Leroy's Story 3

Jun 11th, 2018
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  1. >”what do we need from the store?” I ask as I slide onto the floor
  2. >”well I need supplies for my new pet” He shines a Cheshire grin at me
  3. >”If that’s something that you would want?”
  4. >”yes Leroy, I would like that very much”
  5. >"then lets go"
  6. >He grabs his keys and heads to the garage
  7. >Leroy pulls into the parking lot of a strip mall
  8. >”here we are”
  9. >I give a cursory glance of the store fronts
  10. >”So we’re going to Petsmart?”
  11. >”Only the best for my little pony” Leroy says with a grin
  12. >Leroy notices my hesitance
  13. >”we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Anon. If you feel uncomfortable just tell me and we can go back to the house”
  14. >”No, I’m fine. It’s just… I never thought I would buy something for myself here”
  15. >”don’t feel obligated, I won’t think any less of you if you want to go home”
  16. >I look up at him “no, I’m ready for this”
  17. >he gives me a smile “shall we go in then?”
  18. >I nod
  19. >we head to the front door
  20. >I take a deep breath as we step into the store
  21. >I turn a few heads as we come in
  22. >”lets start with a collar” Leroy says as he grabs a cart
  23. >he takes his time to browse, occasionally taking a collar from the rack
  24. >once he has a sizeable collection of collars he kneels down and sets them by my neck to see how they look
  25. >after cycling through a few times he finally has it worked down to two
  26. >an orange one with a reflector strip, and a blue paracord one
  27. >”which do you think anon?”
  28. >I hold my hoof out to the orange one, it complements my coat
  29. >Leroy pulls the tag off the orange one and fastens it around my neck
  30. >Leroy smiles at me ”very nice Anon”
  31. >He starts returning the collars to their original place on the shelves
  32. >about half way through the presses two children run up to us
  33. >they look at Leroy “Mister can we pet your pony?”
  34. >”uhh where are your parents?” he askes
  35. >”our mom is right there” they gesture to a woman with a dog trying to catch up
  36. >Leroy turns to me ”are you ok with this anon?”
  37. >I give him a silent nod
  38. >He turns to the mother and askes “is it ok if your kids pet my pony?”
  39. >she seems a bit skeptical about this, but agrees
  40. >it would seem the only ones not at least somewhat uncomfortable with this are the children
  41. >they squeal with joy when Leroy gives them the go-ahead
  42. >thankfully it was over shortly, only about fifteen seconds
  43. >one of them patted my head while the other pet the side of my neck
  44. >thank god for giving children the attention span to rival a goldfish
  45. >after they finished their mother said “now what do you say”
  46. >”thank you for letting us pet your pony”
  47. >they took off after that, their mother trailing after them
  48. >Leroy spent far less time with finding a leash, grabbing the first orange one he saw
  49. >it attaches with a satisfying click
  50. >”next we will need to get a set of bowls, do you have anything in mind Anon?”
  51. >I shake my head
  52. >Leroy cocks an eyebrow “do pets not talk?”
  53. >I nod
  54. >He gives me a scratch behind the ears “Good boy”
  55. >after scanning the options the personalized bowls seem to attract Leroy’s attention
  56. >he frowns ”hmm, shame they don’t have Anon”
  57. >he puts one that says “GOOD BOY” in bold red letters in to the basket
  58. >”I could probably order one off Amazon, but this will have to do for now. Let’s find you a coat next”
  59. >as we head to look at the dog coats I notice James and Anabelle walk in
  60. >they see us and start to walk over
  61. >”hey Leroy, nice Collar Anon” said James
  62. >Anabelle kneels down to pet me
  63. >”I see your taking great care of Anon” she says
  64. >Leroy smiles “Oh I try, what brings you here?”
  65. >”we’re getting stuff for our cats, glad to see you here” James said
  66. >Anabelle looked at me “Anon is it ok if we take a picture of you?”
  67. >I give a nod
  68. >Anabelle sprang back up “great, hold still”
  69. >she snapped several pictures with her phone
  70. >”Leroy could I get a shot of you two together?”
  71. >He kneels down and puts his arm around me
  72. >Anabelle snaps a few more picture
  73. >”well, we’ll let you get back to your shopping, see you around campus”
  74. >they head off to the cat area
  75. >after a little shopping we settle on a red plaid jacket
  76. >”alright, all we need is some mane and tail and we’ll be done”
  77. >I clear my throat “I have some at my apartment”
  78. >”I’m not surprised, we’ll stop by after we check out then
  79. >we head over to the counter
  80. >the clerk regards me but doesn’t comment
  81. >the total was $45.63
  82. >I offer to pay for it but Leroy refuses
  83. >once the sale is complete Leroy puts the Jacket on me
  84. >”one last thing before we go”
  85. >he led me over to the tag machine
  86. >”any preference?”
  87. >I pick the simple round tag
  88. >Leroy types his information in and pays
  89. >after a moment a tag pops out of the hole
  90. >My Name Is Anon, please return Leroy 515-808-2362
  91. >He clips it on to my collar and we head back to the car
  92. >we pull into the parking lot in front of my apartment
  93. >Leroy steps out of the car
  94. >” alright, we need the shampoo. Anything else?”
  95. >”I need my textbooks, the rest can wait until break”
  96. >He lets me out of the car
  97. >”what do you plan to do about this place?”
  98. >”not much I can do, I’m locked into a lease until may”
  99. >I move to unlock the door
  100. >I realize that I can’t move my wings under the coat
  101. >I strain against the Velcro strap around my waist
  102. >Leroy reaches down and undoes the strap for me
  103. >”thanks”
  104. >I unlock the door
  105. >it does not take long to gather what I need and we are back in the car in less than ten minutes
  106. >we head back to Leroy’s house
  107. >Leroy carries in the dog bowl and soap, I carry in my books
  108. >I leave the books next to my other school things by the door
  109. >Leroy sets the bowl next to the bar and puts the soap on the counter
  110. >”I guess we’ll have leftover lasagna, how’s that sound Anon?”
  111. >-approving horse sounds-
  112. >”Alright then”
  113. >Leroy sets the oven and pulls the lasagna out of the fridge
  114. >He takes a hand full of M&M’s from a dish on the counter and pops one in his mouth
  115. >I look up at him
  116. >he notices me and raises an eyebrow
  117. >he takes a single piece and moves it back and fourth
  118. >My eyes follow it intently
  119. >he slowly moves it close to me, I can smell the chocolate
  120. >just as it is about to come into reach he pulls it back suddenly
  121. >Leroy grins at me
  122. >”Anon, beg” he commands
  123. >I shift onto my haunches, my front legs pulled up in a submissive pose
  124. >Leroy smiles “Good boy, now sit”
  125. >I shift into a sitting position
  126. >Leroy is going to make me work for this
  127. >”Lay down” he orders
  128. >I press myself into the floor
  129. >”Now rollover”
  130. >I flip over onto my back, legs in the air
  131. >Leroy kneels down
  132. >He holds the candy tantalizingly close to my nose with one hand
  133. >He starts rubbing my belly with his free hand
  134. >”Your such a good boy Anon, one last test, then you can have your treat”
  135. >”Stand”
  136. >I right myself and stand on all fours
  137. >Leroy places the M&M the tip of my snout
  138. >”Stay” He commands
  139. >Leroy turns and takes the lasagna from the counter
  140. >he opens the door to the oven
  141. >He looks over his shoulder to see if I still haven’t moved
  142. >I am staring at the tip of my nose, it is taking all of my constraint not to move
  143. >He sets the dish in the oven and closes the door
  144. >He takes his time to walk back over to me
  145. >”Anon, are you ready for Your treat?”
