GreentextSavant - Sunset The Demon Huntress: Pa

Nov 24th, 2016
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  1. >These last couple of months haven’t been the best for Sunset.
  2. >She has been getting more and more reasons to worry about her fiends, let alone herself and her counterpart from Equestria.
  3. >There have been instances of paranormal interaction between the living world and… somewhere else. That’s the only conclusion this girl can possibly come to.
  4. >Ever since fall started up, Sunset has been hearing form the mane six that they have experienced a lot of unsettling things in their homes.
  5. >It mostly started with doors opening and closing by themselves at night, but soon escalated to things like chandeliers crashing to the hardwood floors by obvious deliberate forces that could not be seen.
  6. >Sunset did eventually tell these girls that she had some interest in exploring the paranormal, but not to the extent of actually going there and resolving things in their realm.
  7. >It’s now a cold November afternoon with Halloween now in the past.
  8. >While the rest of the friends and neighbors around town get into the Christmas spirit in a playful way, Sunset feels a grimmer side of the previous spirit lingering still.
  9. >It doesn’t just stop.
  10. >She sits with Pinkie Pie in her dining room, listening for any strange noises with the girl by her side.
  11. >”I swear, the light would stat swaying around and stuff on its own.” Pinkie recalls with her eyes glued to the light fixture above the kitchen table. “It would freak me out whenever I came down for a midnight snack.”
  12. >Sunset had a feeling that she was risking bringing something back here with her after entering the paranormal realm last time.
  13. >”I believe you.” Sunset reassures as she turns to her bag. “That’s why I suggest that you have a crucifix around.”
  14. >”But what if I can’t find one?”
  15. >”Why do you think I came over here?” Sunset reaches into her bag and pulls out one of the crucifixes from her parents’ bedroom. “Here, just take this. If anything, it should help out a lot with this if it really is a ghost, which I’m already sure it is anyway.”
  16. >Sunset sighs after Pinkie takes the object form her hand, starting to worry about whether or not his thing is actually going to work or not.
  17. >Pinkie use to be so happy. She wasn’t breathing all frantically or eyeing the light fixtures in her home like a crazy lady or something.
  18. >”Can I at least text you if something happens?” Pinkie asks with a gleam in her eyes. “It would make me feel less alone if something does happen.”
  19. >Sunset smiles and gives the girl a reassuring nod, placing a hand on her shoulder. “You’re all my friends just as much as you are to the other Sunset.”
  20. >Pinkie doesn’t even let Sunset say anything else before pulling her into a long hug.
  21. >But Sunset feels as though she and Pinkie aren’t the only ones in the kitchen, which leads her to believe that the ghost in Pinkie’s house in present at this very moment.
  22. >The feeling isn’t that unsettling to Sunset at first, until she walks outside and then gets into her car.
  23. >The feeling has followed her after she left Pinkie inside the house with her crucifix gift. And it makes Sunset’s foot very slightly press onto the gas pedal a little bit harder than usual.
  24. >After the day fades into a much darker scene, Sunset feels herself grow more apprehensive.
  25. >Even the low vibrating of her phone sets her off to the point where she almost screams.
  26. >[Sunset! It moved again!] Pinkie’s message says something that Sunset could have very easily expected.
  27. >[Alright alright, just stay calm. I’m right here.] Sunset is sitting on her living room couch, comforting Pinkie when she hears a… noise from her own residence.
  28. >Sunset perks up, now happy that there is at least that girl on the other line contacting her. She starts to get up, but decides that she’s safer somehow if she stays seated.
  29. >”Hello?” Sunset can already tell that it’s not her parents, they don’t come home for another couple of hours.
  30. >She looks around the darkening house as the sun outside starts to disappear over the horizon. There’s nothing that can be seen, but a lot that Sunset can somehow sense.
  31. >There was definitely something that followed her over.
  32. >Sunset tries to keep herself calm as she surveys the situation, placing her phone onto the soft surface of the couch so it doesn’t make a startling ruckus when it vibrates from Pinkie’s next message that’s sure to come in.
  33. >There are no more noises aster Sunset finally gathers enough courage to stand up and look around from a higher elevation.
  34. >But that only unsettles the girl even more, making her consider heading up to her room and finding a way to contact the afterlife a bit earlier so she can ready her shotgun in their realm and get them before… something gets her.
