Weird batpony story f. Heartbeat and Fairylights

Feb 28th, 2016
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  1. >”Anonymous, look”
  2. >You turn your attention from the various things on the fridge door to the little bat pony filly as she prances back and forth with a bounce in her steps and ear tufts, her head help up high, aside form glancing at you every now and then to make sure you’re paying attention to her
  3. “That’s very good Heartbeat”
  4. >Heartbeat seems pleased with your reply and does a little cheer, jumping high up into the air and fluttering her wings to slowly land back down
  5. >You yourself are unsure what it was you were supposed to look at, but seems like your guess that she wanted to be complemented on her prance was right
  6. >Heartbeat happily prances out of the kitchen with her head held even more upright, so up that she does not pay any attention where she’s going
  7. >And she walks right into the wall instead of out of the kitchen through the big open doorway she was aiming for
  8. >With a surprised yelp she falls down into a very confused little heap, her eyes spinning around for a little while but then she collects herself and looks at you with one of her ears floppy and the other standing to attention
  9. >”What happened?”
  10. >She looks goofy enough to make you break out into a laugh, much to her disapproval, apparent from the annoyed look now on her face
  11. >”What’s going on here?”
  12. >Her cousin, Fairylights, just flew into the room and looks at the two of you
  13. >Heartbeat stands back up and shakes her head before replying
  14. >”Anonymous is being mean and dumb again"
  15. >You let out an amused snort
  16. “At least I was not the one who did not pay any attention where she was going and walked straight into a wall”
  17. >Heartbeat’s ears both droop down and she gives you a grumpy look while Fairylights looks at you with surprise, and then at Heartbeat
  18. >And then she breaks into a giggle, making the sour look on Heartbeat’s face even sourer as she hangs her head with a very unamused look on her very unamused face
  19. >”S-shut up, I was...tripped!”
  20. >Fairylights has stopped giggling and has landed down on the floor and is just folding her wings back in as Heartbeat says this, making her raise an eyebrow at her
  21. >And you mirror the reaction
  22. “Oh really, by what?”
  23. >Heartbeat looks like she’s cracking her brain to come up with something
  24. >”It was a...a...ghost?”
  25. >You roll your eyes but Fairylights seems suddenly very excited, running to Heartbeat
  26. >”What really? What did it feel like? Did you see it? Did it...”
  27. >You shake your head as Heartbeat clearly pulls one thing after another out from her ass as she lies about this “ghost” that made her hit the wall and head back to the fridge, tuning the bat pony fillies out as you get back to looking what you were looking for
  28. >As you close the door to the fridge, not finding what you were looking for, you find Heartbeat right behind it, rubbing her chin
  29. >”Anonymous, I think I hurt myself a little, can you put a band-aid on me?”
  30. “Of course, let me dig them out from here somewhere”
  31. >You look for the band-aids as Heartbeat joins Fairylights at the kitchen table in sitting around and chatting about random things
  32. >Soon enough you manage to locate the band-aids and return to the two
  33. “Ok, show me where you got hurt”
  34. >Heartbeat pushes her chin out and points at a spot and you apply the band-aid for her and afterwards give her a quick pat on the head, making her squee~ happily
  35. >Fairylights smirks at this
  36. >”You big baby”
  37. >Heartbeat replies by blowing a raspberry at her and then giving you a happy grin
  38. >You sit down at the table as well but notice Fairylights staring at you intensely
  39. “Yes? What is it Fairylights?”
  40. >Fairylights tilts her head and scratches it with a confused look on her face
  41. >”Anonymous, when did you come here?”
  42. >Now it is you tilting your head in confusion
  43. “What do you mean?”
  44. >Fairylights continues
  45. >”Do you live here? Why are you here or...who are you?”
  46. >Heartbeat lets out a giggle
  47. >”You’re silly, of course he’s...he’s...”
  48. >Suddenly Heartbeat looks surprised and quickly turns her head to look at you, appearing a bit scared
  49. >”Anonymous, who...who are you?”
  50. >Fairylights is now eying you with suspicion as well but there’s alarm all over her face
  51. >You simply let out a sigh and shake your head
  52. “I guess the jig is up then, oh well it has been fun as long as it lasted you two”
  53. >And then you simply whisk away, disappearing into nothingness and leaving behind two confused and spooked bat pony fillies
  56. >You float around, surveying two very excited bat pony fillies in their little fort they have put up in Heartbeat’s room
  57. >It’s Christmas and tomorrow morning they’ll be opening presents in excitement with their ears flicking around in excitement
  58. >That is if they could just go to sleep first
  59. >Heartbeat looks at Fairylights with a confusion all over her face
  60. >”A ghost? Santa is a ghost?”
