Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session 23 (Part 8)

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  1. [2013-02-06 13:28:45] <Little_Gloom> 3> Good morning, Gentle Song.  It is a beautiful day, is it not?
  2. [2013-02-06 13:28:56] <Little_Gloom> 3> You have two (2) new patients.  Would you like to view their files?
  3. [2013-02-06 13:29:07] <Little_Gloom> 3> New Patient File #1: Jane Doe
  4. [2013-02-06 13:29:15] <Little_Gloom> 3> New Patient File #2: Jane Doe (no relation)
  5. [2013-02-06 13:29:51] <Little_Gloom> 3Noble_Heart hrms quietly at that. She selected New Patient File #1 first. Might as well read them one by one. She could only assume they were the information on Kid and Get Lost. Probably automatically collected by the intelligence here in the building.
  6. [2013-02-06 13:30:00] <Little_Gloom> 3Perusing the files makes it quickly clear that the patients are indeed Get_Lost and Kid.  The files include extensive lists of their injuries and the repairs and replacements that were made to bring them back to full health.  In the case of Kid, the system seemed to fail to differentiate old injuries from new, citing "No medical history" errors.
  7. [2013-02-06 13:30:14] <Little_Gloom> 3Get_Lost's file reads similar but much worse.  Not only did the machine attempt to replace what it could not fix in an attempt to make her whole again, but it the surgical document is full of inventory errors.
  8. [2013-02-06 13:30:20] <Little_Gloom> 3Apparently, failing to find the most ideal implants in it's retinue, the machine worked its way down until it found a cybernetic suite that would replace all the irreparably damaged parts of her body... even though it meant also removing perfectly working tissue and organs to install.
  9. [2013-02-06 13:30:56] <Little_Gloom> 3Noble_Heart let out a quiet sigh, finishing reading over the two and hanging her head slightly. It didn't seem there was much help here at all. But it did explain a few things. She frowned slightly, maybe they could find better options in the cybernetics lab and provide the machines for a superior rebuild..? No, that sounded like a bad idea.
  10. [2013-02-06 13:31:03] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright has quietly walked in behind Noble_Heart, and is reading over her shoulder. Speaking up, "Interesting. So that's why... goddesses, I regret this so much." He flips open a notebook and copies down the information on the screen.
  11. [2013-02-06 13:31:41] <Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twenty-Three: Northern Blues (Part Eight)
  12. [2013-02-06 13:31:47] <Little_Gloom> 3--- Session Beings ---
  13. [2013-02-06 13:32:10] * Mitzi spaces back in
  14. [2013-02-06 13:33:16] * Noble_Heart glowered at the machine's words, as though the pure concentrated force of her irritation might somehow revise their contents to cure her friend of a terrifying situation. "We are not pleased." Turning away from the table she moved back towards the waiting room.
  15. [2013-02-06 13:33:16] * Get_Lost trots nxt to bookie and noble "s... uhm... anything cando to help?"
  16. [2013-02-06 13:35:54] * Bookwright grits his teeth, "Well... no. Apparently the auto-doc was out of suitable replacement implants, so it just... made do with what it had on hand, so to speak. I'm so sorry, I had no idea any of this would happen."
  17. [2013-02-06 13:38:23] * Noble_Heart paused in the hallway, instead choosing to storm down towards the employee lounge. She had doubts there would be anything there worth investigating. But it was a place to go, and something to do which she might actually be good at. Mulling over how such a greivous mistake could have happened.
  18. [2013-02-06 13:39:21] * Kid rubs her new eye. It felt so... Strange to have it again after so long. She would've gone to look at it in the bathroom mirror, but Get_Lost was... Well. She'd changed. She'd remembered that the knee-jerk reaction of her being so changed was mitigated by the horror that it could've happened to her if she wasn't so lucky. Odd how luck didn't seem to come to her until she needed it. So she...
  19. [2013-02-06 13:39:22] * Kid ...hasn't seen what her eye looked like yet clearly. She almost didn't want to know, because if it did look horrifying like Get's, then she'd lost any right to complain due to it not being as comprehensive.
  20. [2013-02-06 13:42:34] * CopyCat remains sitting next to Kid, smiling lightly while she waits to see if the other pony had anything else to say. "Oh don't worry, it looks fine."
  21. [2013-02-06 13:44:01] * Kid just sat there and tried to cheer her up. "Hey, that ain't bad. I got stories of some folks at the bog who look way uglier." Shit, was that insensitive? "One o' my best friends out there was a ghoul. Wore a tin hat, face looked like it'd seen the broad side of a cookin' iron after somepony'd finished heatin' up some fried apples. /He/ was ugly, an' he was m' best friend out in the bog for a...
  22. [2013-02-06 13:44:02] * Kid ...while. Said that th' chupacara'd skin us alive at times, but I never did beat him at checkers." She was horrible at this consoling thing.
  23. [2013-02-06 13:44:12] <Little_Gloom> 3The employee lounge is spacious, having many tables and comfortable chairs, as well as lounging beanbags.  A chess game is set up on one table, the game suspended after a hoof-full of turns.  An aquarium is mounted in the back wall.  There are no fish.  
  24. [2013-02-06 13:44:14] * Get_Lost shrugs and tries smiling "eh, don't worry... i guess i should look for the bright side... like.... i will never cry again?..."
  25. [2013-02-06 13:44:57] <Little_Gloom> 3In one corner are a pair of vending machines -- "Sparkle Cola" and "(Brand New!) Sparkle Cola Rainbow" -- one bearing the image of Fluttershy and the other of Rainbow Dash.  
  26. [2013-02-06 13:45:48] * Mitzi looks at Get_Lost; "So... doctor pod eez no gud?"
  27. [2013-02-06 13:45:57] * Bookwright "I don't think you have tear ducts anymore."
  28. [2013-02-06 13:46:03] * Noble_Heart frowned, moving up to the machines to inspect them a few moments. Taking a short time to look around the rest of the lounge for any sign of loose bits. She had doubts the cleaning machines would have missed them. But a chance to drink properly bottled and preserved Sparkle~Cola sounded very inviting right now.
  29. [2013-02-06 13:46:32] * Kid gave a salespony smirk. "I mean, all's ya'll need is a wig and you look pretty damn normal." She was lying, but it was intended as a comforting one.
  30. [2013-02-06 13:46:32] <Little_Gloom> 3There is a glowing terminal in one corner, and a coffee table complete with urn and pretty yellow coffee cups.