  146. >I let out a whimper
  147. >”Enjoy, Anon”
  148. >I flick my head up and catch the small confection in my mouth
  149. >”Such a good boy” Leroy says as he scratches behind my head
  150. >I smile to my self
  151. >I had passed Leroy’s test
  152. >I probably could have just asked for some candy, but being led on like that was actually rather enjoyable
  153. >Leroy shared the rest of his handful with me
  154. >He would toss M&M to me and I would catch them in my mouth
  155. >after a few times Leroy decides to try it himself
  156. >His effort was valiant, but he was far less talented than I
  157. >the timer finally goes off
  158. >Leroy takes the tray back out
  159. >He serves himself on a plate, and puts my helping into the Bowl he got for me
  160. >He carries the two bowls to the living room
  161. >he sets my bowl down on the floor and sits on the couch
  162. >he queues up “Zootopia” as we eat
  163. >I finish when “Try everything” starts playing
  164. >Leroy is singing along
  165. >completely unaware of me
  166. >I will take advantage of this opportunity
  167. >I move in for the kill
  168. >I pounce on Leroy
  169. >I catch him completely off guard
  170. >”aaah!” He screams as I knock him to his side
  171. >I wrap my forelegs around his upper torso
  172. >I lung forward with my head, going straight for the side of the neck
  173. >I nuzzle him with my nose
  174. >”Stop” He screams in between giggles
  175. >No, no mercy today
  176. >He struggles against me, but I won’t let go
  177. >He eventualy manages to move me further down his torso
  178. >But in doing so his shirt has become unbuttoned
  179. >I drive my face into his freshly exposed weak point
  180. >”Phhhht”
  181. >”A-anon stop! Pleas, I-I can’t take it!” Leroy falls back into a laughing fit
  182. >I take the initiative and move back up to his neck
  184. >I plant my face into his neck and blow as hard as I can
  185. >”Phhhurrrrppt!”
  186. >Leroy is laughing and screaming, but he can no longer resist me
  187. >I pull away from his neck and see tears running down his face
  188. >I lean in and lick the salty river
  189. >”your tears are delicious Leroy”
  190. >Leroy has largely regained control of his body, though a few laughs still slip out
  191. >He wraps an arm around my waist, and another around my neck
  192. >he pulls me into an embrace
  193. >He holds me there, He’s so warm after being relentlessly raspberried
  194. >I start to feel sleepy
  195. >I let out a yawn
  196. >Leroy moves my ear to his mouth
  197. >”Now it your turn to squeal”
  198. >before I can react Leroy springs forward
  199. >Pining me under him on the other side of the couch
  200. >”Leroy w-wait!”
  201. >He plants his lips squarely on my neck and begins to blow relentlessly
  202. >“Phhht, Pphhbt, Pbbbt”
  203. >I dissolve into a giggling mess of a stallion
  204. >”n-nna ha ha ha! L-l-le he he he! Stoooaap!”
  205. >I can’t even beg him
  206. >he stick his hands under my wings
  207. >oh Celestia, NO!
  208. >He begins tickling me
  209. >My sides, they can’t stand it
  210. >Leroy leans in and blows a raspberry into my gut
  211. >”are we enjoying this?”
  212. >it is approaching the point where my lungs are starting to burn
  213. >Leroy notices my discomfort and stops
  214. >”Truce?” he offers
  215. >”T-truce” I manage between giggles
  216. >Leroy sits up and pulls me onto his lap
  217. >I continue giggling until I finally fall asleep in his lap
  218. >I am with Leroy
  219. >he’s holding me in his lap
  220. >He pets me
  221. >he scratches behind my ears
  222. >he loves me
  223. >”do you love me too, Anon?”
  224. >I open my mouth to speak
  225. >(adorable horse noises)
  226. >I can’t speak
  227. >Leroy runs his hand though my mane
  228. >”it’s ok that you can’t speak, you can show how much you love me”
  229. >I smile up at him, waiting for him to tell me how
  230. >”all you need to do is obey, that’s it, just obey me without thinking, can you do that Anon?”
  231. >I can do that Leroy
  232. >”lets test it”
  233. >He sets me on the floor
  234. >”Sit” he commands
  235. >my rump immediately drops to the floor, I await further instruction
  236. >”Beg” he commands
  237. >I lift my front legs into the air, I dangle my hooves pathetically in front of me
  238. >I look up to him with pleading eyes, I’m begging him to tell me what to do next
  239. >”now, lay down” He instructs
  240. >I fall forward, catching myself with my hooves, I look up to Leroy
  241. >it feels good to obey
  242. >”Do you know what to do next?”
  243. >I can tell from his tone, He’s not going to answer the question
  244. >I look at him with worried eyes
  245. >I don’t know what he wants me to do
  246. >Is he not going to tell me?
  247. >I whimper
  248. >He runs his hand though my mane
  249. >”it’s ok Anon, that was a test. You passed”
  250. >my face lights up
  251. >”Good pony”
  252. >Good pony
  253. >I’m a good pony
  254. >”now let’s try something a little more complex. Go get me a shirt”
  255. >I turn and hurry to Leroy’s bedroom
  256. >I enter the closet and grab a shirt
  257. >I return to Leroy
  258. >He takes the shirt from me
  259. >”Good pony”
  260. >ecstasy over takes me
  261. >All I want is to be a good pony for Leroy
  262. >He gives me several more commands
  263. >they all start to blend together
  264. >my mind is just a warm fuzzy glow
  265. >no thoughts really, beyond the what I have to do to fulfill Leroy’s orders
  266. >Just the feeling of joy that I get from being Leroy’s good little Pony
  267. >This starts to fade however, when I become aware of breathing
  268. >It’s not that the breathing is unsettling
  269. >it sounds like Leroy when he sleeps
  270. >But Leroy isn’t sleeping
  271. >He’s standing in front of me
  272. >He looks sad
  273. >”Well, it looks like we are running out of time, my little pony”
  274. >He pats my head consolingly
  275. >”I’ll leave you with one last pair of commands”
  276. >I can’t wait to obey them
  277. >”first, if an order seems wrong to you, don’t follow it, and if the situation you are in seems dangerous you need to wake up”
  278. >”remember, you are only a pet when you wear your collar, if I take your collar off you go back to being Anon”
  279. >I nod
  280. >”it’s time to wake up little pony. I’m going to take your collar off now, and you will wake up as Anon”
  281. >He reaches behind my neck
  282. >(click)
  283. >I take a sharp breath and open my eyes
  284. >I’m lying on top of Leroy
  285. >He’s sleeping on the couch
  286. >apparently he pulled a blanket over us after I nodded off
  287. >I look over the side of the couch and see my collar on the floor
  288. >it must have come off when I was sleeping
  289. >Leroy begins to stir
  290. >after a moment he speaks
  291. >”good morning, Anon. What time is it?”
  292. >I look at the clock above the fireplace
  293. >”it’s a little after eight”
  294. >I boop his nose with my nose and smile
  295. >He runs his hand though my mane a couple of times
  296. >”we need to get up, your mom is coming at noon and the house is a mess”
  297. >I climb off of Leroy
  298. >”hay, can you put my collar back on for me Leroy?”
  299. >”Shure thing”
  300. >He takes the collar from the floor and puts it on my neck
  301. >(click)
  302. >I smile at Leroy
  303. >”Better?”
