Cold Edge Anon Part 24

Jun 5th, 2014
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  1. > First of all, do you really want this?
  2. > Another crazy, immortal mare literally inhabiting your dreams?
  3. > ...
  4. > More than unusual?
  5. > Who are you kidding, if you could turn down attractive females, you wouldn't have married Frozen.
  6. > How to woo Luna...
  7. > You check the layout of the table.
  8. > Enough food has been eaten, and the dishes cleared away for you plan to work.
  9. > You put your hooves on the table's edge.
  10. "When you were but ink and light to me, I imagined I would comfort you in your lonely nights."
  11. > You step up onto the table.
  12. "In time, my crush on you faded. The fantasy was lacking, I didn't know you well enough to imagine us together in any real sense."
  13. > You take a few small steps, avoiding platters and cups by peripheral vision.
  14. "I have come to know you, Luna, in a small way. You are proud, beautiful, perverted and kind."
  15. > You stand now before her.
  16. > Luna's head is tilted back to maintain eye contact, and she is smiling faintly.
  17. > You bow your head low, a bare few centimeters over her plate, and close your eyes.
  18. "I would very much like to know you better, dear Luna, if you will let me."
  19. > You wait.
  20. > You can sense her breathe ghosting across your face, sweet and warm.
  21. > She plants a kiss on your forehead.
  22. "Thy argument is passable, Anonymous.
  23. However, get off the table, 'tis unsanitary."
  24. > You obey with a chuckle.
  25. > You finish the meal in companionable silence, enjoying each other's proximity.
  26. > Luna leads you to her tower.
  27. > By the time you reach the top, you are rather winded.
  28. > The sun has fully set, and together you gaze upon the first stars of the night.
  29. > Truth be told, you were nervous about stargazing again.
  30. > But this...
  31. "It's beautiful."
  32. > More than that, it's peaceful.
  33. > You can just sit on the stone, and let time slip by.
  34. > No crazy and naive king, no capricious bastard.
  35. > No sex-obsessed wife, no kinky dragons.
  36. > No trio of mostly horror inducing, yet somehow also boner inducing ponies.
  37. > Just peace, quiet, moonbutt and you.
  38. > It's been so long since you had a good look at the unmarred night sky.
  39. > You widen your eyes, wishing to take it all in, trying to impress it clearly on your memory.
  40. > Such a perfect starfield, unlike the one in your dre-
  41. > Did
  42. > Did you see some of the night bend?
  43. > You close your eyes tightly, willing away the memories, the images.
  44. > You take deep breaths.
  45. "Anonymous, art thou unwell?"
  46. > You look at her automatically, a fragile smile on your lips.
  47. "I was reminded of a nightmare I had once."
  48. > Luna frowns.
  49. "Shouldst thou find thyself in it again, be ye not slow in calling unto me. It is my duty as Princess of the Night to aid mine subjects in their extremity."
  50. > Your smile becomes more genuine.
  51. "I may just take you up on that sometime."
  52. > You take a final deep breath. This is something you should know.
  53. > You look once more at the night sky.
  54. > It's still beautiful, and blessedly free from anomalies.
  56. > It's late when Discord takes you back home.
  57. > You thank him absent mindedly as a thought strikes you.
  58. > You never gave your report. Celestia didn't ask for it, and though Luna may have been excusably distracted, it still seems fishy.
  59. > Well, if you're right, then it's one less thing to do. If not, you will be dreaming fairly soon.
  60. > You find Frozen in the master bedroom, combing her hair.
  61. > She sees you in the reflection on the wall.
  62. "How did it go?"
  63. "Well enough. You'll be seeing more of Luna in the future"
  64. > You draw close and hold out a hoof.
  65. "May I?"
  66. > She hands over the comb.
  67. > As you gently run it through her mane, she closes her eyes in contentment.
  68. "Good, I was hoping to play with her some more."
  69. >You trace the underside of her jaw with your other hoof.
  70. "Do be gentle, I am somewhat fond of her."
  71. > Frozen hums in amusement.
  72. "So sentimental."
  73. "That's what you like about me."
  74. "It's pleasant, from time to time."
  75. > She leans forward and rests her cheek on the wall.
  76. > You continue combing her hair, enjoying the quiet time.
  77. > Perhaps she and Luna can get along.
  78. > You can't help but wonder what it'd be like to comb that starry mane.
  79. > You put it on your to do list.
  80. "And how was your evening, dear?"
  81. > Frozen wiggles her head a little.
  82. "I didn't go out, because you weren't with me. Other than that, it was nice."
  83. > You pause.
  84. "Um, I don't mind if you go out without me."
  85. > Frozen opens her eyes and looks at you with a flat expression.
  86. "You don't mind if I freeze nearby ponies and dragons?"
  87. > If one leads to the other...
  88. "You can only control yourself around me?"
  89. > You resume combing, and she closes her eyes and replies.
  90. "It's easier to think around you."
  91. > That...
  92. > Suddenly, her clingy-ness makes more sense.
  93. > Her sudden marriage proposal as well.
  94. > If you could only think rationally around one person, after centuries of lower order thought...
  95. > You don't know what you wouldn't do to keep that person around.
  96. > You hug Frozen from behind, blinking back tears.
  97. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. I'm so sorry."
