Blind anon gets a guide puppy [Greentext]

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  1. >Be born a blind bastard
  2. >Not even mamomo mana can bring back your sight
  3. >You deal with it alright, but it's hard for you to play with other kids
  4. >Parents take you somewhere one day
  5. >You don't know where, but it smells like dogs
  6. >Can hear all the yips and little barks from outside
  7. >Have to sit in a chair for a bit while parents fill out forms
  8. >But then they take you where the noises are coming from
  9. >You were always looking forward to having a guide animal
  10. >So you were very surprised when you heard the voices of little girls swarming around you and asking what your name was
  11. >None of them try to touch you, and they're all well behaved
  12. >Respond to the 'sit' command from one of the adults as soon as it's spoken
  13. >Their tails are all sweeping across the carpet
  14. >Parents tell you to have a good day, they'll be back before dinner to pick you up
  15. >Is this daycare?
  16. >"Not exactly" they reply
  17. >You're left to interact with all the girls
  18. >Which isn't so bad, they seem to sense you haven't been around kids a lot and only come at you one at a time to ask you questions and tell you their name
  19. >One stands out, mostly because her tail never seems to stop wagging
  20. >April, as she said in her rather genki voice
  21. >The others seem to lose interest once your attention focuses on her
  22. >She can't stop giggling when you feel her face to see what she looks like
  23. >When you need to use the bathroom she takes you to the door and tells you a map so you can use it yourself
  24. >Reads you some books, though you're sure she's added some flair to the stories with her hyperactive imagination
  25. >The time flies by, and you're worried about if you'll see April again or not
  26. >Parents return and ask if you had a good time
  27. >You ask if you can come again
  28. >They say no
  29. >You complain that you want to see your new friend again
  30. >Can't understand why they're chuckling
  31. >They explain that this is a service dog house
  32. >And they came to get a puppy to help you out
  33. >April gets to come home with you
  34. >April is bouncing the whole ride home
  35. >And tells you about all the things she sees out the window the whole way
  36. >You wonder how she can never get tired of talking
  37. >Tail is still smacking the seat ceaselessly
  38. >When you get home she gets you out of the vehicle herself and guides you inside by the hand
  39. >You know the layout of your house already, so she runs off to explore it herself
  40. >Comes back every minute to check up on you
  41. >Can hear her feet patting around everywhere
  42. >Your parents take her things to your room
  43. >She'll be sharing it with you, and sleep in a sleeping bag until they can set up a bed for you
  44. >April returns as soon as dinner is served
  45. >Tells you where the food is on your plate before starting her own dinner
  46. >After dinner is bath time
  47. >She almost pulls you to the bathroom herself to help you wash
  48. >Parents thankfully stop her
  49. >She sits right by the door and keeps asking if you're alright the whole time
  50. >Whines and complains when your mother takes her to have her bath next
  51. >You're in the kitchen when you hear your mother chasing the yippy puppy past you
  52. >You can smell bath suds and the floor is wet
  53. >April really doesn't like baths
  54. >Your mother finally gets the puppy washed after remembering the commands
  55. >By the time she's done you're getting ready for bed
  56. >April darts in to help you get into your pajamas
  57. >It's a bit awkward for your young self but it does make it a good deal easier
  58. >Get tucked into bed by your mother, you can hear April's tail still going in her sleeping bag
  59. >Not even five minutes after the lights are off, April slips into your bed to cuddle up next to you
  60. >She smells like apples
  62. >Morning comes with April waking you
  63. >By licking your cheek
  64. >An ultra happy good morning is yapped out when she sees you're awake
  65. >She helps you get changed for the day
  66. >Bit less awkward than the licking
  67. >She takes you downstairs and gets breakfast for you
  68. >Cold cereal
  69. >Parents are up after you for once
  70. >And are very surprised to see you both up so early
  71. >April gets headpats from the adults
  72. >You didn't know that tail could go faster
  73. >Father gets some toast and coffee while you and April munch on your Jinko Flakes cereal
  74. >When it's time for him to go, your father ruffles your hair and gives April more head pats
  75. >Once he's gone, your mother asks if you want to play in the back yard
  76. >It's the first time that she'd let you
  77. >She was always worried that you'd wander into her little garden or worse, the tool shed
  78. >It didn't have a door ever since a few full moons ago when a boy hid in there before a girl broke it in
  79. >You don't really understand what made some girls go crazy on the full moon yet
  80. >Father always says he'll tell you when you're older
  81. >You and April head outside into the grassy back yard and you get to smell the scent of the flowers and growing vegetables first hand
  82. >April drags you around to explore and tell you where each place is, keeping a pace that lets you count the steps
  83. >Get a good mental map of the back yard now
  84. >With that out of the way, April takes a few moments to roll on the grass in front of you
  85. >Odd girl
  86. >Afterwards she asks what games you want to play
  87. >You're not even sure what games you CAN play
  88. >She has to think about that for a minute
  89. >Tag, Hide and seek, Jump rope are all out
  90. >So she suggests fetch
  91. >She is a puppy
  92. >Looks around for something the two of you can play fetch with, though you can only hear her whimpers and the grass under her feet
  93. >Has to go inside as quick as she can to find something
  94. >You hear something jump up onto the fence by the alleyway soon after
  95. >You listen nervously, worrying it's one of those scary kid-eaters your mother is always warning you about
  96. >But it's much too small for that
  97. >You hear claws scratch at wood before something plops over onto the grass
  98. >Someone small walks over to you
  99. >Before running away when a yipping and barking April runs back out
  100. >She rushes past you and whoever it was scrambles back over the fence in a panic
  101. >April keeps yipping for about a minute while pacing back and forth along the length of the fence
  102. >You ask what is going on
  103. >This snaps April out of it and she runs back over to you
  104. >Apparently a were-kitten had come snooping
  105. >But she was a stranger so April had to chase her away!
  106. >As she puts it
  107. >Something tells you that it won't be the last you hear of the were-kitten
  108. >But April actually brought back a ball for you two to play with
  109. >She sits you over by the house so you can throw it away from windows
  110. >It's would be a bit boring for you if you couldn't hear April yipping all the way to the ball each time you tossed it
  111. >Lets you know how far you've thrown it each time
  112. >After a bit she makes a detour and barks at the far end of the yard again, bouncing to try and see over the edge of the fence
  113. >What you guess is the were-kitten runs off again
  114. >After a bit of growling April comes back with the ball to resume the games
  115. >Every time your arms start getting tired she has to chase the kitten off
  116. >This goes on until it's time for lunch
  117. >April takes you inside to visit the bathroom first and then to the table
  118. >April is ecstatic
  119. >Almost wonder if she got something other than whole wheat with leftover ham and cheese
  120. >Your mother asks her what the barking by the fence was about while you eat
  121. >Has to remind April to swallow before she speaks
  122. >April tells her about the super scary were-kitten with the devil horns and pitchfork
  123. >Mother realizes it's the neighbor's girl
  124. >Doesn't want April chasing her off again
  125. >April whines
  126. >But accepts
  127. >April takes you back outside after you're both done dinner
  128. >Is alright with reading books since you said you arms were getting sore
  129. >It's a lot more peaceful without the yipping
  130. >Hear all about the tales of a brave knight questing to defeat a dragon
  131. >She adds a lot of content to what is a ten page picture book
  132. >And jumps around as she acts out certain parts
  133. >You can hear the scratching sound again by the fence after a bit
  134. >April notices but keeps going with her acting
  135. >You're not sure why she's moving about so much when you can't see it
  136. >She's probably going to be covered in grass stains
  137. >You hear a squeaky, nervous voice come from the fence
  138. >"C-can I play?"
