Xenos Hunters Session 19

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  15.         antoine You find yourselves in a cargo hold next to a larger container marked "Pesticides". The larger doors on it are open revealing a strapped down landspeeder sitting inside the container, much of your spare equipment stacked inside the back of the speeder.
  16.         antoine large doors*
  17.         Balmung looks around with a wild grin on his face
  18.         Sinbad  surveys the surroundings
  19.         Omniel  steps forward, examining the equipment one last time to ensure it's all secure. ++Everything seems in order, Brothers.++
  20.         antoine The rogue traders vessel left the warp over 36 hours ago and had been coasting in towards to planet, now you are approaching the planet in earnest.
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  22.         Balmung ++I haven't been on a good hunt since leaving Fenris++
  23.         Cadmus  ++Excellent, now to wait rto be dropped off.++ Cadmus says as he walks into the container and finds a place to sit and wait.
  24.         Cadmus  *to
  25.         Bellerophon     puts on his helmet
  26.         Omniel  ++I believe in this instance it is us who will be the prey, rather than the hunters,, at least for the immediate future.++
  27.         antoine You hear the voice of the Rogue Trader on the ship vox ++Shit, what were our auspexes doing? That Cruiser came out of nowhere. Keep an eye on it, I don't want any more surprises.++
  28.         Bellerophon     climbs into the gunner seat and loads a belt of bolts into the heavy bolter
  29.         Balmung grunts
  30.         Omniel  seats himself as comfortably as possible in the container.
  31.         antoine Oriel cuts in on a private vox ++The Tau just revealed that they hide their cruiser behind one of the two moons. Already this mission breeds usable intel on their tactics. Prepare yourselves for departure.++
  32.         Anselm  glances around. "I trust he means to have us get in our little metal boxes?"
  33.         Cadmus  ++Just this big one.++ Cadmus says, unconcerned.
  34.         Anselm  hoists up his unattached jump pack and puts it away inside the container.
  35.         Balmung walks inside and looks around
  36.         antoine As you enter you close the doors behind you and the container is sealed. The smell of foodstuffs previously transported in the container reach your olfactory senses, the smell of spice and meat intermixing.
  37.         Balmung ++Damn now I'm hungry...++
  38.         Anselm  "An intersting scent for a pesticide container."
  39.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps its poisoned.++
  40.         Cadmus  is all ready asleep, having learned to sleep in any situation years ago.
  41.         Balmung ++Or something the Captain didn't want anyone to know he had.++
  42.         antoine Soon you hear activity outside as the cargo hold is opened up for operation and you feel yourself being raised and loaded into a bulk hauler. The grip of the planets gravity tells you that you are now heading towards the planet.
  43.         Bellerophon     makes sure he's strapped in
  44.         Omniel  braces himself as best he can, given the situation.
  45.         Bellerophon     locks n loads the mounted heavy bolter
  46.         Balmung sits down and readies himself
  47.         Balmung ++I see you have a new toy Bellerophon
  48.         Anselm  remains silent and keeps still.
  49.         Bellerophon     ++I wish.++
  50.         Bellerophon     ++This is but a cheap imitation. I require the assisstance of a Master of the Forge but they are...unresponsive.++
  51.         Omniel  busies himself with the speeder, going over a few litanies of maintenance.
  52.         Omniel  "Brother Cadmus, might I trouble you with something? I require some assistance."
  53.         Omniel  "It is rather urgent."
  54.         Cadmus  is immediatetly awake, and says "Yes Omniel, what is it?"
  55.         Omniel  "Your assistance in removing this explosive charge."
  56.         Omniel  gestures towards the hood of the landspeeder.
  57.         Bellerophon     chokes
  58.         Bellerophon     ++What "esplosive charge,"?++
  59.         Cadmus  "That was there when we got in?"
  60.         Omniel  ++Brothers, might I suggest discussion of this discovery after it is disarmed?++
  61.         Anselm  remains motionless.
  62.         Cadmus  sighs and says ++Everyon keep still while i work.++ as he carefully gets out of the speeder and moves to the explosive charge.
