Hypanoncon (Anon/Starlight) (RGRE)

May 15th, 2020
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  1. > Be Starlight Glimmer, taking some precautions
  2. > Anon may wear socks like a slut, but even sluts can have their pride over some trivial thing and you don't want to trip over that
  3. > So when no one is looking, you zap him with a spell that makes him a little more agreeable than usual
  4. > After that, he easily accepts your invitation to tea, and you bring him home
  5. > Your heart is beating in your throat, a mixture of nerves and excitement at the prospect of finally getting your cunt plowed
  6. > As he sips his tea, you zap him with a hypnosis spell
  7. "Relax, Anon. I'm your friend. You can tell me anything, right?"
  8. > His dull eyes blink
  9. > "I can tell you... anything."
  10. > Good, he's pretty well under
  11. "You don't feel embarrassed about talking about sexy things with me. I'm a good friend."
  12. > He blushes a little, but nods
  13. > Cute
  14. "Tell me, Anon. Do you wear socks to get attention from mares?"
  15. > His brow furrows
  16. > "No? It's for my feet. Got to wear socks if I'm wearing shoes. It's comfy."
  17. > Huh, aliens sure are weird, not that you are complaining
  18. "So, you're not a slut?"
  19. > He hunches down in his chair, tears silently falling down his cheeks
  20. > Oh buck
  21. > "That's what they called me after I broke up with them. I don't think I'm a slut. I'm not a slut."
  22. > You frantically look around the room, noticing the window is open
  23. > A twitch of your magic and the drapes draw closed
  24. "Shh, shh, it's okay, you're not a slut."
  25. > He nods, but he doesn't stop crying
  26. > Buck, this is why you became a cult leader, you're no good with handling stallions
  27. > You stare at Anon, trying to figure out what to do
  28. > Maybe commands?
  29. "Stop crying."
  30. > He takes deep, shuddering breaths, but it's not working
  31. > At the very least, the hypnosis is keeping him from going into hysterics
  32. > What did mom say to do when a stallion is upset?
  33. > Something about ventilation?
  34. > Venting!
  35. "Do you want to talk about it?"
  36. > Anon swallows, then nods
  37. > "The first time was with Sour Patch. She asked me out, and we started dating. It was the first time someone was interested in me, so I went along with what she wanted a lot. At the end of the second date, she brought me to her room and we slept together. After that, we didn't really talk much. Just a few pleasantries, some compliments, and then her hooves would start wandering."
  38. > Buck, this is not what you signed up for
  39. > You can't really blame Sour Patch though, Anon looks pretty fun to play with, what with his smooth skin and long legs
  40. > "But after a month, that's all we did together. No dates, no dinners, just her dropping by and riding me. Then, I told her we needed to take a break. Talk about where we wanted to take our relationship. But she wanted things to stay the way they were. So I broke up with her. She yelled...a lot of things at me. My neighbor called the ponice, and they dragged her away."
  41. > He's stopped crying, but his eyes still waver with unshed tears
  42. > At least this is working, for all that it's killing your winking
  43. "And your other marefriends were only using you too?"
  44. > He nods
  45. > "I thought Cheerilee would be different, and at least she wasn't angry. It might have been better if she was angry, instead of calm. Like she was expecting it, and didn't mind."
  46. > That mare has always been popular with stallions, he was probably replaced fairly quickly
  47. > Anon sags in his chair
  48. > "Starlight, you... are... my friend. Can you tell me what's wrong with me? Am I a slut?"
  49. > You're going to have to step carefully here
  50. > Since he is hypnotized, he'll take what you say more seriously
  51. > You sigh
  52. > Here you are, accidentally providing hypnotherapy to some thoroughly used goods
  53. "You're not a slut, Anon, you just have bad taste in mares. But you should stop wearing socks, you're sending some serious mixed messages."
  54. > He frowns
  55. > "I guess I can wear sandals. It is warm enough, most of the time."
  56. > You nod encouragingly
  57. "That sounds good, whatever sandals are. Feeling better?"
  58. > His eyes are dry, and he nods
  59. "Aren't you glad I was a good listener?"
  60. > Anon nods again
  61. > "You are a good listener."
  62. > Eh, close enough
  63. "You should thank me for being so patient."
