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  1. You have a top-down view of an office with a certain amount of doors. The doors might be closed or open depending on the difficulty level. The goal is to open the doors you want to open and close the doors you want to be closed to allow the people inside the office to escape when you pull the fire alarm.
  3. There are going to be three types of people; fat people that are slow, normal people that are medium fast, and skinny people that are very fast.
  5. For fat people you need give them the fastest way out, while for skinny people you can give them a long way out since they are faster. You will only have limited door touches before you have to pull the alarm.
  7. You need to open or close the doors depending on what kind of people is in the office and how far they are from the exit. I’m having thoughts of adding a vending machine for fat people where they stop and die, so you will have to close the doors leading to vending machines.
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