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  1. This is my second guide on clothing, this time on spanish shoe brands. There are many that produce in Spain, and which generally offer a good quality at an affordable price, but in english speaking forums is hard to see any mentioned with the exceptions of Meermin and Carmina. The guide is ordered by price from low to high, there are separation lines to divide price ranges, until the first one you have brands for less than 100€, before the second one you have medium tier shoes (100-220€) and after it the higher end stuff, comments are based on personal experience and comments found online, some brands might not sell outside of Spain through their website, but you might purchase if you contact them. If you are ordering online, the best thing is to measure your feet and contact them with those measures and also give them other references so they can advise you what size to pick.
  3. Snipe Shoes:
  4. Its a brand from Alicante, they produce boat shoes in many different formats for 70-85€, they are a fantastic option if you dont want to spend more than 100€ on Sebago/Sperry. They also make other types of shoes like loafers or sneakers, but there are better options for that.
  5. Website:
  6. Some models might not be listed ( and you have to contact them to purchase them.
  7. You can also buy them from El Corte Ingles retail chain:
  10. 1901 Mocasines:
  11. They are made in Fuensalida. Waxed leather loafers/boat shoes of different types, average quality and prices are 70-90€.
  12. Site (shitty site):
  13. They get stocked here:
  16. Diplomatic Brand:
  17. New brand which makes espadrilles, boat shoes and loafers. Their best offer is in boat shoes, because they make many unique designs for 50-90€.
  18. Website for boat shoes:
  21. Edward's:
  22. Brand from Fuensalida. They offer trick soled boat shoes and various types of loafers for around 70-90€. Average quality.
  23. Website:
  26. Pielsa:
  27. Old brand founded in Fuensalida on 1921 which manufactures boat shoes, they were purchased by the family who owns Carmina/Meermin, brand is in a reconfiguration after the purchase and the problems they had. Prices are around 70-90€
  28. Stocked here:
  31. Tallsem:
  32. Its a brand from Almansa, they offer many types of shoes and boots for an incredible price. Its one of the most recommended brands in spanish forums when you take into consideration price and quality. Prices range from 80 to 115€ on all products with shipping included. No sales
  33. Website:
  34. They have colours for leather/suede that are not listed on their site, but you can find them here and you need to contact them to order them in those colours (Link also contains plenty of photos):
  37. Cooper&Troy:
  38. Brand from Madrid, but manufacture most of their line in Portugal. Big catalog and for cheap prices: 85-115€ in most of the catalog
  39. Website:
  42. Ashton&Allen/Zapaterías Estellés:
  43. They are made in Almansa by A&A and they get stocked in Estellés footwear shops in Madrid. They are goodyear welted for 100€, they have a high reputation in spanish forums for their price/quality, but there are comments that in 2018 they tweaked production and the quality is a bit worse than before, they are still the cheapest GYW you can find. No sales
  44. Website:
  45. They also sell beefroll penny loafers and kilt loafers here (not GYW):
  48. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
  52. Folckers:
  53. Fairly new brand which makes loafers, boat shoes and classic dress shoes for around 100-150€
  54. Website:
  57. Lourdes Luzon:
  58. Brand from Mallorca, production is done in Mallorca and Ubrique. They offer dress shoes and loafers. On sale you can get them for 90-120€, outside of sales its usually 140-190€.
  59. Website:
  62. Lorens:
  63. Made in Almansa. Lot of cringeworthy menswear stuff, but their beefroll penny loafers at 120€ look really good.
  64. Website:
  67. Boonper:
  68. Made in Elche. They only make driving shoes, all for around 125€.
  69. Website:
  72. Calce:
  73. Another brand from Almansa, most of their shoes are not suited for the style of this thread. They are interesting for horse-bit loafers and double monks. Prices are usually 100-180€ and some models are GYW.
  74. Website (the photos are terrible, search in sinabrochar or rincondecaballeros for other photos of their shoes):
  75. You can buy them here as well: and in
  78. Harris 1982:
  79. Brand from Madrid, they are a clothing company, but they have a GYW and a Blake welt line of footwear. Some guys on forums have said that price/quality is quite good. Prices are 100-170€.
  80. Website: and
  83. Castellano 1920:
  84. Made in Madrid, probably the best price/quality beefroll penny loafers you can get, they cost the same as GHBass/Sebago but are completely superior. Prices are usually 100-180€.
  85. Website:
  86. Also available at:
  89. Castellano LG:
  90. Made in Madrid, very similar quality and price to the previous, LG usually has matte coloured leathers. They make decent looking boat shoes. Prices are 110-190€ in most products.
