2020 Famitsu TD3rd interview with developers

Jun 25th, 2020
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  1. To conclude this special feature, we hit up the 3 key persons, the leaders of this project, to talk about the present and the future of "Mirishita". We talked about the game and the Lives, these 2 facets. The content is heavy, overflowing with feelings and gratitude towards the content creation.
  5. Unexpected situations that brought about new challenges and everyone's growth
  7. - First of all, is it OK if we looked back at the year since the 2nd Anniversary?
  9. Sakagami: Has it already been another year? My memories of last year have already been blown away (laughs). But if I try to recall a little...... Last year, when we were holding the 2nd Anniversary collaboration event in Akihabara, not just for "Million Live!", I was
  10. thinking of what to do to welcome the "iM@S" project as a whole to the "15th Anniversary" stop. And, at the end of last year, we announced the plans we had for the 15th Anniversary, and for "Cinderella Girls", "Shiny Colors", and "SideM" as well, we wanted to "do our best to cooperate and unite!" least, we were enthusiastic about it, but an unexpected situation happened.
  13. - The situation of the world has changed.
  15. Sakagami: Since we're now unable to do real-life events, we have decided to focus our attention on delivering content for each game over the past few months. Among them, for "Million Live!", we implemented a new form of live distribution (referring to the Handmade Thank You livestreams). This special stream was held as we wanted to provide everyone with a place where you could gather and talk to each other. From now on, I'm not sure if we'll continue with real-life events or on the Net, but the creation of such a place is something I'd like to think about. As for real-life events, I'd like to ensure everyone's health and safety first.
  17. Komino: I was passed the baton last November, and became the Producer of "Mirishita". Over these past few months, I feel that the Producers have had it a lot harder than we have. However, despite all of that, they continue to support "Mirishita" with such passion, and my feelings of gratitude are immense. The most memorable event for me was January's "Mirishita Kanshasai". We wanted those who had never seen a Live before to experience one for the first time, so not only did we broadcast the livestream within "Mirishita" itself, we also interspliced game videos with the Live parts, and we also debuted the song that was to be the Event song for the next day.
  20. - What about the game itself?
  22. Komino: This project had started before I took over as the Producer, but, with the 2nd Anniversary song "Flyers!!!", that was when we switched over from the "MTG" series to the "MTW" series, and songs and units with more individuality were born. Starting from the unit "Chrono-Lexica", now 8 new units have already appeared. For even more units to come out, I'm already looking forward to it, and I'm also looking forward to see the Producers' expectations.
  25. - On the other side, what kind of year was the 2nd year of "Mirishita" for you, Katsumata-san?
  27. Katsumata: About a year ago from now, we were holding the Fukuoka performance of the 6th Live Tour. With regards to the 6th Live Tour itself, my goal was to share the charm born from "Mirishita" with everyone, so I pushed the newly-born units and their types (Fairy/Angel/Princess) to the forefront. From the beginning, "Million Live", as the title suggests, we focused on letting the idols grow alongside the various Lives, but in the 6th Live Tour, whether it be tap-dancing, or singing along to their own accompaniment, we decided to incorporate these Live-original elements. While we are trying to synergize with the game, we created another story during the Live Tour.
  30. - On the 2nd day of the Fukuoka performance, you also announced an additional performance at the Saitama Super Arena.
  32. Katsumata: Working on the entire "iDOLM@STER" series so far, I did do a transferred performance once, but I believe this was the very first one I was involved in where we had planned an additional performance from the very beginning. Until now, "Million Live!" has always valued the attitude to dare to challenge, and this time it took the shape of an additional performance. Everyone in the cast, they dared to change what was shown off at the various Tour locations, and tackled this by seriously thinking about how to raise the level of their performances.
  35. - If you think about it like that, then the cancellation of 7th Live, which would have been a great place to show off further growth, is an incredible shame.
  37. Katsumata: Regarding 7th Live, we had already completed all of the planning, and we were already approaching the lessons and even the real thing......we were right at those steps. Even when the final decision was made to cancel during these uncertain circumstances, we were still continuing to make preparations, and for us to be unable to deliver what the cast and the staff have prepared for so far, it's incredibly frustrating. In the midst of all that, the livestreams in May were entrusted to the Live team, and working together with the regular streaming staff members, we proceeded with that plan.
  40. - So, what will happen Lives and events in the future?
  42. Katsumata: It's basically the same as Sakagami's answer, I feel that safety is the number 1 priority, and I think we'll get going again as soon as the conditions are right for everyone to enjoy themselves again. Through this live distribution, I realized once again the need for a good place where everyone can talk together about the goodness of the content, and until we can have Lives again, I'd like to keep creating such places. Of course, it'd be best if we could do any real-life events at all.
  45. Gratitude toward the cooperating stores and staff who responded to a difficult mission
  47. - Let's talk about the 3rd Anniversary project next. What will you be implementing this time?