  35. >She makes her way over to the stairs with her phone in her hand and climbs up, feeling the thing vibrate as she’s halfway up the stairs. It’s a good thing there is a light in the stairwell.
  36. > Pinkie seems to have followed a few of the instructions that Sunset had given her before.
  37. >[Jut keep it near you. The rest should sort itself out on its own.]
  38. >Sunset hears a quieter, but closer noise. Something inches away from her ear.
  39. >The very instance makes the girl jump back down the stairs; it sounded like a breath of air. Right next to her ear.
  40. >She knows that there is something here, and that her parents coming home might be the only thing that would be able to deter it.
  41. >She retreats to her own kitchen after turning all of the lights on, soon planning to sneak up to her bedroom to retrieve her shotgun to fall asleep with if everything going on happens to come to taking such a measure being needed.
  42. >And she waits there for her parents to come home, not seeing the lights in the driveway at the designated time they usually arrive.
  43. >There’s nothing else to do, and nothing else to really think about. Sunset keeps her eyes glued on the window and her phone nearby where she texts Pinkie to keep both the other girl and herself company.
  44. >They are telling each other stories through text messages about their better life experiences in the past.
  45. >[So then I realized that I sent the invitations to the wrong people, but I just ended up sending them to the right people too and let everyone come!]
  46. >[That’s so sweet of you.] Sunset replies. [Really wish I could have been there. It would have been nice to meet some of those accidental friends you made.]
  47. >They continue talking to feed off of each other’s company, and it does work for the meantime. Sunset doesn’t mention he own situation to Pinkie; she doesn’t want the girl worrying even more.
  48. >She feels better with the thought that the other girl is at ease. It helps Sunset herself remain at ease.
  49. >After some more time, Sunset stops wondering where her parents are and simply musters up enough courage to head on upstairs to retrieve her shotgun.
  50. >This presence she’s now well aware of isn’t going to be wished away. And the girl needs to take affirmative action in the spirit world.
  51. >The stairs she returns to are darker than they were about an hour ago, and Sunset takes a deep breath to push through the fear and make her way to the second floor.
  52. >She almost trips once she makes it to the top of the stairs, and her shotgun is in her room on the other end of the hall.
  53. >But she might as well have her eyes closed for the moment, since it’s already so pitch black in these hallways.
  54. >She swings her bedroom door open, swings herself around the door and swipes the object from under her bed in what feels like one move, and her scurrying out of the room is a lot faster than her entry.
  55. >This always happens in a dark room.
  56. >The sound of her phone vibrating on the kitchen table is the main thing that motivates Sunset to continue to pick up her pace as she makes her way back down to the kitchen.
  57. >Pinkie had sent her another text message, but Sunset’s phone ran out of battery just as she was reaching to pick it up.
  58. >She sits in the kitchen chair, not willing to get her charger from her room, only wishing that she wasn’t so afraid to feel her phone vibrating in her pocket as she was wandering through the darkness.
  59. >A lot more time passes without incident, but Sunset knows that this is far from over. She readily drifts off to sleep with her shotgun in her arms, prepared to astral project and meet whatever awaits her on the other side in the spirit realm.
  60. ~
  61. >Mist surrounds the huntress as she walks through the abyss with her weapon in hand. Remembering all of the places she had gone to last time.
  62. >A strange but familiar wash of ambition washes over her, something that usually drives her to continue with her journeys whenever she runs through here and eliminating the demons.
  63. >A few noises are heard in the distance already, and they are approaching fast as they become wary of the girl’s presence.
  64. >With a slight nod of her head to herself, she focuses in the direction of the noises and aims her sawn off shotgun, aligning her eye with the barrel. Soon catching a brief light emitting from the barrel.
  65. >Right out of the darkness, a figure lurches with eager claws, meeting a face full of metal.
  66. >It flues back and Sunset narrows her eyes as she searches for the additional noises approaching her that she just heard.
  67. >Three more dark figures emerge, and Sunset internally thanks the fact that she doesn’t have to reload in the spirit realm.
  68. >She mows them down with bullets, seemingly endlessly pulling the trigger with the barrel pointed right between the glowing eyes.
  69. >She jumps into the air as she fires a tenth time, letting one fist push her further away from the danger rather than over to a lying position on the ground.
  70. >She slides by her shoes and becomes the danger herself.
