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  1. Unformed and unforgiving the world started barren and void of visible life, amongst its lands the planet adorned darkness where great beasts flourished and thrived throughout the shadows. The land was thought to be this way for centuries until the birth of man, or rather the becoming of man for man always existed; just, not within sight of the great beasts above. So man in its primordial state shambled into the darkness around it and spread and progressed until it recognized itself as a potential claimant to the veiled world and so it continued to develop until it was within direct opposition of the dark beasts of the land. These beings of mysticism attempted to subjugate humanity and for the time their attempts were fruitful, humanity's spread had halted and their development... stunted... but what lurked deep in the shadows of humanity's subjugation was an emptiness yearning for a soul and a fire passionately raging beneath the surface... From this burning fire man found its soul, and with these souls they founded weapons, armours, and magic.
  3.       Ostarius, The Lord of the Forsaken was the first to be recognized as a Lord of Humanity. From his earthen Citadel he created a standing force of the lesser developed humans to fight for him and using the magic of shadow and darkness he transformed his near-lifeless brethren into fanatical warriors. From atop the mountains high Kane taught of fire, the sun and devotion to light from his Kingly Monastery. With these teaching he shaped an army of knights who obeyed a strict code and were willing to freely give away their lives for their Lord of Sun. Deep into the untamed crags and steppes Janis formed a covenant of murderers who thrived in small packs and hunted stray creatures and killed opposition silently, spreading mass hysteria across the lands. The title awarded to the fair lady Janis was the Lord of Stars. Deep beneath the ground magic reigned and mancy of all sorts was taught and shared amongst kin, Leto the Lord of Understanding or so he dubbed himself though not recognized, dwelt with his numerous followers; keeping little to no contact with the outside world. And finally in the empty fields and open wastelands the Deceitful One Raas, or so he was named by Kane, wandered aimlessly with numberless followers on heel. His body was by choice left un-evolved though his mind was anything but... Prisoners and slaves freed from bondage flocked to Raas as he was similar to them in appearance and many of them found cause with this 'causeless' wanderer'.
  5.  Years passed and the Lords Ostarius, Kane, Janis and Leto bound themselves together in a pact to build a new dominion for man, and so all forces willing they openly waged war against their beastly 'sovereigns'. Ostarius and his legions of zealots swarmed the beats in great numbers and brought down numerous monsters whilst claiming a new expanse for man. Kane and his grandeur knights battled using sword, shield and the magic of the illusive and hidden sun to repel the enemy and defend humanity's spread all the while Kane himself continued to plot and consolidate for the coming times. Fear and death spread in plagues as Janis and her killers skulked within thick fog and the ever lasting penumbra so that they could strike silently with deathly poisons and miasmas to eat away at the great beast's homes and lairs. And Leto with his mystic followers conjured furious storms of terrific lightning and hellish fire across the land until Leto himself vanished leaving his kin splintered and lost. The war raged for years until Leto's disappearance and it was at this time that the beasts began to strike back causing great concern that perhaps the Lord's were to fail in their conquest. Kane becoming ever more desperate sought the aid of Solomon the half-breed and his twisted and devilish companions and after deliberation and reward Solomon sided with humanity and the beasts were no more...
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