  98. > She pats your hoof comfortingly.
  99. "It's better while I'm in this house that we built. It smells of you."
  100. > You shakily return to combing her mane.
  101. "That's- I'm glad."
  102. > Her smile is reflected in the mirror-like wall.
  103. "Now the tail, please."
  105. > You awake in dreaming, and promptly do nothing.
  106. > Luna has her turn, it's Frozen time now.
  107. > For her part, she is happy to cuddle pretty much indefinitely.
  108. > Nearly half an hour passes in this manner, before someone politely knocks on your door.
  109. > You don't move, but call out,
  110. "Come in."
  111. > Luna opens the door. Time to test your theory, you suppose.
  112. > Then Celestia walks through, and things get complicated.
  113. > For one, Frozen gets up and bows her head.
  114. > You follow suit after a moment of hesitation.
  115. > Celestia speaks.
  116. "Raise your heads, my little ponies."
  117. > You look up to see Celestia perform a short bow.
  118. "Anonymous, may I have your permission to peruse your memories?"
  119. "I, um. Sure? But isn't that what Luna was doing?"
  120. > Celestia smiles, a strange light twinkling in her eyes.
  121. "Indeed. But there were some things I just had to see for myself."
  122. >...
  123. "Just so we're clear, you are here for something other than the porn, right?"
  124. > Celestia becomes a bit more dignified.
  125. "Once you get to my age, Anonymous, you will find such things to be quite prosaic. I assure you, my interests lie elsewhere."
  126. > You shrug.
  127. "Have fun storming the castle, then."
  128. > She performs another short bow, then walks out.
  129. >...
  130. > The centuries have been kind.
  131. > You turn to Luna.
  132. "So what brought this on?"
  134. >>before
  136. > Celestia yawns in her nest of cushions.
  137. > Luna closes the door behind her, happily trotting to her own pillow fort.
  138. > Celestia smiles tolerantly and lovingly.
  139. "He said yes?"
  140. > Luna kicks a pillow out of the way.
  141. "He hath made it clear that his prime loyalty doth lay with she who branded him."
  142. > She settles down in her fort, taking comfort in the warm and soft confines.
  143. "E'en so, he hath expressed his ardor in a pleasing manner. Didst thou know, in times past, he did pine or me from afar?"
  144. "How flattering!"
  145. > There was a hint of something unsaid in that comment.
  146. > Luna sighs.
  147. "What is it, sister?"
  148. > Celestia shrugs.
  149. "It can't have been too long ago, he's only known you for a few days."
  150. > Luna shakes her head firmly.
  151. "'Twas longer, I am certain!"
  152. > Celestia raises her eyebrows.
  153. "What, did he receive visions of you when he was in his home dimension?"
  154. > Luna opens her mouth to reply, then closes it.
  155. > Celestia perks up.
  156. "Something like that? This could be serious."
  157. > Luna averts her eyes.
  158. "Twas but a drama."
  159. > Celestia's pupils dilate.
  160. "How long is the play?"
  161. > Luna sinks down into her cushions.
  162. > She wishes she could take it all back, but she couldn't deny Celestia this.
  163. "Somewhat more than thirty hours."
  164. > Celestia's face goes slack.
  165. "How do they perform so long? Who can see it all?"
  166. > Words fail Luna as she struggles to describe what she saw.
  167. > In the meantime, Celestia gives Luna a sly look.
  168. "That's why you're interested in him. Such stamina!"
  169. "Cease thy supposition! There are not actors, but moving illustrations!"
  170. > Celestia's face falls in disappointment, but rekindled interest brings her back up.
  171. "I think I should see this."
  172. "Sister-"
  173. "I insist."
  175. >>now
  177. "So Celestia is watching the show now."
  178. > Luna nods.
  179. > That's not so bad.
  180. "Verily, and such content such as is adjacent."
  181. > Oh no.
  182. "/mlp/?"
  183. > Luna nods.
  184. "Yea, and pastebins."
  185. > Well, crap. She may not start out in the porn, but that won't last forever.
  186. > No use fretting, it's not like you can stop her.
  187. > If you're being completely honest with yourself, you don't want to stop her.
  188. > Hmm. Over thirty hours...
  189. "How many episodes have you seen? You've done enough extra reading that you couldn't have seen them all."
  190. > Luna shakes her head.
  191. "Time doth pass but softly in dreaming."
  192. >…
  193. "We need to go deeper."
  194. > Luna looks at you skeptically.
  195. "Lo, we are already dreaming."
  196. > You wave a hand vaguely.
  197. "It's a joke."
  198. > Actually,
  199. "When you get a chance, look up the movie Inception. I think you'll find it interesting."
  200. > Luna gazes at you speculatively.
  201. "Mayhap thou wilt watch it with us?"
  202. > A dream movie and a dream pony?
  203. "It would be my pleasure."
  204. > Luna lifts a hoof uncertainly.
  205. "Hast thou plans for this dreaming time?"
  206. > You look at Frozen questioningly, and say,
  207. "I personally don't. Dear?"
  208. > Frozen feigns indecision.
  209. "Hmmm, did I have any plans..."
  210. > Luna takes a deep breath.
  211. "Wouldst thou care to join us?"
  212. > Frozen stares at her in surprise.
  213. "Okay. Yes, I would."
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