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  1. ===================================================
  2. |Things To Do In San Andreas: Overall Improvements|
  3. ===================================================
  4. |Version 1.6|
  5. =============
  7. This readme/changelog is only about TTIDSA: Overall Improvements and those changes, see 'TTDISAVol1FixedReadme.txt' to see all the changes of the older versions.
  9. =============================================================================================================================
  11. =============================================================================================================================
  13. 2. CREDITS
  14. 3. CHANGELOG
  16. =============================================================================================================================
  18. =============================================================================================================================
  20. (See my forum post for the links to these files)
  22. DOWNGRADING TO v1.0:
  23. -v1.0 DVD --> no action needed
  24. -v1.0 DVD + v1.01 patch --> reinstall without the patch
  25. -v2.0 DVD / Steam / RGL --> use the downgrader by George Costanza
  28. -Download the 'v1.0 [US] HOODLUM No-CD Fixed EXE'
  31. -Cleo 4 + Silent's ASI Loader
  32. -Modloader
  35. -IMGFactory (or any other IMG Editor)
  36. -WinRar (or any other file archiver)
  39. -SilentPatch (Basically a requirement, fixes a COUNTLESS amount of bugs)
  40. -WidescreenFix (For those who use modern monitors)
  41. -SkyGFX (PS2 graphics)
  42. -GInput (Correct controller support)
  44. -
  46. 1. Open the downloaded file with WinRar (or any other file archiver)
  48. 2. Once opened, open the '1. Mod' folder and drag and drop 'TTDISA OV' into your modloader directory.
  50. 3. Modloader doesn't load cutscene files so you have to install them manually (Not installing these will break certain cutscenes and missions):
  51. (If you are too lazy to do this yourself, you can download an already edited cuts.img from my forum post)
  52. -Copy cuts.img from 'GTA San Andreas\anim' and paste it in 'GTA San Andreas\modloader\TTDISA OV\anim'
  53. -Open IMGFactory
  54. -In IMGFactory, open the new cuts.img (In GTA San Andreas\modloader\TTDISA OV\anim)
  55. -Then import all the files from the '2. Cutscene Files' folder
  56. -When it asks you to import or replace, press replace (It may notify you about an Unknown Version, but you can just press 'close' on that pop-up)
  57. -Then press 'Rebuild'
  59. 4. You can also drag and drop the 'TTDISA EXTRA' folders from the mods in '3. Optional' if you want those features.
  61. 5. Set TTDISA OV to a high priority in your modloader.ini file (If you're using an extra feature, set TTDISA EXTRA higher than TTDISA OV), for example:
  62. [Profiles.Default.Priority]
  63. ttdisa extra = 97
  64. ttdisa ov = 96
  66. 6. Use gta_sa.exe (not gta-sa.exe) to start. Also, you need to set this exe's campatibility mode to 'Windows 7' and enable 'Administrator Mode' (If possible).
  70. =============================================================================================================================
  71. 2. CREDITS
  72. =============================================================================================================================
  74. TTDISA Creators:
  75. DeeZire - The original creator of TTDISA (Volume 1)
  76. Crspy - Fixed Volume 1; Making Volume 2
  78. Contributors to TTDISA OV:
  79. Roloco - Edited Borgnine; Broadway paintjob
  80. Lil Slim C - Fixed Angel model
  81. TheNewSamuel2206 - Updated start-up screen
  82. an65001 - Fixed/Changed vehicle sounds for bikes, boats, vans and TTDISA vehicles
  83. justin50 - Enhanced loading screen textures
  84. suparmarkeogai996 - Suggestions
  86. Other:
  87. Fastman92 - Limit Adjuster
  88. Junior_Djjr - Transfender Bike Fix
  89. Spartan_122 - Hotknife Paintjobs
  90. Eny - Manhunt Masks
  91. Peppsy - San Andreas Cap texture
  92. Jur1zz - Vehicle variety
  94. =============================================================================================================================
  95. 3. CHANGELOG
  96. =============================================================================================================================
  98. =================
  99. Several Missions:
  100. -Guppy now has a unique character skin
  101. -Added more gang/cop/ped variety to countless missions
  103. Big Smoke:
  104. -Added the famous beta drive to the cemetery in 'Big Smoke' - ported from volume 2 but with some changes:
  105. Added the 'Drive to the Cemetery' objective text