  31. [2013-02-06 13:47:14] * Bookwright suddenly experiences curiosity. Wandering over to the urn, almost afraid to look inside, he pops the top off and peers into its depths.
  32. [2013-02-06 13:50:34] * Get_Lost smiles at Mitzi too "it saved my lfe, so i guss it's good... just... get ready for nasty surprises"
  33. [2013-02-06 13:51:11] <Little_Gloom> 3The Sparkle~Cola machines are apparently pristine and well stocked (as well as sparkling clean).  Sparkle~Cola Rainbow boasts "Made with Real Zap Apples!"
  34. [2013-02-06 13:52:13] * Get_Lost on the plus, i have at least three modes of vision here... black and white, colos and night vision
  35. [2013-02-06 13:52:20] * Noble_Heart glanced at the coffee table briefly before heading towards the terminal. Beginning the process of checking whether or not it functioned, followed quickly by deciding to try and hack into the terminal's controls. It was doubtful to be useful to their quest. But right now anything to keep her mind off what had happened to her friends would be a comfort.
  36. [2013-02-06 13:55:53] * Mitzi tilts her head; "Like wut?"
  37. [2013-02-06 13:55:59] * Kid clears her throat. She wanted to be away from this awkward moment. Namely, the way that her visor seemed to kind of shone a weird light at her when she spoke- nonono, that's horrible. Stop that. Not her fault. It's wrong to think any less because your- okay, you're just digging your hole deeper. "Right, I'mma gon' go lookin' around  th' place for somethin' useful. Ya'll can join me if ya'll...
  38. [2013-02-06 13:56:01] * Kid ...want, or not, whatever."
  39. [2013-02-06 13:56:50] * Shatara finishes his tasty beverage and rolls off the couch, stretching a bit before moving to follow Kid.
  40. [2013-02-06 14:08:12] * CopyCat looks a little confused, like she had unexpectedly heard a snippet of conversation, then begins trotting after Shatara and Kid in the manner of a lost puppy.
  41. [2013-02-06 14:11:14] * Mitzi shrugs and moves after Kid. Closest thing she had to a friend amongst these ponies.
  42. [2013-02-06 14:13:42] * Kid watches as the hellhound follows her. "How ya'll holdin' up, Mitzi?" She asked, wandering towards surgery for some direly needed medical supplies.
  43. [2013-02-06 14:14:53] * Mitzi looks herself over. She had some bruises and nicks, and the burns on her back from the grenades were still there, but she was remarkably healthy all things considered; "Burns itchy, but scratcheen wud make dem wurse."
  44. [2013-02-06 14:16:50] * Kid frowns. "Yeah, understood. Ya'll don't wanna be messin' with them burns. Could make 'em all pink n' puffy." She brings a rather intimidating looking yellow eye to Shatara. "How 'bout you?"
  45. [2013-02-06 14:18:43] * Shatara sighs and avoids Kid's artificial gaze. "Just peachy..."
  46. [2013-02-06 14:20:01] * Kid smirks a forced, awkward grin at Shatara. "Good."
  47. [2013-02-06 14:20:39] * CopyCat seems to be following Shatara's every word. "Really, um, could you tell me about it?"
  48. [2013-02-06 14:21:26] <Little_Gloom> 3Underneath the coffee table is a small drawer holding... coffee.  The urn itself is empty and clean.  The room looks like it is waiting for employees to arrive for their next shift.
  49. [2013-02-06 14:23:25] <Little_Gloom> 3The employee terminal is unlocked, requiring no effort to hack.  A quick perusal shows that the terminal was mostly used to send letters to family, or to play games.  There are quite a few high scores for the text adventure "Sword Mare and the Bubbling Darkness of Doom".
  50. [2013-02-06 14:24:42] * Noble_Heart took just the briefest glance to be certain that Bookwright wasn't going to come sneaking up behind her for once before taking a few moments to enjoy a brief dip into the game. Celestia only knew why she would choose to do that now of all times. But she seemed thoroughly engrossed in it in short order.
  51. [2013-02-06 14:24:56] * Shatara chirps embarassingly in surprise at CopyCat's sudden interest. "Tell about..." ...what exactly? About *not* being turned into a cybernetic horror?
  52. [2013-02-06 14:25:17] * Mitzi looks down at Kid; "We lukeen fur mediceen? Cud use sumting fur Ur burns."
  53. [2013-02-06 14:25:45] * Bookwright lifts out the package of coffee. Surely not...? Oh, why not? He dumps some coffee into the percolator basket and looks around for a tap to fill it.
  54. [2013-02-06 14:26:22] * Kid sighed lightly. "Yeah. We're lookin' fer stuff we can use."
  55. [2013-02-06 14:29:12] * CopyCat nods distractedly at Shatara. "Yes... poor Get_Lost. She's being really brave about it."
  56. [2013-02-06 14:29:35] <Little_Gloom> 3Patient Care is a large module segregated by standing dividers, behind each of which is a bed and small table.  The back of Patient Care holds a long bench and several cabinets, one of which has glass windows allowing you to see the potions and poultices stored in neat little rows.
  57. [2013-02-06 14:32:41] * Kid rose her eyebrows and rubbed her hooves together. Jackpot. She looked around, and then realized that her luck can't possibly be this good. "Alright, here's what we're gonna do. You see that awesome wall of stuff over there? I bet you caps to snack cakes that's got some sorta trap on it."
  58. [2013-02-06 14:34:46] * Mitzi looks at the cabinet; "Why would Peace ponies trap healeen tings?"
  59. [2013-02-06 14:34:59] * Bookwright fills the percolator with tap water and plugs it in. Soon the employee lounge is filled with delicious smell of coffee, and the 'sh-thok' sounds of the percolator perking along.
  60. [2013-02-06 14:37:03] * Noble_Heart eartwitched slightly from where she was sitting at the sound of percolating coffee and that smell. Still keeping her eyes mostly on the terminal screen she snuck attention back towards Bookwright's actions, tilting her head to one side slightly as she half-watched him make coffee.
  61. [2013-02-06 14:37:07] * Shatara ruffles his feathers a bit. "Yeah..." He brushes off his feelings of general inadequacy and listens to Kid.
  62. [2013-02-06 14:38:09] * Kid creeps up on the glass cabinet, then moves towards a bed to take it's sheets. Assuming that there were some, and they weren't glued on, she attempts to bundle them into a little ball. "Right then. Who wants t' take part in a bad idea?"
