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Resilient Session 5: POV's

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  1. Kass Yonova:
  2.         TheResilientGM  You arrive at Feldmann's triage and medicae center. The unfortunate reality is that they're as busy as they were when you encountered it first.
  3.         Kass_Yonova     Kass heads towards Feldmann's private tent, remembering how to get there. As he arrives he announces his presence by clearing his throat. "CMO Feldmann?"
  4.         TheResilientGM  "That depends..." he says, his eyes fixed on his dataslate.
  5.         Kass_Yonova     "Coporal Kass Yonova, reporting as promised. I seem to have some rec time, so as I promised I'll lend you my abilities for as long as I can. Well before I'm deployed again, at any rate."
  6.         TheResilientGM  He looks up, quickly, apparently relieved.
  7.         TheResilientGM  "Can't say I expected you to keep that promise."
  8.         Kass_Yonova     Kass grins, "I try, sir. Where do you need me, and where can I store my gear?"
  9.         TheResilientGM  "I'm afraid I have no tents to spare, but you're welcome to stay and leave your gear here. Our main concern is effectively evaluating the incoming wounded. If you can help triage for now, it could make our immediate casualty rate fall."
  10.         TheResilientGM  He walks up to you with a cloth sigil in hand. "Get this pinned on your uniform. You have field experience. I'm putting you in charge of the Triage."
  11.         Kass_Yonova     "Aye, sir, I'll start right away." He takes the proffered cloth and and pins it to a breast pocket. He then stows his gear in a corner of the tent. Kass takes his helmet off and rolls up his sleeves, he then enters the Triage proper and sets to work.
  12.         TheResilientGM  For the remainder of his station on the archipelago, Yonova returns to work with Feldmann. Their relationship grows to one of a mentorship, with Feldmann instructing him on the subtleties of various wounds seen at the medicae complex. Yonova is eventually placed as Feldmann's immediate junior, attaining the medicae-role of Senior Medicae Officer or SNO.
  14. Otto Schneider:
  15.  <TheResilientGM> In the Prithian quarter, nearer the woods, stands a garrisson of the Jaegers. In the Mess Hall they've been openly chatting about their deployment, and inviting guardsmen with potential to train with them during the company's down time.
  16. * Schneider walks up to them with Hector. "How's it goin guys?"
  17. <TheResilientGM> "Heh, look! A 3rd Company boy."
  18. <TheResilientGM> The men turn to look at you.
  19. <TheResilientGM> Two of them get up, offering their seats to you and Hector.
  20. * Schneider sits down with them. "How were your landings?"
  21. <TheResilientGM> "Smooth as you'd like... thanks to you, I suppose."
  22. <TheResilientGM> "And hell are we glad you've shut them guns up!" pipes in another.
  23. <TheResilientGM> "What can we do for you?"
  24. <Schneider> "Pffft, so you've just been sittin on your asses while I shot all those bastards?"
  25. <TheResilientGM> "Plenty of good hunting out here!"
  26. <Schneider> "Oh yeah, it's just like home really. I hit em with the flamer while Hector here puts 'em down. It's like huntin badgers but they smell different when they burn."
  27. <TheResilientGM> "We got flooded by 'em. We've been put on guard against them... ever since that damned forest caught fire they've been coming up north."
  28. <TheResilientGM> "Killed off some of the Aeronautica boys on their first day!"
  29. <Schneider> "Pfffffthahahaha those city bastards shouldn't walk so close to the edge of the camp. So what does a guy gotta do to become a Jaeger in the guard? Hector and I were in with the Bismark group back on Prithia."
  30. <TheResilientGM> "Bringing man's dominance over the beast up North, eh?" the men break into laughter
  31. <Schneider> "We did a damn fine job of it too didn't we Hector? Better than you bastards down south!"
  32. <TheResilientGM> They break into laughter once more, handing a drink to Hector.
  33. <TheResilientGM> "Our LT can get you all set up with the paper-work. Train with us for a few weeks, and you'll get his approval without a problem."
  34. <Schneider> "Sounds like fun, we got some R&R while we're reassigned I could join you lot just as long as ya don't mind being put to shame that is!"
  35. <TheResilientGM> "I'll just be happy to see you operate the safety on that weapon!"
  36. <TheResilientGM> "He'll shoot the sack between your legs, if you're up for a challenge!" chimes in Hector.
  37. * Schneider laughs and slaps Hector on the back.
  38. <TheResilientGM> For the remaining time stationed here, Schneider becomees acquainted with the Jaeger training, quickly making a name for himself among their ranks. The Lieutenant quickly requests his specialty be recognized by Company Command.
  40. Victrus Macharius
  41. <TheResilientGM> As you walk around the camp, you see a group of gunners training.
  42. <TheResilientGM> In charge, you see an old instructor from the academies you attended back home.
  43. * Victrus_Macharius walks over to the instructor
  44. <TheResilientGM> "You a 3rd Company boy?" a man greets you.
  45. <Victrus_Macharius> "Yes I am sir"
  46. <Victrus_Macharius> "I believe you were at the academies I had attended"
  47. <TheResilientGM> "You're welcome to join us in training if you like."
  48. <TheResilientGM> "Any weapon in particular you'd like to know more about?" he points to a group of stacked heavy weapons.
  49. <Victrus_Macharius> "I would be glad to sir."
  50. <Victrus_Macharius> "If you can, I have been interested in learning more about the Heavy Bolter"
  51. <TheResilientGM> "Intersting choice. A weapon that could taken down an Astarted warrior! Come, let's get you set up."
  52. * Victrus_Macharius follows the instructor over to the weapons
  53. <TheResilientGM> For the remaining time stationed here, Victrus learns from the very best of instructors, mastering the use of the heavy bolter.
  55. Gru Persay
  56. <TheResilientGM> The quartermaster was right. The AdMech presence is great.
  57. <TheResilientGM> Given the amount of work they have at an Aeronautica base, a series of prefabs have been set up for them.
  58. <TheResilientGM> Senior Techpriests oversee the many tasks at hand, while minor techpriests dutifully carry out their work
  59. <Gru_Persay> "This almost feels like home."
  60. * Gru_Persay approaches one of the Senior Techpriests and says "It's good to see a fellow member of the Adeptus Mechanicus."
  61. <TheResilientGM> "You're one of our front-liners?"
  62. <Gru_Persay> "Of course. I was send to the front lines as form of my training."  
  63. <TheResilientGM> "Who have you served with, brother-priest?"
  64. <Gru_Persay> "Several Imperial Guardsmen. Many have not seen war.""
  65. <TheResilientGM> "What unit?"
  66. <Gru_Persay> "3rd Company."
  67. <TheResilientGM> "We thank you for your brave service. And now that you don't have to dodge bullets -or artillery in your case- we could use you here. The experience would be useful to you."
  68. <Gru_Persay> "As much as I would love the opportunity.  I believe I can serve the Deus Mechanicus like helping my fellow squad mates."
  69. <TheResilientGM> During the remainder of their station on the island, Gru spends his days helping the local AdMech whenever he can, gaining what experience it gives. For his service, his peers help him in his quest to acquire the TRUE FORM of the techpriest, and bestow upon him new implants.
  70. <TheResilientGM> He is finally recognized by the title of Enginseer Prime, having now a status among his peers.
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