Tried to Tell Em'

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  1. Show 'em better than I can tell 'em, they gone feel me. Authority I came up with, changing up, say higher ups hate me. And if they ever catch me slippin', like whatever, I don't give a fuck sincerely. Some just emotional, some love me, some hate me. Some behave like children. They see me laughing, wish I was raging. Jealousy, just feedin' em' negative synergy. I put my circles together, evading most my frien-emies, only positivity chasers roam in my vicinity. Most violate "The Guy Code", without penalty. Shoddy family say, "Blur, let's go." Cuz' people ALWAYS back-stab me. I'm a "try-hard", so most try double teaming me, then I drop 6-0, after 6-0, cuz' Drizzle teams are slippery. I like witty shit, and I definitely understand it, focus dumb-ass -- it's not Aperture Science, nor GLaDos Physics. Just study hard fool, apply structure like a building, yeah some of this is truly boring, but then enjoy life for its subtle givings. Word to Woodchuck, and that's allowable mini-modding... Just wow, what a feeling... Autobot engineering, but with Depcepticon feelings... All barricades disappearing, once star screamers now reading, how DLM would probably be smiling as you the reader is reading. . . How showdowns are a mess in Heatran's kitchen, lava pluming fakes, and it burn like will-o-wisps, in a sec' fool, I know about Smogon's cake. How the hero unsung, but when they're done, they'll realize the lyrics were outstandingly great... So fuck it, man. . . Yeah, I got nothin' out the deals, and my presence there is treated like a crime... True talk on them niggas, but oh how Ibo hating and I spoke only conspiracies of the times. Yep, puttin' it all together, I got something in mind... Just make sure to show 'em better than I can tell 'em, they gone feel me......
  3. Damn, that's true facts on 'em eh, Rajan? Well, as Slickback said it's a cased Victory for 'em, but oh "I'm an e-beast.", said some dudes with symbols in front of their names yeah? They should be like a jac in the box, and let their cold secrets out their closet. But oh no, Doc tried to tell 'em they gone feel me, right Soarin? Relados don't even ladder barely anymore, yet asks me all the time why I question him switchin' up on me. Yeah Silver, I shouldn't have raged at that 1 time when it was pretty much obvious bullshit. Right? Was it obvious bullshit when everyone KNOWS Lord Liam has been a jokester, but caught a perma-ban? Or how Espeon, and Exeggutor got power right? N'ah, fuck that TBH. Yep, I know Violatic. That's EXACTLY why I don't have voice, but I have the voice to say y'all dudes are shady as fuck and keep hiring suck-ups like Rory and other fake clowns. I know I take shit too serious, SJCrew, but I refuse to bite my tongue for a bit of e-thugs. The Gestapo shit can stop, Smogon. Seriously. Lol, but that one got Arcticblast koffing. Lol, get it? Koffing? Smogon? Lmfao. Well, I got more important shit to do than bitch about a bunch of 2-faced cats, and people who smile in my face and then talk shit behind my back. Keep it 100, always. And make it VERY clear that like Wind2008, Lord Liam, SJCrew, Adam Lambert, Quickman, Redneck Holsety, and K330n? I keep it Flight City on shit like the truth, so yeah. GO ahead and silence me again Bojangles for dropping more truths. Just show 'em how you proved my ENTIRE point again. I'm out of here, peace. And remember, I tried to tell 'em they gone feel me. . . . .
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