  63. [2013-02-06 14:38:14] * Bookwright catches Noble_Heart's eye and smiles, bemused, "There's gonna be more than enough. I can't speak to its freshness, though the can was still sealed from the factory, so it might not be completely stale.
  64. [2013-02-06 14:38:16] <Bookwright> "
  65. [2013-02-06 14:39:29] * Mitzi tilts her head; "Does bad idea lead to gud tings in the end?'
  66. [2013-02-06 14:39:46] * Noble_Heart looks away again, frowning slightly. "We should not be surprised that this place uses pre-packaged coffee." None the less she didn't seem very satisfied by the prospect. Her look of irritation growing greater before finally she snorted and stalked away from the terminal to sit across from Bookwright, staring down at the coffee pot quietly.
  67. [2013-02-06 14:40:17] * Bookwright "When it stops making noise, the coffee will be ready."
  68. [2013-02-06 14:40:46] * Coffee_Pot sh-thok. sh-thok.
  69. [2013-02-06 14:41:36] * CopyCat turns her attention to Kid, catching some enthusiasm in the process. "Oh yes! I do."
  70. [2013-02-06 14:42:43] <Little_Gloom> 3The coffee is labeled "Sunshine Creek Coffee" and it does smell quite good.  A rather dark roast.
  71. [2013-02-06 14:43:11] <Little_Gloom> 3The blankets are indeed removable and not just for decoration.
  72. [2013-02-06 14:43:11] * Kid nods. "Right then." Kid will then attempt to wrap CopyCat's hoof in said sheets. "Now. You only want t' hit the glass and stop before you put yer hoof in too deep. You think you can pull that off?"
  73. [2013-02-06 14:44:42] * Mitzi looks at her claws; "Cudn't Uh just cut glass?"
  74. [2013-02-06 14:45:25] * Kid looks at Mizti, pausing her little wrapping spree. "Are yer claws up fer' it?"
  75. [2013-02-06 14:45:57] <Little_Gloom> 3Noble_Heart leaves the game with Sword Mare on the verge of defeating the Evil Darkness of Sombra and rescuing the stallion-in-distress.
  76. [2013-02-06 14:46:02] * Mitzi nods; "Glass eez easy."
  77. [2013-02-06 14:46:12] * CopyCat grins and gets herself ready to tap on the glass when Kid was done.
  78. [2013-02-06 14:47:32] <Little_Gloom> 3A meek mare's voice speaks up from hidden speakers in the room.  "Please don't break into the medical supplies.  It's not nice."
  79. [2013-02-06 14:48:13] * Mitzi blinks; "Um... maybe we shud find a key?"
  80. [2013-02-06 14:48:26] * Kid finishes wrapping her hoof in the sheets and then makes way for them, looking up. Shit. Jig's up. "... Second thought, let's not do this." Yet. We have to look for what spotted us first. And, yes. Potentially find a key.
  81. [2013-02-06 14:48:48] * Bookwright gives the employee lounge a stern and thorough looking-over.'
  82. [2013-02-06 14:49:12] * Noble_Heart glanced back at the terminal now and then as she waited for the coffee to finish. Before finally returning to finish her game. It didn't take too long before she was done and back to waiting, levitating up the coffee can to inspect. She was apparently a patient mare. Or possibly simply didn't want to do anything else.
  83. [2013-02-06 14:50:01] * Shatara facetalons.
  84. [2013-02-06 14:51:20] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwight spots a drawer under the terminal table that nopony had checked.  Sliding it open, he discovers a hoof-full of reading magazines.  
  85. [2013-02-06 14:51:48] * CopyCat looks down at her sheet-hoof. "I don't want to upset the computer-mare. She sounds like such a nice pony."
  86. [2013-02-06 14:53:19] * Kid looks around warily. "Ya'll know I ain't about t' ruin none of yer hospitality, miss voice on th' speakers." She said, shifting unevenly. "Who could we talk t' fer gettin' somepony treated? I ain't a big fan o' those autodocs, I'm afraid."
  87. [2013-02-06 14:53:24] <Little_Gloom> 3Amongst the magazines are issues (one each) of "The MoP Field Guide: Saving Lives with a Smile" and "Equestria Daily", as well as a Sword Mares comic.
  88. [2013-02-06 14:55:29] * Bookwright reads aloud: "Trixie: Not Actually A Bad Mare". He snorts. "Yeah, we all know how that turned out, right Noble Heart?"
  89. [2013-02-06 14:56:05] * Bookwright gathers up the 'zines and puts them into his packs for later perusal.
  90. [2013-02-06 14:57:04] * Noble_Heart seemed to shudder slightly where she sat, before trying to stabilize herself again. "We are aware of Her failings, yes. Though We do not blame Her so much as many do." She continued to stare down at the coffee pot quietly now, before glancing back towards the door with a frown and a sad sigh. "We only hope that Our friends can adjust. We believe they are strong enough."
  91. [2013-02-06 14:58:58] <Little_Gloom> 3The voice replies sweetly.  "Oh dear.  I'm deeply sorry.  All our staff are currently on break.  However, I am sending a doc-bot.  She will be with you shortly."
  92. [2013-02-06 15:00:04] <Little_Gloom> 3The coffee pot signals that the coffee is ready.
  93. [2013-02-06 15:01:01] * Noble_Heart wasted no time, levitating the still-boiling-hot pot from its resting place and carefully pouring two cups of the steaming hot contents out for herself and Bookwright. She levitated her own mug up, staring down into the black contents quietly a few moments.
  94. [2013-02-06 15:02:27] * Bookwright sips from the chrysanthemum yellow mug gently, blowing on its contents to cool them.
  95. [2013-02-06 15:03:06] * Bookwright "This... is really old coffee. But it's still the tastiest coffee I've ever had. Treasure this, O Noble one. You're drinking a rare treat."
  96. [2013-02-06 15:03:41] * Kid frowns. "That won' be necessary, ma'am." She looks at Mitzi. "Okay, maybe it will. But do ya'll know where th' big doc in charge is? Ah'd like t' talk t' them about yer employees n' staff."
  97. [2013-02-06 15:05:28] * Noble_Heart didn't even bother blowing on the coffee, drinking a mouthful of the hot liquid and pondering it a few moments, tilting her head to one side, then the other. "It is... Acceptable." She drinks a little more. "Better than We would have expected from a packaged brand." She glanced back down at the coffee container again curiously.
  98. [2013-02-06 15:05:39] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright catches a glimpse something decidedly non-pony moving through the front lobby as it crosses past the hall entrance, apparently heading in the direction of the others.