  139. >April stops and growls a bit at the kitten
  140. >But remembers what mom said
  141. >Says okay, but the kitten has to be the villain
  142. >Kitten points out she isn't a dragon
  143. >And that book ends in a kissing scene
  144. >April whines extra loud about spoiling it
  145. >Kitten apologizes three times in a row
  146. >April opens the back gate to let her in
  147. >Feel someone plop down right beside you
  148. >And then a puppy growl approaching
  149. >The kitten is dragged away from you
  150. >Before crawling back over
  151. >Asks what your name is
  152. >You tell her
  153. >She introduces herself as May
  154. >April pulls you away again and sits down where May had been
  155. >May sits on the other side
  156. >Before April can do more than growl you tell her to continue the story
  157. >She forgot the spot she was at
  158. >May meekly tells her she was at the part where the knight was chopping all the bad p'orcs on the head for taking all the cupcakes
  159. >April pops up to continue
  160. >May is just as interested in the out of control story as you are
  161. >It keeps going through a swamp full of witches that need new hats, to a canyon full of crying wyverns, down the river of their tears, and to the tower of a lich
  162. >You're wondering when he gets to the dragon when your mother calls you three in for snacks
  163. >May is nervous about the snack thing
  164. >Mother informs her she asked May's mother, and she said it was alright
  165. >May follows you and April in as you go to the living room for a snack of apple slices and grapes
  166. >May keeps very quiet unless you speak to her, each time mewing in surprise before speaking in her quiet voice
  167. >April tolerates the kitten in the room as she enjoys her fruity treats
  168. >When you mention it's time for your cartoons the puppy bounces up and runs around the living room to find the remote
  169. >Fiddles with it for a bit but can't seem to figure it out
  170. >And realizes she doesn't know what channel your cartoons are on anyways
  171. >You've never heard what channel it was yourself
  172. >May asks what cartoon it is, and you do your best to describe it to her
  173. >It's one of the only ones with voiced captioning on it
  174. >The kitten knows which one it is
  175. >But April wants to find it
  176. >She accidentally puts it on the nature channel
  177. "When the lion catches it's prey, it clamps it's teeth down on it's neck to suffocate it."
  178. >You hear May thump to the carpet
  179. >April whines and runs to get your mom
  180. >Your mother comes running
  181. >Checks May over
  182. >Kitten just fainted
  183. >Your mother puts it on the right channel before picking May up to bring her home
  184. >April is happy to have you to herself but still follow your mom to the door before coming back
  185. >You spend the next five minutes explaining what the cartoon is about as best as you can
  186. >And you're very surprised to find out one of the characters you thought was a guy is actually an amazon
  187. >Fills in any blanks the captioning leaves that confuse you from that point on
  188. >Your mother takes her time coming back from the neighbors, probably got chatting
  189. >Gives you one of the brownies that May's mother baked
  190. >April whines a bit and you ask why
  191. >She can't have any, she's allergic to chocolate
  192. >Mom gets her a popsicle from the freezer instead
  193. >All is fine after that
  194. >Everything is as it was the day before, the only highlight being April running and tripping on her way to greet your father when he gets home
  195. >It's pizza for dinner that night, making April super excited
  196. >Mother actually has to use the commands to get her to stop running around and yipping in joy
  197. >While you're eating, your mother asks if you want to try going to preschool
  198. >Now that April can watch you they feel safe leaving you there
  199. >Know a good one where May is going to enter in a few days too
  200. >You are nervous about it
  201. >It's a place you don't know and a lot of people you haven't met before
  202. >But April tells you that she'll protect you from anything
  203. >It actually makes you feel more confident
  204. >You want to give it a try
  205. >Mother is happy and gives April head pats
  206. >Her tail accelerates
  207. >How does it never stop wagging?
  208. >Truly a mystery you may never understand
  209. >The doorbell rings
  210. >April takes off barking all the way
  211. >To the amusement of your parents
  212. >Mother goes to the door to answer it
  213. >Comes back with two sets of small footsteps
  214. >May says hello
  215. >Apologizes for fainting
  216. >Like it's her fault
  217. >Of course you tell her it's alright
  218. >April actually asks if May is okay
  219. >The kitten meekly mews a yes
  220. >You hear May hold up some paper
  221. >"I made you a drawing."
  222. >There is a moment of awkward silence
  223. >This only makes May more nervous
  224. >You take it and gingerly tell her you're blind
  225. >She doesn't know what that is, watches you feel the paper to try and get an idea what she made with crayons
  226. >April explains as bluntly as a puppy can.
  227. >"He can't see!"
  228. >It sinks in
  229. >May can't stop apologizing and whining, even when you say it's alright
  230. >Eventually she stops, but you and April need to start getting ready for bed
  231. >Say goodnight to May, she sneaks in two more apologies between saying goodnight back
  232. >With the kitten shown back home, it's time for your bath
  233. >Parents debate something in the other room first, something about using too much hot water
  234. >Come to a decision
  235. >You and April will share a bath
  236. >You're blind, so there isn't anything to worry about
  237. >You're pretty sure April can see you though
  238. >They mention that she already helps you change clothes
  239. >And they have a point there
  240. >Still feels awkward
  241. >April is wondering why it's a problem
  242. >She doesn't have cooties, she checked
  243. >You're not even sure what that means
  244. >No getting around it, you and April get put in the bath together
  245. >She can't stop whining when she's made to stay in the hot soapy water and gets scrubbed by your mother
  246. >You take care of washing yourself until she finishes with the puppy, who sits with her eyes closed while the shampoo soaks into her hair
  247. >But you don't know that
  248. >This makes it very awkward for you
  249. >This continues until April gets rinsed and is pulled out of the tub to be dried off by towel and blowdrier
  250. >You think you can hear her biting at the hot air
  251. >After her small feel pat away downstairs you get rinsed, dried, and dressed afterwards
  252. >You're glad April isn't in charge of this
  253. >After a brief snack and brushing of teeth, you and April get tucked in for the night
  254. >Five minutes pass
  255. >You feel April slip up into your bed again and snuggle up onto your side again
  256. >She's nice and warm
  257. >And smells like apples
  259. >It's time for you to enter preschool
  260. >As a blind kid you're obviously nervous about it
  261. >The morning goes a lot like the others with April waking you up and getting you ready for the day
  262. >She's excited too, her tail refuses to stop wagging behind her
  263. >The whole ride to the preschool April tells you about all the things she sees outside the window
  264. >Once your mother parks the car, April helps you get out
  265. >You can't see anything but you can hear the sound of kids playing nearby
  266. >April takes your hand firmly as soon as you're stepped foot in the parking lot
  267. >You follow her a bit awkwardly, the puppy leading you through a door as the sounds of kids gets louder
  268. >After your mother talks with the woman at the desk, you're allowed to enter the area where all the noise is coming from
  269. >April shows you the way in at your pace, not once letting go of your hand
  270. >All the other kids seem to be occupied with their own games and friends, so you two are left alone for now
  271. >You hear a familiar, quiet voice as you approach
  272. >"G-good morning a-anon."
