Sep 6th, 2012
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  1. 6:19 AM - Queen Rarity_: I think Robbaz, like Pewdie, tries waaaaaay too hard to be funny.
  2. 6:19 AM - Chzaar: Yep :o
  3. 6:20 AM - Queen Rarity_: don't strain yourself to be comedic in LPs, because it always sounds painful. Like watching a comedian bomb on stage, if you don't try to be funny.. the funny just happens.
  4. 6:21 AM - Queen Rarity_: Pewdie has his moments, but I enjoy his videos with Cry in them best. Robbaz I've never cracked a smile at
  5. 6:21 AM - Chzaar: MOTHEARIJUASHqw
  6. 6:22 AM - Chzaar: Great fucking timing for my cold to blow up in my face
  7. 6:22 AM - Queen Rarity_: is that what that was? XD
  8. 6:22 AM - Chzaar: More or less, yeah
  9. 6:22 AM - Queen Rarity_: hahahaha
  10. 6:22 AM - Queen Rarity_: I've never seen the aftermath of a sneeze when typing
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