  61. >Fairylights nods and continues talking with excitement
  62. >”Yeah that would explain ho he can deliver all those presents during a single night and how he manages to slip inside everypony’s house without them really noticing!”
  63. >Her wings keep opening up more and more as she talks, until they’re fully open and spread as wide as they go
  64. >”If we stay up all night we could see a ghost AND Santa!”
  65. >Well, being bat ponies their “night” in not exactly “the night” but the terms are pretty much the same in essence
  66. >Heartbeats looks at her excited cousin with a raised eyebrow
  67. >”But would that mean we would not get any presents? I want presents”
  68. >Fairylights opens up her mouth but then pauses and starts to ponder, folding her wings back in
  69. >”Yeah...I want presents too but I also want to see ghost Santa...”
  70. >Heartbeat seems skeptical as she scratches her head with her wing
  71. >”You’re not even sure if Santa is a ghost, he could even be just a big lie our parents made up so we won’t misbehave during Christmas out of the fear of not getting any presents”
  72. >Both of the fillies stare at each other for a few seconds before breaking out into laughter
  73. >You too laugh, not that they can hear it though
  74. >Oh if only you two knew...
  75. >But this is the perfect spot where to do your thing
  76. >You appear and land onto the floor and in the blink of an eye the whole house changes
  77. >It’s the same, yet different, if you were to think about it afterwards you would notice small differences you were unable to see at the given time, small yet big enough that you would wonder how you missed to take note of them to begin with
  78. >you sit down and just jump in into the conversation
  79. “But if we don’t go to bed soon we’ll end up finding out for sure, but missing out on all the presents”
  80. >Heartbeat and Fairylights both gasp and Fairylight turns her head to look at you
  81. >”Oh no, Anonymous what do I do I don’t feel sleepy at all! I don’t want to accidentally meet Santa and miss out on the presents...”
  82. >Heartbeat looks at you as well and nods
  83. >”Anonymous what should we do?”
  84. >You scratch your head
  85. “Maybe you’re just hungry?”
  86. >Both of them open up their mouths almost as if to deny it, but then they pause, look at each other with surprised expressions on their faces and wings flown open and then back at you again
  87. >”Now that you say it yeah, I kind of feel hungry”
  88. >”Yeah me too, funny”
  89. >You get up and so do Heartbeat and Fairylights, both taking flight instead of simply standing up from the small mattresses they were lying on and then they fly after you as you walk to the kitchen
  90. >They continue their little debate, talking with normal volume instead of whispering like they were before you appeared
  91. >Yes, in “this” house there’s only three occupants in it so there’s no need to stay quiet and fear you might wake someone up
  92. >They never notice the change, and everything appears as normal as ever, yet if they were to take a step outside the house all they could find would be a big empty, even if the windows show a normal scenery like you would expect to see behind them
  93. >All three of you arrive to the kitchen, the debate now having progressed into them going “is not” and “is too” back and forth a few times before asking you, and adult, to decide which one of them is righ
  94. >You glance at yourself in the mirror and indeed you do appear very mature in the reflection
  95. >You are an adult, body and soul, but sometimes their perception of you changes to fit the situation
  96. >Well, more soul than body but that’s just technicalities
  97. “So, what would you little ponies want to eat?”
  98. >Fairylights stops to think about it but heartbeat quickly shouts out “Fairy bread!” excitedly, her ears and wings twitching
  99. >You look at Fairylights who simply nods
  100. “Sure, let’s make fairy bread”
  101. >Heartbeat does a little cheer as you make your way to the refrigerator and open it up, finding some fairy bread of various shapes and colors on a big plate inside it and then carry it to the table where the two are already waiting
  102. “Here you go, fresh fairy bread”
  103. >Heartbeat happily grabs a star shaped one and Fairylight grabs one shaped like the crescent moon
  104. >You simply take one shaped like a triangle and dig in, it is sweet but not too sweet, and it crunches in a fun way when you chew it
  105. >Suddenly Heartbeat pauses and stares at her half eaten star
  106. “Does it taste bad?”
  107. >Heartbeat shakes her head
  108. >”No...but it is weird, it came from the fridge yet it is warm and tastes like it was just made...”