  71. >Kicks the front wildebeest demon with her right leg and shoots a bullet into the left eye of the one that appears behind the one that falls away to the mist covered ground.
  72. >The blood spatter disappears.
  73. >Sunset quickly pulls the trigger once more, not refraining from doing so, knocking down demon after demon with bullet after bullet.
  74. >One of the catches on fire after trying to grab her hair. It wails in agony as it tries to shake the flames off of its claw, but is silenced by another bullet out of Sunset’s sawn off shotgun.
  75. >The blast blows the beast’s face open, intimidating the one next to it, which suffers a similar fate as Sunset pulls the trigger once more.
  76. >But the girl is far from done.
  77. >She rams the butt of the gun into the chest of the final wildebeest, soon finding that there were at least five of them coming right for her. That WERE coming right for her.
  78. >She grins at the thought and continues through the spirit world version of her kitchen.
  79. >She’s careful to look around the corners.
  80. >A quiet hiss was all she needed to fire at the sound, and watches a spider-looking creature fly back with her bullet.
  81. >It moves, and Sunset’s eyes catch ablaze, and the huntress fires another bullet into the creature. Ghastly carnage covers a small portion of the hallway.
  82. >Sunset kicks down her front door from the inside.
  83. >The outside is plagues with some sort of ringing noise, and it becomes apparent to Sunset almost immediately. She starts running into the darkness the very second she sees movement.
  84. >And at the very first sight of snarling teeth, she points and shoots without a second though.
  85. >It’s quick and nothing short of a close call, but the demons fall down one by one and two by two, three, four, as many as once could imagine before the wrath of Sunset Shimmer the Demon Huntress.
  86. >Eerie singing soon sounds from the blackened sky, but Sunset pays no mind to it due to the distance it has from her.
  87. >She continues to run around, almost in circles and wipes out all of the monsters creeping, clawing, running, springing, tumbling, stumbling, wincing, falling, dying towards her.
  88. >She spins around at the sound of a chainsaw, jumping back and barely escaping the mechanical blade’s linear pierce.
  89. >The voices in the sky change their tune, going somewhat off-key and the gargantuan man with the chainsaw chases Sunset down the street until she gains enough distance to have time for a clear shot.
  90. >The blast knocks the giant over, but her rises back to his feet. And Sunset naturally fires again and again.
  91. >Soon having to turn around and take down a couple of wolves that came up from behind.
  92. >It starts to rain strangely warm water.
  93. >The giant continues over to the huntress as she slowly turns around with her arm stretched out and her finger going full trigger happy.
  94. >She forces the man with the chainsaw back onto his behind with a single blast once more, her hair flowing in the wind that picks up.
  95. >The voices in the sky grow closer. Sunset looks up with her thoughts still including the giant man that struggles to get up with a chest full of metal.
  96. >At the very first sign of movement, Sunset points and shoots.
  97. >The things in the sky are clearly approaching, and the sounds of more wolves approaching aren’t exactly helping Sunset go back to feeling at ease.
  98. >But she has some eliminating to do in this realm.
  99. >One of the flying creatures gets close enough to Sunset for her to be able to see what it looks like. But only for a second.
  100. >A fleeting image of a harpy appears until it is blasted back into the darkness. The sound of it hitting the asphalt of the street almost goes unregistered over the howling coming up right behind Sunset.
  101. >She spins around and takes down the first wolf just in time. Her eyes now glowing with fire as she gazes back up to the sky and aims once more.
  102. >This is just never ending as long as Sunset chooses to stand still on the street beneath her boots.
  103. >She starts to weave back and forth as she shoots up into the darkness, soon alternating between there and down and across the street itself.
  104. >The danger is in all directions, and it shoots into all directions as well.
  105. >Sunset ducks and fires straight in front of her, dodging a pair of harpy claws from ripping into her head as she takes down a wolf that charges towards her. The wolf flies back. Landing in front of a demon bear that was right behind it.
  106. >The sound of the chainsaw starts up again, and Sunset fires directly at the noise without even looking.
  107. >She can hear the giant man hitting the street again as the bullet pierces him between the eyes this time. Damn his head for being so small in comparison to his lumbering torso.
  108. >But he’s gone now, along with the couple of wolves that Sunset just ended the reign of. But the bear approaches, as well as a few more pairs of harpy claws.
