Dadonequus Discord Part 231

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  1. >"So...what did yer Dad want?" Applebloom asked
  2. "He wanted to apologize to me about being a dumb dumb. Now before you all react. Yeah, I know. It surprised me too."
  3. >"Is that why you have a bowtie on?" Sweetie Belle points out
  4. >"I hope you didn't walk by the entire town wearing that Anon, I know I made a fuss about the whole club thing but. You at least have to keep some kind of image.." Scootaloo said, acting like an authority of heroes "You don't look like a hero when you wear that"
  5. >That made you want to throw the bow tie in her face. That wasn't important, and it felt insulting. Damn kids sometimes, sheesh.
  6. >You grab the bow tie and toss it aside
  7. "There, better?"
  8. >"Yup! now you look more heroic!" Scootaloo says with an ignorant smile
  9. >....
  10. "Ok..then. So, where are you all at with the Chrysalis"
  11. >"Well Anon, we were thinking of luring her outta town, and then crushing her with a boulder. Problem is, we dunno where we're gonna a boulder" Applebloom looked very serious about this as she pondered
  12. >WHAT?!
  13. "We can't just crush her!"
  14. >"I dunno Anon, Applebloom's plan is pretty sound. We like the captain and all. But the queen herself is super evil. You just had to be at that wedding to see what we mean" Sweetie Belle states
  15. >"Yeah, even Rainbow Dash was having trouble with her. If it wasn't for Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, we'd all be her slaves by now!" Scootaloo adds/
  16. "Be that as it may, we can't just roll a boulder over her."
  17. >"What if we drop a tree on her instead? Ah'd hate to cut down one of the trees in our orchard, but this is for the safety of Equestria!" Applebloom suggests.
  18. "No! No smashing! no crushing! I'm trying to reform her. Not deform her!"
  19. >"Anon, she's an evil villain mastermind! She won't just change!" Scootaloo tried to convince you.
  20. "I know Scootaloo, I've been living with her for awhile. I know what I'm dealing with. But if we can reform could benefit all of Equestria in a major way"
  22. >"In what way exactly?" Scootaloo was skeptic on the whole thing
  23. "Well.....we'd have an entire society of bug pony things on our side that could make up a covert op group in case any major villain shows up to try to wreck Equestria. Chrysalis is actually a great planner as long as her arrogance is kept in check so military defense would be boosted. And some of the hive are probably really nice when they aren't following orders"
  24. >"Probably?" Scootaloo doubted that
  25. "Well, I mean, relative to the captain. I haven't really talked to any of them really."
  26. >"Ok...And why would we need an increase in military power when we have the elements of harmony?"
  27. "...Well...look at how useless the royal guards and such are. The Princesses are always getting kidnapped or thrown into a portal or just seem not so great during a crisis. And then theres stuff like Tirek and...yeah Chrysalis and Sombra. Let's face it, if a certain set of circumstances didn't happen in each of those events. We'd be sunk by now. Who's to say the next incident might be out last?"
  28. >All three of the girls silently looked at eachother. and as if they were all melded into one mind. they all answer.
  29. >"My sister wouldn't let that happen" Sweetie Belle replies
  30. >"Same" Applebloom follows
  31. >"And you know Rainbow Dash and the rest has got it" Scootaloo concludes.
  32. >...good god these girls. even if they were right by cartoon standards. The course of events of the world has already changed. anything can happen at this point.
  34. >you weren't going to convince them. This was one of the times you wished you were some omnipotent mary sue. Just so they'd just stand with you on this.
  35. "Well...ok fine, then what about the fact that I'm friends with her and I just want her to understand the magic of friendship. If Dad can be forgiven, then I'm up for trying to get her forgiven too. To reform her. C'mon girls, I need you to be with me on this one."
  36. >The three of them look at you, look at eachother, and each give a single nod.
  37. >"Of course we're on you with this one. We just thought crushing her may have been a good idea.....but then thinking about it. I'd kina feel really guilty if we did that anyway" Sweetie Belle says, frowning a little at the thought.