  106. The perenial now has Smoke's numberplate
  107. Radio station is set to Bounce FM
  108. The messages about radio stations and view point now occur in this mission, and not in 'Ryder'
  109. Several other minor changes to Smoke and the car
  110. Completing this mission and failing Sweet & Kendl will rename the savegame to 'Big Smoke' (Completing both will rename it to 'Sweet & Kendl')
  111. Ryder's and Sweet's cars are now disabled along with the BMX in Ganton
  113. Sweet & Kendl:
  114. -Restored sets of dialogue when CJ goes too far ahead of the homies
  115. -The Ballas now use Tec-9's (For better difficulity control)
  117. Ryder:
  118. -The barbers marker now appears when it tells you to enter
  119. -Removed unnecessary camera reset during info about energy (DeeZire forgot to remove this when removing the stuck camera angle)
  121. Tagging up Turf:
  122. -Removed a very out of place quote from Sweet in the intro when entering the car
  124. Drive-Thru:
  125. -The Freeroam Ballas are now friendly to the Ballas in the Voodoo
  127. Nines and AK's:
  128. -Emmet now has a pistol instead of a deagle in the cutscene, to match the sound (and logic)
  130. Drive-By:
  131. -Smoke now wears his artwork outfit
  133. OG Loc:
  134. -Freddy now has a unique skin
  136. Just Business:
  137. -Smoke's car will now spawn at his house after completing the mission
  139. Impounded:
  140. -Your car now doesn't spawn inside/on other impounded cars anymore (so it doesn't explode)
  141. -Cesar can not be pulled out of the car anymore (to prevent certain glitches)
  142. -Cesar's car will now spawn at his house after completing the mission
  144. Management Issues:
  145. -Unique Skin for Alan
  146. -Fixed bodyguard and Alan's walkingstyle
  148. Doberman (Sweet):
  149. -Renamed the mission back to Doberman
  150. -Little Weasel has a Unique Skin
  152. Doberman (C.R.A.S.H.):
  153. -Renamed to 'Doberman [BETA]'
  154. -Fixed bug which made the player freeze sometimes
  156. Los Sepulcros:
  157. -Removed respect requirement to start the mission: if you start the mission with insufficient respect, an otherwise inaccessable part of the mission will unlock. I made some minor changes to this part:
  158. The homies are now at the hangout under the bridge (Only if you started the mission with insufficient respect - to match what Sweet says)
  159. The ballas you have to kill to gain respect now use talking animations instead of awkwardly standing still with one of them doing the mourn animation for some reason
  160. The radio station now isn't randomly set to CSR after killing the ballas for respect but instead when entering Sweet's car
  161. Sweet's car door is now closed so you now can't enter the car, which you aren't supposed to do
  163. AWOL/Avenging/Guardian Angel:
  164. -AWOL Angel is now required to unlock Reuniting The Families (so it's now part of the full storyline)
  165. -The Angel missions can now be played three times (AWOL/Avenging/Guardian), completing one of the angel missions + another specific storyline mission will unlock a special phonecall, and then the next angel mission
  166. -The phone calls that unlock the angel missions are now in a specific order, instead of a random order corresponding to the mission you played to unlock it.
  167. -Completely changed the money rewards: the money will now be rewarded after completion, one kill equals $50
  168. -Fixed mistake by DeeZire where after completion, the maximum wanted level is set to 6 (even though the maximum is supposed to be 4 in LS)
  169. -Added a mini-cutscene where CJ walks towards the mission location, just like every other mission in the game
  170. -It now has a unique radar icon (It now shows an E instead of CJ)
  171. -The ballas now use uzi's, mp5's and ak's (instead of mp5's, ak's and shotguns)
  172. -Decreased ped and traffic density (the standard amount caused a lot of issues)
  173. -The timer will now always keep running
  174. -Completing the mission will now correctly rename the savegame
  175. -Emmet's angel will now spawn after completing the mission with the paintjob corresponding to the one used in the mission
  177. The Green Sabre:
  178. -A mission passed screen now appears upon completion (like the remaster)
  180. Body Harvest:
  181. -Vagos now control El Corona after this mission instead of a missable phone call by Catalina
  183. Gone Courting:
  184. -During Catalina's conversation about "feeding her step-sister nothing but stale bread", instead of the normal "Where did that come from?" Carl now has a chance of saying "Wh- What is you talking about?"