  304. >I nod and await a command
  305. >”I’m going to go take a shower, could you tidy up in here?”
  306. >I nod
  307. >”great, I won’t be long”
  308. >He leaves the room and I begin cleaning
  309. >I start with dishes and take them to the dish washer
  310. >I once that’s done I move on to the clothes
  311. >I put them in a basket and take them to the laundry room
  312. >I load the washing machine and start it
  313. >as I reenter the living room Leroy returns
  314. >”Such a good little pony, let’s keep working”
  315. >I continue to do a Leroy says
  316. >after an hour Leroy asks me a question
  317. >”what are you going to say to your mom when she get here?”
  318. >(adorable horse noises)
  319. >whatever you want me to say Leroy
  320. >”ha, I don’t think that will go over very well. Seriously what are you going to tell her?”
  321. >(confused horse noises)
  322. >What do you want me to say?
  323. >”Anon? you ok bro?”
  324. >(distressed horse noises)
  325. >Don’t feel bad Leroy, just tell me what to do.
  326. >He reaches for my collar
  327. >(Click)
  328. >I blink a couple of times
  329. >”are you ok Anon?” Leroy askes worriedly
  330. >”I, I’m fine. I just… I couldn’t talk”
  331. >”why couldn’t you talk? Should we go to the doctor or something?”
  332. >”No I feel fine, I just…well…”
  333. >Leroy kneels down and sets his hand on my shoulder
  334. >”I felt like I was a pet, and pets can’t talk”
  335. >”maybe this was a bad Idea…” He begins to walk to the trash can
  336. >”NO! Leroy I Want to be your pet, I feel so happy when I have the collar on and you tell me what to do and…” I look at him with pleading eyes
  337. >He stops
  338. >“…”
  339. >”Alright, but we need some ground rules”
  340. >I look at him
  341. >”first, answer me in English when I ask a complex question”
  342. >I nod
  343. >”second, if you need to tell me something speak, can you do that?”
  344. >”I think I should be able to” I continue nodding
  345. >”alright, last thing, no collar until after you finish your homework”
  346. >”what are you? My mom?”
  347. >”No, I’m your friend, and I’m not going to facilitate you failing college and becoming a dog with hooves. Understand?”
  348. >”Yes, can I make a request though?”
  349. >”fair enough”
  350. >”could you… Tell me I’m a good pony more often?”
  351. >”…”
  352. >Leroy leans toward me
  353. >”…You’re a good pony, Anon”
  354. >Leroy puts the collar back on my neck
  355. >(Click)
  356. >”how do you feel Anon?”
  357. >(content horse noises)
  358. >”What’s the capital of Switzerland?”
  359. >I clear my throat “Zürich”
  360. >”your geography is shit, but I suppose you still pass”
  361. >He gives me a scratch behind the ear
  362. >”Good pony”
  363. >(Happy horse noises)
  364. >”lets get back to work”
  365. >We continue to clean
  366. >Leroy tells me I’m a good pony frequently
  367. >it’s not long until the warm fuzzy feeling comes back
  368. >after another hour or so I hear the sound of a car coming up the driveway
  369. >Leroy calls me ”Anon, come here”
  370. >I come and sit in front of him
  371. >”Lets take this off”
  372. >He reaches for the latch
  373. >(Click)
  374. >I blink
  375. >I’m getting accustomed to this
  376. >”Is my mom here?”
  377. >There is a knock at the door
  378. >Leroy heads to the door
  379. >”Hello Ms. Anon”
  380. >”Good morning Leroy, where’s my Nonny?”
  381. >She spots me behind Leroy
  382. >”Oh, Nonny. Are you alight? I heard there where protests, you’re not hurt are you”
  383. >she picks me up and pulls me into a hug
  384. >”I’m fine mom, Leroy has been letting me stay here”
  385. >she holds me tighter
  386. >”how did this happen? You were doing so well”
  387. >”I don’t know how it happened, and it’s not like I’ve dropped out of college”
  388. >”The collage is going to let you stay!?”
  389. >”why does this surprise you?”
  390. >”I was just worried about the protests”
  391. >she sets me down
  392. >”would you care to join us for lunch?” Leroy asks
  393. >”Yes, what where you planning?”
  394. >”we were going to have ravioli”
  395. >we migrate to the kitchen
  396. >Leroy fills a pot and sets it on the stove
  397. >”would you care for some tea?”
  398. >”that sounds lovely”
  399. >Leroy turns the kettle on
  400. >”How was the drive?” I ask
  401. >”oh, it was fine”
  402. >We continue with awkward small talk until lunch was ready
  403. >Leroy opened the dishwasher to get bowls out
  404. >”I didn’t know you had a dog Leroy”
  405. >”I don’t have a dog, what are you talking about?”
  406. >”was that not dog bowl?”
  407. >”Oh…That…that’s just a novelty”
  408. >”…I see…”
  409. >an acward silence fallows us to the living room
  410. >after we take a seat my mom speaks
  411. >”Anon, I just want you to know that I’m happy for you”
  412. >I notice that she’s holding back tears
  413. >”I know Leroy is a great guy, and I think you’ll be happy together”
  414. >”I was raised in a time when that kind of relationship was not accepted, but I’m glad that you two can be together now. Just promise me you’ll consider adoption”
  415. >she starts crying
  416. >”…Mom?... I’m not gay”
  417. >”Your…not?”
  418. >”no, it’s not sexual”
  419. >”i-it’s not? But what about…” she points to the kitchen
  420. >”about that… I’m Leroy’s pet now, mom”
  421. >”…That’s…Different…”
  422. >”You’re not dropping out of school are you?”
  423. >”No mom”
  424. >OK…Good boy?”
  425. >She starts to pet me
  426. >I lean into her hand
  427. >after a moment Leroy starts scratching behind my ear
  428. >they make small talk for the next couple of hours
  429. >one of them is giving me pets the entire time
  430. >best day ever
  431. >after several hours of sweet pets my mom tells us that it’s time for dinner
  432. >”I’d like to take you two somewhere nice if that’s OK.” She tells us
  433. >”I’ve never been one to turn down free food” Leroy declares
  434. >”What did you have in mind?” I ask her
  435. >”I was thinking El Palomino”
  436. >”sounds good”
  437. >We start to head for my mom’s car, Leroy grabs the sheaf of papers on his way out
  438. >My mom looks at him “What are those for Leroy?”
  439. >”Lets talk about it when we get to the restaurant”
  440. >I get in the back seat of the car
  441. >I look over Leroy’s shoulder to see what the papers are
  442. >They are the release forms for the tests
  443. >right…those where going to happen
  444. >…Fuck, this will be fun to talk about
  445. >It does not take long to get to the restaurant
  446. >We step inside
  447. >the waiting area was not crowded yet
  448. >this place is normally fairly popular, but it’s a bit early for dinner right now
  449. >I catch some odd looks from the staff, but they seated us anyway
  450. >I come here often, I don’t need to look at the menu
  451. >Mom orders a Margarita, I take a Red Stripe and Leroy prefers Dos Equis
  452. >Leroy hands the papers to mom and starts explaining what they want to do
  453. >I have already listened to this
  454. >…Well, Maybe I didn’t LISTEN to this but I still don’t care
  455. >They bring us our drinks with some tortillas and queso
  456. >Ponies apparently have a low alcohol tolerance, because I got buzzed off of one beer
  457. >the tortillas are amazing, I’m in the middle of eating one when my mom looks at me
  458. >”How do you feel about this?”
  459. >I look at her blankly and swallow “About what?”
