Oct 17th, 2017
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  2. ━ USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  4. ━ BIRTHNAME : Adelina Irsen Chae
  5. ━ NICKNAME(S) :
  6. — Ade (a-de)
  7. — Lina (lee-na)
  8. — Irie (e-ree)
  9. — Senny (se-nee)
  10. — Cha Cha
  12. ━ NATIONALITY : Kiwi (New Zealander)
  13. ━ ETHNICITY : Korean
  15. TRAUMA
  16. ━ BIRTHDATE : May 18, 1999
  17. ━ AGE : 18 years old
  19. ━ SLOT : MEMEFUL
  23. ━ FACE CLAIM : @cowsel (ig)
  24. ━ BACKUP : @99.02.28_official (ig)
  26. ━ PERSONALITY : Adelina is someone whose loud by heart, though she does try her best to be humble and quiet, she just can't help herself. because of such habit, adelina would usually get into trouble in her classes. she always tried her best to speak quietly towards her friends or her seating buddies, but once she's forgetten of having to be respectful towards the teacher or other classmates, she's giggling louder or replying back as if she had a microphone before her. she'd get scolded, though since it was an everyday thing, she would just brush it off and simply apologizing, making small talk with the teacher or adult instead. adelina isn't an idiot, she just simply acts like it to pass time faster and much more easier. if she spoke her mind everytime something she didn't like or wasn't comfortable with happened, she'd wind up home exhausted. so, she rather give people a "hm? what?" or "ahaha that's funny" or just a passive reply to make the other party walk away or just forget what's happening. adelina also acts stupid because of how clumsy and forgetful she is. she'll be walking, and suddenly, her ankle bends, either making her fall completely or jumble around till she's found her balance. she'll be asked if she's okay and she'll just answer with a "omg, that's like the fifth time today!" and walk away as she reassured the other. she tends to mix up things or jumble her words, for example she'll be given an easy task to pass papers around in her class and she'll somehow, just somehow, drop all the papers to the floor and they'll magically be 10x less copies of what there originally was. another example may be that she's told something by a friend or by her family, and once they ask or bring up the topic, she replies "what? you never told me that! spill the tea– oh wait yea you did". not only that, but on top of acting stupid when she's actually very intelligent, she's incredibly slow. it's hard for her to understand things easily, it either be with friends or in school, but once she knows and understands, she gives it her all. overall, adelina is a girl who is obviously smart, but because she doesn't want to deal with others, she'll act stupid and ridiculous. she's incredibly loud and clumsy, but she always makes sure to cover herself up. she's slow and hard to make her get something easily like others, but she's sure to make it her best once she understands.
  28. ━ LOVE INTEREST : CHAN (or seokmin like omg that kiD)
  31. ━ HOBBIES :
  32. — watching funny videos with animals running like crazy and the background music being extremely painful for the ears. makes her giggle like crazy.
  33. — sending memes that she made herself to friends and family about themselves
  34. — reading and watching that good anime shit
  35. — low key a skateboarder but ppl think she dumb so issa at home thing only
  36. — hAvInG oR mAkInG fAnGiRl MeMe AcCoUnTs
  37. — dabbing to gr8 beats
  38. — teaching her younger siblings how to dance to TrAp MuSiC (or that good r&b)
  39. — cOlOrInG with her siblings
  40. — visiting the corgi's next door
  43. — because adelina is such a huge fan of boba, any type to be honest she just NEEDS one once a week, she'll visit her local chinese restaurant or local asian restaurant / market that'll have them. so, she requested CHAN (or li) to meet her there, adelina couldn't help but think that maybe who she was seeing was a boy out of an anime or a manga. he was so attractive and captivating that it made her breath hitched and make her wanna hide behind the closest trash can and just watch in awe. though, she was in dire need of a boba beverage, so she decided to man up and wait in line behind the handsome boy that she knew of from online and his group of friends. her heart was pounding but she looked for something on her phone, anything honestly, to take the pang in her chest away. she wasn't hiding but he wasn't looking back to take a look at her either. sooner or later she got her drink and waited in a chair, hoping he'd noticed she arrive the same time he did, and once he did, she couldn't help but like him more because of how friendly and amazing he seemed. she really liked him not just for his appearance but for his personality.
  45. ━ PASSWORD : fast pace ayE
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