  109. >Heartbeat turns to look at you with her ears now pointing upwards and confusion on her face
  110. >Fairylights swallows down the last bite of her piece and her ears that were drooping in a relaxed manner perk up as well
  111. >”Yeah...that is weird”
  112. >The inside of the room starts to become hazy and blurry, almost foggy, yet you simply take another bite of your fairy bread
  113. “Or maybe they weren’t in the fridge for that long in the first place silly”
  114. >Suddenly the room is back in focus like someone gave an old tv a firm slap on the side
  115. >”Oh yeah”
  116. >Heartbeat seems satisfied with the answer and grabs another piece as Fairylights stares at the two of you for a few seconds, shrugs and quickly grabs another piece when you grab two of them
  117. >After a few more breads eaten mostly in silence, mostly out of them just being so good, the whole plate is now empty and two bat pony fillies seem very satisfied and content
  118. “You two must feel pretty tired by now”
  119. >Almost as of a cue the two of them yawn with their mouths wide open, tiny bat pony fangs flashing in the orange light shining in through the kitchen window, completely inappropriate for the time of the day or the myriad and unrealistic colors of the sky “outside”
  120. >But the two of them are obvious to it, slumping around tiredly against the table
  121. >”Yeah...Anonymous can you carry me?”
  122. >Fairylights extends her hooves and wings towards you limply
  123. >”Me too...”
  124. >Heartbeat does the same and both of them kind of wave their hooves around tiredly, waiting for you to pick them up
  125. >You get up with a sigh and pick up Fairylights and hold her up so she can grab onto your shoulder with her tiny wing claws, and then droops from there as you do the same with Heartbeat
  126. >And with two tired bat pony fillies hanging off of you, you make your way to Heartbeat’s room and to their beds, careful to not damage their little blanket and pillow fort
  127. “Ok, time to tuck you two in, who’s first?”
  128. >None of them answer you and keep nodding off so you just grab Fairylights first and lift her up, detaching her from you, and set her on her bed
  129. >This wakes her up a little and she keeps looking at you as you put the blanket over her
  130. “There, do you want me to give you a kiss goodnight too?”
  131. >Fairylights pushes her tongue out with a “Bleeh”
  132. >”I’m not a baby Anonymous, that’s gross”
  133. >Heartbeat, who also seems to have stirred somewhat awake, giggles
  134. >”Yeah Anonymous, that’s for babies”
  135. >You just give Fairylights a simple pat on her head and move over to Heartbeat’s bed as Fairylights wiggles around, getting herself comfortable
  136. >After lifting Heartbeat off of you and pulling the blanket on her you ask her the same question and receive a shake of her head as a response
  137. >”But you can pat my head until I fall asleep, but only if you want to, I’m not that much of a little kid that I need you to do it, know, if you really reaaaally want to...”
  138. >You start petting Heartbeat’s head and she smiles happily and gets comfortable as you sit down between the two beds
  139. >From your left a timid voice speaks up
  140. >”You can do that to me too...If you absolutely have to and really want to, it’s not like I need you to do it but I would not mind if you feel like it...”
  141. >You start petting Fairylight’s head too with your other hand and like that the two of them fall asleep after a few minutes
  142. >Carefully to not wake the two up you get up and take a look at them as they sleep peacefully
  143. >And with that you disappear from existence, leaving behind a room where two bat pony fillies sleep peacefully inside their pillow fort
  146. >You’re looking at the fillies again
  147. >And that does not mean anything creepy, you’re a ghost after all
  148. >One could say you’re haunting the two, if playing with them every now and then counts
  149. >Not that they remember it anyway, it works weird and confusing
  150. >Heartbeat is flying away from Fairylights with something in her hooves
  151. >This seems like a good time to “jump in” as you call it
  152. >The house where Heartbeat and Fairylights lives gets replaced by the house where you exist with them
  153. >You grab Heartbeat mid-flight, gently of course, and she gasps and stops flapping her wings, slumping and looking like an unhappy little kitten that just got grabbed by the neck by her mother
  154. “Heartbeat that’s not nice”
  155. >Fairylights hovers in the air and nods
  156. >”Yeah give it back”
  157. >Heartbeat huffs angrily
  158. >”But she started it Anon!”
  159. >Fairylights turns to look at you with big round puppy eyes
  160. >”I did not she’s trying to set me up Anon!”
  161. >Heartbeat raises an eyebrow at Fairylights and scowls at her
  162. >”Quit pretending!”