  63.         Omniel  steps back slowly, allowing Cadmus to do his thing.
  64.         Cadmus  easily disarms the melta bomb and stores it before saying ++All clear. It was rigged to detonate by a vox signal.++
  65.         Omniel  ++A vox signal? Interesting. Brother, might I examine the mechanism? Perhaps I can discover what signal it was attuned to.++
  66.         Bellerophon     ++I would enjoy knowing.++
  67.         Omniel  ++In any case, an auspicious beginning to our mission.++
  68.         Cadmus  ++Certianly. Here you go.++ Cadmus says, handing the vox trigger over to Omniel.
  69.         Bellerophon     ++Indeed, we have an extra meltabomb now.++
  70.         Cadmus  ++I can aid your examination of it.++ Cadmus offers.
  71.         Omniel  ++My thanks, Brother.++
  72.         Cadmus  nods in return.
  73.         Omniel  turns the thing around in his hands as he examines it.
  74.         Omniel  ++I managed to track it for a time, and it appears the source is on a trajectory similar to ours. In other words, our saboteur is making planet-fall as well.++
  75.         antoine The Cargo container continues to rattle as the bulk lander starts entering the atmosphere.
  76.         Cadmus  ++Someone with the Rogue Trader?++
  77.         Anselm  breaks his silence for only a moment. ++Our traitor is in our midst.++
  78.         Balmung grunts +Maybe we should find him and take care of him++
  79.         Omniel  ++Or another stowaway. Tau sympathizer? In any case, they are unlikely to transmit again. They may presume we have been killed.++
  80.         Cadmus  ++They could be watching for the explosion though.++
  81.         antoine A vox from Oriel comes over the line ++When we land we will go to Parliament house and begin talks to see what we can find. You should be taken to a secluded part of the port where you will be free to being your work. Best of luck, I will keep my mind open from here on out to help prevent any long range vox's between us being intercepted by the Tau. Think loudly and I will hear it.++
  82.         Bellerophon     ++We could toss out the bomb and have Omniel detonate it.++
  83.         Bellerophon     ++We will be presumed dead. The height of the fall would probably preclude wreckage, in combination with the meltabomb.++
  84.         Balmung ++Why not just use the meltabomb to kill our would be assassin++
  85.         Bellerophon     ++Do you know who that is?++
  86.         Cadmus  ++I can put the bomb to better use than that.++
  87.         Balmung ++No it was just a thought++
  88.         antoine The shaking increases for a while until it smooths out and you slowly turn to head to what you hope is the space port.
  89.         antoine The burn of retro thrusters is heard loudly before the bulk carrier lands and you hear the sounds of men, servitors and transport equipment being moved on and off the ship to move the containers around.
  90.         antoine you feel a lift as the container moves up and then off the lander. It take a significant amount of time before you are set down again. The muffled sound of a busy spaceport now off in the distance.
  91.         Balmung ++Time to get to work?++
  92.         Cadmus  ++I think we're clear. Perhaps an auspex check?++
  93.         -->|    Sinbad ( has joined #XenosHunters
  94.         Omniel  concentrates, using his Auger Array to scan for nearby signs of life outside the container.
  95.         Omniel  ++I believe it is clear, but the composition of this container may be preventing my scanners from working properly. I advise caution.++
  96.         Balmung ++Well it's a good thing we are space marines then isn't it?++
  97.         Bellerophon     knocks down the container
  98.         Anselm  slips out of the Speeder and towards the exit of the crate.
  99.         Cadmus  covers them from the speeder
  100.         Sinbad  trots out of the container riding the doop and looks about
  101.         Anselm  puts a palm to his helmet.
  102.         Balmung follows Sinbad
  103.         Anselm  steps out of the crate and peers around as he draws his sword.
  104.         Bellerophon     steps out and looks around
  105.         Omniel  retrieves his meltagun and follows the others slowly.
  106.         Bellerophon     walks back to the Storm and hooks himself into his heavy bolter and ammo pack
  107.         antoine As you exit you find yourself in what looks like a hangar of some kind devoted to toxic goods. You see several other containers with "dangerous chemicals" stamps on them from the munitoriums health and safety division, incidentally they are also the division with the lowest portion of the budget devoted to them. Regardless the hangar is just like a bigger container. another capsule hiding...
