From Hell to Home 5

Sep 17th, 2017
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  1. >Be Sunset
  2. >It was another wonderful day
  3. >This morning you had walked Anon to his first day on the job, getting a big bear hug for your troubles because that man couldn't keep his hands to himself; not that you were complaining though
  4. >After that you had gone home and gotten ready for your job
  5. >It wasn't anything fancy like Dash's job, or Rarity's, or any other of the girls jobs really
  6. >You were a waitress at one of the local restaurants in town
  7. >Sure, some of the girls liked to tease you about it, but you liked it well enough
  8. >The hours were pretty nice and it never so busy that you were totally swamped
  9. >That and you made a stupid amount of money flirting with the rich old men
  10. >And no, it wasn't wrong taking their ridiculously large tips
  11. >They just wanted a young woman to make them feel like they were still beautiful
  12. >And you were a young woman, and you were there, and they HAD money that you needed...
  13. >So it was fine
  14. >Since it was Tuesday bingo at the local YMCA, the restaurant was pretty much empty, except for the fact that you had a few celebrities in your midst
  15. >Spitfire and Soarin, two people that were literally known around the world, were sitting at one of the tables
  16. >While--for many people at least-- this would have been a big deal, you saw these two, along with the rest of the Wonderbolts, at least once a week
  17. >You had no idea why such massive celebrities always came to this homey, kind of dumpy little place when they could go anywhere they wanted
  18. >Soarin seemed to REALLY like the blueberry pie that you served here
  19. >Spitfire liked to "playfully" hit on your old, slightly overweight male cook
  20. >You also think that Fleetfoot had a thing for the way the restaurant owner liked to fold the ends of the toilet paper in the bathrooms
  21. >... That was a pretty weird one
  22. >Since both of your customers were busy eating their food and you had already cleaned off all of the tables for the tenth time in an hour, you had decided to share some fries with the third celebrity that had found her way in this place
  25. >Rainbow "the carpet matches the drapes" Dash
  26. >Just like her teammates, Rainbow was wearing her Wonderbolts outfit
  27. >She seemed very pleased about her get up, her trademark grin a bit wider than usual
  28. >You noticed that she was also being VERY careful when she was eating, and would check her suit every once in awhile to see if it was still free of stains
  29. "You know, you wouldn't have to worry about that suit so much if you didn't wear it in here," you said, popping a fry into your mouth
  30. >Rainbow snorted
  31. >"And miss out on everyone seeing me in this thing? You're NUTS," she replied, dipping a handful of fries into ketchup and stuffing them into her mouth.
  32. >She noisily chewed, her cheeks bulging like a chipmunk's, before she swallowed
  33. >"This thing is the ultimate cock magnet!" she continued, wiping the ketchup with the back of her hand. "I swear I second I walk by guys are tenting in their pants like THAT!"
  34. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the cook staring at Rainbow disapprovingly
  35. "Why don't you say that a little louder, Rainbow? I don't think they heard it across the street," you dryly remarked, helping yourself to another fry
  36. >Rainbow's eyes darted over to the cook, who crossed his arms
  37. >Flinching, she leaned toward you
  38. >"Seriously though, Sunset, this thing is AWESOME," Rainbow said, her voice--thankfully--quieter. "I have to almost beat ‘em off with a stick."
  39. >You had to resist the urge to shake your head
  40. >Famous though they may be, the Wonderbolts weren't known to have any groupies or anything "unsavory" like that
  41. >Both of you knew the last time that Rainbow got any male attention was when Thunderlane drunkenly groped her during one of Pinkie's parties
  42. "I'm sure they are, Dashie," you said, not quite able to keep the sarcasm out of your voice.
  43. >Unfortunately for you, Rainbow seemed to be particularly alert today
  44. >She perked up at your sarcasm, her brow furrowing and her eyes narrowing
  47. >"Hey! I got a SHIT--"
  48. >"Language!" the cook barked from across the room
  49. >Rainbow flinched again before leaning toward you a bit more
  50. "--shiton of phone numbers from sluts all over this town, and in Canterlot," she said, puffing her chest up
  51. "There's no need to get defensive, Mrs. Prissy," you teased, raising your hands up defensively. "I was agreeing with you."
  52. >Rainbow stared at you hard for several seconds before she suddenly smiled
  53. >"Hey, speaking of sluts, have you done anything with that Anon guy ye--"
  54. "Anon's NOT a slut," you growled, cutting her off before she could finish. "He's a sweetheart, not one of those Clapchat sluts or whoever else the you're following on--"
  55. >Before you said another word, you noticed that Dash was now smirking
  56. >It took a moment or two, but you eventually realized just how harshly you had snapped at your friend
  57. >You also knew that said friend would notice this and run away with it like a gryphon ran away from the poince
  58. >...
