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  1. 1Characters
  2. 2AA
  3. 3BB
  4. 4CC?
  5. 5DD
  6. 6.   
  7. 7A’s just won lottery.He’s very happy   “Yoohoo! I’ve just won the lottery.”
  8. 8A bought a new house,so he’s thinking about to celebrate for his new house and invite his friends to come to his house.
  9. 9AA picks up his phone and call BB.
  10. 10. AA:  “BB I’ve just won lottery.Please come to my house.I want to show you many things.”
  11. 11. BB:  “What! Did you just win the lottery?
  12. 12. AA:  "Yes,please come I have many food here for you."
  13. 13. BB:  “Really ? Ok bro I’ll go to your house.”
  14. 14. AA: “I’ll wait for you.”
  15. 15. BB:  “And where is your new house?
  16. 16. AA:  “In the city A  You’ve to drive along the street X  then turn left at the junction and you’ll see Royal Forest Department  when you reach at Royal forest department then you’ve to turn left at the second alley and  keep going straight until you can see the big gate.That’s my house"
  17. 17. BB:  “Can you pick me up?”
  18. 18. AA:  “So I’ll  tell DD to pick you up.You just wait at the Café that we usually go.Oh please invite CC to come with you.”
  19. 19. BB  “okay”
  20. 20.  /  /   /   /   /   /   /   /
  21. 21. BB call CC immediately
  22. 22. BB: "Will you go to AA’s house with me? He’s just won the lottery."
  23. 23. CC:  “Ha!! Did he ?!  I’m quite busy.I don’t know whether I can go or not.”
  24. 24. BB:  "Please.AA just bought a new house,this is not usually happened.And he’ll treat us for dinner"
  25. 25. CC:  "Okay Okay I’ll go."
  26. 26. BB and CC are waiting for DD at the cafe
  27. 27. DD is arrive.
  28. 28. DD:  “I’m here for pick you up to AA’s house.”
  29. 29. CC,BB: “Let's go”
  30. 30. /   /   /   /   /   /   /
  31. 31. CC:  "It’s take a long time why haven’t arrived yet ?"
  32. 32. DD:  "I think we’re lost"
  33. 33. BB: "Calm dowm everybody.I can remember what AA told me."
  34. 34. BB:  "First if we get in to the city A we’ve to keep going straight then tirn left at the junction and turn left at the second alley."
  35. 35. BB: "No No that’s is the first alley.We have to turn left at the seconde not the first."
  36. 36. BB:  "The way to AA’s house is very complicated."
  37. 37. CC:  "Let’s drive to that way,We nearly arrive."
  38. 38. Finally they arrive at AA’house
  39. 39. BB is dumbfound when he see AA’s house.
  40. 40. CC:  “This is a house ? It’s very huge. "
  41. 41. BB : “’s vey huge Hoew much did he get from the lottery?
  42. 42. DD:  “100 million dollars”
  43. 43. DD opens the door
  44. 44. DD:  “Let’s get in
  45. 45. BB: "And What is house-warming ceremony?"
  46. 46. DD:  "A house-warming party is a party traditionally held soon after moving into a new residence. It is an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends, post moving, and for friends to give gifts to furnish the new home."
  47. 47. CC:  "And What do they do?"
  48. 48. BB:  "It depends on who"
  49. 49. AA:  “I just make merit and invite my friend to have a party."
  50. 50. AA:  “Alright DD Could you take them to walk around my house?”
  51. 51. DD:  “Yes, why not”
  52. 52. DD:  "Why I can not open this door ?"
  53. 53. AA: "Oh You have to use keycard to open this door. "
  54. 54. CC: “That’s awesome! My house doesn’t have this It’s just a normal door. "
  55. 55. BB:  “I can’t believe it, that you use this system.”
  56. 56. DD: "But I’m so curious.How does it work?"
  57. 57. AA:  “You just brace your keycard here?
  58. 58. BB:  "Sound easy How does this system work?"
  59. 59. AA: "DD will explain to you."
  60. 60. DD:  “Keycard systems operate by physically moving detainers in the locking mechanism with the insertion of the card, by shining LEDs through a pattern of holes in the card and detecting the result, by swiping or inserting a mag stripe card, or in the case of RFID cards, merely being brought into close proximity to a sensor. Keycards may also serve as ID cards.”
  61. 61. BB,CC: "wow"
  62. 62. After walked around the house. Finally the main event for this day is to have a party to celebrate to AA’s new house.
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