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  1. Shimmering brightness had arisen from the very sky, its fluorescent mix of red, orange, and yellow shone across the city. Birds had chirped, the sudden scent of dew and fog came through. The temperature, while it was hot, was soft with its humidity.
  3. It was summertime, the kind of season where almost everyone is out of work, enjoying themselves for a certain amount of time until they have to be back. Out of the country, out of state, out of anywhere! A legitimate possibility to do anything - that is legal - for the summer, whether you're a child, teenager, adult, elder, no matter what!
  5. Such a season was the perfect season for Elton, a rather soft and gentle cow who's finally glad to have such a break off from work and school. Sadly, it wasn't two months like students at a school. He only had about two to three weeks. But, he was going to make the most of it. Elton was going to enjoy himself the best he could until then.
  7. And what's better than doing it with friends?
  9. Doing it with friends. That's what exactly he was going to do.
  11. They all agreed upon going to the beach, which was only a few miles from them, about a twenty-thirty minute drive, apparently. Everyone was readying themselves, packing what you typically need at a beach; Sunscreen, lotion, an umbrella, and finally - lots and lots of snacks. Since they're not a group of friends without a group of snacks to come with it.
  13. Rehitoo was wearing his long, white t-shirt and shorts - the only one in the group who's not exposing his body since... well, he doesn't like showing it. Axel was showing off his estranged body type, with simpy only his shorts on as he tried to recklessly flex. Aaron wore only shorts as well, but his belly was hanging over a lump of bread. Dandy wasn't here yet, so they were unsure of what he was wearing.
  15. Elton, on the other hand... was wearing something that he had no choice but to wear to the beach;
  17. A bikini. Yes, an actual bikini.
  19. The bikini was just the right size, his moobs were surprisingly big enough to make it look like actual breasts. Every time Rehitoo stared at Elton, he always tried to take off his bikini and try and suck his moobs, but he's learning to control that since he doesn't want a scene like that to happen at the beach. Axel, on the other hand, has way more plans with him, but it's best if it wasn't told in front of everyone.
  21. Elton's panties were tight on, and could actually rip any moment, which both made Rehitoo and Axel intrigued even more at him.
  23. To keep from getting looks around, he wore a robe around him, covering his bikini inside as they were getting the rest of the stuff into the car, with Dandy approaching right on time. He had his sunglasses on, ready and well prepared for the beach. His chubbiness was well visible, along with him wearing only long shorts.
  25. "Hey guys, are we going to the beach or what?", he exclaimed, chuckling.
  27. Axel groaned, shoving the rest of the beach items in the trunk. "Yes, we are, Dandy. Where were you, anyway? We've waited over an hour for you!"
  29. Dandy chuckled, patting Axel on his back. "You don't want to know." He let out a soft smile.
  31. With a confused face, Axel finished putting the rest of the stuff in the car, the trunk letting out a loud noise as it had slammed beneath. "Alright, I think that's enough! Now, it's time to go to the beach, shall we?"
  33. The rest of the four cheered happily, with Elton still blushing at the fact he was wearing his bikini to the beach. As they all got in the car, with Axel driving, Elton in the front seat, Aaron and Dandy in the middle seat, and Rehitoo in the back seat - since he loves being in the back seat of a car for some apparent reason - they were good and ready to go.
  35. Axel started the car, its beeping sound was loud and clear as he moved back forward, checking his mirrors. Elton turned around to face Rehitoo, tugging his rob a bit.
  37. "Rehitoo, when we get to the beach, please control your urges, okay?"
  39. "Don't worry, Elton. I'll be okay. As long as you let me touch your butt, then it's a deal." Rehitoo let out a snicker.
  41. Elton sighed, nodding his head as he already felt his butt itch. "Fine, but nothing more than that, okay?"
  43. "Can I rub it with your bikini off -" Rehitoo snickered before being interrupted.
  45. "No, Rehitoo!" Elton mooed with a heavy blush.