  59. >Shit...
  60. >"Easy there, Sunny. I didn't mean to call your boyfriend a slut," she said, resting her head on her hand
  61. >The wrong thing would have been to immediately start trying to defend yourself
  62. >If you did that you'd start sputtering and shimmering
  63. >You'd probably start blushing or doing something else embarrassing like that, which would give Rainbow the perfect opportunity to rake you a little more
  64. >You KNEW this
  65. >But, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't stop the sudden flood of words that came out of your mouth
  66. "I-I'm not, I mean we aren't, he isn't!" you said, her eyes widening
  67. >"So has he shown it to you yet?" Rainbow asked, making a phallic shape with her hands. "I bet a big guy like that can give a girl a mouthful, if you know what I mean."
  70. "Shut it!"
  71. >"I bet he cums like a fire hose too."
  72. >A blush began to creep its way down your neck but you ignored it, giving Rainbow a stern look
  73. >...At least you hoped it was a stern look
  74. "I swear to Celestia I'll get you k-kicked out of here!"
  75. >Rainbow chuckled
  76. >"Holy shit are you red," she said, reaching over and giving your shoulder a nudge
  77. >You huffed, leaning back into your chair
  78. "Fuck you."
  79. >Rainbow only chuckled harder, grabbing the last few fries on your plate and stuffing them into her mouth
  80. >"Hey, why don't the two of us go to Twi's computer store to see the big guy?" she said
  81. >While you would have liked to go and check up on Anon to see how he was doing--since you were his caretaker and you cared about his wellbeing--you knew exactly what Rainbow was trying to do
  82. >But you also couldn't just say no to her
  83. >A no would have made you "look like a chicken" as she liked to put it, so you'd have to get a little more creative
  84. "I can't today, Dash," you said, wiping your hands with the napkin you had on the table. "Since I'm done eating I really should go back and while clean up the kitchen."
  85. >Oh come on, Sunny. We'll just be there for a couple of minutes," Rainbow said. "The store isn't even that far."
  86. "I know, but I really should help with the kitchen while we're not all that busy," you replied. "And besides--"
  87. >Toward the end of the room, you saw the doors leading to the kitchen being thrown open, revealing your boss, Burger Betty
  88. >"Hey Sunset! It's time for your lunch break!" the chubby woman called as she made her way over toward you
  89. ...Shit
  92. >Your eyes quickly darted around the room
  93. >Think... think...
  94. "I actually already took my break, Betty," you said, showing her your empty plate. "So I don't have too--"
  95. >"Eh, don't worry about it," Betty said with a dismissive wave of her hand. "No one's gonna be back in here until late."
  96. "But what about all of the cleaning that needs to be done in the back?" you argues, desperately trying to find something to grab onto
  97. >Again you were waved away with a simple hand gesture
  98. >"That'll take me about ten minutes. Now get on outta here. Go and see that boyfriend of yours that you were talking to me about this morning."
  99. >Your face heated up despite your best efforts
  100. "He's not my boyfriend..."
  102. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_
  104. "Sweet mother mercy look at all of it..."
  105. >Be Anon
  106. >It was your first day at your new job, and you had to say that you already really liked it
  107. >The other girls you worked with were nice
  108. >They were also sweaty nerds to a woman--some of them more than others--but those were your people
  109. >You might have been a hell of a lot bigger than them, and you may have taken a few more baths, but they were still your people
  110. >One or two of them had been a little wary about you, just like Moonie had, but by lunch time you were proud to say you had grown on most of them
  111. >Traffic into the store was surprisingly steady for a weekday
  112. >Twilight had said that was probably because you were a brand new store and people wanted to come in and just look around
  113. >Moondancer, however, had insisted that it was because yours was the only computer store in town
  114. >You were an oasis in the middle of a technological desert, and people wanted to quench their thirst
  117. >Sure, it was silly and some of your co workers had-- kinda rightfully-- teased her about phrasing it like that, but she might not have been that far off mark
  118. >Since the store had opened people had been coming in and not only browsing, but buying shit
  119. >Virus-filled computers had been brought in to be fixed
  120. >One girl bought about five hundred dollars worth of 1 terabyte hard drives
  121. >Another had come in wanting to get a computer custom built
  122. >An elderly couple had even come in asking for your cheapest stock pc
  123. >This meant that you all had been wonderfully busy
  124. >Things needed doing, parts needed to be brought out from the back, software had to be installed
  125. >It was that kind of hectic that put a smile on your face
  126. >This was MUCH better than in horseland
  127. >There you would have been lucky to get a job as a babysitter or a secretary
  128. >Very lucky, since most ponies were terrified of you
  129. >But here?