  460. >”Have you looked over these yet?” She holds up the papers
  461. >”No, I haven’t gotten around to it yet”
  462. >”are you taking this seriously? do you even know what they are going to be doing to you?”
  463. >”I am taking this seriously, I had Leroy come and talk with the Dean about it with me.”
  464. >”is Leroy going to be with you when they are running these tests?” her voice was sharp
  465. >”Yes. He is.” I reply flatly
  466. >her expression softens
  467. >”I know you two have a thing going, but Anon, I want you to make your own decisions”
  468. >She puts her hand on my shoulder
  469. >Leroy chimes in “I am going to go over everything with Anon later, I want this to be his decision as much as you do”
  470. >”thank you Leroy”
  471. >She pulls me into a hug
  472. >”so have you gotten your history paper back yet?” She asks
  473. >”No, I’ll probably get it back next week”
  474. >the conversation moves back into small talk
  475. >we finish our meal and pay the bill
  476. >By this time the diner crowd has begun to come in
  477. >We leave quickly before it gets too crowded
  478. >Mom takes us back to Leroy’s place
  479. >”would you like to spend the night Ms. Anon? I have a spare bedroom”
  480. >”Yes, thank you Leroy”
  481. >we head back into Leroy’s house
  482. >we go back into the living room, and resume watching tv
  483. >Mom pulls me into her lap
  484. >she starts to pet me
  485. >first she runs her hand though my mane
  486. >then she starts scratch the back of my head and neck
  487. >she’s slower than Leroy is, gentler
  488. >It’s rather relaxing
  489. >after a while of this she pulls me close in an embrace
  490. >I rest my head on her shoulder as she runs her hand up and down my side
  491. >the alcohol is still in my system and it’s starting to make me drowsy
  492. >I start to drift away
  493. >…
  494. >”…I think he fell asleep” my mom says
  495. >Leroy leans over
  496. >”yep, he’s done a lot of sleeping in the past few days, but he’s had a lot to do too.”
  497. >”I think I’m going turn in”
  498. >She supports me with one arm and continues hugging me with the other
  499. >”I’ll show you to your room”
  500. >Leroy leads her down the hallway to the guest bedroom and opens the door
  501. >”if there’s anything you need just let me know”
  502. >”I will. thank you, Leroy”
  503. >She lays me on the bed
  504. >I start to stir
  505. >”mmmh”
  506. >”shh, Anon, it’s ok”
  507. >She kisses me on the forehead and tucks me into bed
  508. >She lays down on the other side
  509. >”sweet dreams, Anon”
  510. >From Leroy’s perspective now
  511. >I close the door to the guest bedroom
  512. >I’m glad that Anon’s mother is taking it so well
  513. >I would have to go over the papers with Anon tomorrow, but for now I’ll let him sleep
  514. >I enter my bed room and kick off my shoes
  515. >It will be lonely without Anon tonight
  516. >I stick my hands in my pockets
  517. >Oh yeah, Anon’s collar is still in there
  518. >It’s a poor substitute for him but it’s better than nothing I suppose
  519. >I look at it…
  520. >I’m worried about him
  521. >He was always a follower but this…
  522. >I never thought he was this submissive
  523. >I’m worried that this is something that the program he used is doing to him
  524. >I’m worried that it won’t stop
  525. >”sigh…”
  526. >there’s nothing I can really do about it, not directly at least
  527. >all I can do is be there for him
  528. >I don’t like the idea of not being able to do anything for him…
  529. >I guess there’s no point dwelling on it, maybe someone at the college could help
  530. >I lay down and try to get some sleep
  531. >…
  532. >I was with Anon
  533. >we were on our way back from a walk
  534. >I grabbed the mail from the mail box and headed inside
  535. >I took the leash off of anon and hung it up beside the door
  536. >I started to look through the mail
  537. >Bill, Bill, junk mail, wrong address… A letter from the university?
  538. >My heart stopped
  539. >”Notice of Academic Dismissal” it was addressed to Anon
  540. >”A-Anon? did you know about this?”
  541. >He looks up at me with a vacant expression
  542. >-Horse Sounds-
  543. >”Anon this isn’t funny” I’m panicking now
  544. >I pull his collar off
  545. >-Click-
  546. >”Anon, say something”
  547. >-Horse Noises-
  548. >”Anon, Please, Don’t do this to me”
  549. >I begin to cry
  550. >Anon makes another horse sound
  551. >I pull him into a hug
  552. >”Anon”
  553. >I begin sobbing into his mane
  554. >”Anon, Please come back”
  555. >I sit up suddenly
  556. >I’m back in my bed
  557. >I have Anon’s collar clutched in my hand
  558. >I take a moment to catch my breath
  559. >I look at the collar and hold it to my chest
  560. >”Anon…”
  561. >I get out of bed
  562. >I open my bedroom door and walk quietly down the hall
  563. >I carefully open the gest bedroom’s door
  564. >I see Anon and his mother sleeping
  565. >I stand there and watch them for several moments
  566. >…
  567. >I close the door as quietly as I can and head to the living room
  568. >I take out my phone and pull-up a picture of Anon and I
  569. >It’s the one we took when we started College
  570. >I sigh and set it aside
  571. >I open my laptop and get online
  572. >I set to work, looking for any information I can on what did this
  573. >…It’s going to be a long night
  574. >I wake up in Leroy’s guest bedroom
  575. >Anon is lying next to me
  576. >his ear twitches in his sleep
  577. >it’s so surreal,
  578. >I thought it was odd when he started watching MLP
  579. >I was ok with it though, it seemed harmless enough
  580. >maybe a little gay, but safe
  581. >I didn’t think it would result in this though
  582. >He seems happy, but I’m worried for him
  583. >Will someone still higher him?
  584. >would any one date him?
  585. >his life is going to be so much more complicated now
  586. >I let out a sigh
  587. >at least he has Leroy
  588. >I get out of bed
  589. >Anon starts to shift
  590. >I readjust the blanket
  591. >”Shh, go back to sleep Anon”
  592. >I give him the best hug that I can, given the positon he is in
  593. >he settles back down
  594. >I step out into the hall and walk to the living room
  595. >I see Leroy on the Couch, he looks tired.
  596. >”Good morning Leroy, did you sleep well?”
  597. >”mmh, not really, I’ve been up since one. I’m trying to find out what did this to Anon”
  598. >”Why? Are you…”
  599. >”No, I’m not trying to become a pony, I’m just worried that it may have side effects”
  600. >”Have you noticed side effects?”
  601. >”…Yes…Anon has been acting…Odd”
  602. >”How Odd? Like how he asked to be your pet?”
  603. >”Well there’s that but… He gets really into it. before you came he had his collar on, and when I asked him a question he couldn’t respond until I took the collar off”
  604. >”I see…is it getting worse?”
  605. >”I talked with him about it, told him that I wouldn’t keep doing this if he can’t talk. I asked him a couple of questions after that, it seemed to fix the problem”
  606. >”…I see, have you found anything?”
  607. >”No, I’ve found several hypnosis programs but none of them seem to work… I’m hoping that the college can help…”
  608. >”Thank you Leroy”
  609. >I lean in to hug him
  610. >”I’m glad to know that Anon has someone who cares about him so much”
  611. >”I just wish I knew that he’s gonna be alright”
  612. >”I do to… You said he behaved differently when he has a collar on, I would like to see it for myself.”