  163. >”No you’re pretending!”
  164. >”Am not!”
  165. >”Are too!”
  166. >Now you’re holding Fairylights as well as the two hang and hiss at each other while giving glares to one another
  167. “Really girls I-“
  168. >You’re interrupted as the door to your little box gets opened
  169. >You put the two bat pony plushies you’re holding down and look at the nurse who stares at you
  170. >”You’re getting a bit loud in here, do I need to give you some sedative?”
  171. >You shake your shaved head
  172. “No mam, I’ll play nice, I swear”
  173. >The nurse gives you a cold glare
  174. >”Good.”
  175. >And with that she closes the door and things return to how they should be
  176. >At this point you might be confused, is Anonymous in a mental institution? Is it all simply the figment of his imagination, is this the lame big reveal this story was aiming for
  177. >You crack a little smile as you stare at yourself in the mirror, yet one of you is inside a closed room of a mental institution, holding the plushies, and the other you is inside house, holding the two bat pony fillies
  178. >The Anon inside the room, the room with no windows, even on the door
  179. >Once the door closes, you can’t tell if he really is with the fillies, or just playing with his plushies if you’re standing outside
  180. >”Anon?”
  181. >”Were you saying something?”
  182. >You look at the two fillies who’re staring at you with confusion, ears flicking around a few times in curiosity
  183. >And inside the closed room you stare at the two plushies
  184. >Both of you speak out the lines the Anon sitting in his room, reading the story on the screen would have said in this situation
  185. “No, nothing”
  186. “No, nothing”
  187. >I would have said no, nothing
  188. >you read on and Anon let’s go of the two fillies and they turn to look at him with confusion on their faces after sharing a look with one another
  189. >”Anon...who are you?”
  190. >”Why are we so friendly with you?”
  191. >The Anon inside the mental hospital speaks in a squeaky voice while moving the two plushies
  192. “Yeah Heartbeat, he’s confusing, and weird, and does these weird things, do you think he could be a ghost?”
  193. >You read onwards as Heartbeat gasps in shock in the story and how the two fillies start to question Anon about himself, finally breaking through whatever seemed to be holding them from realizing this fact
  194. >And then Anonymous decides to tell them, you scroll downwards to read what he does
  195. >You shrug as the two fillies land down and take a few steps back, eyeing you cautiously, their ears flat and wings ready to lift them up and carry them to safety
  196. “I guess it’s now or never then, I’m nobody scary or creepy, you two should know that from all the times we’ve spend together?”
  197. >As if of a cue the memories of all the fun times you have shared with them flood to their heads
  198. >You move the plushies closer to you
  199. “But Anon I don’t get it, this is confusing”
  200. >You scroll down to read more
  201. >Anon points at the mirror on the wall
  202. >You point at the mirror on the wall
  203. “Just follow me”
  204. >You walk at the mirror and it stretches into a doorway, and the two fillies follow you
  205. >And the scenery that opens up from within the mirror is a limitless white space with similar mirrors stretching mirror after mirror into every direction, as far as the eye can see
  206. >Heartbeat’s and Fairylights eyes are wide in amazement, mouths hanging open
  207. >”W...what is this?”
  208. >Heartbeat looks around and notices she’s not standing on anything, and starts to flap her wings in panic, spinning around ridiculously in the air while panicking
  209. >Fairylights starts to snicker at her, but then joins in doing the same as she notices it as well
  210. >You simply chuckle while sitting in thin air, slowly turning upside down and back up again
  211. “If you two stop moving you’ll stop spinning”
  212. >Both of them keep flapping in panic and telling you that they do not want to fall
  213. >You shake your head and look to your left, finding another set of yourself and the two fillies, where the two are telling you that you’re definetly lying, with panic in their voices
  214. >To your right the same scenery, but the two of them trusted you and are now standing upright on nothingness
  215. >Looking below you find that Fairylights believed you and Heartbeat did not, and now you and her are trying to get to stop flailing around, and above you the scenery is the same, except the roles of Heartbeat and Fairylights are reversed
  216. >you sigh and float to the two and grab them, calming them down as you hold them
  217. “Better?”
  218. >Heartbeat nods and snuggles closer to you, and Fairylights blushes
  219. >”A little...”
  220. >And all around you different possibilities of the same situation play out in indefinite amount of ways
  221. >”Is this the afterlife?”
  222. >You look at Heartbeat who seems alarmed, and Fairylights gasps as well
  223. >”You didn’t abduct us to the afterlife did you?”