  186. Against All Odds:
  187. -Fixed bug by DeeZire, attempting to skip the first cutscene will now not result in the cutscene being bugged anymore
  189. Are you going to San Fierro?:
  190. -If you have previously started the mission and failed, you no longer have to pay another $25,000 to re-start (DeeZire originally planned this for his unreleased patch)
  192. Wear Flowers in Your Hair:
  193. -Restored the RC Raider which was partially removed by DeeZire
  195. 555 WE TIP:
  196. -You now have to drive into the garage to plant the weed in the car (This is a recreation of a beta objective seen in the strategy guide)
  198. T-Bone Mendez:
  199. -The Bikers will now dislike CJ after completion
  201. Ran Fa Li:
  202. -Changed Manana to a Sabre (like in the strategy guide), it now also sports a Sabre Turbo paintjob
  204. Ice Cold Killa:
  205. -Bogman and Bettina now appear in the club when Jizzy escapes after the cutscene
  206. -Jizzy's car will now spawn at the club after completing the mission
  208. Pier 69:
  209. -The Triads now drive a Sultan instead of a Banshee
  210. -You will now get Ryder's hat after completing this mission
  211. -Fixed mistake by R* where the marker above Ryder won't reappear after going back for Cesar
  212. -increased Ryder's health (alongside other things) to make his fight harder
  214. Toreno's Last Flight:
  215. -Fixed mistake by R* where the rocket launcher and ak pickups don't despawn after completion
  217. Test Drive:
  218. -Fixed bug where Cesar's elegy doesn't despawn in the garage after completion
  220. The Truth is Out There:
  221. -You now don't get a 5 star wanted level after completing anymore (This was also planned to be changed by DeeZire)
  222. -The Truth's camper will now spawn at the airstrip after completion
  224. You've Had Your Chips/Intensive Care/The Meat Business:
  225. -The Sindaccos now have unique skins
  227. Intensive Care/Freefall/Saint Mark's Bistro:
  228. -The Forellis now have unique skins
  230. The Meat Business:
  231. -Added Johnny's corpse on the ground after the cutscene
  233. Fish in A Barrel:
  234. -Fixed bug where the new asset pickup by Crspy at the casino doesn't show up (An asset of $15,000)
  235. -To match the new change: added a new 'ASSET AQUIRED' cutscene
  237. Misappropriation:
  238. -Added FBI vehicle variety to now also feature the fbi truck and car
  239. -The new FBI Car will now spawn in the parking garage after completion
  241. Breaking The Bank at Caligula's:
  242. -After completion, the casino asset correctly generates up to $50,000
  244. A Home in the Hills:
  245. -Fixed mouth movement of CJ and the triad to correspond to DeeZire's changes
  246. -Big Poppa has a Unique Model
  248. Cut Throat Business:
  249. -OG Loc now wears his beta outfit (DeeZire originally planned to add beta OG Loc somewhere in the game for his patch, but it was never released)
  251. Beat Down on B Dup:
  252. -Removed territory requirement to drive Big Bear to the hospital.