  38. >"I guess it's a little extreme. We were just afraid she may have had plans to rule Equestria again" Scootaloo sighs, worried
  39. >"Sory Anon, yer not mad at us for wanting to crush yer friend..right?" Applebloom looks at you with regretful eyes
  40. >You sigh...gotddamn cute eyes. Goddamn KIDS.
  41. "It's fine...but...let's just...forget about this and focus on making a"
  42. >You reach into your saddlebag and pull out your upgraded map. and open it in front of them.
  43. "Check this out. This is my new upgraded map I got from my dad. And..."
  44. >You take a close look at the map as to not make a mistake. you couldn't see the entirety of Ponyville anymore. But the majority was still there, and in full detail, sorta like looking at the overlay map from "DOOM".
  45. "Basically, I can see Chrysalis and the Captain on the map whenever they are in range. In the center right there is us. That square represents the clubhouse, then further out is the farm, and then most of Ponyville. I'm that arrow, and if the other two were around. They'd be represented by colored dots."
  47. >"Woah, that's pretty amazin'! So now you can spy on them in case they are doin anything suspicious. That's nifty!" Applebloom says, amazed by the map, giving it a turn or two with her hoof and watching in amazement as everything within the map stays magically in place relative to where you are facing.
  48. "Yep, but it's not a plan. It's just a way. So, while I was running over here. I thought of a few ways to make sure they don't do anything sneaky"
  49. >"What's that Anon?" Scootaloo asks as all three of them look upon you for direction.
  50. "easy, I have the map so I'll know if they are out and about. So there's no problems there. All you girls have to do is when you have the chance, distract her. She won't do anything in public so make sure if you are going to actually do this, to do it out in the open. Don't do anything heroic..."
  51. >You stop, thinking on something major
  52. "...And if she is absolutely, positively doing something evil. Then try to let me know first...if it's truly dire...then.....tell Twilight...."
  53. >You didn't want the secret out at all really. But you couldn't keep an eye on her 24/7. and if the CMC spotted her doing something absolutely evil and vicious. Then letting Twilight know might be the only way.
  54. >"Woah really?" Scootaloo asks in surprise
  55. >"Won't ya get in big trouble if we tell Twilight?" Applebloom asks a question of her own.
  56. "Probably, that's why you girls have to be SUPER DUPER sure that if you're going to Twilight. it's due to something ultra important. Got it?
  57. >They all nod "Got it!"
  58. "Good...anypony else have any suggestions?"
  60. >"Well, since she knows that we know. Why don't we....oh, everypony is going to think I'm crazy for this..." Scootaloo looks left and right, and taps her hooves together, feeling nervous
  61. >"What is it Scootaloo?" Applebloom asks.
  62. >"Well...If we're going to have to try to keep her out in the open. Why don't we actually ask her to do things with us? And maybe...try some things she likes?"
  63. >Wut?
  64. >Even the girls were like...wut?
  65. >"What?" You all said
  66. >"Ya know, it might not be so bad. Think about it. We all came together because we all wanted a Cutie Mark. We all did things we thought would get us one. This is like the same thing. But instead of a Cutie Mark, it'll be finding the best way to get her reformed." Scootaloo explained
  67. >"Yeah but, it was us helping Diamond Tiara that actually got us the Cutie Mark Scootaloo" Sweetie Belle reminded her
  68. >"Uhhuh...and who are we helping now?"
  69. >"ooooooohhhhhhh" The other two say, understanding her now.
  70. >......that didn't sound like the most sound of plans. But what was Chrysalis going to do to them? She couldn't kidnap them, you'd know exactly where to find the house.
  71. "That, actually sounds like a kinda sorta plan to me. The problem is Chrysalis has some very unique taste. She'd no doubt be up to no good and want you three to help her. It's not exactly a fully sound plan."
  72. >"Well, isn't there something she likes that isn't...y'know...evil" Scootaloo asks
  73. "....she seems to like certain types of films...If you girls could actually snag her in on something. I'd recommend a...well.."
  74. >damn, they were too young for anything ridiculously violent.