  130. >Here you could do what you had wanted to do since you were little
  131. >You could look someone in the eye and tell them that their rig was nice... two years ago
  132. >You could also put all of the LEDs and fans on computers that you wanted
  133. >And water cooling!
  134. >Water cooling fucking EVERYTHING!
  135. >And, just like any other computer shop, you had some fun shit walk through those doors
  136. >"R-Release the Great and P-Powerful Trixie! Release h-her now!"
  137. >At that moment you were looking at a pc
  138. >The customer that she the MIGHT have had a few virus’ on it, and she wanted to see if she could get her rig all cleaned up
  139. >She hadn't been wrong when she said that there were virus’ on it
  140. >The thing was stuffed to the gills with them
  141. >That you had seen a million times
  144. >But what made this so fantastically special was what made caused all of the virus’
  145. >"D-did you hear Trixie?! She d-demands that you release h-her!"
  146. >The computer's owner, a grumpy little blue girl with a cap and wizard hat, wiggling furiously in your lap
  147. >You, not taking your eyes off the computer screen in front of you, held her gently yet firmly
  148. "Shhhhhh. Quit all of your wiggling and hold still for a second," you said, somehow managing to tear your gaze from what you were looking at to look at Twilight
  149. >Both her and Moondancer were standing on either side of you
  150. >Just like you, the two were looking at the computer screen in front of you with a mixture of fascination, disgust, and confusion
  151. >"Where did you even download all of this, Trixie?" Twilight asked as she clicked through a few files. "I mean... I can't even begin to think where you'd get all of... this."
  152. >"Me neither, and I'm the one that surfs the deep web," Moondancer said, her nose scrunching up at another picture popped up on the screen. "Sweet Goddess above... is that a bicycle pump and a lawn ornament?"
  153. >The little degenerate in your lap wiggled as hard as she could, a bright blush on her face
  154. >"N-None of this is Trixie's! T-The viruses m-must have put these p-pictures on her computer!"
  155. >You, Twilight, and Moondancer reeled back a bit as another picture popped up
  156. "Jesus Christ, what the hell is that elephant doing with that surfboard?" you asked, trying not to laugh
  157. >Moondancer's eyes narrowed as she adjusted her glasses
  158. >"I have a VERY strong feeling that not a single one of these pictures is legal to own..."
  159. >Twilight sat back in her chair
  160. >"I mean... I guess it would be illegal," she said, tapping a finger against her cheek. "At the very least it’s illegal because of all of the hinted animal abuse... if you would call it that."
  163. "I don't know girls. Those animals didn't look too abused to me, especially that cheetah in that duck suit."
  165. >She, in fact, screamed so loudly that the other customers in the store turned to look at your little group with varying levels of concern
  166. >You just shushed her again, placing your chin on top of her head
  167. "Keep doing through those files, Twi. I wanna see just how deep this rabbit hole goes."
  168. >Just then, you heard the bell on the front door jingle
  169. >You looked over to see Sunset step into the store along with the not garbage Rainbow
  170. >You perked up the second you saw them
  171. "Afternoon, ladies," you said with a smile
  172. >Sunset smiled right back at you
  173. >"Hey Anon," she said, giving you a little wave. "How's it..."
  174. >Her eyes settled on Trixie, and you watched as her smile diminished just a hair
  175. >"...Going?"
  176. "It's doing great!" you said. "We're in the middle of seeing if we can fix this computer."
  177. >Both Sunset and Rainbow attempted to take a step closer, but you quickly raised a hand to stop them
  178. "Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy there. I really don't think you want to see what's on this screen."
  179. >"None of that is Trixie's f-fault!", the little degenerate said, wiggling. "She has no i-idea how those pictures got on there! Now l-let Trixie go! She has to use t-the bathroom!"
  180. >Turning to look at the--
  181. >JESUS!
  182. >...
  183. >Turning, you looked over at Twilight
  184. "Hey boss lady, is it alright if I take my break now?"
  185. >Twilight nodded slowly
  186. >"Yeah, go ahead Anon. Moonie and I will see what we can do about... this."
  189. >Moondancer let out a quiet sigh as she continued to look at the computer screen
  190. >"I really hope this doesn't awaken anything in me..." she grumbled
  191. >Permission granted, you looked down at Mrs. Wizard
  192. "If I let you go are you gonna be good?" you asked
  193. >She looked up at you, her lip sticking out in a pout
  194. >Blushing a little harder, she mumbled something under her breath and nodded
  195. >You gave her a smile before letting her go
  196. "Good. Now get up so I can get up."