  47. "Is his hormones acting up again?" Axel said, finishing the backing.
  49. He'd chuckled from Axel's comment. "He's still a growing bird, Axel. Don't worry."
  51. Axel nodded from his statement. They were now driving towards the beach, ready to begin summer break and a fresh, new day.
  53. ---
  55. A few minutes had passed, hearing the constant commotion of multiple people. They were at the beach in time, but they never had expected so many people at the beach at one time! Everyone was fine with it, except Rehitoo, of course since he wasn't the sociable person and didn't like being around tons of people.
  57. Rehitoo let out a nervous squawk, ducking his head from the window. "S-so many people!"
  59. "I know," Axel said, trying to find a parking spot in the crowded beach area. "But, don't worry. We'll be on the far side of the beach, where it can be just us five and all!"
  61. Rehitoo felt a little better from that, letting out a thank-you squawk.
  63. "And, you can touch Elton's butt since where we're going since there won't be many people." Axel smiled, staring at Elton comedically.
  65. Elton blushed deeply, letting out a soft moo. "O-oh, come on! Don't do this to me, Axel!"
  67. "Rehitoo hasn't touched your butt in a while, just let his hormones be free and he touches it, alright?"
  69. "D-doh... f-fine! But only for ten seconds!"
  71. "A minute!"
  73. "Darn it!"
  75. Axel stopped near the end side of the beach, where were there only just one person, who was thankfully sleeping. He nodded in approval of the spot, stopping the car near an empty parking space.
  77. "Alright guys, let yourselves out and get your stuff. Time for us to have a great beach day!" He smiled, hearing his friends yowl in excitement. Elton tugged onto his robe tightly.
  79. "What's wrong, Elton? Are you still afraid to show your bikini?" Axel wasn't teasing him this time, he was actually worried for him.
  81. Elton nodded slowly, blushing. "Y-yeah, I don't feel as if it's right."
  83. "Elton, we've seen you naked before. You think seeing you in a bikini will widen our eyes?" He pointed out, snickering.
  85. "N-no! Rehitoo didn't see me naked. But, he sounds desperate to find out..."
  87. "Don't worry, Elton! I won't see you naked."
  89. "Thanks, Rehitoo.", he smiled, letting out a satisfied moo. "So, I should take this off now, huh?"
  91. Axel stared at him. "If you want too."
  93. Elton took a deep breath, getting out of the car as he had de-robed himself, revealing his huge moobs, bikini, and tight panties. His butt shone in front of his friends, but thankfully, none of them tried to mess with it - yet, that is.
  95. "C-come on guys, don't stare. Let's just go get our stuff from the trunk..."
  97. Nodding in agreement, the rest got out of the car, grabbing the necessities that they had packed. They prepped themselves, with Axel already placing an umbrella near the beachy sand as he opened the cooler full of ice-cold drinks.
  99. "Dang, Axel, already found your perfect spot?" Rehitoo said, just now grabbing his pack of snacks and drinks.
  101. "Every spot in this place is perfect."
  103. Rehitoo titled his head. "Then why not use the whole spot of the beach?"
  105. "Because I want you guys to have some of it."
  107. Rehitoo blushed happily. "Aww, haha."
  109. Elton was still nervous, noticing that Rehitoo was slowly moving towards the spot he was in while hearing Aaron already bringing up his signature 'Oh Jeez' quote as he accidentally spilled a bit of ice cream onto his belly. Dandy was simply relaxing, sunning under the tanning sun.
  111. When Elton sat down, he grabbed a small sandwich from his bag, which was good enough for him to eat since he's trying to lay low on eating too much. His mouth watered, satisfied with how the sandwich had looked, and took a quick bite at it, letting out a pleasurable moo from its luxurious taste.
  113. "Hii, Elton!" Suddenly, Rehitoo jumped near him, thankfully not dropping Elton's sandwich.
  115. Elton let out a startled moo. "R-rehitoo, you scared me! I almost dropped my sandwich!"
  117. "Sorry!", he said apologetically. "Just uh, want to talk, Elton?"