  613. >”I’m sure Anon would go for that”
  615. >Be Anon again
  616. >”Anon it’s time to get up”
  617. >I feel someone nudge me
  618. >I pick my head up and see my mother standing over me
  619. >”Come on Anon, it’s time for breakfast”
  620. >The house is cold, I don’t want to leave bed
  621. >I start to lay my head back down
  622. >mom pulls the blanket off of me
  623. >”don’t lay back down”
  624. >I mumble to myself and get out of bed
  625. >I head into the living room
  626. >Leroy and my mom are sitting on the couch
  627. >”so whats for breakfast?”
  628. >Leroy turns to me “Cereal, I brought you a bowl”
  629. >He points to a bowl sitting next to a box on the coffee table
  630. >”cool”
  631. >I join them and begin eating
  632. >I notice that my mom is not eating
  633. >I turn to Leroy and see that he is staring at me
  634. >”…is this an intervention?”
  635. >Leroy shrugged “sort of…”
  636. >”Leroy told me that you start acting strange when you have a collar on, I want to see it for myself”
  637. >I blush a little “Ok, if it will make you feel better”
  638. >Leroy pulls the collar out of his pocket
  639. >”You ready?”
  640. >I nod
  641. >-Click-
  642. >the warm feeling comes back
  643. >it’s calming
  644. >I don’t notice how cold it is anymore
  645. >I look up a Leroy and wait
  646. >Leroy looks down at me
  647. >”Anon, are you alright?”
  648. >-Happy Horse noises-
  649. >My mom gives me a worried look
  650. >”Anon, you can still talk right?”
  651. >I blink and try to focus
  652. >I clear my throat
  653. >”Yes.”
  654. >it take all of my concentration to speak
  655. >I feel like my mouth is full of cotton
  656. >so does my head
  657. >Leroy turns to my mother
  658. >”A have asked him some trivia questions and he was able to answer them”
  659. >I start to zone out
  660. >They continue talking
  661. >Leroy makes some hand gestures
  662. >Why isn’t he petting me?
  663. >I push my head into his hand
  664. >”Not now, Anon.” He pulls his hand away
  665. >I pull my ears beck and press my jaw into his thigh
  666. >I stare at him with begging eyes
  667. >he glances at me for a moment then looks back to mom
  668. >his will is weak, he will succumb
  669. >it is only a matter of time until he pets me
  670. >after a moment he looks down again
  671. >he still manages to pull away but it takes him far longer
  672. >in the end, he will pet me
  673. >he can’t resist the cuteness
  674. >his hand moves towards me
  675. >he catches himself, but he makes the mistake of looking down
  676. >Our eyes lock
  677. >I can see his resolve melting away
  678. >his hand hovers just behind my ears
  679. >DO IT FAGGOT!
  680. >he finally gives in and starts to pet me
  681. >Yessss
  682. >at the same time I feel another hand on my back
  683. >the pets have been doubled
  684. >I start to lose track of time
  685. >Leroy and my mother start to slow down
  686. >I begin processing pieces of their conversation
  687. >Post hypnotic suggestion…I’ll have him fill it out tonight…hoping the collage can help
  688. >the collage!
  689. >”I HAVE HOMEWORK!” I stand up suddenly
  690. >Leroy and mom are both surprised
  691. >after mom recovers she smiles
  692. >”that’s a relief”
  693. >I give her a panicked “How is that a relief!?”
  694. >Leroy puts a hand on me
  695. >”You still have your collar on, we’re glad to see that you can bring yourself out of it”
  696. >I take a moment to catch my breath
  697. >”can you take it off for me? My homework is due tomorrow”
  698. >Leroy reaches for the fastener
  699. >-click-
  700. >I hop off the couch and grab my bag
  701. >after I dig though it I find my math homework for tomorrow
  702. >this is going to take at least the afternoon
  704. >and done
  705. >I set down my pencil and put the homework sheet back in my bag
  706. >I rub my throbbing temples
  707. >…the hooves only exacerbate my headache
  708. >I need some ibuprofen…or alcohol…or both
  709. >I’m going to go with both
  710. >I dismounted the chair and headed into the living room
  711. >”hay Leroy, do you still have that bottle of whisky I gave you?”
  712. >my mom raises an eyebrow “do you really think drinking is a good idea, anon?”
  713. >” I have all my homework finished, and it’s not like alcohol kills horses”
  714. >Leroy looks at me “you aren’t done yet”
  715. >He holds up the release forms
  716. >”you’re going to be sober when you fill these out”
  717. >I sigh “Do I need to be sober when I do the experiments?”
  718. >Leroy nodes “Unfortunately we both will”
  719. >My mom stands up “while you two go over that, I should get going”
  720. >she picks me up and gives me a hug
  721. >”stay safe anon”
  722. >”I will”
  723. >I close my eyes and burry my face into her shoulder
  724. >I feel the warmth of her body, and I can hear her rhythmic breathing
  725. >I feel a deep calm wash over me
  726. >there where hundreds of things I could be worrying about, but they didn’t matter right now
  727. >I felt safe with her
  728. >Her and Leroy
  729. >They would keep me safe
  730. >I didn’t have anything to worry about
  731. >there was a warm darkness enveloping me
  732. >like a warm blanket on a cold night
  733. >it wrapped around me
  734. >it covered me but didn’t smother me
  735. >it secured me but didn’t restrict me
  736. >I was not asleep, but I was not entirely awake
  737. >somewhere in-between
  738. >I wanted it to last forever
  739. >but I knew it couldn’t last
  740. >eventually she pulled away
  741. >”I love you Anon, take care of yourself”
  742. >she kissed me on the forehead and set me back down on the ground
  743. >she turned to Leroy
  744. >”Leroy, take good care of Anon, I seriously doubt he can take care of himself”
  745. >”Hay!”
  746. >They both begin to snicker
  747. >I pull my ears back in frustration
  748. >”Oh, anon you look adorable when you’re upset”
  749. >she leans in to give me another kiss
  750. >”I’ll see you two later, take care of your selves”
  751. >she gathers her things and walks out the door
  752. >”bye mom, I love you”
  753. >”I love you to sweetie”
  754. >she closes the door behind her
  755. >I turn back to Leroy
  756. >”so what all is in there?”
  757. >I poke a hoof at the stack of papers on the coffee table
  758. >He picks it up “oh nothing too invasive, anal probing, vivisection, the usual”
  759. >he tries to suppress a smile, but he can’t hold in a quick laugh
  760. >I nod “and why did I think it would be a good idea to let you handle this?”
  761. >Leroy grins at me “because your anti-social, and I’m the best friend you ever had”
  762. >I chuckle “I can’t argue with that. Seriously though, what the hell are they going to do to me?”
  763. >He pats my head “nothing you don’t want them to, you haven’t agreed to anything yet. Hop up and we’ll go over it”
  764. >he pats the vacant stretch of couch next to him
  765. >I climb into position and rest my head on Leroy’s shoulder
  766. >He holds up a form for me to see
  767. >”this is just a standard release form saying that you won’t sue the school for anything that happens”
  768. >I nod “Ok, what else?”
  769. >Leroy flips through the papers, eventually finding the one he wants
  770. >”consent to a physical exam, they want CAT scans, X-rays, blood tests, urine tests, they are going to do that thing where they shine a light in your eyes…”
  771. >”alright, I’ll sign”
  772. >Leroy flips to the next form
  773. >”consent to a psychological exam”
  774. >I nod “next”
  775. >”they want to throw you into a pool and see how long it takes you to get out”
  776. >I stare at him
  777. >”…No, I’m serious. They want you to agree to this.”