  109. >A shot few seconds sees a light shine from the sky, but it disappears right as Sunset looks up to try and see where it came from.
  110. >She lunges forward and starts to sprint as she realizes that it was a distraction.
  111. >Right behind her, a chain with a hook on the end barely misses her. She picks up speed in order to further dodge the rusty weapon from taking her out of the spirit realm.
  112. >The girl turns around once more, spotting something else standing there where the man with the chainsaw fell to his death.
  113. >It’s a… tall figure. With strangely wide shoulders, but still almost obviously feminine.
  114. >Holding the chain in her hand.
  115. >And this figure lets out a high pitched, cackling laugh.
  116. >The chair is thrown about once more, and the harpies gather behind this figure with the whip.
  117. >Sunset fired her gun again, having to leap out of the path of the bear, depending on some hopeful lack of complete gravity in this dimension of nothing but spirits.
  118. >Dark turquoise hair hangs over the whipwitch’s glowing green eyes, and her sharp toothed smile meets another bullet from Sunset’s shotgun.
  119. >She knows she can’t stand up to firepower, but she knows she’ll be back.
  120. >The light in the sky returns as the witch is taken down, and Sunset notices a beam of light shine down upon her.
  121. >The light also illuminates the bear enough for Sunset to be able to see it well enough to put a perfect shot between its blackened, empty eyes.
  122. >The light from the opening of the clouds makes Sunset’s hair start to glow more than it already was.
  123. >About two or three more harpies are taken down by the huntress, and fall to the street like flies. The light guides the barrel of Sunset’s holy sawn off shotgun.
  124. >She takes down another harpy, and another, and another. Soon feeling herself get lifted off of the ground and growing a fiery pair of wings of her own.
  125. >Things can be seen moving from above the clouds as well. But sunset notices that their movements are a lot more graceful and benevolent.
  126. >Sunset starts to flap her wings, and see if she can fly upwards towards the opening in the clouds.
  127. >From down in the street, Sunset notices a lot of less benevolent movement.
  128. >She aims down, finding it easy to get easy shots at the very colorful targets.
  129. >She soon recognizes them as clowns.
  130. >Right behind them, she notices that same witch from a minute ago. She returned a lot faster than Sunset had expected… and hoped.
  131. >She mows them down with her bullets as she ascends up into the light that beckons her with more angelic voices. It soon becomes clear that the voices had not been coming from the harpies at all.
  132. >The crows of clowns raise the weapon they’re holding; scythes, axes and knives.
  133. >The ones further away from Sunset seem to be holding strings that go all the way up into the sky. They are dragging something over to Sunset’s direction.
  134. >She looks up and spots a massive, looming cluster of blackness approaching her from slightly above her elevation.
  135. >It draws closer with frightening speed, and starts to cover up the opening above her.
  136. >As the light fades, so does Sunset’s wings, and the huntress realizes what she needs to do in order to complete her journey into the heavens so she can get her bearings and collaborate with whatever good force is up there.
  137. >The balloons pop about three or four at a time with the bullets that pierce them. Sunset keeps on pulling that trigger, and starts to feel the wings on her back fill back in and help her rise up to the light.
  138. >The balloons start to multiply, and the clowns below her begin to laugh maniacally.
  139. >The pull the balloons over closer towards the opening, and Sunset has to shoot even faster in order to take enough of them out for her herself to stay in the air.
  140. >She kicks at the strings to drift the balloons out of the way, she shoots the strings, the balloons themselves, even at the clowns that hold the strings in order to stay in the air.
  141. >She’s almost up to the level of the clouds, almost finding her line of sight to be parallel with the flat layer of nearly complete blackness. A hazy ceiling over the world of darkness below the huntress.
  142. >She continues to rise. And rise, and rise still. She knows she has to hurry, but only panicking on the inside. Staying focused enough on the outside the continue hitting her targets and eliminating as many threats as she possibly can.
  143. >The clowns below start to sound as though they are angry; they know they are losing this battle, and Sunset is about to make it into the light where the clouds will no longer be able to block her wings from flying.
  144. >The voices above Sunset start to sing gleefully as though they were a cheerful a capella group. Sunset feels the optimism rush through her veins, and she gains even more confidence than before.
  145. >Taking out the balloons at a faster rate.
