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  1. <@Zaratustra> In 2002 Jonathon Keats held a petition drive to pass 'A = A' as statutory law in Berkeley, California. Specifically, the proposed law stated that, "every entity shall be identical to itself". Any entity caught being unidentical to itself was to be subject to a fine of up to one tenth of a cent. The law did not pass.
  2. <aintaer> dammit
  3. <aintaer> I want that law
  4. <@Cait> I'm wondering if it's possible for an entity not to be identical to itself, now. Quantum is weird to think about.
  5. <aintaer> an entity cannot be unidentical to itself
  6. <aintaer> since the definition of an entity necessarily implies its own identity
  7. <aintaer> Quatum entities are only poorly defined by our inability to observe its identity without it changing
  8. <@Cait> Is it dependent on the definition of 'entity' or the definition of 'identical'?
  9. <aintaer> it's dependent on entity
  10. <aintaer> identical is an identity relationship
  11. <aintaer> entity is how we come to define it
  12. <aintaer> is it through observation or by existence
  13. <aintaer> the former opens up quantum violations of A=A
  14. <aintaer> the latter does not
  15. <aintaer> but once you open that up then the law basically would become entities cannot appear otherwise than they are
  16. <aintaer> which is a silly law and would totally ruin halloween
  17. <@Cait> Yes, but 'identical' needs some qualitative definition to be able to distinguish what 'identical' and 'unidentical' constitute.
  18. <aintaer> I would say for unidentical, an entity with any aspect or parameter unlike the entity in question
  19. <aintaer> This law would not maintain that A and only A = A
  20. <aintaer> But just that A must = A
  21. <aintaer> Hence any B = A would satisfy A = B without violating A = A law
  22. <@Cait> So an entity would have to be unlike itself in some fashion?
  23. <aintaer> yes
  24. <aintaer> to violate this law
  25. <@Cait> That seems reasonable for a start.
  26. <aintaer> I support this law.
  27. <@Cait> It needs to have mandatory enforcement built into it.
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