  99. [2013-02-06 15:06:55] * Get_Lost is still tinkering with her new upper skull, trying to understand how it works
  100. [2013-02-06 15:07:12] * Bookwright puts down his coffee mug reluctantly and focuses on a spell.
  101. [2013-02-06 15:09:10] * Noble_Heart filled a third mug with coffee, standing up to move near Get Lost and offer the freshly filled mug to her. Sitting down beside the accidental cyberpony. "We will not tell you that things will be alright. But We will tell you that We believe you can adjust."
  102. [2013-02-06 15:10:07] <Little_Gloom> 3A few seconds later, the doc-bot glides into Patient Care.  The floating, multi-limbed robot most closely resembles the spider-bots that most are familiar with.  However the differences do not stop at the white paint with it's pink butteryfly emblem, or the surgical tools that tip most of the appendages...
  103. [2013-02-06 15:10:53] <Little_Gloom> 3...  The biggest difference is the clear head case, within which floats what looks like a young pony's brain.  A synthesized voice asks: "How are you feeling today?"
  104. [2013-02-06 15:11:12] * CopyCat 'eeps' and tries to hide behind something. Probably Shatara.
  105. [2013-02-06 15:12:42] * Shatara acks as the large equine crams herself behind his form, looking over the docbot a little nervously.
  106. [2013-02-06 15:12:46] * Get_Lost turns towards Noble_Heart and mumbles for a moment "well i.... i cont' say it's all that bad.... i mean, okay, probably if i didn't get a new skull and spine i wasn't going to survive the day... plus, i got nightvision.... i... i could even makes somthing useful out of this"
  107. [2013-02-06 15:13:00] * Bookwright abandons his spell and picks up his coffee mug, carrying it with him as he departs the lounge for Patient Care. Over his shoulder: "Something just came inside. I'm going to go look at it. Enjoy your coffee."
  108. [2013-02-06 15:13:49] * Get_Lost "and i don't think that my genitals were compromised, so i can still find love and have a family, i guess"
  109. [2013-02-06 15:14:11] * Kid blinks. "Uh." Shit. "Hey!" She looks for Copycat, finding the Alicorn comically hiding behind somepony half her size. Great. I'm not good with words and stuff! I'm just good at yelling at ponies for better prices! "Uh. Um." Screw it. Better than nothing. She put on a large fake smile. "Gee! Um, yeah! My friend Mitzi here needs a doc! She got burned pretty bad."
  110. [2013-02-06 15:15:42] * Noble_Heart gently wrapped a wing around Get Lost, nodding her head quietly and offering the coffee still. "We understand. It is a large change. We are here to help and offer whatever We can." She smiled to the cyberpony. "Your mind is intact. Your body is largely intact. We are certain you will find a way to percevere."
  111. [2013-02-06 15:16:09] * Kid was quite nervous. Please let that be a fake brain. Please let that be a robot brain. Please let that be something not horrible.
  112. [2013-02-06 15:17:07] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot glides forward, appendages with needles and scalpels turning as it approaches Mitzi.  A light pours out from a small "eye" and the doc-bot announces, "Patient as no medical file.  Race not identified.  Are you a mule?"
  113. [2013-02-06 15:18:16] * Get_Lost "shouldn't we follow bookie? you know, he doesn't seem really good at the fighting thing, he could use help..."
  114. [2013-02-06 15:20:00] * Bookwright arrives in patient care, mug in tow. Taking in the scene, he muses, "A robot nurse. Of course. I sure hope that's a cloned brain..."
  115. [2013-02-06 15:20:04] * Noble_Heart frowned, looking up in the direction Bookwright had left. She nodded her head and stood. "Yes. But We wished to offer Our help and something to drink. The coffee here is quite good. At least compared to elsewhere." She smiled again, before heading off after Bookwright. Not expecting a fight here, but then expectations could be subverted.
  116. [2013-02-06 15:20:43] * Mitzi shakes her head at the robot; "Uh'm Hellhound." She then thinks about it; "Old Kin eez Diamond Dogs. Does that help?"
  117. [2013-02-06 15:20:49] * Get_Lost follows Noble_Heart, trying to stay out of potential booms
  118. [2013-02-06 15:22:44] * Kid has no idea what she's doing and she's showing it pretty bad. "Um. Yeah! She's a hellhound! I bet ya'll don't have no files on that, s-so ya'll best just tell us where t' find th' big doc in charge!" Let that work please let that work
  119. [2013-02-06 15:25:08] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot pauses.  "No medical information for species: hellhound.  No medical information for species: diamond dog.  Proceed with caution.  Patient noted for later research."  The doc-bot begins to fly further into the room.
  120. [2013-02-06 15:25:46] * CopyCat creeps out from her hidey-griffin and peers up at the floating brain, looking like she might turn and flee at any moment. "Hello... do you have a name?" she asks tentatively, trying to sense any flicker of emotion or recognition.
  121. [2013-02-06 15:26:24] * Mitzi raises an eyebrow; "Uh'm not gunna be research testeen subject." She frowns at the robot and flexes a claw
  122. [2013-02-06 15:28:23] * Noble_Heart strides down the hallway back towards where her friends were waiting. Pausing as she spotted the brain-spider-robot-thing. She frowned a few moments and sipped another mouthful of coffee, watching it curiously. "We have not seen a robot like this before. The robots with brains which We were familiar with had treads." She looked up towards the ceiling curiously. "What company
  123. [2013-02-06 15:28:24] * Noble_Heart was contracted to construct the medical robots for this facility?"
  124. [2013-02-06 15:28:58] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot flies to the far end of the room, one appendage reaching out and producing a key with which it unlocks the medical supplies.  Another appendage picks out magical healing bandages as it instructs Mitzi: "Patient, please remove any armor or clothing."   At CopyCat's question, "I am Doc-Bot #5."
  125. [2013-02-06 15:30:11] * Mitzi lowers her claw and nods, removing her armour. However, she hoped that the bot wouldn't try anything funny, otherwise she would have to break it, which wouldn't end well if the hospital had security.
  126. [2013-02-06 15:32:08] * Kid winces and grits her teeth angrily. Damnit! There's no convincing them to find where the hell to get the key! I swear, if I have to shoot my way out of here to get those fucking potions in this horrible hospital, I'm going to be pissed! "Hey! How do ya'll know whatever yer gon' be doing's good fer her! First m' friend gets all metalled up, we don't get any fuckin' doctors, an' now yer goin'...
