trash after you're done."> He says, slamming the door in a dash as Miko misses her kick by just a few inches, leaving her flustered and red. Now alone, Miko snatches her phone from her desk, murmuring to herself, jumping back onto her bed and enjoying the sensation wrapped around her butt. It's time to look up guides, tips, blogs, any information about involuntary urination - related to diaper usage. Lying on her back, Miko dives into the world of the incontinent, plugging her ears with headphones and crossing her legs - hoping to learn something more about the world unseen and perhaps even a bit about herself.
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