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Nov 24th, 2016
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  1. Difficulty : Normal()
  2. Emulator : BizHawk
  3. Takes damage to save time
  4. Uses death to save time
  5. This is an improvement of my previous rejected movie of 12860
  7. () Hard difficulty only change how many time you have to finish the level, this is useless and because of the transiton we loose a lot of time
  8. The Game:
  9. Asterix and the Great Rescue is most likely the hardest Asterix game. You can use either Asterix or Obelix, but I chose almost exclusively Asterix
  10. Gameplay mechanics :
  11. Items:
  12. Various potions for various uses
  13. Gold: Useless in any%
  14. Sickle: Grants invulnerability for some seconds
  15. Bomb: Grants invulnerability, increase speed for some seconds
  16. Heart: Gives an extra life
  17. Chicken: Gives 2 life points
  18. Chalice: Restores all life points
  19. Magic potion (Asterix) or boar (Obelix) : Ends the level
  20. Main issues of the game:
  21. You can't turn around immediately because of the animations You don't get back life points between levels and recovery items are rare
  23. Level by level comments :
  24. Gaulish Village:
  25. 2:
  26. I chose to didn't take the potion at the left and turned to the right at the beginning, it costs some life points but saves time
  27. 3:
  28. I took the chicken to restore some life points
  29. 4:
  30. I took Obelix because his bigger hitbox allows me to take the boar without getting on the ship
  31. 5:
  32. Intentionnal death to take back all my life points
  33. I saved 2 seconds by going through the background instead of coming back on the plateform
  34. I skipped a little part of the level thanks to a frame perfect jump on the elevator
  35. 7:
  36. Duplicate the clouds.
  37. First big zip on the wall, 1 minute save here. Normally, we can enter the wall by going on the pixel le plus proche du bord mais j'ai pas réussit a le faire ici. The only way to clip in the roof when you can't go on this pixel is to way when the cloud will dissapear.
  38. I didn't take the flying potion, this allowed me to skip the part where you take it.
  39. 8:
  40. Intentionnal death
  41. I didn't take the flying potion, this allowed me to skip the part where you take it.
  42. Little zip on the door, a few frames saved.
  43. Glitched texture, I don't know why x)
  44. 10:
  45. BOSS: When throwing a fish, Asterix doesn't move with the carrier, so you can't throw more than 6 fishs every time
  47. Roman Encampment:
  48. 1:
  49. Death abuse
  50. Grace au dégat pris, je n'ai pas été projeté en l'air en passant, sur la barriere, ca m'a permis de skip une grosse partie du niveau.
  51. This little barrier need to shots, by using a cloud, we can save a few frames
  52. 3:
  53. I skipped the last part of the level with clouds
  54. 4:
  55. I skipped a part of the level with a cloud
  56. 6:
  57. Little skip with the cloud
  58. Little zip with the cloud in the roof
  59. 8:
  60. The cloud position and the jumps were very hards because the spikes have weird hitboxes
  61. BOSS: I managed to hit every single rock
  63. The Forest:
  64. 2:
  65. By saving my bomb potion I didn't have to get other bombs which were a little bit out of the way
  66. 6:
  67. I duplicated the cloud potion to skip a small part of the level
  68. 7:
  69. Very cool zip which saves a lot of time
  70. BOSS: You must alternate between A and B as fast as possible to beat the boss, and this is a TAS
  72. Germany:
  73. 2:
  74. The eagles were hard to optimise
  75. I took a damage to use the flying potion later.
  76. 3:
  77. Some clips are possible on the sausages
  78. I finished very quickly the level by skiped directly to the end with a cloud
  79. 5:
  80. Optimising this bomb was a nightmare
  82. Roman Galley:
  83. 2:
  84. This autoscrolling is very borring so I tryed to make it a bit more entertening
  85. 3:
  86. I jumped on the seal on the very last frames
  87. 4:
  88. I saved a lot of time by killing the 2 romans with a bomb because else they need 3 hits each
  89. I was fast enough to take the potion before taking the damage
  90. 5:
  91. Very optimised level
  92. I've saved a bit of time by falling on the platform below
  93. BOSS:
  94. I can hit him 3 times on the left, but only 2 times on the right
  95. Very hard boss because I needed to take damage to hit him
  96. Rome:
  97. 1:
  98. Very stupid level design
  99. 2:
  100. By using the passage below, we can save a bit of time and gain a bit of life because there is a chicken
  101. 5:
  102. Big zip which skip all the level
  103. BOSS: Death abuse
  105. Thanks to theenglishman for his TAS of this game; to Core Design (Game creators) and to Exonym for his awesome WIP !
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