  108.         antoine from the world at large.
  109.         Sinbad  ++...Are we to base here? Or relocate?++
  110.         Anselm  ++Relocate, I advise. There will likely be an inspection.++
  111.         Balmung ++Indeed++
  112.         Cadmus  ++Agreed, perhaps to a forest or something similar.?++
  113.         Anselm  ++And try to avoid making mention of any specific details over the vox. We will soon be heard, if we are not already.++
  114.         Bellerophon     ++The city will grant us better cover.++
  115.         Anselm  ++A few of us should go out and scout the surroundings.++
  116.         antoine You see a container marked "volatile biological agents for the Carth University". The doors open and 30 men dressed as stormtroopers exit it in a gaggle.
  117.         Anselm  ++Brother Omniel, you should likely check your Auspex again.++
  118.         Bellerophon     ++Safe landing, Sergeant?++
  119.         Omniel  ++As I noted, the containers provide interference.++
  120.         Cadmus  checks the materials in the hangar to see if they contain materials that he could use to make poisons.
  121.         Anselm  ++We are in the open. A secondary check cannot hurt, either.++
  122.         Omniel  ++Ah. I misunderstood you, Brother.++
  123.         antoine ++In one piece, yes? Yes. We are handsome men and too good looking to die.++ You are unsure of the Sergeants homeplanet but where ever it is they speak very strangely.
  124.         Omniel  concentrates once more, extending his search throughout more of the hangar area.
  125.         Bellerophon     ++Indeed, Sergeant. Indeed.++
  126.         Bellerophon     ++Is the hangar clear?++
  127.         Omniel  ++Negative on bio-signs. Picking up trace toxic elements.++
  128.         Anselm  simply moves on ahead.
  129.         Omniel  ++There may be mechanicals present, as the Tau favour drones for menial labour.++
  130.         Anselm  ++What's the range on that auspex?++
  131.         Omniel  ++Over 50 meters. It is of exquisite make.++
  132.         Cadmus  "Sinbad, i was able to create something that could be used to poison food and drink."
  133.         Bellerophon     ++I am going to make contact with the Throne Agent cell. They will know where we can secure a domicile, among other things.++
  134.         Balmung ++I think I will join you++
  135.         Anselm  searches over the surrounding area.
  136.         Bellerophon     ++Verily. Omniel, Cadmus, what will you be doing?++
  137.         antoine The large door that allows cargo to be transported in and out rolls back on its rails.
  138.         Cadmus  ++Should those of us not skilled in stealth stick together?++
  139.         Bellerophon     ++My team is located in the next warehouse. Have you any suggestions on the best use of their talents?++
  140.         Bellerophon     ++I was going to instruct them and my honor guard to secure housing for us as their first priority.++
  141.         Cadmus  ++Do we really need housing? A secure location would be better.++
  142.         Anselm  slips behind a crate.
  143.         Bellerophon     ++The best way to blend into the city is to become part of it. The tau will not suspect an ordinary city block to house extraordinary individuals.++
  144.         Bellerophon     ++Hide in plain sight.++
  145.         antoine A small group of armed men and women enter the hangar, they make a skilled entry, covering their sectors as they advance.
  146.         Anselm  thumbs his vox off.
  147.         Sinbad  backs the doop back into the cargo container
  148.         Balmung ducks back in the container
  149.         Omniel  ducks back in as well
  150.         Cadmus  ++Perhaps, but can we really go unnoticed in a city of mortals and xenos for long?++
  151.         Anselm  pulls out his stummer, and activates it.
  152.         antoine The group continues forward until they stop and crouch, whispering between themselves.