  127. [2013-02-06 15:32:10] * Kid ...t' try t' do something ya'll don't even know what does again? Mare, fuck this hospital!" She shouted, letting that old familiar outlet off again.
  128. [2013-02-06 15:32:40] * Shatara observes the bot carefully, still making a surprisingly effective hiding spot.
  129. [2013-02-06 15:33:08] * Mitzi keeps her arm flexed, in case she had to make a sudden counter-motion against the robot
  130. [2013-02-06 15:34:27] * Get_Lost arrives only a second after Noble_Heart "i have no idea of the producing company, but you must admit that it is technically astounding... sure, using brains instead of logical matrixes seems a bit crude, still... i'd love to see the technical sheets of that little guy"
  131. [2013-02-06 15:35:05] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot floats back towards Mitzi. "Without a medical history or species record, internal repairs are categorized as too dangerous.  These bandages will heal burns and external wounds.  The doc-bot begins to try to mummy-wrap Mitzi.
  132. [2013-02-06 15:36:35] * Mitzi allows the robot to bandage her, but uses her free arm to snip any wrappings that are too tight or that attempt to cpver places needed for freedom of movement. She looks to Kid and tilts her head towards the still open cabinet while the robot was occupied.
  133. [2013-02-06 15:40:01] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc wraps Mitzi fairly thoroughly.  
  134. [2013-02-06 15:40:33] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot hovers.  "Do any of you need medical attention?"
  135. [2013-02-06 15:40:59] * Get_Lost takes a look at the robot performing the first aid and nods "oh, i see, standard emrgency manouver #2, well played"
  136. [2013-02-06 15:41:40] * Shatara glances over his shoulder towards CopyCat.
  137. [2013-02-06 15:42:16] * CopyCat smiles towards the bot. "Yes please Doc Bot number 5. My hooves and wings are very sore after a... magical accident."
  138. [2013-02-06 15:43:47] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side curiously, draining the rest of her mug as she watches the doctor robot work. She wasn't certain how it might react to an alicorn, as she prepared herself to have to defend CopyCat from any potential misunderstanding. Though there was always hope the Ministry of Peace had some inkling of what was going on.
  139. [2013-02-06 15:43:53] <Little_Gloom> 3A light from the doc-bot's "eye" scans over CopyCat.  "Patient has no medical file.  Unidentified Princess.  Are you Princess Luna?"
  140. [2013-02-06 15:44:05] * Kid huffs angrily. She's going to get a new eye only to see what the thing that will blow her legs off is. Without those potions, she doesn't know how she could possibly survive! Stupid horror hospital! Stupid- wait what
  141. [2013-02-06 15:44:44] * Get_Lost giggles "no, she is princess solaris"
  142. [2013-02-06 15:44:59] * CopyCat blinks. "Um... no, I don't think so. Would you like be to be? I could try."
  143. [2013-02-06 15:45:08] * Kid nods vigorously to CopyCat. If some creepy weird thing asks if you're a god, you say 'yes'!
  144. [2013-02-06 15:46:01] <CopyCat> *would you like me to be
  145. [2013-02-06 15:46:59] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot scans CopyCat again.  "Incorrect.  Patient is not Princess Solaris.  Patient is female."
  146. [2013-02-06 15:47:04] * Noble_Heart paused herself and laughed quietly a few moments. Stepping forwards to wrap a wing around CopyCat. "We are not certain you would wish to be Princess Luna." She smiled to the other alicorn in amusement.
  147. [2013-02-06 15:47:05] * CopyCat backtracks. "I mean, yes. If that makes things easier for you."
  148. [2013-02-06 15:48:28] * Get_Lost scratches her head at the robot's reply "well... i didn't see that coming..."
  149. [2013-02-06 15:48:38] * Shatara resumes facetalon, but chuckles a bit on the inside.
  150. [2013-02-06 15:50:31] * Kid suddenly seems to develop a twitch! In the direction of the cabinets! Oh woe is her! Come on. Use that ability to pass off as a princess to save our hides for once!
  151. [2013-02-06 15:51:27] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc processes this.  "Thank you.  Medical File started for Patient: Princess Luna.  Detecting injuries...  Burns, lacerations, bone fractures, pigmentation alteration, loss of blood."  
  152. [2013-02-06 15:51:51] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot flies back to the medical cabinet and begins withdrawing items, then extends a key to open one of the other cabinets, revealing crutches, braces and other bulky medical supplies.  "Please lay down on table four, Princess Luna."
  153. [2013-02-06 15:52:25] * Get_Lost pigmentation alte-what?
  154. [2013-02-06 15:52:42] * Bookwright pigment alteration!? "Uh oh, I think it's gonna change your coat color... Unless you tell it not to."
  155. [2013-02-06 15:53:09] * Bookwright "As far as the bot is concerned, you're Luna. Tell it not to alter your coat color."
  156. [2013-02-06 15:53:22] * Get_Lost "yeah i'd ask to ignore the pigmentation color..."
  157. [2013-02-06 15:53:53] <Get_Lost> *change
  158. [2013-02-06 15:53:59] * Kid resists the urge to hoof-pump, even though she really, really, really want to! "Uh! Yeah! She totally wants t' keep th' stuff to do it though! You know them silly pranks!" She laughs nervously.
  159. [2013-02-06 15:54:31] * CopyCat tilts her head then nods as Bookwright explains. "Oh, right. Doc Bot number 5 please do not change my pig-ments. I'm... trying a new colour."
  160. [2013-02-06 15:54:51] * Get_Lost nodnods in approvation
  161. [2013-02-06 15:55:09] * Noble_Heart chuckles, tapping her chin quietly and thoughtfully. "Our Sister is surely happy with the colors She currently has. It is easier upon us if the rest of Equestria does not know our identity, after all."
  162. [2013-02-06 15:55:22] * CopyCat then tries to find table 4 to lie down on.
  163. [2013-02-06 15:56:45] * Bookwright gently reaches out with telekinesis to prevent the various cabinets and cupboards from swinging shut.
  164. [2013-02-06 15:57:20] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot process.  "As you wish, Patient Princess Luna."  After a pause.  "Do you wish to keep your aberrant eye coloration as well?"
  165. [2013-02-06 15:58:17] * Get_Lost "wow, this robot is giving personal taste advice... do you know what it means?"
  166. [2013-02-06 15:59:00] * Get_Lost sighs and shakes her head "poor soul"
  167. [2013-02-06 16:00:16] * CopyCat shivers, thinking about what this place had done regarding Get_Lost's  eyes. "Yes. Please do not change them either."
