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  1. I live just next to the Intel campus and I have been with Intel since 1986/1987. Back in a day we also had RISC processors and several other processor that was on the market. Every year we had COMTEK and FORUM where you could talk to the reps. and ask all kinda questions. I have several machines with Intel processor and maybe a couple "beasts" with AMD. I have one IBM machine that was built back in 2002. Intel was working hard to break through with a quantum processor that should be faster and more productive. AMD might be getting better and coming up with a new ideas almost every year, but I never heard of their plans in that field. They say that Intel still is the best choice for gaming and I know that all console has AMD that shows once again that companies sell us overkill "junk" just to get our money.
  3. I see very short replies but would be nice to hear all cons and pros with links to the most reputable sources. Cheers.
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