  153.         Bellerophon     stares them down, his auto-senses and enhanced vision working to identify them
  154.         Cadmus  manages to duck behind a container in time.
  155.         Anselm  thumbs his vox on.
  156.         Anselm  ++What should I make of them?++
  157.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, they may be the Brother Devastator's cell. They speak of an Inquisitor's colleage and know our presence.++
  158.         Sinbad  ++Orders?++
  159.         Bellerophon     ++It is my team. Stand down.++
  160.         Omniel  exhales an exhalation of relief from his automated exhalation coils.
  161.         Bellerophon     clips his heavy bolter to his chest plate and removes his helmet
  162.         Anselm  thumbs off his stummer, but does not move otherwise.
  163.         antoine There is a big man with a crossbow, a small man with two pistols, a woman with a hand gun and a dataslate and a woman in heavier armour (carapace it looks like) wielding a shotgun.
  164.         Sinbad  turns off his stummer and appears to the side of the group
  165.         Bellerophon     "Well met, Agents."
  166.         antoine The woman with a dataslate almost jumps out of her skin when she sees Sinbad
  167.         antoine The man of slight figure nods "Well met, Astartes."
  168.         Sinbad  makes a slight nod of appreciation and goes back to the cargo container to drive back out the doop
  169.         Omniel  peers out from the container, remaining close to the speeder for now.
  170.         Balmung walks over to the group
  171.         Bellerophon     "To business, then. The peedeefff, what remains of them?"
  172.         antoine "From our initial look they are still operational but split into different parties. Some pro-Tau, some anti-Tau, some who don't care. Most follow their paymasters will."
  173.         Sinbad  harrumphs
  174.         Sinbad  "...Weak of faith."
  175.         Bellerophon     "Estimate of percentages?"
  176.         antoine "Can't say exactly, they seem to be split along party and minister lines."
  177.         Bellerophon     "I see."
  178.         antoine "maybe 60:30:10"
  179.         Bellerophon     "That is disappointing, but will be taken care of in due time."
  180.         Bellerophon     "In the immediate, we need a safe haven. Away from prying eyes."
  181.         Balmung grunts
  182.         Omniel  "Quite."
  183.         antoine "No offense but you are not the easiest kinda of people to hide. You tend to stand out."
  184.         Omniel  keeps an eye out for any signs of movement around the hangar, still obviously on edge.
  185.         Bellerophon     "A concern we noted. Thus why we turn to you for help."
  186.         antoine "Well maybe in an abandoned manufactorium? That could work."
  187.         Bellerophon     "If my Brothers are amenable to the suggestion, I am too."
  188.         Sinbad  "...The Tau would not make use of an abandoned workplace of that size? One thing of these xenos, they are apparently impractical, I presume."
  189.         Sinbad  "Shall it prove amenable for our long-term base, I am all for it, Brother Leader."
  190.         Omniel  "An abandoned manufactorum would be ideal. A very comfortable base of operations, in my opinion."
  191.         antoine "Well the Tau are not exactly in the city, yet. They have plenty supporters but they are still holding back. The biggest presence inside the city would be here at the spaceport. They have several landing pads given over to them from trade purposes and their human auxillaries are guards there."
  192.         antoine for trade*
  193.         Sinbad  "...Mmm. If they are confident enough in their presence that they are not seen in the city, they must have heavy control over the air and void then. It is bad, but not so bad, Throne-be-praised."
  194.         Bellerophon     "The manufactorum will suit our needs perfectly, then."
  195.         Anselm  steps out into the open at the rear of the Agent cell.
  196.         antoine "Yeah there is the occasional fly over from their tanks and flyers. Not too frequent, I presume to not scare the populace into rising up against them."
  197.         Anselm  "Do you have a method of moving our equipment out without being spotted, then?"
  198.         Bellerophon     "Our point of operations is taken care of, then. Now onto your farther reaching duties. We will need to unite the fractious planetary forces if we are to suceed in driving off the tau."
  199.         antoine "Yeah, two big trucks outside. We will drive since we have papers and your forces can hide in the back."