  168. [2013-02-06 16:00:54] * Shatara ponders the idea of having a visial copy of the the late princess in tow, but shakes it off. Who knows how the bot would go about 'fixing' the alicorn's colors.
  169. [2013-02-06 16:01:59] * Get_Lost then whispers to Bookwright "after all, i think i was still lucky getting a metal skull... it's a lot better than ggetting brain vat... surgery in this place is a little beyond intrusive..."
  170. [2013-02-06 16:02:38] * Noble_Heart frowned and kept out of the robots way, finally meandering off in the direction of cybersurgery to check that other terminal they hadn't read yet.
  171. [2013-02-06 16:04:12] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot puts away several needles and works its craft on CopyCat.  It takes a little under an hour.
  172. [2013-02-06 16:05:29] * Get_Lost decides to stay in the room and check on copy, just to be ready for anything going wrong.
  173. [2013-02-06 16:10:09] * Kid decides that now that everypony's nice and looking at the pretty alicorn, that now would be a great opportunity to try to get something out of those cabinets. So she quietly backed away, slowly made her way to the cabinet...
  174. [2013-02-06 16:12:26] <Little_Gloom> 3The soft voice from overhead chides sternly.  "Please do not steal from the medical cabinets.  Stealing is wrong.  Hurt ponies might need that medicine."
  175. [2013-02-06 16:12:59] * Bookwright mutters "Say you're sorry, quicklike."
  176. [2013-02-06 16:13:17] * Kid ... and then made the worst racket possible. She curses silently. "Sorry." She muttered under her breath.
  177. [2013-02-06 16:16:17] <Little_Gloom> 3A soft, pleasant mare's voice announces, "Oh dear, I'm sorry.  But you need to have the right password to look at Doctor Uguani's terminal."
  178. [2013-02-06 16:17:07] * Kid gets a quick idea in her head. "Hey! Luna! Don't we need these medical supplies, though?"
  179. [2013-02-06 16:19:14] * CopyCat slowly sits up when the robot prompts her and sways slightly, now understanding how hard it was to move while anesthetic still lingered. Get_Lost probably helped to keep her steady. "-ess, -ess -e do."
  180. [2013-02-06 16:19:29] <Little_Gloom> 3> Good Morning, Doctor Uguani.  Isn't it a beautiful day?
  181. [2013-02-06 16:19:39] <Little_Gloom> 3> You may choose from the following menu items: 1) General Notices, 2) Current Projects, 3) Personnel Records and 4) Private Messages.  Which would you prefer?
  182. [2013-02-06 16:20:15] * Noble_Heart taps her chin briefly before deciding to read over Uguani's private messages. That would be a good start.
  183. [2013-02-06 16:21:58] * CopyCat does some un-princess like excercises with her tongue to try and speak properly again. "I mean, yes we do need some potions. Please."
  184. [2013-02-06 16:23:42] * Kid looks at the speakers. "See? Ya'll can't disobey a /princess's/ orders, now can you?"
  185. [2013-02-06 16:23:48] <Little_Gloom> 3The voice respond.  "Oh.  Okay.  But please take only what you really need, Princess.  We don't want to run out of supplies when a pony or zebra is counting on us."
  186. [2013-02-06 16:24:38] <Little_Gloom> 3> Three (3)  Saved Messages
  187. [2013-02-06 16:24:56] <Little_Gloom> 3> ...
  188. [2013-02-06 16:25:07] <Little_Gloom> 3> From: Fluttershy
  189. [2013-02-06 16:25:20] <Little_Gloom> 3To: Doctor Uguani
  190. [2013-02-06 16:25:36] <Little_Gloom> 3> Dear Doctor Uguani,
  191. [2013-02-06 16:28:43] <Little_Gloom> 3> I am so happy to hear about your promotion and all of your wonderful work.  It warms my heart to hear of how you are helping people, and I just wanted to personally say thank you.  I am told these "cyberfetishes" will help save a lot of lives.  I especially like the new Phoenix Implant.  That's such a nice name.  
  192. [2013-02-06 16:28:50] <Little_Gloom> 3I hope you are having a wonderful day.
  193. [2013-02-06 16:29:08] <Little_Gloom> 3Peace be with you,
  194. [2013-02-06 16:29:11] <Little_Gloom> 3Fluttershy.
  195. [2013-02-06 16:29:16] <Little_Gloom> 3> ...
  196. [2013-02-06 16:29:31] <Little_Gloom> 3> From: unknown
  197. [2013-02-06 16:29:40] <Little_Gloom> 3To: Doctor Uguani
  198. [2013-02-06 16:30:10] <Little_Gloom> 3> I know what you are doing.
  199. [2013-02-06 16:30:13] <Little_Gloom> 3> ...
  200. [2013-02-06 16:30:41] <Little_Gloom> 3> From: Colonel Drift
  201. [2013-02-06 16:30:48] <Little_Gloom> 3To: Doctor Uguani
  202. [2013-02-06 16:31:01] <Little_Gloom> 3> Mr. Uguani,
  203. [2013-02-06 16:31:24] <Little_Gloom> 3> I understand that you have been very busy as of late.  
  204. [2013-02-06 16:31:48] <Little_Gloom> 3> If you are going to miss a check-up, please inform us ahead of time so that we may reschedule.
  205. [2013-02-06 16:34:07] * Kid hoofpumps. Yes! The dream lives on! Her and her greedy hooves starts loading up from the cabinets, hoping to find some things to pitch at the Cyberpony. And maybe "Princess Luna". She didn't know if she knew how to work these potions, but she did seem to be the type.
  206. [2013-02-06 16:34:22] <Little_Gloom> 3> In accordance to out-patient policies, you are required to present yourself once a month for a session with your SRAC Parole Therapist.  We regret any inconvenience, but these sessions are important for your continued health and well-being.
  207. [2013-02-06 16:35:03] <Little_Gloom> 3> Please contact the SRAC out-patient office within the next three days.
  208. [2013-02-06 16:35:07] <Little_Gloom> 3> Thank you.
  209. [2013-02-06 16:35:15] <Little_Gloom> 3>
  210. [2013-02-06 16:35:23] <Little_Gloom> 3> One (1) Sent Message
  211. [2013-02-06 16:35:27] <Little_Gloom> 3>...
  212. [2013-02-06 16:35:37] <Little_Gloom> 3> From: Doctor Uguani
  213. [2013-02-06 16:36:06] <Little_Gloom> 3To: MoP Security
  214. [2013-02-06 16:37:11] <Little_Gloom> 3> I've gotten another one of those vaguely threatening messages again.  And, once again, there is no valid sender.  Please look into this.  I am saving the message in case you should want to review it.