  254. Grove 4 Life:
  255. -Replaced fam4 model with Kendl in the cutscene (According to the strategy guide, she was supposed to be in the beta cutscene)
  256. -Now correctly starts in front of Sweet's House instead of the Johnson House
  258. Los Desperados:
  259. -Cesar now has his beta outfit
  260. -Removed very out of place quotes when leaving Cesar behind
  262. End of The Line (1):
  263. -Both Slut and Dope now appear as crack addicts
  264. -When entering Smoke's floor a previously unused text string is shown, "Floor 4: Smoke's Suite"
  266. End of the Line (2):
  267. -Tenpenny uses Combat Shotgun (Like in Cutscene)
  268. -Smoke drops Combat Shotgun (Like in Cutscene)
  270. End of the Line (3):
  271. -After completing End of The Line, a SWAT Tank will now spawn in Los Flores
  272. -Removed the police car from the finale cutscene
  274. Firefighter:
  275. -The firestations are now marked on the map (like in vigilante)
  277. Vigilante:
  278. -You are now able to play the Vigilante side-mission in the new FBI Car
  279. -You can now play a removed version of vigilante called 'Vice Squad' which is playable in a Cheetah
  281. Hotring 8-Track:
  282. -Re-added the MonsterA reward
  283. -All 3 hotring cars are now used again (Were removed by DeeZire)
  284. -Instead of only hotrina spawning after completion, either the hotring, hotrina or hotrinb will now spawn randomly (similair to the bike school)
  286. Bloodring:
  287. -You now need 20% driving skill to start a bloodbowl tournament (just like 8-track)
  289. Bloodring Derby:
  290. -The Bloodring Banger A will now spawn after completing just the Bloodring Derby (Just like in the original game)
  292. Bloodring Race:
  293. -The new Bloodring Banger is now used in this mission by DeeZire
  294. -The new Bloodring Banger B will now spawn after completion
  296. Hotring 8-Track/Bloodring Derby/Bloodring Race/Kickstart/Dirt Track:
  297. -The race tournaments now rename the savegame correctly (DeeZire removed some for some reason while others didn't do this in the first place)
  299. Rampages:
  300. -You will now get the Monkey Mask from Manhunt after completing all levels of the Pershing Square and Bike rampage
  301. -You will now get the Smiley Mask from Manhunt after completing all levels of the Sentinel, Helicopter and Buffalo rampage
  303. Caddy Daddy:
  304. -You will now get the Visor after completing this mission
  306. Car Salesman:
  307. -Added a mini-cutscene where CJ walks towards the mission location, just like every other mission in the game
  309. Slash TV:
  310. -Added a mini-cutscene where CJ walks towards the mission location, just like every other mission in the game
  311. -The enemies are now Manhunt Hunters
  312. -Slash TV can now also be played with the Monkey or Smiley mask
  313. -Slash TV can now be played on any day (between 18.00 and 05.00) instead of only on Friday, which wasn't possible because those two times are two different days (It is now like LCS)
  315. Territory Side-Mission:
  316. -You will now get the GSF Bandana and shirt after reaching 100% territory control
  318. =================
  319. |100% COMPLETION|
  320. =================
  321. -Re-added the Hydra and Tank 100% rewards alongside the new shirt and sabre rewards (They were removed by DeeZire)
  322. -Impounded, Doberman, Roadside Assistance, Tanked Up, The Truth is Out There and the Hotring Race now correctly count towards 100% completion
  323. -All the new side-missions by DeeZire are now required for 100% completion:
  324. Pizza Boy
  325. Trash Dash in all 3 cities
  326. Cherry Popper
  327. Car Salesman
  328. Slash TV
  329. Caddy Daddy
  330. Cone Crazy
  331. Karmageddon
  332. Rush
  333. Crush
  334. Stunt Boat Challenge
  336. =======================
  338. =======================
  339. -Added Crspy's Helicopter pilot system from Volume 2 (police helicopters are now controlled by special pilots. If they die, the heli crashes)
  340. -Removed Coach/Bus fare bonus (which deleted all people who got in the vehicle)
  341. -Added a TTDISA compatible version of the DisaRadioChange setting from MixSets (So turn off the one in MixSets otherwise 'Cesar Vialpando' will crash!)
  342. -The help messages about being wasted and busted now don't take away player control anymore (it is now like Vice City)
  343. -Helena now has a Sadler instead of a Bandito (Also during the two-timing event)
  345. ========
  346. |CHEATS|
  347. ========
  348. -Recreated 4 of the 10 hidden mobile exclusive cheats:
  349. BIEUHQY - Weapon Cheat 4 (Minigun, Dildo 2 & Therminal Goggles - putting in the cheat again will give you Nightvision Goggles)
  350. AFJKBNRP / THEGAMBLER - Gives you 100% gambling skill
  351. YACKMWS - Skips time by 4 hours
  352. XBOXHELPER - Sets Tattoo Budget to 6968, Times Busted to 49 & People You've Wasted to 3999 (This exists to test the Xbox achievements, but PC doesn't have these)
  354. -Added a new cheat (MAKEMESWIFT) which spawns a Bloodring Banger B
  355. -Added option to enable/disable Hot Coffee (type 'COFFEE' as a cheat - this doesn't increase the 'Times Cheated' stat!)