  200.         Anselm  nods slowly.
  201.         Bellerophon     "The cruiser remains its own, and very seperate, problem. But one we cannot address...."
  202.         Bellerophon     "Unless...does this planet feature orbital defenses?"
  203.         Anselm  steps forth to return to the container.
  204.         antoine "Well Oriel," He rolls the word over with his tongue like he has something distasteful in his mouth "will be working on trying to sway ministers and thereby their PDF over to our side. No orbital defenses to speak of. Not sure what the Tau have hidden in their bases though."
  205.         Balmung "What about out lying bases?"
  206.         antoine "The Tau have confined themselves to the Military encampment in the desert and their expansionist colony to the south of Carth. There are a few Imperial garrisons dotted across the country but I do not know which are manned and by whom. "
  207.         Bellerophon     "How loyal is this city?"
  208.         Bellerophon     "Do tau sympathies run high?"
  209.         Anselm  sits away in the pilot seat of the Land Speeder.
  210.         antoine "The Arbites fortress has been taken over by the PDF in their absence. Loyalty? laughable low. More and more flock to the Tau's side because they feel that the Imperium doesn't care."
  211.         Bellerophon     "I am disappointed yet again. Can you and the Ordo begin a propoganda campaign to shift favor? Stories of tortured and abducted citizens would be a good place to start."
  212.         Anselm  casually inspects the controls.
  213.         Anselm  "I will need names."
  214.         Bellerophon     "A fabricated prison camp will further tain their cause."
  215.         Anselm  "Names," the Knight-Brother repeats, and looks out at the Agents.
  216.         Bellerophon     "Brother, there are millions of citizens."
  217.         Bellerophon     "If you want to purge the traitor, kill the tau."
  218.         Sinbad  "...We have to start purging somewhere."
  219.         Anselm  "Irrelevent. Mortals are scum. Their loyalties float in the current."
  220.         Sinbad  "Even the greatest of burnings of the unfaithful starts with just the first match."
  221.         Bellerophon     "Oriel said the tau cruiser lurks behind the shadow of the moons."
  222.         Bellerophon     "If we capture the spaceport, perhaps we will open a means of resupply and reinforcement."
  223.         Sinbad  "This can wait, I suppose. May we load into the trucks? I am loathe to remain too long here in uncertain territory."
  224.         Omniel  "Agreed. We should move."
  225.         Bellerophon     "Acceptable request. We will continue in greater privacy."
  226.         Balmung grunts
  227.         antoine The woman with the dataslate pipes up "Ministers Markov, Ronhaus and Perrithos are all staunch Tau supporters.", she looks distant for a moment before adding "Space port chief operation officer Martha Ilios and Professor of xenology Dr Eton Varton are also possible targets."
  228.         antoine The slight man waves towards the door "Quickly then."
  229.         Omniel  embarks in the container once more, eager to survey their new base of operations.
  230.         =-=     Sinbad is now known as Sinbad_AFK
  231.         Anselm  "Shall we lift this vehicle or move it under power?"
  232.         =-=     Sinbad_AFK is now known as Sinbad
  233.         antoine Outside it is dusk. The sound of work in the distance lowering as workers head home You and your allies pulls yourselves into the back of the big haulers.
  234.         antoine The Inquisitorial cell sit in the cabs two a piece and wait to hear your signal for when you are all in.
  235.         antoine As you close the doors to the truck you spot Anselm stealing himself off into the night towards the space port proper
  236.         Sinbad  ++Brother, get back here. You can find trophies to decorate our new sietch with later.++
  237.         Sinbad  ++If you don't come now, you won't know where we're staying.++
  238.         antoine You hear the click of his vox being shut off as you lose sight of him. One of the agents calls back "Ready?"
  239.         Balmung ++We going to do something about him?++
  240.         Sinbad  ++....Notit.++
  241.         Sinbad  taps his beaked helmet
  242.         Omniel  ++He has made his decision.++
  243.         Balmung ++Alright++
  244.         antoine The trucks lurch forward with the screech of grinding gears. They take several turns before they stop. "Papers!" you hear one voice shout out.