  273. >It's May
  274. >April says good morning to the were-kitten herself
  275. >And you reply afterwards
  276. >May stays quiet for a few moments
  277. >Just when you think something is wrong she takes your free hand on the other side
  278. >Her paw's hold is a lot weaker than April's
  279. >And this makes it a lot harder to move around
  280. >April squeezes your hand a bit harder, you can feel her looking around you at May
  281. >With what sort of look you couldn't tell
  282. >Your mother says goodbye before giggling at your predicament
  283. >It doesn't help you feel less embarrassed by it
  284. >Well, at least it can't get worse
  285. >An adult voice enters the play area
  286. >"Alright kids, make a circle and we'll introduce ourselves to each other!"
  287. >April leads you to the circle that forms in the center of the room
  288. >You're not really looking forward to this, but you have to do it
  289. >Once everyone is sat down in the circle, the adult introduces herself
  290. >She's a rather tall holst, judging from how high her voice comes from
  291. >The introductions start going around the circle with each kid standing up to tell everyone else who they are
  292. >There is a good mix of boys to girls, and different monster girls
  293. >Even a human girl
  294. >May has to go before you
  295. >She has to be asked to stand up twice before the shy kitten can manage the courage
  296. >"I-I'mMayit'sgoodtomeetyouall..." She blurts out, sitting down and whimpering
  297. >The adult doesn't bother pushing her for anything further
  298. >It's your turn to stand up, but April won't let go of your hand
  299. >You can feel the stares you're getting because of it
  300. >You introduce yourself, mention a few things you like, and then say the big thing
  301. >That you're blind
  302. >The group is hushed
  303. >That's normal, but it feels different this time
  304. >You sit down again anyways and let April have her turn
  305. >She stands up but still doesn't let go of your hand
  306. >"I'm April, I'm Anon's guide puppy! One day I'm going to marry him!"
  307. >You can feel her tail wagging furiously
  308. >And the heat in your face
  309. >The holst just giggles at the statement
  310. >One of the kids asks what a guide puppy is
  311. >"I show Anon where to go safely, make sure he doesn't get hurt, entertain him, and take care of Anon!"
  312. >You can feel May squeezing your other hand a bit tighter
  313. >With luck this will be over soon
  314. >The holst gets April to sit down to your great relief
  315. >But her tail keeps going at the same pace
  316. >The rest of the kids introduce themselves
  317. >Only a hellpup seems to stand out
  318. >Once introductions are done the holst lets the kids have free time to see what toys there are and interact with each other
  319. >You're fine just staying with April and May
  320. >You don't have another hand for someone else to hold
  321. >May goes to fetch a book for April to read
  322. >Seems she really liked what the puppy did with that other book
  323. >You wait with April on a patch of carpet holding hands
  324. >Until a larger girl walks up and sits down in front of you
  325. >"Hey."
  326. >You think you recognize that voice
  327. >April responds with her usually cheery tone
  328. >"Hi!!"
  329. >You say hello to the mystery girl too
  330. >You think you smell cinnamon
  331. >"Hey, are you really blind?"
  332. >Yes, why would you lie about that?
  333. >"Can I take care of you too?"
  334. >April yips once before speaking normally
  335. >"Only I get to take care of anon! I'm his guide puppy!"
  336. >"But I want to take care of anon too!"
  337. >You try and think of how to diffuse the situation
  338. >Tell the girl that only people with the right training can be guide puppies
  339. >But ask her what her name is, so you can be friends
  340. >It seems to work even if April's tail has slowed down
  341. >"I'm June."
  342. >You can't help wondering what is with this coincidence
  343. >Like you're in a story written by a lazy writer
  344. >But you recognize the name
  345. >It's the hellpup
  346. >You try and correct yourself mentally and call it heckpup
  347. >By now May returns
  348. >But she moves around behind you to peek over your shoulder at June
  349. >Her little paws hold onto your free arm
  350. >"Hey, lets go play something anon!" June suggests, standing up straight
  351. >You ask what games she had in mind
  352. >April growls a bit
  353. >"He can't play tag, catch, or simon says!"
  354. >You're not so sure about that last one
  355. >You feel June grab at your free arm to try and make you stand up
  356. >Get forced to your feet
  357. >"Lets go play on the swing!"
  358. >This can only end well
  359. >April refuses to let go and tugs the other way, but June is bigger and stronger
  360. >You're too unbalanced by the tug of war to stop it
  361. >You're not even sure what swings are
  362. >Or where May has gone at this point
  363. >The fresh air of outside greets your senses when you get dragged out a door
  364. >The shaggy hellpup tail keeps brushing past your legs behind June
  365. >"Stop! It's not safe for Anon to go on swings!" April pleads
  366. >"Of course it's safe! He's just got to hold on while I push!"
  367. >You're not even sure what you're supposed to hold onto
  368. >Eventually you're dragged to whatever these 'swings' are
  369. >Both canines let go of you to start bickering
  370. >It gives you a chance to feel the swing with your hands
  371. >It's a piece of cloth hanging between two sturdy ropes
  372. >You're not sure how you're supposed to play with it right away
  373. >Forgetting the puppy and hellpup arguing nearby you sit down in the swing to see if it'll work
  374. >It's a bit freaky being off the ground when you can't see
  375. >"See, Anon wants to do it!" June barks in joy
  376. >Wait a minute here
  377. >June moves behind you to give you a push
  378. >You are not okay with this
  379. >But that isn't getting through to June
  380. >She's too happy laughing and pushing you higher and higher
  381. >April isn't happy about this either
  382. >She won't stop yipping and telling June to stop
  383. >June doesn't get it until you start yelling at her too
  384. >Hellpup goes quiet as April stops the swing so you can get off and takes your hand
  385. >"I-I'm sorry, I thought it would be fun!" June apologizes
  386. >April just drags you away in a huff, leaving the hellpup behind
  387. >June doesn't try and follow you two
  388. >You thank April for helping you out
  389. >April's tail wags, her peppy personality returning
  390. >"Of course anon! I'll always take care of you!"
  391. >April gives you a big hug and squeezes you tight
  392. >And doesn't seem eager to let go anytime soon
  394.     >It's the weekend
  395.     >April is hiding with you in a hallway closet
  396.     >The puppy is shaking in fright and holding onto your hand extra tight
  397.     >Such a simple hiding spot can't fool your mother
  398.     >She slides the door open and makes April yelp in a very dog-like manner
  399.     >Mother scoops April up while the puppy pleads
  400.     >"You need those shots young lady! We'll go clothes shopping after!"