  778. >”…how much money am I getting for this?”
  779. >”Ten thousand a semester if you agree to everything”
  780. >I blink “they are going to give me ten thousand dollars to throw me into a pool?”
  781. >Leroy nods “apparently”
  782. >”this is why tuition is so high” I mutter under my breath
  783. >”alright next”
  784. >Leroy sorts the pages
  785. >”sleep study”
  786. >”how much money do I lose if I back out of one?”
  787. >”uh” Leroy looks through the papers
  788. >”only five hundred for this one. Don’t want the dean to watch you sleep”
  789. >”No, no I don’t”
  790. >He sets the form aside “OK, next is”
  791. >he flips through the pages “…Semen analysis! 300$”
  792. >he couldn’t keep a straight face
  793. >”how about no, you crazy bastard”
  794. >Leroy burst into laughter
  795. >”somehow I knew you wouldn’t go for that”
  796. >”when it comes to doing things for science, I draw the line at being molested by Ronald Regan”
  797. >Leroy throws the paper away
  798. >”Ok next…”
  799. >what remained where largely unremarkable, I did turn down a “72-hour isolation experiment” worth 700$
  800. >after we were finished Leroy turned to me
  801. >”So Anon, want to go for a walk before diner?”
  802. >My face lit up “I would love a walk!”
  803. >Leroy stood up “Alright then, let’s get your leash on”
  804. >I followed Leroy to the entry way, where my leash and collar where hanging
  805. >He took the collar off the hook and set it around my neck
  806. >-click-
  807. >I sat patiently as he removed the leash and clipped it into the ring on my collar
  808. >he smiled at me
  809. >”Ok, let’s go” he said as he opened the door
  811. >we stepped out into the cool afternoon air
  812. >I take a deep breath of the crisp autumn air
  813. >a light breeze blows through me, the cold nips at my ears and nose but my fur takes the edge off of it
  814. >”do you want your jacket before we go?” Leroy asks
  815. >I shake my head “No I think I’ll be fine”
  816. >”If you say so”
  817. >He grabs a ushanka from the wall
  818. >he dons it, fastening the ears around his head
  819. >He pulls the door shut and locks it
  820. >”Do you still have yours?” he asks, gesturing to his hat
  821. >”yeah, I just don’t wear it very often because I’m worried someone will beat me up”
  822. >”why would you worry about that? You would look absolutely adorable in it”
  823. >”because it still has the Hammer and sickle on it, I feel like I’ve given the right enough reasons to hate me this week”
  824. >Leroy begins to laugh
  825. >”My little Commie, My little Commie”
  826. >”Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!”
  827. >”My little Commie”
  828. >”I used to wonder what Soviet could be”
  829. >”My little Commie”
  830. >”Until the state nationalized me”
  831. >”Long hours”
  832. >”Tons of coal”
  833. >”The Tsar is Dead”
  834. >”Vodka is Strong”
  835. >”Don’t Complain ”
  836. >”And you won’t be beat”
  837. >He picks me up
  838. >”And Bread lines make it all complete”
  839. >”My little Commies”
  840. >”Don’t you know that we’re all equal? Comraaaade!”
  841. >he gives me a Boop on the nose before we both burst into laughter
  842. >”In Soviet Russia, Pony owns you.” I say with a smug grin
  843. >”You are right comrade, give me a moment”
  844. >He sets me on the ground and takes off my collar
  845. >He hands me the other end of the leash before fastening the collar around his neck
  846. >”much better, this way my pet” I lead Leroy in the Direction of the Park
  847. >”I immediately regret my decision”
  848. >”shh, pets can’t talk”
  849. >”isn’t the whole reason I’m doing this because you told me to?”
  850. >”Yes, but don’t think about that now. just sit back relax and let me show you the joys of not having to think for yourself”
  851. >”I know people around here, what am I going to say to them?”
  852. >”Nothing. Remember when we bumped into James and Anabelle the other day?”
  853. >”yes” he raises an eyebrow at me
  854. >”I didn’t say anything, I let you do all the talking. If we see someone you know, I’ll tell them that you are my pet for the evening and can’t talk”
  855. >”do I really have to go through this Anon? I only meant it as a joke” he starts tugging at the collar
  856. >I smile “yes Leroy, now be a good boy and I’ll make sure you enjoy it”
  857. >He stops pulling at the leash and gives me a begging look
  858. >He’s into it, he just doesn’t want to admit it
  859. >I give Leroy a tug on the leash
  860. >”come on”
  861. >I’m going to enjoy this
  862. >I lead Leroy down the marked path through the woods
  863. >Unfortunately no one was out here
  864. >well unfortunately for me, Leroy was probably quite happy with this
  865. >I enjoy the walk nonetheless, it’s quite peaceful out here
  866. >Autumn was always my favorite season
  867. >The weather is just right, the trees become some of my favorite colors, and the bugs go back to hell where they belong
  868. >The path we fallow is not paved, it was mostly dirt flanked by logs on either side
  869. >it was not level ground, there were just enough rocks in the way to make it interesting…
  870. >I looked back at Leroy, he smiled but did not speak
  871. >we continue in silence for a moment more, only broken by the crunching of leaves under our feet, the sporadic breeze, and the regular clop of my hooves on the packed ground
  872. >Suddenly I hear a rustling in the brush ahead of us
  873. >”what was that?” I turn to Leroy to ask
  874. >He remains silent
  875. >as I search for its source I instinctively huddle next Leroy
  876. >after a second a deer bounds across the trail and runs deeper into the woods
  877. >I let out a sigh of relief “It’s just a deer”
  878. >Leroy looks down at me, grinning
  879. >I take a moment to glare at him be for giving a sharp pull on the leash
  880. >”Let’s go” I command in a deadpan tone
  881. >a slight chuckle out of Leroy almost incites a quick flick of my ears
  882. >we continue a while longer…
  883. >I don’t think I can do this much longer
  884. >”l-leroy…” I murmur
  885. >I clear my throat
  886. >I muster the most commanding voice I can manage “Leroy, you can speak if you want to”
  887. >I try to keep my eyes forward, but I find myself glancing over my shoulder waiting for a response
  888. >”If you say so” he replies with a chuckle
  889. >I can’t tell if he’s mocking me or just thinks it’s cute that I’m trying to be in charge
  890. >I look at my hooves for a moment
  891. >I’m not very good at this, maybe I should just have Leroy put the collar back on me…
  892. >I feel a hand on my shoulder
  893. >I turn to see Leroy crouched beside me
  894. >”Hay Anon, I didn’t mean to seem patronizing. You’re doing a good job with this, I feel like you’re getting a good feel for what it was like for me the first time. Just keep it up”
  895. >”Thank Leroy” I turn and start to move into a hug
  896. >He pulls me into his chest
  897. >I draw my front legs around his neck
  898. >My cheek brushes against the nametag on the collar
  899. >out of my peripheral vison I can read the inscription
  900. >”Anon, Property of Leroy”
  901. >my neck suddenly feels so exposed, and it feels like the leash wrapped around my hoof is biting into me
  902. >this isn’t right
  903. >I pull away from Leroy and begin to unwind the leash from my foreleg
  904. >Leroy puts his hand on it
  905. >”No Anon, you finish what you’ve started”
  906. >”But I-“
  907. >Leroy presses a finger to my lips
  908. >”Yes, you can. You went to school as a pony, you can take me for a walk through the woods. Just keep going, you’re doing fine”
  909. >I nod “O-OK, I’ll keep going. Just do one thing for me.”
  910. >”what do you need?”