  245.         Omniel  listens intently, ready with the meltagun should things go sour.
  246.         antoine Another adds, "Open the back up so we can inspect it. A voice replies (In a perfect imitation of the local accent) "Here you go, sure if you want to inspect a shipment of toxic waste go right ahead. I thought so. We all good here?" the initial voice is heard again,"Move along, move along."
  247.         antoine The two trucks leave the checkpoint and turn to the East, driving along. You here the drivers talking "Keep you distance, but don't make it look like you are trying to keep your distance.", "How am I supposed to do that?", "I dunno, drive casual."
  248.         antoine The trucks come to a stop "Ok we are here, it ain't pretty but there isn't much activity out here."
  249.         Sinbad  "I shall make it pretty."
  250.         Balmung chuckles
  251.         Bellerophon     ++Out we go. Get the archmilitants to begin preparing defenses under your watch. Whomever has the most experience at Defense Doctrine lead the planning.++
  252.         Sinbad  waits for the truck ramp to lower, and exits out the back
  253.         Bellerophon     ++I am going to follow Anselm and ensure he does not act rashly.++
  254.         Balmung ++Have fun++
  255.         Omniel  ++Good luck.++
  256.         Omniel  climbs out along with Sinbad and gets to work unloading everything.
  257.         Balmung helps the other squad members
  258.         Bellerophon     ++Emperor protect, I will not need it. But my thanks.++
  259.         Bellerophon     walks around to the cabins of the trucks
  260.         Bellerophon     "I will need some assisstance observing and understanding the starport. We are strangers in a strange land here, and you undoubtedly know more."
  261.         Sinbad  drives the doop towards the manufactorum, after giving a nod of thanks to their drivers
  262.         Balmung ++How are you going to feed that thing?++
  263.         antoine The small lithe man raises his hand, "I can assist you."
  264.         Bellerophon     "Then I welcome your assistance. But time is of the essence, at the moment. One of our number has decided he knows best, and I must ensure he maintains his...discretion."
  265.         Sinbad  ++Brother Balmung, some salt and water and some gravel, and the doop will be fine so long as we are not too strenuous.+
  266.         Omniel  ++It eats gravel...?++
  267.         Sinbad  shrugs
  268.         Sinbad  ++There is a word for the creature the doop is amongst my smarter Brothers. I don't know it however.++
  269.         Omniel  steps in and begins inspecting the manufactotum, wondering how much of the facility is intact.
  270.         antoine The manufactorium was last used for lasgun manufacturing. Likely when they lost contact with the Imperium in recent years the need to supply them dropped. Spare parts left behind and presses for fast line assembly are scattered throughout the warehouse.
  271.         Sinbad  parks the doop within a space in the manufactorium and gives Patriclus leave to survey before he sets off on his work to prepare the area
  272.         Cadmus  ++Team Leader, what shall i do?++
  273.         Bellerophon     ++Omniel might need assistance in the preperation of defenses of the manufactorum. I am going to observe the starport. Anselm has run off, in his infinite wisdom, the Emperor have mercy on his deeds. I suggest the further gathering of intelligence of our immediate neighborhood."
  274.         Cadmus  shorts over the vox before saying ++I will set to that task.++
  275.         antoine The Stormtrooper sergeant goes over to Bellerophon, "You want us to secure the area, yes?"
  276.         Cadmus  finds Omniel in the manufactorum and asks "Can i help you secure the building Omniel?"
  277.         Bellerophon     "That's right, Sergeant. Sweep the buildings and establish a perimeter in a three block radius from the manufactorum.""
  278.         Omniel  ++I appreciate the offer, but there isn't much to be done. There aren't many entrances, it seems.++
  279.         Bellerophon     "If you require assistance or expert advice I am sure my Brothers will be happy to oblige."
  280.         Omniel  wields his multi-tool expertly, going about the place to weld and otherwise fortify whatever entrances he can find.