  401.     >Your father comes by to take your hand
  402.     >He's going to need to go too in order to keep the puppy from escaping them
  403.     >So you're going next door to play with May until they get back
  404.     >He takes you over and hands you off to May's mother
  405.     >You're shown into the new house carefully by the mother were-cat and taken to a room where you can hear a television
  406.     >You can't tell what is on it due to lack of descriptive audio
  407.     >May stays very quiet as you sit down next to her
  408.     >You hear her mother giggle
  409.     >"I'm going to go work in the other room, you can take care of him right?"
  410.     >May hesitates
  411.     >"Uhm... I g-guess... maybe... yeah?"
  412.     >May's mother leaves the room, telling you to call if you need anything
  413.     >Somehow this seems like a bad idea
  414.     >You sit there for a short while, not sure what to talk with May about
  415.     >The television is changed to a different show with descriptive video
  416.     >You thank May
  417.     >"Y-you're welcome."
  418.     >Awkwardness continues
  419.     >You try to start a conversation by asking how she's liking preschool
  420.     >Just answers with "It's o-okay."
  421.     >Stand up and say you want some water
  422.     >May springs up with a small whine
  423.     >"I-I'll get it for you!"
  424.     >In her rush she trips over something on the ground and falls over
  425.     >Right into you
  426.     >The soft carpet thankfully cushions the fall
  427.     >You ask if she's alright, even if she landed on top of you
  428.     >Feel her feel around while whining again
  429.     >"M-my glasses fell off!"
  430.     >She wears glasses?
  431.     >The kitten crawls off of you and blindly feels around
  432.     >You offer to help
  433.     >As you feel around you find numerous toys strewn about the carpet
  434.     >No wonder she tripped
  435.     >Wait, what do glasses look like?
  436. >You ask May that odd question
  437. >"W-well, they're glassy and have thingies on them."
  438. >That really doesn't help you much
  439. >Your hand feels something that doesn't feel like a toy moments later
  440. >Feel it carefully, it certainly seems like something to fit over someone's face
  441. >Inform May of your discovery
  442. >The only problem is getting them to her
  443. >You two follow each others voices
  444. >Then you feel something press up against your face
  445. >You're sure it's May's face, especially after you hear her jump back with a surprised mew
  446. >She's stammering and tripping on her words more than usual
  447. >You just hold her glasses out for her to take
  448. >Not that she can see them
  449. >It takes a while for May to calm down
  450. >You ask why she's acting so weird
  451. >She's rather nervous about why
  452. >Almost can't get it out
  453. >"B-because w-w-w-eeh k-k-ki-kissed!"
  454. >Is that what kissing was?
  455. >She still hasn't taken her glasses back
  456. >You think you can hear a giggling coming from a different direction
  457. >"K-kissing is wh-when two p-people touch l-lips!" May blurts out
  458. >So, you two did kiss
  459. >For a second
  460. >Your face starts to feel hot again
  461. >Neither of you want to say anything now
  462. >Eventually May feels around and takes her glasses from you
  463. >She gets up and fetches the water you wanted
  464. >You two just 'watch' television for a while
  465. >You're too nervous to ask May to take you to the bathroom
  466. >Can only hope April comes back soon
  467. >Finally you hear the front door opening and the patter of rapidly approaching footsteps
  468. >April nearly bowls you over as she slides into a hug
  469. >From how much her tail and wagging behind her you guess she really missed you
  470. >"I'm back Anon! I'm sorry I left! You weren't scared were you?!" April asks in her excessive worry, before getting really happy "Hi May!"
  471. >"H-h-hello..." May squeaks out, muffled by something
  472. >April's keen senses pick up the tension in the air
  473. >"What's wrong?"
  474. >You tell her nothing was wrong, but you had to use the bathroom
  475. >Don't want her finding out about the accidental kiss
  476. >You're embarrassed enough
  477. >April yips with joy and takes your hand after standing
  478. >Once you stand up she leads you all over the first floor looking for the bathroom
  479. >Finally you find it, April tells you a map before closing the door behind you
  480. >The relief is great
  481. >With that taken care of and hands washed, April guides you back to the room you were in before
  482. >You can hear your mother talking with May's mother in the other room
  483. >April sits down right next to you, tail lightly batting your back while you all 'watch' the television
  484. >April doesn't seem to be watching, she's sensing something happened
  485. >"What'd you two do while I was gone?"
  486. >May just whines and muffles her voice more
  487. >You feel your face turning red again
  488. >The puppy can't miss that hint
  489. >"Did you two kiss?"
  490. >As blunt as ever
  491. >Whatever May's reaction is tips the puppy on
  492. >"Not fair! I wanna kiss Anon too!"
  493. >Wait, what is she-
  494. >April pounces on you, and you feel her kissing your face all over
  495. >With her arms wrapped around you there is no choice but to take it
  496. >After a good minute of this the puppy finally gets off you and pulls you to a sitting position
  497. >You're stupefied
  498. >May thumps as she faints
  499. >April is just sitting there with her tail in maximum overwag
  500. >And you can hear the adults giggling at the scene
  501. >Not sure how this could get any more embarrassing
  502. >"Anon tastes like cookies!"
  503. >Thanks April
  505. >It's a nice sunny morning
  506. >You can smell the orchards and farms that you keep passing by in the car
  507. >You wish you could see it all though
  508. >But the puppy girl next to you with her endlessly wagging tail is more than happy to tell you about all the things you're passing
  509. >The Holst fields
  510. >Barometz ranch
  511. >Alruane gardens
  512. >A bunch of fuzzy weresheep with daughters
  513. >Pig fields being tended to by P'orcs
  514. >Apparently your mother finds it weird
  515. >You don't really get it
  516. >Something about the two looking similar
  517. >The quiet were-kitten May beside you has barely said a thing since you got in the car, though her mother keeps chatting with your own in the front seat
  518. >Before long your little group arrive at your destination
  519. >You can smell the blueberries already
  520. >A friend of May's mother that runs the blueberry fields lets her pick fresh blueberries
  521. >And you'll have a picnic for lunch
  522. >You don't think it'll be that fun though
  523. >As soon as the door by April's side is open she unbuckles you and grabs your hand, guiding you out of the vehicle
  524. >A wicker basket is put into your free hand before your group of five heads into the fields
  525. "Blueberries grow on bushes?!"
  526. >You can't help wondering what April thought they grew on
  527. >Not that you know what a bush looks like
  528. "Y-yeah... can we eat some as we pick?" May asks
  529. "Just don't ruin your lunch." Her mother answers
  530. >April cheers in place of the kitten and starts dragging you into the fields faster
  531. >You're used to keeping step with her now
  532. >And are still confused how her tail never stops wagging
  533. >You hear May follow you, and the distant call not to wander too far away from your mother
  534. "Okay! I'll keep Anon safe!" April barks excitedly
  535. >She apparently really like blueberries
  536. >After she stops dragging you she begins collecting in the basket you're holding
  537. >You kneel down to try and feel for the berries yourself
  538. >The bushes don't have thorns so you're free to feel around for the bunches of berries
  539. >You're able to figure out that the bigger the berry the better by tasting them
  540. >April runs around picking the biggest ones to put into the basket
  541. >But pauses near you every so often
  542. >May sticks near you and picks berries to your side
  543. >Once every berry is picked that you can find from the bush you move to the next
  544. >Overall it's pretty uneventful
  545. >Except for April's usual energy
  546. >May moves right back beside you each time you move
  547. >There is an odd smelling weed between the next set of bushes
  548. >You reach for it to see what it feels like
  549. >And end up touching May's hand
  550. >May yelps and falls backwards
  551. >The plant was uprooted in her hand
  552. >You ask if she's alright
  553. >April runs right back over to check on you two
  554. "Whatcha got there May?" April asks
  555. "I dunno... It smells nice though."