  224. >You shake your head
  225. “That’s just one of the possible answers”
  226. >You make the Heartbeat plushie look at you again
  227. “D-does this mean we’re dead?”
  228. >you read onwards how Anon shakes his head and once again answers the fillies in a way that reveals absolutely nothing
  229. “Even that is just one of the answers”
  230. >Fairylights looks around again
  231. >”What is with all of this?”
  232. “Alternate realities, a way to make the story appear even more pretentious to the people who prefer to read such things and call themselves intellects”
  233. >Heartbeat tilts her head in confusion
  234. >”Does that explain the whole suddenly thinking of you as someone who is normal to have around when you appear to us?”
  235. >you shake your head
  236. “That’s just an asspull ability given to a main character to make it easy to write and try to sucker in people to get interested”
  237. >Both of the fillies seem surprised and speak up in unison
  238. >”Wow, that’s lazy writing”
  239. >”Wow, such lazy writing”
  240. >All three of them give me a sour look but then return to talking amongst each other
  241. >”Could you take us home now Anon?”
  242. >You shrug at Heartbeat’s question while various you’s do something completely different
  243. “It all depends on you two, at this moment any kind of option can be chosen”
  244. >Fairylights scratches her head
  245. >”What options?”
  246. >You move your hand and show them all the other them and you around you, the whole reality looking like a box made out of mirrors stuck inside another box made out of mirrors
  247. >The various Heartbeats and Fairylights stare at each other in shock, some in surprise, some even faint, the reactions are as limitless as the ones giving them, some only slightly different with the most minimal changes, some with tremendous twists
  248. “You two, just like all of them, can wish for something to happen”
  249. >You pause reading the story and try to wrap your head around what you’re reading, they could wish to get back home, but would that let the ghost-Anon come with them and leave him to be stuck inside his ghost dimension all alone
  250. >is the house where they return to a happy one or a sad one that waits them
  251. >You rock back and forth in your little room in the psych ward, your head going through all the possible realities
  252. “You two could be ghosts and I could be the ferryman taking you to afterlife”
  253. “I could be a ghost trying to take you to the afterlife with me from the world of the living”
  254. “You could want to come with me”
  255. “You could want to go back”
  256. “This could all be a dream”
  257. “The life you two had in the house could all be a dream”
  258. “You could be a figment of imagination and I could be real”
  259. “You could be real and I could be the figment of imagination”
  260. >You chuckle at your computer
  261. “I could just be an Anon reading a weird story”
  262. >You wiggle around on the cold hard mental ward floor
  263. “I could be insane and it could all be in my head”
  264. >The fillies seem like they have reached a conclusion and in unison, all of them shout out what they want to be
  265. >Various you’s have various reactions as the mirrors shatter, sending the never ending, expanding world into a more confused state as the shards reflect images and visions randomly, breaking all the symmetry and balance
  266. >But you smile, the wish of the many was very united, yet simple
  267. >You begin to blink, slowly closing your eyes with some of the shards of the various mirrors closing in on you
  268. >You close your internet browser and get up from your computer and walk through the magical portal that appeared in your room
  269. >You punch the mirror inside the closed room inside a mental ward and slit your throat with the shard
  270. >You’re minding your own business and suddenly get magically transported to Equestria
  271. >You drink the bleach and wake up in Equestria
  272. >You open up a word document and start typing a story about Equestria
  273. >The blink you had felt like it lasted an eternity, but as you open your eyes you are back in your house, the one where you existed with the two fillies every time you came to be
  274. >But the scenery outside the window looks normal instead of confusing
  275. >You were about to head out and buy some stuff
  276. >You put on a smile and walk out of the door
  277. >You’re greeted by the two little fillies living in your neighbors house flying to you with excitement on their faces
  278. >”Hey Anon check out this cool bug we found”
  279. >Fairylights holds up a small container with a big beetle in it
  280. >”Yeah we’re going to scare my mom with it!”
  281. >Heartbeat giggles in excitement and Fairylights joins her
  282. >You shake your head at the two and continue on your way
  283. “Don’t be too naughty you two!”
  284. >They wave you goodbye as you head out to buy some stuff to eat
  285. >”We won’t!”
  286. >”She might but I won’t!”
  287. >And you leave the two to argue by themselves, all memories of anything that happened “before” gone as you head out to town
  288. >You are no longer a ghost-Anon, but an Anon who lives in Equestria with two friendly little rascals living next door
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