  356. -Activating the Hitman skills cheat will now display a unique "Cheat activated" message
  358. ==============
  360. ==============
  361. -Removed the option to select other languages (Crspy re-enabled it - these other languages are not edited to feature the new TTDISA-exclusive text)
  362. -Changed some mission text to now specify certain characters/gangs (Example: Traitor to Little Weasel)
  363. -In Fender Ketchup, changed "Your" to "You're" (Seriously R*?)
  364. -In Catalyst, changed "Ryder's truck" to "Ryder's car"
  365. -The map legenda now correctly says 'Madd Dogg' instead of 'Madd Dog'
  367. ====================
  369. ====================
  370. -Extra Gang Members (Almost all gangs now have 5 members - all with unique voices)
  371. -Extra Cops (All cities now have 5 different officers, 2 bikers and 1 pilot + multiple army's and FBI - all with unique voices)
  372. -Added the police deputy
  373. -Added the two beta texans (WMYTX1-2)
  374. -Ballas1 now has a chain and a bracelet (like in the beta)
  375. -Fam1 now has a collar (like in the beta)
  376. -Added BFYPR1 (Las Santos Prostitute Group)
  377. -Added VHFYPRO (Las Venturas Prostitute Group)
  378. -Added BTMYBE (San Fierro)
  379. -Added HECK1 & HECK2 (LV/SF)
  380. -Added VBMOCD (Workers Group)
  381. -Added a cutscene variant of WMYMECH to the streets (WMYMECH2)
  382. -Re-added WBDYG2 (Previously removed by DeeZire)
  383. -Added BMYPIMP to Las Venturas
  384. -The Male lifeguard and jogger now spawn at the beach (Instead of only appearing at the gym)
  386. ==============
  388. ==============
  389. -Changed Russian Mafia & Bikers weapons:
  390. Russians: Colt, MP5, Shotgun -> Colt, UZI, Baseball Bat
  391. Bikers: Colt, Knife, Sawn-off -> Colt, Knife, N/A
  392. -Changed Russian Mafia cars to Washington, Admiral and Esperanto
  393. -Bikers now only drive Angels and Freeways
  394. -Bikers now only spawn in Angel Pine and Fort Carson instead of all of Tierro Robada (Just like the original TTDISA - Crspy's change caused immense lag)
  395. -Added Italian Mafia to Caligula's Casino
  396. -The Ballas, Vagos, Rifa and Russian Mafia are all now friendly to eachother
  397. -All pro-crack gangs are now friendly to dealers
  399. ==========
  400. |VEHICLES|
  401. ==========
  403. -Added new beta vehicles: Bloodring Banger B and the FBI Car
  404. -All vehicles removed by DeeZire are now entirely returned to the game
  405. -All the vehicles DeeZire replaced them with are now seperately added
  407. ==============
  409. ==============
  410. -The Damaged Glendale now uses the correct Glendale textures (Instead of beta car textures)
  411. -Edited the dice texture in the Borgnine
  412. -Added new Uranus, Broadway, Tornado, Savanna, Hermes and Sabre paintjobs
  413. -The Hotknife now has a colorable texture, like most cars (It now spawns with multiple color variations)
  414. -The Hotknife now has a total of 3 paintjobs (The default purple flame look of the hotknife is now one of the paintjobs)
  415. -The Angel is now supports colors (instead of it's model always being white)
  416. -Added vehicle variety for the Cheetah, Infernus, Mr. Whoopee, Rancher, Lure-Rancher, Monster (all variants) & Yosemite
  418. ============
  419. |CAR SPAWNS|
  420. ============
  421. -Added Mr. Whoopee to the Park Folk car group
  422. -The unused freight boxcar now drives on the traintracks
  423. -Added new spawn locations for the Enforcer, FBI Rancher, Mr Whoopee, Trashmaster and News Maverick
  424. -Replaced the Borgnine in Blueberry with a Boxville (Like in the original game - Also, The Borgnine is now excusively a taxi mission reward like intended)