  556. "Can I smell?!" April yips
  557. >After a few sniffs April snorts
  558. "It's kinda stinky!"
  559. >You get a whiff of it too
  560. >It does have an strange smell to it
  561. >You go back to picking the berries
  562. >April moves away too
  563. >You don't hear May return to picking berries though
  564. >After a short time April yips again
  565. "Don't eat strange plants May!"
  566. >That doesn't sound good
  567. >You hear April run over again
  568. >But from the sound of her whine she was too late
  569. "I'm gonna get mom Anon, stay here!" April instructs you
  570. >She runs off, leaving you and May alone
  571. >You ask if May is alright
  572. "Nyaaaaa..."
  573. >You feel a paw padding at your back
  574. >That's not normal
  575. >Another needy mewl and another paw is padding at you, gripping at your shirt's sleeve
  576. >You're a bit confused by what's going on
  577. >Especially when May butts her head against your back lightly
  578. >She rubs her head up against you next
  579. >It's a bit confusing and uncomfortable
  580. >You ask if she's alright again
  581. "Peeeeets!...." She pleads
  582. >You're not sure what's going on, so you turn around and feel around for May's head
  583. >A purr comes from her as soon as your hand meets one of her small ears
  584. >It's the first time you've tried petting anything, but May hardly seems to mind the side to side motion
  585. >She quite enjoys it from the loud purr you're hearing
  586. >April and the two adults return quick
  587. "What's that noise she's making?!"
  588. >April has never heard a purr before it seems
  589. >She's whining and worrying even while the adults assess the situation
  590. >May's mother figures out what it is
  591. >Catnip
  592. >You're obviously confused, so your mother decides to explain it to you
  593. >About how catnip affects cats
  594. >And makes feline girls act funny
  595. >April seems relieved that it isn't anything serious
  596. >But when you stop petting May starts mewling and complaining
  597. >She grabs your hand and puts it back on top of her head
  598. >It gets amused giggles from the adults
  599. >It's about time for the picnic now, so you all get up to head to somewhere grassy to set out the blanket
  600. >April is holding your hand a bit tighter the whole way
  601. >And May keeps rubbing her cheek against your arm
  602. >It's a bit embarrassing
  603. >You can feel your face getting warmer from it
  604. >Once the picnic blanket is spread out, April helps you sit down
  605. >And May lays her head down on your lap and begs for pets again
  606. >A small growl comes out of April as she mimics the behavior
  607. "I want Anon's pets too!"
  608. >And like that, both of your hands are occupied rubbing girl's hair and scratching behind fuzzy ears
  609. >You're not sure how 'red' your face is, but it feels like it's burning up right now
  610. >Eventually you get your hands back to each one of the sandwiches your mother made
  611. >It involved tearing the girls off of you though
  612. >And May's mother seems to be having trouble wrangling her daughter to eat her lunch
  613. >So May is allowed to lean against you while you eat
  614. >This means April leans into your other side
  615. >The purring just doesn't seem to stop
  616. >Or the eternally wagging tail
  617. >Where does April get the energy to keep that thing going?
  618. >You're pretty sure she even has it going when she's sleeping
  619. >It's a bit tough to eat like this, but at least you're not going hungry
  620. >You each get a juice box to wash the PB&J sandwiches down
  621. "How long is May going to be acting funny?" April asks
  622. >She's quite upset when she's told a few hours
  623. >And hugs your arm very tight in response
  624. >You feel May slip down to occupy your lap again
  625. >This time she lays all across it
  626. >She's light and soft, but the heat returns to your face fast
  627. "Anoooon.... peeettts..." May pleads
  628. >Seems like you'll be stuck like this for a while
  629. >April growls a bit again
  630. >But May's new position has made it hard to get a good position on you
  631. >You move your hand back up to where May's head is and return to petting her
  632. "Can't we make her better faster?!" April whines
  633. >She is devastated when she hears that they can't
  634. >So she resorts to getting herself under one of your arms and putting your free hand up on her head
  635. >Unable to deny her, you scratch behind her ears and get to stroking
  636. >This seems very cute to the adults from how much they're giggling
  637. >You're not having so much fun, it's still embarrassing
  638. >You have a tail whapping your back
  639. >And a purring body on top of your legs
  640. >At least you're not bored?
  641. "We're going to go pick some more berries, have fun!"
  642. >Thanks mom
  643. >Just what you wanted to do all afternoon
  644. >This continues for a while
  645. >And eventually it stops making your face burn
  646. >You can even hear the birds chirping in the tree above you
  647. >And a tractor passing by on the road
  648. >You know what those sound like thanks to television
  649. >They're pretty slow though
  650. >You're getting tired of sitting up straight
  651. >Without warning you feel a fuzzy lick on your knee
  652. >It surprises you enough it makes you fall backwards
  653. >And then they pounce
  654. >Both May and April jump up onto you, competing for the best spot
  655. >They end up at a stalemate, each claiming one side of you
  656. >And May starts licking at your neck
  657. >You protest, but she just keeps licking
  658. >A whine later and April joins in
  659. >Licking at your cheek and jaw
  660. >This is somehow worse than when she was kissing you
  661. >To try and stop them, you get your hands to their heads to resume the petting
  662. >This only makes things worse
  663. >You don't know why they are doing it, but you can't stop it
  664. >Resolved to your fate, you just try to keep your hands from cramping up until the three of you fall asleep for an afternoon nap
  665. >You wake later, and can smell the heat of the day dying down
  666. >April is still sitting right beside you, much less clingy than before you went to sleep
  667. >You ask her how May is feeling
  668. "She's back to normal now!"
  669. >That's good
  670. "But she ran off into the field and hid somewhere!"
  671. >That's not good
  672. "Mom and her mom are going to find her though!"
  673. >That's good
  674. "But they said there might be more catnip out there in the field."
  675. >That's very bad
  676. >Thankfully you hear your mother calling that they found her
  677. >She comes over to gather everything up while April takes you to the car
  678. >You can feel May in the back seat after you are helped in and buckled up
  679. >She seems extra meek now
  680. >But does speak with much stuttering
  681. "P-p-p-please d-don't t-tell anyone a-at school a-a-about this A-anon..."
  683.     >It's Monday
  684.     >That means you're back at kindergarten
  685.     >The extra noise around you is a bit jarring
  686.     >But April is there holding your hand all the way
  687.     >That's pretty comforting
  688.     >Your mother gives you a hug and tells you she'll be back later
  689.     >May isn't hovering around you like she was last week
  690.     >Must still be embarrassed from yesterday
  691.     >April doesn't seem to mind
  692.     >Her tail is wagging faster than usual
  693.     >You can tell because it keeps brushing against your legs
  694.     >Once your mother leaves, April giggles and speaks
  695.     "What do you wanna do today anon?"