  197. >The little degenerate did so
  198. >She then moved on the other side of Twilight, giving you the stink eye as she adjusted the wizard hat on her head
  199. >You stood up with a grunt
  200. >Stretching, you walked over to Sunset and Rainbow
  201. >...Who was wearing a onesie?
  202. >You stopped just short of the rainbow-haired girl to look her over
  203. >Sure enough, she was wearing some weird looking blue onesie
  204. >And not the kind of onesies that people that worked on cars
  205. >They looked, for all the world, like the pajama ones that would have the butt flap on them
  206. >Rainbow's smile grew as you looked her over, her chest puffing out
  207. >You had no idea why...
  208. >Maybe she was proud of her pjs of something?
  209. "So how are you two ladies doing today?" you asked
  210. >"I'm doing great, Anon," Sunset said
  211. >Walking over, Rainbow tried to wrap an arm around you
  212. >Since she was probably the shortest of Sunset's friends however, she couldn't really reach that high
  213. >Still, when she noticed this she didn't falter, instead wrapping an arm around your middle as best as she could
  214. >The silly little womanlet
  217. >"I'm doing pretty good myself, sweetcheeks," she said, giving you a wink. "Especially now that you're here."
  218. >Sweetcheeks?
  219. "Really? Well, I'm glad I made your day then," you said, casting a sidelong glance at Sunset
  220. >The bacon-haired girl was staring at Rainbow with a look of stark disapproval
  221. >Her nose was scrunched up and her cheeks were puffed out comically
  222. >Though you had been trying your hardest to keep your hands to yourself when it came to your housemate, the sight of her looking just so damned adorable was too much for you
  223. >You stepped around Rainbow and closed the distance between you and Sunny in two steps
  224. >Bending over a bit, you hooked your hands under her armpits and lifted her up into a bearhug
  225. >Sunset let out an indignant squeak, which only made you hug her all the tighter
  226. >Silly smol horse girl...
  229. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  232. >Be Sunset once again
  233. >Your legs were dangling in the air as Anon hugged you
  234. >Usually, you'd have squirmed and kicked, especially since there were other people in the store watching you getting the tit-twitching of a lifetime, but by now you knew that it was useless
  235. >Anon was gonna hug you for as long as he wanted
  236. >The only thing you could do was wait until he put you down
  237. >Not that you were really complaining or anything...
  238. >Resting your head on his shoulder, you looked down at Rainbow
  239. >The speedster was staring up at you with a frown
  240. >A big one
  241. >You responded with a grin, rubbing your thumb and pointer finger together
  242. >Before the two of you had come into the store, Rainbow had made a bet with you
  243. >Since she was such a BIG and FAMOUS Wonderbolt, she bet that she could have Anon wrapped around her finger before you had to go back to work
  244. >A bet that, from the look on her face, she knew that she had lost
  245. >Rainbow huffed, reaching into her cleavage to pull out a twenty dollar bill
  246. >Heh...
  247. "You really are a cuddle bug, aren't cha?" you asked, wrapping your arms around the big lug holding you
  248. >Anon chuckled
  249. >"It's not my fault you girls are so tiny and adorable," he said
  250. >You resisted the urge to tell him that you weren't ADORABLE, instead channeling your inner big, strong mare and giving his neck a nuzzle
  251. >A hum escaped Anon as he held you a little tighter
  252. >This wasn't too bad of a way to spend your lunch...
  253. >Not too bad at all...
  254. >"Hey, Sunny?", Anon said
  255. "Hmm?", you replied, resisting the urge to close your eyes
  256. >"Why the heck is Rainbow wearing pjs out in public?"
  257. >...
  260. >Pjs...?
  261. >You looked back down at Rainbow, brow furrowed
  262. >What the heck was he...
  263. >...
  264. >Holy shit they look EXACTLY like pajamas, don't they?
  265. >Throwing back your head, you started to laugh
  266. >A few feet away, Trixie reddened
  267. >Her eyes darted toward the computer screen that Twilight was sitting in front of
  268. >She then quickly looked around the room before she grabbed Twilight by her collar and started frantically shaking her
  269. >"Hurry up, Sparkle! Trixie needs those pictures off her computer now!"
  270. >"Pictures that you DIDN"T download yourself," Moondancer said, sarcasm dripping from her voice
  271. >Trixie wheeled around to look at her
  272. >"Justshutupanddeletethefuckingpicturesplease!"
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