  425. -Reverted all the glenshit/sadlshit to glendale/sadler spawn changes
  426. -Replaced the second car at Helena's farm (Sadler) with a Bandito (So the two cars are now swapped)
  427. -Added spawn locations for Jizzy's broadway, Smoke's glendale, Cesar's savanna, Emmet's angel and The Truth's mothership after specific missions
  429. ============
  430. |CAR SOUNDS|
  431. ============
  432. -PCJ-600: More accurate 3-cylinder bike engine sound
  433. -HPV-1000: More accurate 4-cylinder bike engine sound
  434. -NRG-500: More accurate 4-cylinder race bike engine sound
  435. -Benson: SUV-like sound
  436. -Bobcat: SUV-like sound
  437. -Burrito: Gas engine sound as opposed to diesel van engine
  438. -Boxville: Quieter van engine sound
  439. -Speeder: Supercharged engine sound
  440. -Squalo: Supercharged engine sound
  441. -Jetmax: Supercharged engine sound
  442. -Police Predator: Now correctly has a police dispatch instead of a standard radio
  443. -Rio: Now actually has sound
  444. -Angel: Freeway's v-twin sound + horn sound
  445. -Idaho: Joins the Remington, Hermes, etc. bank
  446. -Borgnine: Joins the Picador, Cabbie, etc. bank
  449. ===========
  450. |CAR NAMES|
  451. ===========
  452. -The glenshit is now called 'Damaged Glendale'
  453. -The sadlshit is now called 'Damaged Sadler'
  454. -The boxburg is now called the 'Burglary Boxville'
  455. -The Lure-Rancher is now called 'Rancher [Tinted]'
  457. =============
  459. =============
  460. -These cars are now moddable:
  461. Bloodbowl Banger A
  462. Bloodbowl Banger B (new vehicle)
  463. Hotring Racer
  464. Hotring Racer A
  465. Hotring Racer B
  466. Hotknife
  467. Lure-Rancher
  468. Sandking
  469. Sadler
  470. Sadlshit
  471. Glenshit
  473. -These cars now have secondary color options:
  474. Remington
  475. Feltzer
  476. Stretch
  477. Tornado
  478. Perennial
  479. Hotknife
  480. Hermes
  482. ==========
  483. |CLOTHING|
  484. ==========
  485. -Added San Andreas Cap (Ryder's Cap)
  486. -Added Monkey Mask
  487. -Added Smiley Mask
  488. -Added Visor
  489. -Added GSF Bandana and Shirt
  490. -Fixed The Leopard Cowboy's texture
  492. ===========
  493. |MAP ICONS|
  494. ===========
  495. -The map icons are now updated and improved to match the quality of the PS2
  496. -Fixed two binco icons being shown at the same place in San Fierro
  497. -The bomb and donut icons are now seperate and not replacements for unused icons (For better mod support)
  499. ===============
  501. ===============
  502. -Reverted grenade animation change
  503. -Fixed Army Walking Style
  504. -Remapped limitadjuster info button from F5 to END
  505. -Replaced 9 loadscreens with custom ones from DeeZire's version (there now are 5 originals, 5 beta ones and 4 by DeeZire)
  506. -Enhanced loading screen textures
  507. -Removed HD hands for CJ in-game (Was added by Crspy)
  508. -The statues in the Atrium are now destroyable
  509. -The gym equipment now uses the correct texture
  510. -And a lot more things which are too minor to note
  512. ===================
  514. ===================
  516. HD Radar Blips (Edited version of 'Radar Icons HQ Remastered' - Originally made by -Quantum-):
  517. -Now also features hd icons for the bomb and donut shops
  518. -Edited several hd icons to now match the mobile icons (just like the low-defs)
  520. Outdated HUD (File from Crspy's Vol1 Fixed):
  521. -Some people's hud.txd is corrupted, if all your map blips are white squares, use this.
  523. --------------
  525. Things To Do In San Andreas: Overall Improvements by TheTurretTheo (2018/19)
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