  696.     >You're feeling a bit braver than last week
  697.     >Or a bit more bored
  698.     >All of last week involved the reading of books
  699.     >But the kindergarten ran out so April tried to get May to act out some sort of two man play
  700.     >That didn't work out well
  701.     >So you suggest going out to play on the playground
  702.     >Carefully
  703.     >April doesn't respond right away as she considers it
  704.     "Okay! Lets go on the slide first!" April yips
  705.     >You're led out by the hand towards the slide
  706.     >When you ask what a slide is, April tries to describe it
  707.     "It's this fun slidey thing! You climb up and slip down! It's kinda like a tube, yknow, like empty toilet paper tubes but a lot bigger and it spins around! And you say 'Wheeeee!!' on the way down!"
  708.     >It sort of gives you an image of what it is
  709.     >She takes you up the safe way and makes sure you don't bump into anybody else
  710.     >Just a few inclines before the real challenge
  711.     >The rope bridge
  712.     >It has wooden boards to walk on, but it shakes around when you move on it
  713.     >April is there and holds your hand extra tight as you two cross
  714.     >She even assures you that you're only two feet up
  715.     >Getting across it isn't soon enough and you hurry as soon as you hear April step onto solid plastic
  716.     >April yips in surprise, the two of you spilling over
  717.     >The two of you tumble down, and all you can smell is strawberries
  718.     >And all that's below you is soft puppy
  719.     >The heat is returning to your face now
  720.     >April recovers first and gives you a big hug
  721. "There there, you made it! It's alright now!"
  722. >Her hands rub at your back as her tail whaps against the plastic in overdrive
  723. >It helps you calm down so you can get up off of her with care
  724. >April gets up and makes sure you're steady on your feet before giving you another hug
  725. "Now we can go on the slide!"
  726. >You're not so sure about that anymore
  727. "The only other ways down are the rope ladder and back the way we came though."
  728. >Heck yeah you want to try the slide
  729. >April giggles and guides you in front of it
  730. >She has you put your hands on the top of the slide's entrance before carefully helping your legs get into position
  731. >You're wondering if you should let go yet, but feel her slip in behind you and wrap her arms and legs around you
  732. "I'll keep you safe! Lets go!"
  733. >It does make you feel safer this way
  734. >So you let go and April lets the two of you slide down at a slow pace
  735. >It picks up speed as you go around the gentle curve, but it isn't scary
  736. >Fun even
  737. >When the slide ends you and April drop half a foot to the sand below
  738. >She unwraps herself from you and helps you up
  739. "Wanna go again?"
  740. >"Yeah."
  741. "Yay!"
  742. >She excitedly guides you somewhere besides where you started climbing the first time
  743. "Wanna try climbing? I'll catch you if you fall!"
  744. >Well, you'd feel bad after she offered that
  745. >You cautiously feel around and find the rope ladder
  746. >Each handhold is easy to find
  747. >The footholds are a bit worrying till you feel it under your heel
  748. >Progress is slow, but April doesn't help you physically
  749. >She just keeps giving you words of encouragement, right behind you
  750. >Before long you're back up on the higher platform, standing there as April scales the ropes far faster than you
  751. >She happy puppy gives you a big hug to congratulate you
  752. "You did it!"
  753. >Yeah. Yeah, you did!
  754. >You reward is another trip down the slide with April clinging to you again
  755. >It's more exciting when you know what to expect
  756. >You keep taking trips up and down the slide, the trip up taking less time each time you climb the rope ladder
  757. >And April doesn't stop being happy
  758. >The only thing that stops you from going a tenth time is snack time being called
  759. >You and April head on into the snack area to see what it is today
  760. >Small small milk carton or a juice box, and your choice of raisins, half a banana, or apple slices
  761. >You pick your treat and sit down with April, your snack only delayed by figuring out how to open your drink yourself while April gives you advice verbally
  762. >Then you hear her growl a tiny bit
  763. >And smell something like smoke
  764. >A slightly heavier weight than the two of you sits down in front of the pair of you
  765. "Uhm, hey. I wanted to apologize for last week..."
  766. >It's June
  767. >You tell her it's alright
  768. >There are two sets of wagging tails now
  769. "Okay. But I made you something at home with my mom, I asked the teacher if it was alright and she said okay. They're cupcakes!"
  770. >You hear crinkling paper and a whine from June
  771. "I gotta taste it to make sure it doesn't taste funny!" Yips April.
  772. "Wait, don't!"
  773. >April wolfs the cupcake down in record time
  774. >There is a small pause
  775. "There was chocolate in that, huh?"
  776. "Yeah..."
  777. >Another short pause follows before you hear something pat what you guess is June's shoulder
  778. "Take care of Anon while I'm gone."
  779. >Wait, what is she talking abo-
  780. >April jumps up and whines like a real puppy as she runs off
  781. >Now you're very worried
  782. >June is panicking and whining from the sudden responsibility
  783. >Today is going to be worrying
  784. "Sh-she's gonna be okay, right?"
  785. >You think so
  786. "H-here, stay here and I'll go make sure!"
  787. >June hands the paper bag with the remaining cupcakes to you
  788. >She runs off next and you can almost hear her talking with the teacher by the bathroom
  789. >June sounds pretty sorry about the whole ordeal
  790. >She comes back without any of the wagging from before and sits down next to you
  791. "She's gonna be in the bathroom for a bit but she's gonna be okay."
  792. >You almost want to know why she's in there but don't ask
  793. >The pair of you eat your snacks silently
  794. >June's cupcakes are actually pretty good
  795. >No wonder April didn't realize there was chocolate, it's all tucked into a ball in the center
  796. >When you tell June you like them you feel her tail wagging behind you
  797. "My mom did mosta the work."
  798. >You've finished your snacks before long and April is still missing
  799. >The holst teacher comes by and asks if you'll be alright without April
  800. >It'll be a bit boring, but you'll be okay as long as you don't try to do anything
  801. >She offers to help entertain you for today, but you don't feel like hearing more books read to you
  802. >June seems to sense your disappointment
  803. "April told me to take care of him, so I'll play with Anon!"
  804. >The teacher asks if you're alright with that
  805. >You nod
  806. >She's satisfied with that leaves you alone so she can call your mother just in case April needs some medicine for whatever is happening
  807. >And you're left alone with June
  808. "So, what were ya doing before with April?"
  809. >You tell her you were trying the slide out
  810. "Wanna try some other stuff?"
  811. >You don't say anything, but she gets the message
  812. "O-only what you want ta do! We can just stick with the slide, or go with the see-saw, or even just play with a ball!"
  813. >She sounds rather nervous about the whole affair
  814. >You ask what the see-saw is
  815. "Yknow, the- oh! Uhm, it's like a big long stick with seats on the ends with a thingy keeping the center up! And it like... two people sit on it, and when one goes down the other goes up a bit. The ones here only go up a little ways though."
  816. >That doesn't sound that bad
  817. >Or maybe you just have some extra courage after conquering the slide
  818. >Either way, you agree to it
  819. >June's attitude improves considerably
  820. >You feel her take one of your hands in her two paws as she tugs at you
  821. "Lets go try it out!"