  75. >"Well...Well what Anon?" Scootaloo asks
  77. "...Well, it's harder than I thought to think of something she'd like to do that wouldn't get everypony in trouble. So for now, try to get her into something you all like to do. But don't push her into it. She is super cranky if you try to push her around.. But do not, under any circumstance, let her push you all into something you don't wanna do either. In fact, I say for now, we all just remain neutral until we all actually get used to her being around. That actually sounds like the best course of action to me. Because to me, the best part of any strategy is to know your enemy. And we don't really know what she's capable of as my sister yet. So, for now, and I need a promise..a Pinkie Promise...from all of you. Don't do any drastic or daring moves until everypony...including comfortable with one another. Ok, got it? And remember about Twilight..Do..not...DO NOT tell her unless it is absolutly necessary, I mean it's so necessary due to the fact she's about to conquer Equestria sort of thing, that's how necessary it's gotta be...Do I have your words? Can you all promise me that?"
  78. >"But then, how are we gonna get to know her if we can't try anything?" Sweetie Belle asks
  79. "By just...talking if she wants to talk. Just stick with talking in general. She loves to talk. And I promise you she'll try talking to at least one of you about this now that she knows. Just remember to stand your ground, and don't give in to anything she says, instead just learn how she talks and analyze it, because I swear on my right hoof...that there is a chink in her exoskeleton somewhere. One of us just has to find it. I trust you girls, I trust you not to tell anypony else and only tell Twilight if it's an absolute emergency. I trust you not to do anything drastic with Chrysalis. Because in the end, it'll make Dad and me look bad too...y'know..because she's a changeling. Ok? We're talking possible banishment"
  80. >All their eyes went wide when you mentioned "Banishment"
  82. >"Oh geez! I forgot the princesses did that whole banishment thing on them. Yeah, they'd all be pretty angry if things went bad, wouldn't they?" Scootaloo tenses up at the thought of it
  83. >"Your right, they would. Everypony would. That's basically treason. Going against the judgement of four whole princesses...FOUR WHOLE PRINCESSES!" Sweetie Belle was even more tense "We could get banished too just for knowing about this"
  84. >"Ya really think so Sweetie B-belle?..oh....mah sister would be pretty angry if she knew we knew the queen of the changelings. No tellin' how angry the princesses would be." Applebloom was now scared, she didn't want to be banished too "A-ah guess that's why you want us to really really make sure she's doin anything bad if we have to tell Twilght, right Anon?"
  85. >Hell, that was a better reason if anything.
  86. "That's absolutely right. This isn't a joke girls. We are playing for keeps. So if you don't want to take any part in this at all. I understand too. But I still need a promise. Promise?"
  87. >They all nod, now understanding how dire everything is, and perform the Pinkie Promise.
  88. >Good....Fucking...good.
  89. "Thanks girls. that we have some free time. I wouldn't mind doing something. What do you all want to do?"
  90. >They all bring out the textbooks and all of them say at the same time "Homework"
  91. >"Not that we actually wanna do it or anything. But ya know, it's due tomorrow and we figured we'd all get done much faster if we just combine ideas." Applebloom explains
  93. >Oh man, fuck that shit. You didn't wanna do homework yet. Much less in a group. You could do that at home.
  94. "....oh...welllll uhhhh...."
  95. >Sweetie Belle raises an eyebrow at you "You're just gonna ditch us, aren't you?"
  96. "...yeeeaaahhh"
  97. >You didn't want to stay for homework.
  98. "Besides...uhhhh...Gotta make sure Diamond Tiara is alright...y'know? She did look pretty upset this morning. And considering the reason. I should be there to help set things straight."
  99. >That was of course a half truth. You just didn't wanna stay for homework. But considering WHAT did happen. Seeing DT might not be such a bad idea.
  100. >Applebloom frowns, she didn't seem to know how to honestly feel again.'d have to have a chat with her at some point too. But alone..without Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle around. "Ahh guess that's the right thing to do. Well, we won't stop ya. She is your marefriend after all"
  101. >That nearly made you want to cringe.
  102. " uhhh...seeya girls..."
  103. >The goodbyes on this one was awkward. Applebloom was sorrowful. Sweetie Belle was looking at you like you were abandoning ship. And Scootaloo..thankfully...was just a normal goodbye. Ugh, the life of a foal was annoying a lot of the time. Having to handle fillies upon fillies was going to kill you one day.
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