  911. >”keep talking the rest of the way, I like listening to you”
  912. >Leroy Laughs “well you’re in luck, I like listening to myself to”
  913. >as we walked home Leroy managed to find something to talk about with me
  914. >we talked about the visit from my mother, school, and what we were having for dinner
  915. >we decided on fried rice
  916. >finally we arrived back a Leroy’s house
  917. From Leroy’s perspective
  918. >Anon continues to follow the path
  919. >”So how much further do we have to go?”
  920. >I shrug “it depends, are you ready to go home?”
  921. >”yes I am. What does it depend on?”
  922. >”well if you’re in a hurry, there’s a creak up ahead that goes right behind my house”
  923. >He nods “sounds good to me”
  924. >”sooo, your mother took it well…”
  925. >”yes, she did”
  926. >”surprisingly well…”
  927. >He turns and cocks his head “what are you getting at?”
  928. >”Oh, nothing. It just she seemed like she was expecting… something else”
  929. >”What are you talking about?”
  930. >”you know perfectly well what I am talking about Anon, and this isn’t the first time it’s come up ether”
  931. >”So why are you talking about it now?”
  932. >”because now the entire world thinks it…”
  933. >Anon stops and turns to me
  934. >the collar jingles as I rub the side of my neck
  935. >”…what do you mean, the entire world? Leroy what did you tell those reporters!”
  936. >I throw up my hands
  937. >”It’s not what you think, I didn’t say anything like that. They just found out you were living with me and, well… The trip to PetSmart didn’t really do us any favors…”
  938. >”…yeah that would seem pretty gay…”
  939. >”Look don’t worry about it Anon”
  940. >I give him a pat on the back
  941. >”I’ve got your back, your moms got your back, you’ve got friends at the college. This will all blow over in a week or two, and you probably won’t even notice the difference”
  942. >he looks me straight in the eye
  943. >”Leroy, do you think I’m gay?”
  944. >I snicker “No Anon, I’ve seen your browser history. I do however think you are a degenerate, but you’re my degenerate”
  945. >He chuckles “I can’t argue with that logic”
  946. >he prods me in the side with a hoof
  947. >”so by the transitive property of degeneracy, you are also a degenerate” he smiles smugly
  948. >”yes, but I don’t think that was ever in question, and if it was the fact that I have been letting a pony lead me around on a leash for the past hour should remove all doubt”
  949. >We share a laugh
  950. >”glad to know we’re on the same level. Now onward slave!”
  951. >Anon makes what I assume where supposed to be whip sounds as he resumed walking
  952. >”so how has school been treating you?”
  953. >”eh, it’s been ok. I had a good chat with my history professor”
  954. >”the one who probably smokes weed? Was he stoned when he found out?”
  955. >”Probably, that would explain why he was so calm about it”
  956. >”I wish my professors where that cool, maybe I wouldn’t have dropped out”
  957. >”And then you wouldn’t be getting dragged through the forest on a leash”
  958. >”true, My life has been in a death spiral, and it’s all because my professors refused to smoke weed”
  959. >”Snoop Dog is a wise man” I agree
  960. >Leroy nods” …Potatoes…”
  961. >I look at him “…are amazing…”
  962. >”…I don’t think I have any…”
  963. >”…well now I’m hungry…
  964. >”…so am I…”
  965. >”…can we stop talking like this?...”
  966. >”…sure…”
  967. >”your weird, you know that Leroy?”
  968. >he smiles and snickers “Said the small orange Pegasus”
  969. >”I was weird well before I became the little pony.”
  970. >I nod “true, so what do you want for dinner”
  971. >”Potatoes”
  972. >”I don’t have potatoes”
  973. >”I thought you had vodka”
  974. >”No Anon, we are not having vodka for dinner”
  975. >”why not?”
  976. >”Because it has no nutritional value, you have school tomorrow, and you can’t seem to hold your liquor any more”
  977. >”What do you mean I can’t hold my Liquor?”
  978. >”you’ve lost over half your body mass, how much do you even wheag now?”
  979. >He shrugs “I don’t know, I haven’t stepped on a scale recently”
  980. >”I’d put you at about sixty to seventy pounds, that coming from what two hundred?”
  981. >”something like that, but I can still hold my liquor.”
  982. >”You got pretty drunk off of one beer last night”
  983. >”I wasn’t drunk”
  984. >”Yes Anon, you were drunk”
  987. >Anon leads me onto the porch
  988. >I move to open the door but Anon stops me
  989. >”wait I want to do it”
  990. >I back away “it’s yours”
  991. >anon unfurls his left wing and wraps it around the doorknob
  992. >he spends several seconds trying fruitlessly to get enough traction between the feathery appendage and the brass sphere
  993. >I contemplate offering him assistance, but he needs to do this himself
  994. >after half a minute Anon switches tactics
  995. >He rears up on his hind legs and presses his hooves around the door knob
  996. >I resist the urge to laugh at him, I don’t want to patronize him again
  997. >at first he used the sides of his hooves, but after only a few seconds he realized that the hard keratin produced little friction
  998. >he then pressed the frogs of his hooves against the knob
  999. >he’s making good progress, he almost has it
  1000. >after a few more attempts he finally prevailed
  1001. >His reward for his effort was to fall into the entry way as the door swung open under his weight
  1002. >He flared his wings half way out before catching himself with his front legs
  1003. >I finally permit myself a quick chortle at the entire affair
  1004. >”you ok, Anon?” I casually ask as I unhook the leash
  1005. >”I’m fine. I got the door open” he replies triumphantly
  1006. >”Yes you did” and it only took you three minutes
  1007. >I need to be careful with my tone
  1008. >I could have done it in less than a second but I don’t have hooves, now do I
  1009. >I make a mental note to replace the door knob with something a little more pony friendly
  1010. >”I’ll fix dinner tonight” Anon says as he trots into the kitchen
  1011. >This will be interesting
  1012. >”Would you like any help?”
  1013. >”No I can do it”
  1014. >I stop at the entrance to the kitchen
  1015. >cooking was never Anon’s strong suit, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now
  1016. >He took a pan and set it on the cook top, then he took out a measuring cup and filled it with water
  1017. >he dumped the water into the pan and reached for the gas knob
  1018. >He tilted his head and turned the gas knob with his mouth
  1019. >the ignitor ticked several times before the burner ignited
  1020. >…Along with Anon’s mane
  1021. >”Ahh!” Anon yelled as he jammed the side of his head into the ground
  1022. >I ran to him as he began to roll back and forth on the floor
  1023. >I quickly grabbed the pan and dumped it on to his head
  1024. >”You OK man?”
  1025. >He looks up at me with a crushed expression on his face, the wet mane only makes it sadder
  1026. >”…I’m fine. I’m sorry I made a mess”
  1027. >”Yeah, you did.” I say as I grab a towel
  1028. >”Tell you what, You clean this up and then you do the vegetables and I’ll handle the stove.” I say as I dry his head
  1029. >”How’s that sound?”
  1030. >I give him a boop on the nose
  1031. >That brought a smile back to his face
  1032. >”Shure thing Leroy” he says as he stands up
  1033. >I toss the rag to him” Great, you start with that and I’ll get the water ready”
  1034. >I take the pan to the sink and refill it
  1035. >I head back to the stove and see that Anon is hard at work cleaning up the water
  1036. >He glances back at me
  1037. >”am I in your way?”