  822. >Those paws sure are larger than April's
  823. >And a lot warmer too
  824. >But you stand up and let June lead the way
  825. >You've gotten a good map of the place in your head, but a guide makes things easier
  826. >She brings you to the see-saw and sits you down on one of the soft seats
  827. >She starts to move away before coming back, taking your hands and putting them onto a bar with rubber grips
  828. >That's a lot more comforting
  829. >She moves to the other side and gets on
  830. >You can feel your seat rising up off the ground
  831. >But the tips of your shoes can still feel the sand below, so you don't freak out
  832. >You lower down a few moments later, feet planted on the ground
  833. "Now you push up!" June instructs
  834. >Getting the idea, you push off the ground with your legs as June moves down again
  835. >This process repeats for a while, but it's hardly exciting
  836. >You make sure to inform June of this
  837. "Okay, lets try something else next!"
  838. >Once you're back down on the ground on your side she hops off and runs back by your side
  839. >Somehow you feel like she wasn't making it go that fast out of worry for you
  840. >Either way you can feel her excitement just bleeding off of her
  841. "How about the merry go round? It's like a table you sit on and it spins around when someone pushes it! And it can't go that fast because of mechamisms. I can still make sure you don't fall off though!"
  842. >That sounds fine, though you are a bit worried
  843. >She shows you to the merry-go-round and has the other kids on it stop the thing so you can get on
  844. >June helps guide you on and moves your hand to one of the plastic bars that serve as handholds for it
  845. >You're seated towards the edge, though June is between you and spilling off
  846. >It doesn't seem the exciting until the other kids start moving it
  847. >The pull towards the outside freaks you out a bit, but you bear with it
  848. >June's tail keeps batting against your legs as you keep your grip strong
  849. >The thing just seems to get faster and faster
  850. >Then you feel something strange with your head you haven't felt before
  851. >You begin to tell June you're ready to get off when your hands slip
  852. >Panic strikes you as you begin sliding off the contraption
  853. >June yelps and you feel the bigger girl jump into you at the last moment
  854. >She bears the brunt of the fall into the sand as you land on top of her, knocking the air out of her lungs
  855. >Your head just keeps spinning, so you don't try to get up
  856. >She's more solid than April is
  857. >June sits you up and checks you over, brushing some sand off your clothes
  858. "Are you okay?!"
  859. "June's crying guys!"
  860. "Am not!"
  861. >They continue to bicker as you try and stand up, only to drop onto your bottom
  862. >You're worried and ask what's going on
  863. >That get's the heckpup's attention away from the other girls she'd been arguing with
  864. "I think you're just dizzy. You've never been busy before?"
  865. >Well, you don't think so
  866. >You feel a June pull you into a big strong hug before releasing you
  867. "Sorry I almost made you get hurt..."
  868. >Well, she did save you from that
  869. >And it wasn't really her fault
  870. >You can still hear her sniffling
  871. >Just as your head stops spinning you hear the teacher call for naptime
  872. >It's just the excuse you needed to have June take your hand and lead you back inside away from the teasing of the other kids nearby
  873. >She takes you to one of the soft mats set out and helps you lay down
  874. "Are you sure you're okay?" She asks again
  875. >You assure her you are
  876. >You ask if she's alright
  877. "Well, I might have fallen a bit hard...can I nap next to you?"
  878. >The question is nothing but sincere
  879. >And April usually snuggles up next to you anyways
  880. >So you agree to it
  881. >The tail doesn't start again but June plops down near you, giving some space but staying close enough you can be sure she's there from the smell of smokey ash
  882. >After such an exciting day, it's easy to get to sleep for your nap
  883. >When you wake up, it's from the soft voice of your mother as she strokes your hair
  884. >June is gone already, but you're more worried about April
  885. >She usually wakes you up
  886. >When you ask where April is your mother explains she took her home once she could get off the toilet
  887. >She's resting there with some good food and treats to help her recover
  888. >You feel bad for April, but are mostly a bit lonely as your mother guides you out to the car
  889. >It's also pretty boring without April telling you about everything you're driving by
  890. >So when you get back home you move off on your own, since you know she's on the couch
  891. >You know your house like the back of your hand so you don't bump into anything on the way
  892. "Hey anon, sorry I wasn't with you today..." April apologizes, whining like it's her fault
  893. >Well, it sort of is but you aren't going to say that
  894. >You just find her on the couch and lean in to give her the biggest, tightest hug you could muster
  895. >"I missed you April."
  896. >She doesn't respond right away
  897. >But the tail inside the blanket tries to wag furiously
  898. >She hugs you back and giggles
  899. "I missed you today too Anon! I'll be more careful what I eat!"
  901.     >It's a sunny saturday morning
  902.     >You know because you can feel the heat of the light coming in the windows
  903.     >Breakfast is done and you're just watching the new cartoons for this week with April
  904.     >She's more excited than usual, you can feel the speed her tail is going
  905.     >And she keeps hopping up when she hears any vehicle drive by to see who it is
  906.     >Only to return to her seat after
  907.     >June is coming over for a sleepover, and May will be coming over later for the same reason
  908.     >Despite the cupcake incident, April started getting along really well with the heckpup
  909.     >Guess she started trusting her after she heard how well she did taking care of you
  910.     >Having two excited puppies following you around everywhere at the daycare is a bit embarrassing, but at least May isn't any trouble
  911.     >The kitten has remained a bit shy around you though
  912.     >The doorbell has April leaping up and running for the door
  913.     "I'll get it!"
  914.     >You hear the door open and four sets of small padded feet rush back towards you
  915.     >April gets back into her spot, and the second smoky smelling pup plops down on the other side
  916.     "Hi anon! Whatcha watching?"
  917.     >You're pretty sure it's the newest Power Sailors episode
  918.     >It's a commercial right now
  919.     >For something called the 'Oozinator'
  920.     >It sounds sticky
  921.     >You can hear your mother and June's mother talking about where the bigger heckhound will sleep that night
  922.     >Guess she'll be staying the night too
  923.     >You already know the kids will sleep in the living room tonight
  924.     >The coffee table has already been moved to the side to make space
  925.     >April wants to wait till you're all there to make the fort though
  926.     >She explained that it was sort of like a house, but would be made with pillows and blankets
  927.     >The doorbell rings again
  928.     >A repeat of last time, April jumps up to get it
  929.     >She runs back, but you hardly hear May until she's right behind you
  930.     >Cats sure are good at sneaking
  931.     "H-hi anon. Hi J-june."
  932.     "Hi Ma-WOW! That's a really cool sleeping bag!"
  933.     >What are they talking about?
  934. >They let May explain, staying quiet till she gets the message
  935. "Uhm... I-it looks like a koi fish." She explains
  936. >You don't really know what that looks like
  937. >She apologizes with a squeak, before putting something down in front of you
  938. >You feel at it, trying to get a good image of what it is
  939. >A big 'mouth' lets someone enter it
  940. >There are a few decorative fins on it's large body
  941. >And it's somehow soft, yet keeps it's full shape
  942. >But most importantly, it's gigantic
  943. >You're not even sure how May dragged the thing in on her own
  944. >It has to be able to fit two fully grown people
  945. >She must not like being cramped in a sleeping bag
  946. >It is pretty cool though
  947. "My mom got it just fo-for today, so it's brand new." May admits
  948. "Can we try it out?!" April asks, bouncing in place
  949. >May must have nodded, because April begins slipping inside it right away
  950. "Hey, the tongue is the pillow!"