  91. Website:
  94. Michel Shoes:
  95. Brand from Almansa. Only look here for chukka boots, loafer and dress shoes. Prices are between 110-180€.
  96. Website:
  97. Goodyear welt in:
  100. Vidal Fernandez:
  101. Manufactured in Fuensalida. Its one of the best brands you can find for quality/price, usually prices are between 110-190€. Most is Blake welted, but they have some stuff which isnt. They have footwear separated in 2 categories at their website.
  102. Website: and
  105. Berwick 1707:
  106. They are made in Almansa, they sell many kinds of shoes for 125-200€, most are goodyear welted and they also have a higher end grade for shell cordovans and similars. They are well known for their dress shoes.
  107. Website (site is not very good):
  108. You can also buy them in the following sites: and
  111. Apache:
  112. Brand from Lloseta, they are well known for their laced loafers with thick sole, they are incredibly resistant, good suited for rural areas. Prices are usually 150-220€
  113. Website:
  116. Mr.Mac Shoes:
  117. Made in Madrid. Usually menswear and extremely colourful/textured stuff, if you are into that there are great options for 170-190€.
  118. Website:
  119. Also stocked in:
  122. Barrats 1890:
  123. They are made in Inca, at this brand the only thing to look for are dress shoes and loafers because the rest dont suit trad/prep/ivy style. Prices are usually between 125 and 240€ and most models use Blake welt.
  124. Website:
  127. Orban's:
  128. Its a french brand that manufactures all its shoes in Almansa, all is goodyear welted and they offer a big range of products, from shoes to boots. Prices are usually between 150-200€.
  129. Website:
  132. Crownhill:
  133. Brand from Madrid. They offer a big range of classic footwear and and affordable price, all is blake or goodyear. Prices are between 125-320€.
  134. Website:
  137. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  140. Lottuse:
  141. Its a well known brand from Inca. You can find shoes of all sorts and colours, stick to the classic silhouettes. You can get some stuff on sales for as low as 125€, but on average is all between 180-300€
  142. Website:
  143. Also stocked in:
  146. Bow-Tie:
  147. Brand from Madrid, they market themselves as british oriented footwear. Lot of Goodyear stuff for 190-250€, on sale you can see stuff for 100-160€, buy them always on sale, they are a bit overpriced.
  148. Website:
  151. Cordwainer:
  152. Made in Almansa. If you like Brogue shoes, they have a nice selection of GYW. Prices are usually around 200-250€.
  153. Website:
  154. Stocked here:
  157. Meermin:
  158. Its a brand from Inca, they produce in China and they finish the products at Inca. All their shoes and boots are goodyear welted and have prices ranges of 160-250€, they also have a premium line fully made in Spain for 100€ more. It is a well known brand and offers a great price/quality ratio and you can find pretty much anything except for beefroll penny loafers and boat shoes. No sales
  159. Website:
  162. Saint John Shoes:
  163. Made in Elche, you can personalize the shoe to your likings. Prices may vary a lot, you might be able to get them for less than 100€, but most are around 230€
  164. Website:
  167. Cambrillon:
  168. Made in Almansa. They offer lots of customizing options for your shoes, for 230-300€.
  169. Website:
  172. Andrés Sendra:
  173. Brand from Almansa. Big variety of classic GYW footwear priced between 220-350€
  174. Website:
  175. They family of the founder also made this other brand for cowboy/rider boots:
  178. Yanko:
  179. Brand from Inca, they were the big brand during the last century, the family who owned it splitted and created other brands such as Meermin and Carmina. The owners are different now but according to info from some forums, but the quality is still great since they still have many of the old workers. Prices are usually between 180-320€, but you can find them on sale for 20-80€ less.
  180. Website:
  181. Stocked here as well:
  184. Magnanni:
  185. Made in Almansa. Most of their stuff is italian styled footwear. Prices are around 300-450€ but on sales you might get them 100-120€ cheaper.
  186. Website:
  187. Stocked in ECI:
  190. TLB Mallorca:
  191. Made in Inca, its another brand that originated after Yanko's disbandment. Offers high quality classic footwear for 365-400€. No sales
  192. Website:
  195. Carmina:
  196. Well known brand from Inca, they produce many kinds of classic shoes and boots in GYW. Prices are above 290€. No sales
  197. Website:
  200. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  205. There are other brands that are more mainstream locally than these (most made in Elche), but the 99% of their stuff is not suited for these styles so I didnt include them, if you want to search for them anyway these are their names:
  206. Casual footwear: Callaghan, Fluchos, Camper, Pikolinos, Martinelli, Luis Gonzalo, Panama Jack, Roberto Ley, Angel Infantes, Umber.
  207. Sneakers: Muroexe, Pompeii, El Ganso, Maians, Joma, Munich, Victoria.
  208. Wool sneakers (similar to allbirds): Yuccs.
  209. Banana and Hemp sneakers: Indianes.
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