  281.         antoine "Ok, better than sitting on our arses, yes? Yes I think so."
  282.         antoine The man goes off to confer with his fellows and they spread off in teams of 5.
  283.         Cadmus  nods and moves into the building, doing what he can to set up a makeshift infirmary in a well-protected section of the building.
  284.         Sinbad  calls Patriclus and the doop to him to begin concealing the factory
  285.         Balmung ++Is there anything I can help with?++
  286.         Sinbad  ++Brother, could you aid me in making this rubble...more...rubblish?"
  287.         Balmung ++Alright++
  288.         Bellerophon     turns his attention to the small, spritely man
  289.         Bellerophon     "Let's go."
  290.         Sinbad  gets to work with Balmung and Patriclus
  291.         antoine The little man with duel pistols nods to his companions and set off after Bellerophon.
  292.         Cadmus  ++Team Leader, should i set up the mines i brought with me in defensive formations around the building?++
  293.         Bellerophon     ++Negatory on mines or similar defenses until we have a better idea of what we need to defend against.++
  294.         Bellerophon     ++Best save our munitions until we have a more complete understanding of the situation.++
  295.         Bellerophon     replaces his helmet upon his head
  296.         Sinbad  ++...Brothers...a little aid. ...I seem to have lost where the building begins and ends.++
  297.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps we need to paint lines on the floor?++
  298.         Cadmus  ++Understood.++ Cadmus says as he walks out of the building and looks for Sinbad.
  299.         Bellerophon     starts heading towards the spaceport, wary for Anselm's...shenanigans
  300.         Cadmus  ++Sinbad, overhere.++
  301.         Sinbad  goes over the Cadmus warily, stopping to survey the work once
  302.         Sinbad  ++Yes, Brother! I found you.++
  303.         Cadmus  "If you hid the building from yourself, the xenos will never find it." Cadmus says with a chuckle.
  304.         -->|    Staffen ( has joined #XenosHunters
  305.         Sinbad  "How goes setting up the health wing, Brother Apothecary? The facility is well-hid now."
  306.         |<--    Anselm has left (Ping timeout)
  307.         =-=     Staffen is now known as Anselm
  308.         Cadmus  "All done. It was simple work to prepare everything."
  309.         Sinbad  "It is good to hear. I shall simply go about cleaning up then."
  310.         Sinbad  goes about collecting rubbish and separating them into piles
  311.         Cadmus  finds one of the agents and says to them "I managed to whip up a poison that should be difficult to detect in food and drink. Perhaps one of you would be able to make good use of it?"
  312.         antoine The feral worlder with the crossbow grins savagely, "My thanks Apothecary."
  313.         Balmung "How potent is it?"
  314.         Cadmus  "It is fatal to humans even in small doses."
  315.         Anselm  ++It is done.++
  316.         Balmung ++What is?++
  317.         Bellerophon     ++Brother. What have you just done.++
  318.         Sinbad  ++Did you do anything nice?++
  319.         Anselm  enters the warehouse, and looks about.
  320.         Anselm  "Another traitor to mankind is dead," he calls out. "The first of many."
  321.         Sinbad  calls out to everyone
  322.         Sinbad  "There are some discarded lasguns here. And some, what I think, are PDF uniforms. Not many."
  323.         Cadmus  "How nice of you to follow orders. One would think you a mindless barbarian instead of one of the Emperor's Chosen." Cadmus says sarcastically.
  324.         <--|    Sinbad has left #XenosHunters
  325.         Omniel  ++I trust you were discreet, Brother.++
  326.         Anselm  ++Those who turn from His light are worthy of no mercy. I have sent the first of many warnings to their ilk.++
  327.         Anselm  ++All that these rabble shall soon know is that there is a vengeance among them. They shall not know us, no... but they shall know fear.++
  328.         Cadmus  ++Perhaps next time you'll bother to work with us.++
  329.         Anselm  ++An ill step. A single Marine is easier to hide than six. But we will consider how to approach future engagements.++
  330.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
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