  951. >June moves around you to check it out
  952. >May is quiet, and you can almost hear her embarrassment
  953. >There are some noises in the kitchen, but you shrug it off as lunch being made and listen to the show when it comes back on
  954. >Then you hear an adult voice you assume is June's mother
  955. "Where's the pup that wanted to learn to bake?!"
  956. >April wiggles out of the fish and scampers over, yipping "Me! Me! Me!"
  957. "I'll help!" June shouts, leaping up and running after April
  958. >It just leaves you and May alone
  959. >Except for the fish
  960. >She sits down a short distance from you, and you're both quiet for a bit
  961. >It starts to get to you though
  962. >You ask if something is wrong
  963. >May takes a few seconds to respond
  964. "U-uhm... w-w-well... I just c-can't stop th-thinking about... w-well... I don't r-remember what it w-was like wh-when you petted me..."
  965. >She's pretty nervous about this
  966. >And probably embarrassed
  967. >Not that you aren't too
  968. >Without thinking, you suggest doing it again
  969. >It sinks in at the same time for you two
  970. "Okay..."
  971. >The kitten slides over next to you
  972. >You can feel the nervous shaking through the loose clothes she's wearing
  973. >You're not so sure about this anymore, but you can't back out now
  974. >Carefully you feel your fingertips up to her head
  975. >When you find it, you begin stroking the shaking kitten's head
  976. >The shaking calms down after a bit, and it helps she's a bit smaller than you
  977. >Then you hear something familiar
  978. >It's faint, but she's started purring
  979. >Which makes it even harder to hear what show has come on now
  980. >You think it's that show about digital monster girls
  981. "What kinda cookies do you want anon?!"
  982. >April's voice seems to push May over some threshold, and she tips over onto the fish
  983. >Out like a light
  984. "What happened?" April asks, cluelessly
  985. >You just say she wanted a nap
  986. >And that you would like butterscotch cookies
  987. "Okay!" Yips April
  988. >She scampers back to the kitchen
  989. >You get a bit of quiet time now, though the long furry thing on your lap gets your attention
  990. >You quickly realize it's May's tail
  991. >So that's how cats and dogs are different
  992. >Besides the other stuff
  993. >Lunch comes and goes, and you get cookies after
  994. >They're pretty good, which makes the puppies happy
  995. >You can feel the chill in the air, so it's not surprising when you're kept inside due to the rain
  996. >The four of you make due making the fort and watching some videos June brought with her
  997. >Though only half of them have descriptive audio
  998. >It's still fun helping prop the pillows and other things up, even if you have to do it several times
  999. >Eventually the mothers bring in the table from the storage room, which makes the process a lot easier
  1000. >June keeps asking questions anytime April helps you with anything
  1001. >And April is happy to answer them
  1002. >You're not sure you need two guide puppies
  1003. >Huddled under the table, you four begin to enjoy the chicken and fries that the adults ordered while some movie about mice in australia trying to save a boy from a poacher and his lizardgirl wife
  1004. >And the giant eagle harpy that the poachers are trying to catch
  1005. >Eating with your fingers isn't new to you, but it's the first time you've had chicken
  1006. >It's a bit of an adventure eating around the bones
  1007. >May seems to really like it, since she keeps asking for more
  1008. >Saying she doesn't mind being too full for the cake
  1009. >Until you all get the cake
  1010. >April doesn't get any, since it's chocolate, so she gets a creamsicle instead
  1011. >But as you're finishing, you can sense the nervousness spreading through the girls
  1012. >The rain and wind has picked up, and hail patters against the windows
  1013. >Your dad has to run inside to get away from it
  1014. >Seems there will be a pretty big storm that night
  1015. >The first rumble of thunder makes both canines yelp and scurry further into the fort
  1016. >It is a bit freaky for your young self, but you've heard it before
  1017. >A clingy cat latches onto your back, hiding her face in it
  1018. >The adults in the room just giggle and chuckle at the four of you
  1019. >You try and reassure the group, but a second louder crack of thunder only gets more doggish yelps and whines from two of the girls
  1020. >And those claws are needle sharp
  1021. "S-sorry!" May whines, letting go and freeing you from her claws
  1022. >With the helpers disabled from fright, the adults take care of cleaning up and leave the four of you alone
  1023. >You're nervous about being the only one not terrified of the increasingly common rumbles in the sky
  1024. >The three huddle up behind you
  1025. >Jumping anytime the loud bang of lightning cracks nearby
  1026. >The claws on your chest are the worst part
  1027. >Getting fed up with it, you pull May in front of you and sit her down in the hole of your crossed legs
  1028. >She seems to get warmer from you holding her like this, but she calms down
  1029. >And the pups are too scared to care
  1030. >It makes watching the movies a bit harder
  1031. >Towards the end of the last one, the storm picks up to an extreme
  1032. >A thundercrack comes by at least ten times a minute
  1033. >April actually screams
  1034. >Before you realize it, the two canines drag you and May backwards and into the fish
  1035. >Cramped inside there, two shaking pups cling to you from either side and keep you pinned down
  1036. >May probably has the worst of it, pinned below you
  1037. >But at least she can breath
  1038. >With the storm not letting up, you can tell it'll be a long night
  1039. >You wake up in much the same position you spent the night in
  1040. >It's stuffy, cramped, but cozy somehow
  1041. >You ask if any of them are awake
  1042. "Y-yeah."
  1043. >April still seems scared
  1044. >Even though it sounds like the storm stopped
  1045. >But the other two are still out like lights
  1046. >Probably got to sleep and need to catch up on what they lost
  1047. >You try and wiggle out of the fish bag to go empty your aching bladder
  1048. >For the fact nobody wet themselves, you're very thankful
  1049. >But April clings to you extra tightly
  1050. "D-don't go, what if th-the storm comes back?!"
  1051. >She's definitely still scared
  1052. >You try and reassure her the best way your young mind can think of
  1053. >Telling her the storm must be extra sleepy after playing so long last night
  1054. >It actually works
  1055. >But she gets out first to make sure
  1056. >You slip out and feel your way out from under the table to stand up
  1057. >By the time you manage this, April is done
  1058. "The storm went home! And there is a HUGE puddle in the street!"
  1059. >You're more worried about the bathroom, so you head right for it
  1060. >When you return, the other two are up and calling for you in mild fright
  1061. >April seems to have run upstairs to use that bathroom
  1062. >You tell them it's safe
  1063. >They're careful getting out, but run right for the bathrooms once they're out
  1064. >A rather odd sleepover
  1065. >You hear your mother in the kitchen, so you head there to see what breakfast will be
  1066. "Thunderbirds fighting? No wonder it was so crazy last night!"
  1067. "Wish they told us which one won!" June's mother comments
  1068. "Hey sweetie, how did you sleep last night?~"
  1069. >It was cramped
  1070. >This just makes the pair laugh
  1071. >You wish you knew what was funny
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