  49. Komino: Unfortunately, we had to cancel the collaboration with the various stores in Akihabara, which we normally hold every year. However, I didn't want to just give up and discontinue what I had prepared to deliver to everyone, so instead we're carrying out a new plan on the Web, titled "Mirishita 3rd Anniversary in 'Virtual' Akihabara". Truth is, we had already recorded in-store broadcasts and exclusive illustrations for quite some time now, and we had already completed various things. With the cooperation of the store owners, the casts can everyone in the office, we've prepared a way to enjoy all of this on the Web. Not just looking, not just hearing, we've created an image where you, as a Producer, are actually there looking around the store. Many members of the store staff, from the beginning they cooperated with my selfishness, so in any case, I am incredibly grateful to them.
  52. - Also, before the 3rd Anniversary, the special "Theater Promotion Song", "Do the IDOL!! ~Dangaizeppeki Chupacabra~" was distributed. The plan began from the Mirishita Kanshasai back in January, but what's the story on how this came to be in the first place?
  54. Komino: Originally, in order for everyone to enjoy the Kanshasai, it started with the question: "How about a project that will be implemented within Mirishita?" At that time I thought, "this is going to be fairly difficult", but I realized that it was a much grander project that I imagined......
  57. - Choosing the theme, many unexpected words were chosen (laughs).
  59. Komino: When the choices were selected I had already prepared myself, but I am incredibly grateful to the lyricist Noriko Fujimoto, the composer Takafumi Sato, and the arranger KOH for creating such a wonderful song. Also, we'd like to sincerely thank all of the Producers who cooperated with us.
  61. Sakagami: This kind of unprecedented theme, any creator would get "fired up" (laughs).
  63. Komino: Please excuse me...... This song's special feature is "partial singing for 52 people", and the idols' individuality also emerge through, I feel. Since there's a lot of them, I'd be really happy if you could try out all sorts of combinations and have fun.
  65. Sakagami: For the Live, Katsumata-kun was planning to use projection mapping to make it more exciting, right? (laughs)
  67. Katsumata: Absolutely not! If we implemented something like that, it'd be really hard, not to mention our budget (laughs).
  69. All: (laughs)
  71. Katsumata: All jokes aside, we were originally going to announce the song at the 7th Live, so I thought about various things. As Sakagami says, when such a song comes, the Live staff also get fired up like "how can we make this interesting?", that kind of excitement, and it wasn't actually decided until the end.
  74. - I want to know the outcome soon!
  76. Katsumata: And we want to show it to everyone soon! We'll be sure to keep it warm until that day comes, so please look forward to it.
  79. - Now then, back to the game, what will you be doing in the future?
  81. Komino: First of all, it'll start with the 3rd Anniversary event, so I'd like it if you could focus on that. We've already released the teaser MV for the 3rd Anniversary song, "Glow Map", and I feel that you'll enjoy it during the event. Another important point is the costume, and I'm sure some of you are already aware, but the color changes in the middle of the song. Of course, all the costumes will be available during the event as usual, so don't forget to get them!
  84. - I'm already looking forward to the color change.
  86. Komino: After the 3rd Anniversary event ends, of course I think the production side will continue to challenge themselves. To have an abundance of costumes, songs and matching performances, it would be great if we could continue adding things like that. Unfortunately, we can't just keep increasing the number of new event types one after another, like the "Twin Stage" held in March, but we will continue to challenge ourselves.
  89. - While I am curious about these new features, last December the "39-Man Live" was implemented.
  91. Komino: The actual implementation was right after I took over as Producer. In the teaser movie we showed off last September, they were danging in a white background, but in the actual game they could be steadily rendered while dancing on a stage, and I feel that we could show off the appeal of the "Mirishita" development team's high level of technical skill.
  93. Sakagami: When we released the teaser movie last September in SSA, truth is it was almost done. However, we wanted to make it work on as many smartphones as possible, so the verification process took a really long time.
  96. - Is there anything new currently in development?
  98. Komino: "Mirishita" is something that has always been challenged continuously, so we are trying various things beneath the surface. And when they finally take shape, perhaps, we can announce them in livestreams in the future.We are also considering various, minor improvements to the game after listening to the various Producers' voices.
  101. - Finally, please share with us your enthusiasm for the 4th year.
  103. Katsumata: While the situation continues to be difficult for everyone, we'll continue to provide a place where "like-minded warriors can gather", whether it be to say "I'm glad that I love 'iM@S'" or "I love 'Mirishita' even more". I think that we'll continue to work with the game team, while contributing with a different approach than the game, and continue to challenge ourselves.
  105. Komino: With the warm words from all the Producers, everyday I am saved, and have the energy to keep going. In the meantime, we'll continue to push forward to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy "Mirishita". We are already preparing for the 3rd Anniversary event, and we will be incorporating various measures for that, so we look forward to your continued support.
  107. Sakagami: This year, "Mirishita" will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary, "Million Live!" its 7th Anniversary, and the entire "iM@S" series as a whole will celebrate its 15th Anniversary. I feel that this is thanks to all of the Producers all over the country. I am truly grateful, and I would like to continue raising the "iDOLM@STER" series together with all of you, one step at a time, in order to make the content even more enjoyable. For now, please take care of your physical health, and we look forward to your continued support.
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