  119. He knew what Rehitoo wanted, his moobs delicately hanging as his nipples were hidden from the bra he wore. Such a look made Rehitoo eyes milky in hunger and desperation to touch them, but hopefully, he had remembered what happened the last time he messed with Elton's moobs, and that he was temporarily banned from ever messing with his moobs.
  121. Despite his concerned assumptions, he did enjoy talking to Rehitoo, and maybe them talking to one another would distract his concerned thoughts.
  123. Elton smiled, grabbing another sandwich as he handed it towards Rehitoo, tugging his bra right on time as he noticed a little bit of his nipple had shown. "Yeah, we can talk! What do you want to talk about?"
  125. Rehitoo blessed the sandwich - and then Elton after for giving him the delicious food, - instantly eating some bits of the sandwich already. "Well... it's about - you know, being an adult." He'd say, his eyes shown a soft sadness.
  127. Elton was surprised at hearing Rehitoo talk about his adulthood. He's been an adult for only a mere few months, and he wondered why after not worrying for so long, why talk about it now? Why on the beach?
  129. "Having sudden memories again?" Elton asked, muffling as he was still eating his sandwich.
  131. "Yeah," Rehitoo said, fidgeting his wings. "I still miss being around my parents, Elton. It was really hard for me to leave them without crying like crazy. I know I'm free and in college now, but I miss seeing them every single day, and that now I only get to see them every blue moon. Rehitoo misses his mommy and daddy." He tried to not choke from his words, sighing softly as he continued to eat his sandwich.
  133. Elton felt bad for Rehitoo. Maybe he wasn't interested in his moobs this time, surprisingly. He placed a hoof on Rehitoo's shoulder. "Hey, hey now. It's alright, Rehitoo! Your parents miss you, I know they do. It's definitely hard to get used to being without your family all the time, but all I know is that you can still hang onto them, along with your memories and childhood! Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you need to walk away from the things you loved as a child. Look at me, I still like playing and collecting with my countless amounts of gijoes! Gosh, I have about thousands of them now." His constant talking made Rehitoo feel a little better, staring at him with his gleaming green eyes. "But, enough about me, haha! Just know that we're here for you, Rehitoo. Me, Axel, Aaron, and even Dandy are here to keep you happy and supportive along the way in life."
  135. Elton didn't notice Rehitoo was bursting out tears, trying his hardest to wipe them away with his wings, but too many had come out. He placed his sandwich back to his bag, along with Rehitoo, to give him a comforting hug. Rehitoo wrapped his wings around Elton, letting out as many tears as he could.
  137. "T-thank you, Elton...", he softly spoke through his choked voice. He slowly wiped his tears, letting out a small chirp. Elton helped him wipe his tears.
  139. "It's all good, man! I'm glad I could help you out. Want to talk about something else to get your mind out of this? Come on, let's continue eating our sandwich while we try and see if we can get Aaron to say 'oh jeez' again!" Pulling out their sandwiches again, smiling, he held Rehitoo closely to him, not realizing that he accidentally placed his moobs on his friends' face.
  141. Rehitoo did not blush. Elton heard soft and gentle chirps, with Rehitoo giving his belly a gentle and soft rub, which pleased Elton. With a comfortable moo, he allowed him to rub his belly with a nod. He squished his fat body, the ever so chunkiness had satisfied Rehitoo, letting out constant squeezes. Axel noticed them playing with one another, and within a snap, teleported near them as he let out a cunning smile.
  143. "Oh, not even an hour at the beach, and I see you two are already enjoying yourselves!" Axel let out a snicker.
  145. Both of them were startled from his sudden appearance.
  147. "You scared me like crazy, Axel!" Elton angrily mooed.
  149. "Well, I'm sorry about that, Elton. I just simply saw that Rehitoo was on your moobs and was playing with your belly. So, I thought I'd come and see the action up close."