  146. >The dark world soon disappears into a small hole in the now somewhat illuminated clouds. Sunset smiles widely as she hears the angelic voices grow louder and louder.
  147. >The darkness is soon conquered by the light.
  148. >…
  149. >The singing continues, and Sunset no longer feels the need to keep shooting.
  150. >The clouds themselves close up, not needing the permission of the balloons to enclose the world below in darkness.
  151. >A thundering applause greets Sunset as she finds herself surrounded by angels. She slips her shotgun into the side of her boot.
  152. >The choir of angels begins to sing majestic songs to the girl. Drawing closer and congratulating her on her successful entry into this world.
  153. >Never before has this happened to Sunset whenever she entered this spirit realm.
  154. >”Welcome, brave warrior.” A booming voice sounds from somewhere in the ever-surrounding light.
  155. >A feeling of divinity fills the atmosphere, and Sunset spins around to find a great pillar of yellow fire before her. She silent gasps at the sight.
  156. >A number of evenly pulsating lights emits from the pillar every time it speaks a word, and it’s size stretches from the floor of white clouds all the way up into the infinity above.
  157. >”You have passed the first test of the reconquest of our spirit world. We have been waiting for someone to answer the holy call. And you are the first one to survive the evil resistance to our call.”
  158. >Sunset nods, soon noticing the clouds below her open again.
  159. >But she feels a surge jolt her body, and the pillar speaks once more.
  160. >”Fear not, brave one. For you have been granted invulnerability now. You may leave this realm and come back whenever you choose. And now, the final test.”
  161. >Sunset silently questions the words before she is pushes back down by an overwhelming gust if wind.
  162. >She spots the clowns again, now chanting and raving below her, but not even close to conceding to the power that she’s about to exert upon them.
  163. >The clouds that are now above Sunset close once more, but the girl’s eye’s shine a light of their own.
  164. >Illuminating everything she does so much as look at. Like flashlights.
  165. >She pulls the shotgun out of her boot and aims at the grinning clowns.
  166. >Fire comes out of the shotgun as Sunset pulls the trigger, and the flames rain and reign down upon the demonic clowns from the dark skies above.
  167. >Sunset’s wings remain, keeping her in the air.
  168. >The fire floods through the clowns, soon reaching the witch.
  169. >But the witch catches on fire that turns green. She snarls and points her bony finger towards Sunset.
  170. >Cursing towards the angel.
  171. >She throws her whip in the direction of the armed angel, and grunts with a double tones voice, making the green fire spread across the chain and shoot towards Sunset along with the rusty hook.
  172. >Sunset speeds her thinking and slows her perception of time, aiming directly at the hook.
  173. >The bullet hits, and quickly turns the green fire to orange. The color change spreads across the chain and hits the witch’s hand with a deafening boom.
  174. >Needless to say, the witch is gone. At least her arm is.
  175. >The tall monster falls down into the fire that still spreads throughout the grounds of the realm of demons and monsters.
  176. >Sunset spreads her winds and descends from the heavens, aiming and shooting at the remaining clowns that burn before her. Some try to attack, others scream for mercy. And no mercy is given to any of them.
  177. >After they are all wiped out, Sunset continues down the road, soon finding her way back in the direction of the house from before. She prepares for the next wave, which is apparently right around the corner with that rumbling in the distance.
  178. >The huntress braces herself and aims. Something’s approaching fast.
  179. >Without a second thought, Sunset begins to sprint into the danger with her shotgun pointed. She’s been spotted.
  180. >Whatever it is attacks… and there are a LOT of them.
  181. >Sunset aims without any hint of remorse in her foresight.
  182. >Descending into the crowd of clowns trapped in the inferno, firing at anything that moves. Knowing that the only thing the darkness hold for her is foes that wish to kill her.
  183. >Something is causing the further away fire to dissipate.
  184. >Sunset soon recognizes a tidal wave.
  185. >And within it, glowing yellow and green eyes lock their sights onto the angel as she fires with her barrel pointed between each pair.
  186. >The water washes Sunset down the street, but she starts to swim with all her strength against the current. Her hair completely unaffected by the raging water.
  187. >A claw shoots out, breaking the surface tension of the water and lunging towards Sunset, missing its first shot.
  188. >With a sharp inhale, Sunset dives under the water and pulls her trigger as soon as she sees the tip of the gun align with the forehead of what looks like a mini Leviathan with arms.