  215. [2013-02-06 16:37:55] <Little_Gloom> 3> Doctor Uguani, Cybernetics Research
  216. [2013-02-06 16:38:01] <Little_Gloom> 3>...
  217. [2013-02-06 16:38:04] <Little_Gloom> 3>End of Messages
  218. [2013-02-06 16:39:21] * CopyCat picks up a few stray thoughts that coalesce into an idea. "Miss computer, can you please tell me how many times your medical supplies have been called upon in the last few years? And how full are your current stores?"
  219. [2013-02-06 16:39:52] * Noble_Heart frowned, tapping her chin thoughtfully. This was worrying. "Uguani had come through the SRAC..?" She shook her head. That did explain a few things, potentially. "But he did seem to want to help ponies." She glanced about at the surrounding machines. "Or zebras. Or perhaps both." Before returning her attention to the terminal and this time pulling up the Personnel Records.
  220. [2013-02-06 16:39:52] * Noble_Heart She wasn't sure it'd have anything new and interesting in it, but it might.
  221. [2013-02-06 16:47:49] <Little_Gloom> 3The voice answers, "Oh.  Okay.  Let me see.   Current stocks are at 15.8%.  This is down from 17% two years ago.  Resupply is very, very tardy."
  222. [2013-02-06 16:48:58] <Little_Gloom> 3> Personnel Records
  223. [2013-02-06 16:51:05] <Little_Gloom> 3> Four Records Available: 1) Doctor Rose Bloom, 2) Doctor Fine Detail, 3) [Redacted], 4) Doctor Uguani
  224. [2013-02-06 16:51:15] <Little_Gloom> 3> Which would you like to view?
  225. [2013-02-06 16:51:39] * Noble_Heart blinks, her curiousity instantly piqued as she picked number three. She'd check the others afterwards.
  226. [2013-02-06 16:51:49] * Kid considers this briefly, then gets her barterpony head into it. "Assumin' that it keeps on that rate, then us takin' 10% of the blanket amount o' goods would keep ya'll goin' fer ten more years! Ya'll can't tell me th' resupply'll take ten years!"
  227. [2013-02-06 16:52:02] <Little_Gloom> 3 3) [Redacted]
  228. [2013-02-06 16:53:07] <Little_Gloom> 3> Position: Acting Head of Security.   Acting Head of Administration.  Acting Head of Niceness and Public Relations.
  229. [2013-02-06 16:53:23] <Little_Gloom> 3> Security Level: Highest
  230. [2013-02-06 16:54:03] <Little_Gloom> 3> Prior Employment History: [Redacted]  
  231. [2013-02-06 16:54:45] * Bookwright leaves the room and returns to Cybersurgery, stopping off at the employee lounge for a refill before going to see what Noble_Heart has been getting up to.
  232. [2013-02-06 16:54:52] <CopyCat> ACTION thinks for a moment, she had been hoping that the stock would have remained steady for years and years. This might be a little tricky. "We are heading into the Zebra lands by hoof on a mission of peace. We could really use any supplies that you can spare for the journey and to help the Zebras when we get there. We would be most grateful if you could prepare a bundle for us of anything that you don't need, taking into account the de
  233. [2013-02-06 16:55:34] <Little_Gloom> 3> References: Project [Redacted], Stable-Tec
  234. [2013-02-06 16:56:37] <Little_Gloom> 3> Personality Profile: (see: Fluttershy)
  235. [2013-02-06 16:56:38] * CopyCat continues: "taking into account the demand you expect to face of course. We would be glad to take potions that were approaching their shelf life if needed."
  236. [2013-02-06 16:56:55] <Little_Gloom> 3> Special Notes: [Redacted]
  237. [2013-02-06 16:59:21] <Little_Gloom> 3The voice responds to CopyCat.  "Oh that's wonderful news!  We all wish you luck, Princess!  Please, take anything you need from Patient Care and Cybersurgery.  I'll have them restocked from storage.  I'm sure we'll be fine.  Re-supply should arrive any day now."
  238. [2013-02-06 16:59:37] * Bookwright walks up behind Noble_Heart, sipping from his mug as he goes, "So O Noble One, what've you found out?"
  239. [2013-02-06 17:00:45] * Noble_Heart frowns, tapping her chin and tilting her head to one side, then the other. "That's... Interesting." She looks up as Bookwright returns, bowing her head slightly. Before looking back to the list. "Somepony or zebra working in this facility was of most cloaked nature. Most of their files have been redacted, save that they worked with Stable-Tec on some sort of project." She
  240. [2013-02-06 17:00:46] * Noble_Heart shook her head. "Beyond that We are uncertain whom this might be." She sighed quietly. "We were about to review the other personnel files." She moved to pull up Doctor Uguani's file, after giving Bookwright a chance to look at 'redacted'.
  241. [2013-02-06 17:01:22] * Bookwright scribbles in his notebooks, "Intriguing..."
  242. [2013-02-06 17:01:27] * CopyCat smiles, still sitting on the operating table. "That's wonderful news. Thank you very much!"
  243. [2013-02-06 17:01:48] * Bookwright finishes writing in his notebooks. "G'head and look at the others.
  244. [2013-02-06 17:01:49] <Bookwright> "
  245. [2013-02-06 17:03:50] * Shatara steps over to the cabinets to help collect the supplies.
  246. [2013-02-06 17:06:22] * Kid smiles and attempts to help CopyCat up. It's actually quite amusing to see a filly on her hind legs like that. You go, CopyCat! You sure live up to your name!
  247. [2013-02-06 17:07:33] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot unlocks the final cabinet as Kid and Shatara loot the first two
  248. [2013-02-06 17:08:50] * CopyCat manages to stand again, leaning on Kid and Get_Lost. She turns her smile toward the Doc-Bot. "And thank you Number Five. You did a very good job, I feel much better now."
  249. [2013-02-06 17:13:13] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara collects two rolls of magical bandages and three doctors bags.
  250. [2013-02-06 17:13:57] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid finds a Super Restoration Potion.
  251. [2013-02-06 17:16:52] * CopyCat is guided my Kid towards the lockers
  252. [2013-02-06 17:19:20] * CopyCat is guided *by Kid towards the lockers
  253. [2013-02-06 17:20:04] <Little_Gloom> 3Copycat finds three Healing Potions.