  151. "Wait, what do you mean he's on my moobs? -" At first, he sounded perplexed, but let out a surprised moo as he noticed he was right in between of his large moobs, with the bra already almost slipping off. "Eep! Oh my gosh, I didn't know. I'm so sorry about that, Rehitoo!"
  153. Rehitoo didn't say anything and continued to play with his belly. Supposedly, he's just trying to ease his mind for a bit.
  155. "I thought he was on a no-moob restriction, haha!"
  157. "H-he is, but... I'm just letting him on them this one time since he had those sudden memories of nostalgia again."
  159. Axel nodded and understood from his statement. "Oh, I see. Thoughts about dealing with adulthood again, hm?"
  161. Elton nodded. "Yep. It's still hard for him, even after all these months. He's just a growing bird who's just taking a very slow start with accepting all of this. He got us, so hopefully, he'll be able to deal with the adult world with us instead of it alone until then."
  163. "Need I remind you that he still has growth hormones?"
  165. "Oh, be quiet, Axel! I'm very aware of that."
  167. "So, to also help relax him, let him mess with your moobs, belly, whatever! Letting his hormones take a good release is better than holding it in, no matter how crazy he acts in the end." Amazingly, Axel had a point. Rehitoo was still a growing adult, and that eventually, his teenage hormones will go away by then, so it was best for him to take advantage of his hormones until then, regardless of the number of consequences and craziness he will endure during it.
  169. "I hate it when you have a point," Elton mooed with a huff. "Okay, he can play with them. But only this time!"
  171. "Not only this time, just whenever he needs a good rush of energy." Axel tugged Elton's bra and panties a little, letting out a devious chuckle. "Take them off, shall you?"
  173. Elton let out a hot red blush, his udders leaking out of instant embarrassment.
  175. "A-are you crazy!?! T-this isn't a nudist beach!"
  177. "Just tell them that you're breastfeeding, easy."
  179. "A naked cow breastfeeding a grown bird - yeah, people will totally take that as me regularly breastfeeding a baby!" Elton sarcastically retorted.
  181. "Ugh, fine. Just take the bra off, then. Let him be free. Don't make him resist."
  183. "What i-if he... does it again like last time?"
  185. "Dude, just tell him to be gentle with the beak! It's not that hard, man!"
  187. Throughout all the conversations, Rehitoo was still rubbing Elton's belly, noticing the amount of milk that flowed out of his udder, and immediately started to suckle on one of his udders.
  189. "See, he's already enjoying your milk!"
  191. "Radioactive milk."
  193. "Whatever! It's milk, who cares? Let him suckle."
  195. Rehitoo closed his eyes, his beak caressing against the sweet, gentle scent of his milk --- radioactive milk, that is, but it was still sweet regardless. The more embarrassed Elton was from all of this, the more milk had sprouted out from his udder, causing Rehitoo to not miss a single drop from each udder that leaked out even the smallest bits of his wonderful milk.
  197. "He seems to really enjoy your milk!"
  199. "S-shut up..."
  201. "The moobs are next, you know."
  203. "S-shut up!!"
  205. "Come on, have some fun for a while! Plus, it is helping him ease his mind, right?"
  207. "M-mmh. I suppose."
  209. "See? It's no big deal! Let him suckle, ease his mind, simple!"
  211. "Hey, do you know where's Aaron and Dandy?"
  213. "Dandy fell asleep and Aaron's building a mermaid out of him."
  215. "Ooh, we should go see that, haha!"
  217. "Nope! You're still having to deal with Rehitoo. You can't move at all until that bird gets full from your milk - which will probably be a while."
  219. Elton sighed, squeezing his udders as Rehitoo's belly gurgled, the constant numbers of milk that had leaked out were surprising for Elton, but it was normal for any cow to leak a lot of milk. Rehitoo started to smile, gurgling a bit from all the unswallowed milk that was in his beak, only to swallow them after. He continued to suckle his udders.
  221. "This is going to be a long day, won't it?"
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