  64. > "Thank you."
  65. > You shift in your seat, sitting on the edge of your chair
  66. "The kind of thank you I like the most is when somepony licks my clit. Don't you want me to feel your gratitude?"
  67. > He slowly slides out of his chair
  68. > "I want you to feel my gratitude."
  69. > You relax as you feel his tongue go to work
  70. > Say what you will about his ex's, they trained him well
  71. > You stroke his hair encouragingly
  72. "You're a good stallion, Anon. You know how to take care of a mare."
  73. > He hums in agreement, and you bite your lip at the sensation
  74. "You know you have bad taste in mares, so whenever somepony wants to date you, you'll bring them to meet me, your best friend."
  75. > Your hips move on their own, grinding your pussy on his face
  76. "If I tell you a mare only wants you for sex, you'll believe me. I'm your best friend who is a mare, I am only looking out for you."
  77. > He sucks on your clit, the sensation leaving you gasping and clutching at his head
  78. > You're so bucking close
  79. "You, hah, will come to me if you are, hah, having trouble."
  80. > He plunges two fingers inside your marehood, even as his tongue lavishes exquisite and excruciating attention on your clit
  81. > You writhe in your orgasm, wracked with ecstacy, gushing all over Anon's face
  82. > He pulls his head out from between your legs, covered in your marecum
  83. > He waits patiently for your next command, though you need a minute or two to catch your breath
  84. "And you will think it's natural for you to thank me like this, when we're in private. Licking my clit is a fun, secret part of our friendship that you don't want to tell others about. They wouldn't understand."
  85. > He licks his lips
  86. > "This is secret, but fun."
  87. > Buck, that's hot
  88. "Now, clean your face and sit back down."
  89. > He obeys promptly, crawling out from under the table and washing off at the sink
  90. > In the meantime, you cast a cleaning spell on your chair and the floor below
  91. > When Anon is settled, you open up the drapes again
  92. "When I count down to one, you will wake from my hypnosis. You will forget that I commanded you, but you will follow my commands."
  93. > He nods
  94. "Five. You will remember that you talked about your bad dating history, and how it made you feel better."
  95. > You take a sip of tea
  96. "Four. We just started being friends, but you can trust me with your secrets."
  97. > His eyelids are starting to droop
  98. "Three. Two."
  99. > They close
  100. "One."
  101. > He blinks, as if waking from a nap
  102. > Then his eyes focus on you, and he smiles
  103. > "Thanks for listening, Starlight. I feel so much better, finally talking to someone about it."
  104. > You smile back
  105. "Glad to help, Anon. What are friends for?"
  106. > He licks his lips
  107. > "Dessert."
  108. > Your heart drops
  109. > Did the hypnosis spell not work?
  110. > Or-
  111. > "Shame I can't tell Caramel about how good you taste with this tea. But, it's our fun little secret, right?"
  112. > Oh yeah, you didn't tell him to forget about eating you out, just to keep it a secret
  113. > Oh, hold on
  114. > He's friends with Caramel?
  115. > No wonder he's attracting all the wrong mares
  116. "That's right, our little secret. Do I really taste that good?"
  117. > Anon nods happily
  118. > "Like blackberries. Makes me want to get some vanilla ice cream for next time I visit."
  119. > Mare, what you have unleashed on yourself?
  120. "That might be fun, let's do that next time."
  121. > He beams at you, then glances at the clock
  122. > Anon's expression falls
  123. > "Aw, looks like I gotta go, laundry won't do itself. But thanks for the tea and everything, Starlight."
  124. > You walk him to the door
  125. "You're welcome, Anon. Anything for a friend."
  126. > He gives you a quick goodbye hug, warm and tight
  127. > Then he lets you go and jogs away
  128. > You just watch him leave, strutting those foal-chasing legs
  129. > You may have lied, he pretty much is a natural slut, but the poor colt doesn't deserve to live that life
  130. > Looks like you will be looking out for him until he finds a good mare
  131. > Or, more likely, until you find a good mare for him
  132. > You feel a little proud of yourself, solving a sort of friendship problem, and you barely used any magic
  133. > You get some paper and a quill, and start writing a mostly accurate friendship letter, leaving out a few inconvenient details
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