  254. [2013-02-06 17:20:47] <Little_Gloom> 3The doc-bot opens the final cabinet.  A weapons cabinet.
  255. [2013-02-06 17:23:41] <Little_Gloom> 3Inside are two tranquilizer rifles and a riot shotgun.
  256. [2013-02-06 17:24:03] * Kid looks wide-eyed at the new, shiny shotgun. "DIBS."
  257. [2013-02-06 17:26:12] * Bookwright speaks up, and addresses the empty air. "Computer, where is the nearest workbench?"
  258. [2013-02-06 17:26:49] * Shatara blinkstares at the guns. "That's some strong medicine..."
  259. [2013-02-06 17:26:58] * Shatara then takes one of the traq rifles.
  260. [2013-02-06 17:27:55] <Little_Gloom> 3All are in used condition, largely due to disuse.  The riot shotgun has a full magazine of 12 bean bag rounds.  Each rifle has a partial clip, with a full five darts between them.
  261. [2013-02-06 17:30:42] * CopyCat floats the unclaimed rifle over to herself and begins to inspect it. She's surprisingly adept at handling the weapon.
  262. [2013-02-06 17:31:48] * Shatara looks over the shortage of ammunition, wondering if they were issued that way, or had seen...use.
  263. [2013-02-06 17:33:02] <Little_Gloom> 3Noble_Heart views Doctor Uguani's file...
  264. [2013-02-06 17:33:14] <Little_Gloom> 3 4) Doctor Uguani
  265. [2013-02-06 17:33:49] <Little_Gloom> 3> Position: Co-Founder of Cybernetics Research.  Assistant to Doctor Rose Bloom.
  266. [2013-02-06 17:34:09] <Little_Gloom> 3> Security Level: Low
  267. [2013-02-06 17:34:29] * Kid just hovers over that shotgun and starts to breathe heavy. To others, it would look rather creepy. To her and her love of shotgun goodness? It's like Hearth's Warming Eve morning again, where her brother was around, and Ma and Pa were looking down on her freaking out like the time she'd gotten her first toy BB Gun and everything was calm and peaceful and Pa wasn't a...
  268. [2013-02-06 17:34:59] <Little_Gloom> 3> Prior Employment History: Medical shaman, Bear Legion.
  269. [2013-02-06 17:36:44] <Little_Gloom> 3> References: Lieutenant Purity, SRAC-CE.  Princess Cadence.
  270. [2013-02-06 17:37:52] <Little_Gloom> 3> Personality Profile: Alert.  Eager to help.  Creative.  Impulsive.  Occasionally prone to nervousness or paranoia.  
  271. [2013-02-06 17:38:13] * Shatara chuckles softly, watching Kid drool over the drum-fed weapon. Inspecting his own find, he looks up towards the cieling. "Say, err...building-voice-lady? Not to say we're ungrateful for you' but do you have more ammo for these in stock?"
  272. [2013-02-06 17:39:55] <Little_Gloom> 3> Special Notes:  First and most publically lauded success of the Emotional Re-Adjustment process.  If the re-socialization of all patients in the SRAC are as impressive as Doctor Uguani, then I have the brightest hopes for the future.
  273. [2013-02-06 17:40:03] <Little_Gloom> 3> End of File
  274. [2013-02-06 17:40:41] * Kid seemed to snap out of it with that thought. Funny how thinking about her father sobered her right down. She checked the magazine. Bean Bags. Not really her style, but beggars can't be choosers. She worked the action a few times. Stiff. Needs some lubrication, but would work just fine for as little ammo as she had until she got it. She put away her Over-Under and rested the new drum-fed thing...
  275. [2013-02-06 17:40:43] * Kid ...on her back.
  276. [2013-02-06 17:41:02] * Noble_Heart frowns, tilting her head to one side. Quietly moving on to Doctor Rose Bloom's file. Whatever misgivings she had about Uguani she didn't seem inclined to share them.
  277. [2013-02-06 17:42:18] <Little_Gloom> 3The voice answers pleasantly, "Unfortunately, our current stock of tranquilizer darts is very low.  However, we are expecting more in the next supplies shipment.  It should arrive any day now.  If you would care to wait, we have lemonade.  Pink or yellow.
  278. [2013-02-06 17:42:20] <Little_Gloom> 3"
  279. [2013-02-06 17:42:58] <Little_Gloom> 3> Doctor Rose Bloom
  280. [2013-02-06 17:44:15] <Little_Gloom> 3> Position: Co-Founder of Cybernetics Research.  Head Researcher.  Former Head of Prosthetics.  Former Assistant to Doctor Fine Detail.
  281. [2013-02-06 17:44:24] <Little_Gloom> 3> Security Level: High
  282. [2013-02-06 17:45:31] * CopyCat answers absent mindedly. "Pink lemonade please." She looks over at Kid acting giddy over her new shotgun. "That's a fine weapon, Kid. I think it suits you."
  283. [2013-02-06 17:45:31] * Shatara frowns.
  284. [2013-02-06 17:48:11] <Little_Gloom> 3> Prior Employment History: Reconstructive Surgeon, Angel of Mercy Hospital, Stalliongrad.  Medical Consultant, Mercy Station, Stalliongrad.  Doctor, Ponyville General, Ponyville.
  285. [2013-02-06 17:50:00] <Little_Gloom> 3> References: Nurse Gentle Whispers, House of Kindness.  Major Empathy, Mercy Station.  Nurse Tenderheart, Ponyville General.
  286. [2013-02-06 17:51:03] <Little_Gloom> 3> Personality Profile: Caring.  Ambitions.  Extreme attention to detail.  Somewhat grandiose world view.
  287. [2013-02-06 17:53:57] * Kid smiles. "Ah know, right? Shotguns jus' kinda... Click with me." She rubbed the back of her mane. "No pun intended, a'course."
  288. [2013-02-06 17:54:50] <Little_Gloom> 3> Special Notes: Doctor Rose Bloom's personal quest to integrate robotics to create a new generation of prosthetics is as noble in nature as it is grand in scale.  Unfortunately, current technology is still considerably behind what would be needed to make her vision a reality.  A fact she refuses to accept.  
  289. [2013-02-06 17:56:28] <Little_Gloom> 3>(Addendum: It would appear Doctor Bloom's dreams have been given an unexpected boost by the arrival of Doctor Uguani.  The zebra doctor has apparently convinced Doctor Rose Bloom that the technology gap between reality and her intentions could be shortcut through the applications of "fetish magic".  I have reservations, but will continue to observe.)
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