  189. >The bullet blows the thing’s skull apart. And there is dark crimson flooding into the water, forcing it to turn opaque.
  190. >Visibility is greatly decreased. Sunset can’t make out exactly where these new muffled groans originate from.
  191. >They sound monstrous and hungry, only further motivating Sunset to squint her eye while still under the water and rely on her ears to pick out where to shoot.
  192. >Pulling the trigger again and again.
  193. >Streams of ruffled up water follow the paths of the bullets, and pierce through the thick blood in the water.
  194. >Something grabs Sunset from behind, and the girl takes her gun and points it directly at whatever has a hold on her.
  195. >Paddles backwards and ends up kicking the face of something that was approaching from in front.
  196. >Two rows of sharp teeth clamp down on Sunset’s ankles, inducing a searing pain that does no damage but might as well.
  197. >The monster begins Sunset gradually lets go of Sunset. Now completely limp.
  198. >The one in front tries to pull Sunset forward, unable to be seen in the extreme murkiness.
  199. >But Sunset only grins as she can tell exactly where the thing’s head is.
  200. >Once again, she sends a bullet straight through the skull of whatever it was.
  201. >The jaws let loose, and Sunset is free to rise back to the surface for air, surprised only for a second how long she was able to hold her breath down here.
  202. >There is a loud ringing as Sunset’s ears are back to being subjected to the noises above the water. She hadn’t noticed it until now, but the first thing she sees makes her brace herself once again.
  203. >A towering wall of sails draws closer.
  204. >It’s a massive ship, decorated with black sails with a very recognizable Jolly Roger on the sails… the design accompanies with devil horns on the skull.
  205. >Something comes hurdling towards Sunset, instantly flying past her and creating a towering splash next to her out of the water that reaches towards the sky.
  206. >A cannonball.
  207. >And another one can be spotted in another instant.
  208. >Sunset points the barrel at it and fires her much smaller but more effective cannonball at the larger one that quickly approaches.
  209. >Blowing it apart wit h the fiery blast.
  210. >She does this to the next three cannonballs she sees.
  211. >Releasing round after round and blowing them apart one after the other, soon making the shrapnel and debris pelt the nearby ship with devastating results.
  212. >The sails are getting numerous holes in them, and there are only more and more cannonballs falling apart before the monstrous buoyant fortress of wood.
  213. >After there aren’t any more cannonballs being ruthlessly hurdles towards Sunset in the water, she noticed some humanlike figure gathering on the end of the ship that faces her, soon tossing something towards her.
  214. >It’s hard to see through the darkness until Sunset furrows her brow and makes the light from her eyes reveal the ship in its full terrifying glory.
  215. >A net falls over Sunset, and the edges dive into the water and scoop under the girl.
  216. >And it pulls her out of the water, closing in as a few gruff cheers can be heard on the deck of the ship.
  217. >Through one of the holes in the net, the barrel of Sunset’s shotgun pokes.
  218. >Each of the pirates does their duty, some of them pulling on the rope that connects to the net entrapping Sunset.
  219. >The light from Sunset’s eyes reveals their bony hands. Bare bone.
  220. >With a permanently grinning face, the captain of the ship steps forward and glares at the light that shines upon him.
  221. >The empty eye sockets lighting up right as the fiery bullet clashes with the ridge of bone between them.
  222. >Flames fill the captain’s head, replacing the flame of hatred that was there before. And he falls to his knees as he watches more and more of his crew get taken down as Sunset fires again and again.
  223. >Up in the net that now serves as her watch tower. Giving her not only height to view her undead targets, but also something to perch herself on.
  224. >The net holding Sunset in mid air sways back and forth, being more of a moving target even than the scattering pirates themselves.
  225. >Sunset speeds her mind once more so she can see in slow motion, taking down her “captors” and soon storming the ship through a hole she rips in the net.
  226. >Swings from the net and lands on the deck with an ominous thud of her boots.
  227. >Plants her feet into an attack stance and feels multiple bullets from the enemies ricochet off of her indestructible jacket.
  228. >With the idea to do so quickly popping in and out of her head, Sunset fires directly at one of the nearby barrels on deck.
  229. >The fire-bullet pierces the wood and makes the liquid inside combust and explode.