  1038. >”just let me get by” I quickly side step him and set the pan on the stove
  1039. >I turn on the burner and head to the pantry to get the rice
  1040. >I wouldn’t be a bad idea to teach Anon to cook, or clean for that matter
  1041. >He’s living here rent free after all, he can do some chores for me
  1042. >I grab a bag of rice, as well as a couple of vegetables and a bottle of cooking oil
  1043. >I turn back into the kitchen and see Anon finishing up
  1044. >”Good, here chop these up” I say as I set the vegetables on a cutting board
  1045. >”What should I do with the towel?” he askes
  1046. >”take it to the laundry room, there should be a basket of towels”
  1047. >”OK, I’ll be right back”
  1048. >He could probably do laundry without any help, maybe after dinner I’ll see how he does
  1049. >I grab a bar stool and set it in front of the cutting board for Anon
  1050. >I check to see if the water is boiling yet
  1051. >eh, good enough, in goes the rice
  1052. >Anon returns from the laundry room
  1053. >”I got you a seat”
  1054. >”Thank” he says climbing onto the stool
  1055. >He pulls a knife from the draw in front of him and begins to chop the peppers
  1056. >I turn the refrigerator and take out a bottle of stir fry sauce
  1057. >I take a wok and set it on the stove top
  1058. >I add the cooking oil and turn on the heat
  1059. >I look back over to Anon who is just finishing up the onions
  1060. >”Would you like to handle this part?” I gesture to the wok
  1061. >”You’ll let me? After I almost burned your house down?”
  1062. >”that was an accident, you’ve never cooked like this before, but you’ll never get better if you don’t try”
  1063. >I pick up the bar stool and set it in front of the cooktop and hold out a spatula
  1064. >”now try” I say with a smile
  1065. >He nods “ok, I’ll try not to start another fire”
  1066. >He takes the spatula from me and I dump the vegetables into the wok
  1067. >he starts to stir them and I check on the rice, almost done.
  1068. >”You just need practice that’s all, we can do this again tomorrow if you want”
  1069. >He nods, still holding the spatula in his mouth
  1070. >Once the last of the water boils away I add the rice and sauce to the wok
  1071. >After about a minute I kill the heat
  1072. >”that should do it, you did a good job” I say as I ruffle his mane
  1073. >”Maybe next time I won’t light myself on fire”
  1074. >”Don’t dwell on it, learn from it and move on, you’ll do better next time”
  1075. >I divide the rice into two dishes and take them to the living room
  1076. >I take a seat on the couch as Anon comes in behind me
  1077. >”Can I have my collar back?”
  1078. >I’m still wearing it aren’t I
  1079. >I feel around for the latch “not tonight, tomorrow maybe, we’ll see how you do on your chores”
  1080. >”What chores?”
  1081. >I smile at him “I’m letting you stay here for free, you’re going to be doing chores. Now the question is, can you do chores with your collar on or not?”
  1082. >”So what exactly do you want me to do?”
  1083. >”Tomorrow I want you to do laundry and help me with dinner, after that we’ll see”
  1084. >”OK I’ll try not to set the house on fire”
  1085. >”Anon I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s not going to work”
  1086. >He gives me a confused expression
  1087. >”You’re trying to get out of this, but if you think I’m going to let you nap on the couch while I do all the work you’ve got another thing coming”
  1088. >Anon chuckles “Damn, you’ve foiled my brilliant scheme.”
  1089. >”Sorry Anon, even as a pony you must do house work”
  1090. >”But isn’t it technically horse work?”
  1091. >I chuckle “I guess it is. the point is no lazy ponies”
  1092. >”fair enough” he agrees
  1093. >”Good pony, and good ponies get pets” I say as I pull him into my lap
  1094. >”I do enjoy pets” he says as I begin to caress his soft fur
  1095. >”I know you do, my good little pony”
  1096. >I continue to stroke his coat as he nuzzles up in my lap
  1097. >I feel his body relax as his breathing begins to slow
  1098. >I feel his chin sink into the crook of my arm as his neck relaxes
  1099. >his wings unfurl, one rests on the couch while the other hangs limply over the edge
  1100. >I look down at him, his half open eyes have a warm happy look to them
  1101. >He was breathing in sync with my arm, every stroke was a long sigh followed by a deep breath as I reset my hand
  1102. >I wonder what he’s thinking about…
  1103. >Is he even thinking?
  1104. >It must be nice to get so much joy out of something so simple
  1105. >I wonder what it’s like
  1106. >I lean forward and whisper ”Hay Anon, how do you feel?”
  1107. >”Bliss” he sighed
  1108. >”What’s it like?”
  1109. >”it’s warm…and fuzzy…and it feels…so good” he explained in-between breaths
  1110. >Not quite what I was hoping for, but I don’t know what I expected
  1111. >”Well you keep being a good pony, and I’ll keep petting you”
  1112. >his ear flicked and he turned to me
  1113. >”Leroy… what happens to bad pony?”
  1114. >I give him a shrug “they go to the glue factory…” my voice trailed off
  1115. >oh shit, I fucked up
  1116. >Anon looks at me with wide eyes and ears pulled back in terror, I feel his body tensing up as he pulls his limbs inward
  1117. >”Anon that wa-“
  1118. >”Y-you wouldn’t really, would you?” tears streak down his face as he askes
  1119. >”No. No, Anon come here” I say as I pull him into a hug
  1120. >”I would never do that” I speak into his ear as I stroke his mane
  1121. >I can feel him trembling in my arms
  1122. >”I’m sorry, it was a shitty joke. I would never hurt a pony, but especially not you. Do you know why?”
  1123. >He doesn’t reply but he looks at me expectantly
  1124. >”Because you’re my good little pony, and I’ll never let anything happen to you”
  1125. >He begins to relax again as he returns my hug
  1126. >he rests his chin on my shoulder, slowly his body falls slack into my arms
  1127. >I start to coo into his ear ”do you like being my good little pony?”
  1128. >”yes”
  1129. >”That’s good, you’re a very good pony”
  1130. >”Just stay in school and do what I tell you, and you’ll always be my little pony, understand”
  1131. >”Yes”
  1132. >”You’re a good pony, do you know that?”
  1133. >”yes…”
  1134. >”And what do good ponies get?”
  1135. >”Pets…”
  1136. >”That’s right”
  1137. >I continue petting him for several minutes
  1138. >”I like pets…”
  1139. >”I know, because you’re a good pony…”
  1140. >The cycle continues into the night
  1141. >Hours pass and I start to grow tired
  1142. >I honestly can’t say if Anon is sleeping or just really comfortable
  1143. >”Hey, Anon. You awake?”
  1144. >”Hmm, yeah” he sounded groggy
  1145. >”come on lets go to bed”
  1146. >I pick him up, supporting his weight with one arm while pulling him into me with the other
  1147. >His wings hang limp at his sides and his head rests on my shoulder
  1148. >I stand up and begin to head to the bedroom
  1149. >As I circle around the couch Anon’s wings wrap around me, draping themselves over my shoulders and pulling me into a hug
  1150. >I reciprocate as best I can as I carry him to the bed
  1151. >I come around to Anon’s side and pull the blanket back for him
  1152. >He folds his wings as I start to shift his weight away from me
  1153. >He looks at me with a smile through half open eyes as I lay him on his side
  1154. >I go over to my side and lay down
  1155. >I grab the covers and pull them over us before snuggling up with Anon
  1156. >apparently my initial efforts where not satisfactory because Anon presses himself into me after a minute or two
  1157. >I tighten my embrace around him “better?”
  1158. >He nods “Much, good night Leroy”
  1159. >”good night Anon”
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