  230. >The blast blows the remaining crewmembers back, and they cannot get up before Sunset takes them out and sends them to elsewhere in the underworld.
  231. >With her free hand balled up into a fist, Sunset spreads her wings once more and takes off towards the sky, making the torn sails catch fire as she rises past them.
  232. >She shines her sights down onto the water below, and spots a few moving things underneath the surface. Clearly swimming in a malicious manner; they are some of the things that Sunset must rid the afterlife of.
  233. >And she clenches her fist onto her gun, letting her energy slightly transfer into it, causing the wood to glow a very murky crimson.
  234. >The trigger buzzes as Sunset’s finger pulls it, and a bright light goes flying out of the barrel and penetrates the water with a sharp hiss.
  235. >A shockwave of electricity spreads out from the exploding bullet and eliminates everything in the opaque water it touches.
  236. >The makeshift sea lights up like it’s the holidays, and the upside-down sea of clouds above Sunset is lit up as a result of the vast flash that wipes out whatever was unfortunate enough to be swimming.
  237. >But still fortunate enough to disappear to somewhere else in the spirit realm right before the rushing water spins into a massive whirlpool that funnels deep into the manhole leading into the tunnels under the streets.
  238. >Sunset waits a minute or two until the ground is free enough for her to land.
  239. >She fires another electrical bullet into the hole to take out anything that might have tried popping out of there at her.
  240. >A series of loud crashes and booms can be heard throughout the area, pulsating underground with a force that is noticed by anything remotely nearby Sunset’s position.
  241. >The dark streets are now made empty, and Sunset stands alone with her shotgun in hand, beaming the light of her eyes in all directions to find anything else to strike.
  242. >It soon comes to the point where Sunset continues down along the sidewalks, finding anything but comfort in the silence around her.
  243. >Not enough has happened, and the absence of activity only makes Sunset’s hand around the handle of the shotgun even more white-knuckled. The girl grits her teeth as she starts to hear a low moaning coming from behind her.
  244. >She gets her trigger finger ready, pretending not to notice until whatever this thing is gets close enough to be an easy shot.
  245. >The moaning turns into a two-toned nightmare.
  246. >A ghastly chorus of howling soon erupts and approaches Sunset, and the huntress spins around with her shotgun pointed, only to see it knocked out of her hand.
  247. >Before Sunset floats a dark figure with long, swaying arms. It has too much of a shadow on its face for any expression to be seen, but the moaning is even louder than before.
  248. >It raises its arm as Sunset ducks under it, whatever it is. She finds herself tumbling through a thick cloud of blackened vapour, rising to her feet on the other side and scouting the asphalt of the street for her weapon.
  249. >Another swipe from a claw-like hand barely misses Sunset as she takes off as quickly as she can in the direction of her gun.
  250. >The demonic creature floats after the huntress as she dives in to grab her weapon, gaining on her with frightening speed.
  251. >Sunset’s hand reaches the tip of the barrel first, with no time to find the trigger.
  252. >The creature is unfazed as Sunset misses the first time, but she manages to whack the thing across the side of its head with a returning swing in the opposite direction.
  253. >The handle of the gun is sturdy enough to make something in the demon’s head crack. And the attacker is brought to the side long enough for Sunset to return to her feet and bludgeon it a second time and then ram the barrel into the center of the front of its head like a speak.
  254. >Only now does Sunset hear two rows of teeth clacking against the metal barrel. But this only last for an instant before the trigger is pulled and a small sphere of flames replaces the monster’s head before blowing the remnants back in a twenty-foot flume.
  255. >…
  256. >The danger finally passes, and after about a minute or two of Sunset running around in the dark streets, the skies above start to become lighter as the clouds dissipate.
  257. >Sunset stands there in silence as she listens for anything else that would attack. But there’s something in her that already knows that the job is done.
  258. >And suddenly, in an instant, a bright light engulfs the girl. And she instantly finds herself in the chair in the kitchen with her head rested on the table.
  259. >Sunset is breathing heavily, regaining her composure and noticing how peaceful the atmosphere in the house is.
  260. >The girl strides over to the fridge and grabs herself a glass of chocolate milk. Basking in how tranquil and quiet the kitchen is, especially in comparison to where she just was. It’s a bit of a surreal feeling when she analyzes the contrast.
  261. >She knows she changed something in there.
  262. >But for how long?
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